Chapter 317: Leaving The Scene

    Chapter 317: Leaving The Scene

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    While the auction was still going on, Mo Wuji had already started installing several array flags on his seats before leaving his seat unnoticed.

    There were over 100,000 people here for this auction held by the Star Searching Commerce so no one would find it odd when someone left his seat.

    After leaving his seat, Mo Wuji didn't leave the auction place immediately but walked around the place for a while before returning back to the seat. The difference this time round was that he didn't return to his original seat but another empty seat elsewhere.

    For preventive sake, Solitary Red Knot and himself bought a total of 4 seats.

    After settling down at his new seat, the array flags he installed earlier on ignited themselves and the seat ban was ignited once again.

    As the auction was still ongoing, Mo Wuji didn't bid for anything anymore. He didn't even take out his Nirvana Pole Shadow to take a look at it but chose to shut his eyes and rest instead.

    A day had finally passed by and after day 2 was halfway done, Peng Zimai finally called out for the Heaven grade magic skill, Thoughtless Light Radiance.

    The starting bid of this magic skill was even higher than the Nirvana Pole Shadow and even Mo Wuji was curious to know just how much contribution points would this magic skill be sold for eventually.

    Concurrently, the grey robed man in cabin number 27 said coldly, "Watch that Mo Wuji closely because he would definitely make his move for that magic skill."

    "Indeed," Even without the grey robed man's reminder, the cultivator next to him knew that he had to watch Mo Wuji closely. This time, the Yan Clan arrived at the auction place publicly just for that Mo Wuji.

    The Thoughtless Light Radiance's price had soared up to 1,000,000 contribution points very quickly and similarly, once it reached this price, the bids started to slow down. There were simply no many people who would be able to fork out 1,000,000 contribution points just for one skill.

    "Mo Wuji hadn't bid?" The grey robed man stared at the two monitoring display screen in front of him and said with a premonition.

    "He has yet to bid," After saying this, the cultivator seemed worried as he said, "Elder, I will go over and take a look."

    After just two minutes, the cultivator who left came back in a hurry and said, "Mo Wuji was no longer in his cabin. He must have used a Teleport Talisman to leave the cabin at the crucial moment. I've just received news that he had left the auction place not long ago..."

    "Bang!" The grey robed man destroyed the monitoring display screen in front of him with one slap, "Block off the spatial gate. My Yan Clan would definitely show Gong Bao that old fella our prowess someday,"

    Even though the grey robed man knew that even before he block off the spatial gate, Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to leave, he was just unhappy. If not for Gong Bao's intervention, he could have even be able to monitor the situation in Mo Wuji's cabin and would have known whenever Mo Wuji left the cabin.

    However, that Gong Bao kept insisting that doing this would ruin the Star Searching Merchant House's reputation hence, was absolutely determined to not do such a thing. The Yan Clan was also helpless as they didn't have full control over the Star Searching Merchant House.

    As the auction drew closer to the end, the last item was auctioned out and after the auction ended, the fact that there were still no news of Mo Wuji made the grey robed man dejected.

    The Yan Clan could block off the spatial gates and investigate cultivators who entered or left the door but that would only be for specific individuals. The moment thousands of people entered the spatial gate, the Yan Clan would simply be courting death if they dared to check on each and every one of the cultivators.

    The moment the auction ended, tens of thousands of people rushed out of the Star Searching Merchant House. As Mo Wuji left the auction place, he immediately spotted the Solitary Red Knot from far away. The Solitary Red Knot had already returned to his original state which meant that his crucial period was over.

    Mo Wuji was no longer worried as he squeezed within the crowd and headed towards the Universal Pier.

    According to the Solitary Red Knot's experience, every time a large scale auction ended, there would be thousands of people leaving the Universal Pier into the Star Wars Battlefield. Naturally, there would be even more people leaving the Universal Hall into the Piercing Wind City.

    No matter how strong the Yan Clan was, they wouldn't dare to interrogate and examine when so many people were leaving the Universal Pier together. Furthermore, they would need to hold onto the cultivators heading towards the Piercing Wind City.

    It could be said that the split second that the Solitary Red Knot had escaped the Yan Clan's watch, the Yan Clan's plan to capture Mo Wuji was a failure.

    Mo Wuji followed the crowd of cultivators into the Universal Pier and when he arrived at the third level of the Universal Pier, he saw a familiar person, Yan'Er.

    Under normal circumstances, Mo Wuji would not hesitate to greet her but presently, he would bring harm to her if he went over to greet her. Moreover, Mo Wuji could tell that the female cultivator beside Yan'Er was not weaker than Mou Lanhan and was definitely an extremely strong expert. With such a strong expert beside Yan'Er, nothing should happen to her.

