Chapter 316: Auctioning For The Nirvana Pole Shadow

    Chapter 316: Auctioning For The Nirvana Pole Shadow

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    Universal Pier Hotel was where a man wearing a space hat was finding the Star Searching Merchant House's auction place anxiously. Whether from the front view, side view or even from his aura, one could tell very clearly that it was Mo Wuji.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji had already sat on a seat that wasn't too obvious. He had long ignited the shield ban around his seat such that before he released the ban, nobody would be able to use their spiritual will to sense Mo Wuji.

    Peng Zimai's face was full of smiles as he walked to the middle of the auction place, "Fellow friends, there will be many unbelievable treasures up for auction this time which was why I will personally be hosting this auction. I hope that all my friends here would be able to purchase treasures that they like. We need to state beforehand that this auction will only accept the space contribution points. Alright, the auction shall begin now.

    The first item was a book and this book was neither a technique book nor a magic skill book but a Book of Records. After flipping through, I noticed that there were all sorts of interesting sketches and explanations for example, 'Why the immortal road was cut off', 'Why is it impossible to be immortal', 'The origins of the Half Moon Immortal Palace as well as the half moon key..."

    Honestly, Peng Zimai was extremely against putting this book on auction because this book would definitely not bring any good to the auction and could even invite trouble.

    But since the Yan Clan wanted this to be put on auction, he had no other choice because at least for now, the Yan Clan had absolute control over the Star Searching Merchant House.

    Solitary Red Knot told Mo Wuji that the Star Searching Merchant House was a property of the Yan Clan but this wasn't completely accurate. The Star Searching Merchant House didn't belong to the Yan Clan 100% and as for the reason why Peng Zimai looked for Mo Wuji earlier on, he was simply trying to earn a huge profit of contribution points from Mo Wuji.

    The moment Mo Wuji heard about the half moon key, he immediately thought of the half moon key that was stolen away from Pang Qi by the Jing Clan. His first reaction was to think about whether he should buy it but he dismissed the idea of bidding for it very quickly. He didn't know the relationship between the half moon key and the Half Moon Immortal Palace and he didn't wish to know. Since the Yan Clan was already dragged into it, it would be very hard to not get involved with the Yan Clan if he went there. What he urgently needed wasn't some sort of Book of Records but a pole technique instead.

    Even though Mo Wuji wasn't interested, there were quite a number of people interesting in getting it. Within a short period of time, the price of the book had already soared to 9000 contribution points.

    On the second level of the auction place in cabin number 17, there was a grey robed man staring at a massive array monitoring screen.

    This screen was different from the other cabins because for the other cabins' monitoring screen, they were all showing the bids of the auction as well as the introduction for the items that were being introduced. However, the array monitoring screen in front of him was showing every corner of this auction place.

    "Investigate who was the one who just bought the Book of Records, " The grey robed man sounded out the moment the Book of Records was successfully purchased.

    "Yes," A cultivator standing beside the grey robed man said and left immediately.

    After a short while, this cultivator came back and answered, "It was an old man with a very raw face. It looked like it is a disguise."

    The grey robed man nodded his head, "Include him in the list of people to take note of. And also, did that Mo Wuji do anything yet?"

    This cultivator replied immediately, "After Mo Wuji entered the huge cabin, he didn't do anything extraordinary up till now."


    Peng Zimai took out the second item for auction, "The next item for auction would be a top grade spiritual armour. The starting bid would be 5000 contribution points and every increment should not be lesser than a 100 contribution points."

    The moment he heard it was an armour, Mo Wuji couldn't help but to bid. But when he remembered the situation he was in, he still controlled himself because he probably shouldn't bid too often because it might attract the attention of people.

    Very soon, this armour's bid increased to over 100,000 contribution points and was eventually purchased by someone.

    "The third item would be a Heaven grade technique, Flowing Clouds Bible..."

    Before Peng Zimai could finish introducing the item, the entire auction place was already filled with cheers because not everyone was like Mo Wuji who ignited a shield ban around his seats to isolate himself from the rest.

    Peng Zimai used his hands to quieten the crowd, "Even though the Flowing Clouds Bible might be a Heaven grade technique, it is incomplete which is why the starting bid would be 50,000 contribution points and each increment would not be any lesser than 1000 contribution points."

    Even though Peng Zimai had already mentioned that this was an incomplete Heaven grade technique book, the bid rose up to 100,000 contribution points very quickly and was currently still on the rise.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because he never expected a Heaven grade technique book to be this attractive to the crowd. He wondered if he would have as many competitors for his Nirvana Pole Shadow too.

    He only had about 1,600,000 contribution points while one million of the points were from the Star Searching Merchant House the other 500,000 points was from the Xia Clan's Single Horn Battlestage. To get this 500,000 contribution points, he even needed to sign a contract with the Single Horn Battlestage which was to challenge someone at the Single Horn Battlestage after the auction ended and he could only leave the Single Horn Battlestage 10 days later.

    This contract was only known to the Single Horn Battlestage and himself so even the Star Searching Merchant House was not aware of it.

    Mo Wuji would naturally not tell the Star Searching Merchant House anything and certainly not about the Single Horn Battlestage.

    In fact, only the Xia Clan's Single Horn Battlestage would dare to do such things because if it was any other battlestage, even if Mo Wuji signed a contract with them, they wouldn't dare to compete against the Star Searching Merchant House.

    "650,000 contribution points. If anyone dare to compete with me please feel free to make your bid," A loud voice could be heard from one of the cabin on the second level and very soon, the display screen displaced the bid of 650,000 contribution points.

    Peng Zimai waved the deal hammer in his hand excitedly, "Anyone willing to bid higher than 650,000 contribution points? This is the first call..."

    Even after Peng Zimai called out thrice, nobody offered a higher price than 650,000. Space contribution points and spirit stones were two very different things as contribution points were worth much more than Earth grade spirit stones here.

    Following which were all sorts of pills, spiritual herbs, spiritual equipments and even some sporadic techniques and magic skills but Mo Wuji was not interested in any of these.

    He didn't even bid for the top grade armour hence, he would naturally not bid for any of these ordinary items.

    Half a day had already passed at the auction place and because there were constantly a lot of great items being put on auction, the atmosphere was finally reaching its climax.

    "The next item up for auction would be a magic skill called the Nirvana Pole Shadow which is a Heaven grade magic skill and it is definitely complete without doubts..."

    Peng Zimai got the crowd going crazy once again because a Heaven grade magic skill, regardless of the spiritual equipment needed, was something countless of people would fight for. Without mentioning that it was a pole skill, even if it was an unpopular weapon, as long as it was Heaven grade and above, it would be extremely valuable.

    "This starting bid would be 400,000 contribution points and each increment must be at least 5000 contribution points. Let the auction begin now," Peng Zimai exclaimed.

    Mo Wuji's spirit was finally lifted as the thing he had been waiting for finally arrived. A starting bid of 400,000 contribution points was simply too high and if he didn't make a visit to the Xia Clan's battlestage, he really would not be capable to compete at all.

    In a split second, the Nirvana Pole Shadow's price surged to 500,000 contribution points but Mo Wuji was not anxious to make a bid as he waited patiently.

    After half an incense worth of time had passed, the bid of the Nirvana Pole Shadow had increased by quite a bit to 900,000 contribution points.

    Mo Wuji was rejoicing at the fact that he had another hand readied because if he were to just listen to this Peng Zimai, he might have to return empty handed today.

    "960,000 contribution points," Mo Wuji added 60,000 points on his own bidding display screen.

    Mo Wuji's bid was very quickly overtaken as the price of the item was already more than 1,000,000.

    "1,060,000 contribution points," Mo Wuji increased yet another 60,000 contribution points.

    Everybody wanted the Nirvana Pole Shadow but once the price had exceeded 1000,000, this was simply not something any ordinary person could afford.

    "1,100,000 contribution points," The bid in the cabin increased yet again.

    Mo Wuji sighed and immediately bid 1,350,000 contribution points, an increment of 250,000 contribution points.

    The crowd of cultivators here at the auction place all took in a breath of cold air because an increment of 600,000 was already very ridiculous. One must know that these were contribution points not spirit stones and every single point was hard earned yet someone could actually bid 1,350,000 contribution points. Does he really have so much points to burn?

    Logically speaking, increasing another 50,000 points from 1,100,000 would already make people in the cabin give up but this fool was actually so fired up and increased 250,000 in one shot.

    Even the host of the auction, Peng Zimai could not believe the amount of contribution points he was looking at. This wasn't his first time hosting an auction but this was the first time he had seen such a fired up fella. This wasn't simply a case of being rich and ostentatious but pure stupidity.

    Indeed, after Mo Wuji called out 1,350,000 contribution points, nobody in the cabin continued to compete with him for it.

    However, Mo Wuji was not surprised because he knew that after he bid 1,350,000 contribution points, it would definitely be too much for the fella who was competing with him.

    It was not that he was desperate to burn his contribution points like that but because he needed to do so. According to his prediction, a bid of 1,350,000 contribution points should be able to purchase the pole skill.

    Concurrently, the grey robed man in cabin number 17 on the second level saw the bid of 1,350,000 contribution points and asked, "Did that Mo Wuji do anything yet?"

    The cultivator beside him hurried to say, "No, he didn't have more than 1,100, 000 contribution points with him so he wouldn't even be qualified to compete for the Nirvana Pole Shadow. I've heard that he was interested in the Thoughtless Light Radiance."

    "Alright, watch him closely when the Thoughtless Light Radiance is out. If I am not wrong, he would leave immediately after he managed to get the Thoughtless Light Radiance," The grey robed man said in a deep voice.

    "Yes," The cultivator by the side answered.

    Mo Wuji had already transferred 1,350,000 contribution points on the transfer platform in front of his seat and received the Nirvana Pole Shadow simultaneously.
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