    Just like Mo Wuji and the Solitary Red Knot's prediction, even though there was a Yan Clan's member at every spatial gate, the members really didn't dare to interrogate anyone at this moment.

    Mo Wuji followed the rest of the cultivators and entered the vast universe from spatial gate number 7. The moment he entered the universe, he would instantaneously retrieved his round flying ship and flew into the depths of the universe.

    "Yan'Er, let's go, I doubt he will be coming. Or rather, he should have left this place long ago," The scarf faced woman saw that there were lesser and lesser people at the spatial gate so she dragged Yan'Er to leave level 3.

    These two people were indeed Bei Suting and Yan'Er. Bei Suting predicted that Mo Wuji would immediately leave from the Universal Pier after killing Yan Yangdong and the Yan Clan would immediately stop him at the Universal Pier. She brought Yan'Er here as they were prepared to help Mo Wuji but their efforts came to naught. She didn't see both Mo Wuji and the Yan Clan's members trying to obstruct Mo Wuji.

    "Sister Suting, where are we heading to now?" Yan'Er asked.

    Bei Suting pointed to the huge hall in front and said, "That is the turf of the Star Sea Army. Previously, General Shu Xuanyu invited us to join their Star Sea Army and I felt that what she said made perfect sense. We should join the Star Sea Army and after we earned enough contribution points from the army, we will enter the Star King Mountain to cultivate. Do not worry, I will definitely advance to the Worldly Immortal Stage and help you invite San Yisheng to help."

    Yan'Er hesitated for a while but didn't say anything much.

    Bei Suting laughed at herself before saying, "Yan'Er, do you think I changed my mind? Initially, I did have the intention to accept missions by myself to earn contribution points before heading to the Star King Mountain. By doing so, we would at least not be involved in the clash of interests between the 10 big armies. I suddenly realised that I am a little too inexperienced."

    "Sister Suting?" Yan'Er looked curiously at Bei Suting. In her heart, the way Sister Suting handled things were already mature enough. When the new Heaven Seeking Palace's disciples came over, they were all under the care of Sister Suting which was why their cultivation level could increase so quickly. If Sister Suting was too inexperienced, then wouldn't Yan'Er be worse than a random brat on the street?

    Bei Suting used her spiritual will to scan the surrounding before whispering, "If I didn't guess wrongly, Mo Wuji had long left the spatial gate and the Yan Clan had already sent people to block him off. However, since we knew nothing about this, this showed that Mo Wuji was much more experienced than the two of us and even the Yan Clan was not a match for him. I am sure that he had some experienced fella's help in the Universal Hall to be able to slip out of the Yan's Clan watch and surveillance. No wonder he was able to be ranked on the Universal Board because without mentioning his strength, even with this ability of his, he truly deserved this kind of honour.

    "Perhaps he didn't participate in the auction and only left together with everyone here after the auction ended?" Yan'Er questioned.

    Bei Suting shook her head and didn't answer. The Yan Clan was waiting for Mo Wuji to join the auction and if Mo Wuji didn't dare to join the auction, that Mo Wuji would have been taken away by the Yan Clan long ago.


    At the Yan Clan's encampment in the Universal Hall, Yan Pingzhi had already arrived here the moment he found out that they hadn't capture Mo Wuji. Currently, he felt a little regret now because he couldn't believe that to catch a small True Lake Stage cultivator. In fact, the Yan Clan sent out several True God Stage experts and actually failed to capture him. If he had known, he would have came over personally and even if other clans were to suspect them, he shall not bother about them.

    Now that he was finally here, the pity was that Mo Wuji had already escaped. Yan Pingzhi sat emotionlessly on the seat in front as he stared coldly at a grey robed man and said, "Yan Gaokai, please explain the situation in details."

    "Yes," The grey robed man bowed respectfully before saying, "The person I was watching from the start was the wrong person as the real Mo Wuji actually purchased the Nirvana Pole Shadow for 1,350,000 contribution points. Previously, we thought that he had at most 1,100,000 contribution points on him but the truth was that one day before the auction begun, he managed to cheat another 500,000 contribution points from the Xia Clan's Single Horn Battlestage before intentionally purchasing the Nirvana Pole Shadow for 1,350,000 contribution points to mislead us.

    After I realised the person we have been stalking disappeared, I reacted and found out that he had long left his seat and the ban on his seat was ignited by an ignition array."

    Yan Pingzhi didn't continue to rage because he knew this wasn't Yan Gaokai's misjudgement but a problem in capability. Why would a truly capable person only put his attention on one spot?

    Yan Gaokai was still in the state of panic because he had to ask about Mo Wuji from the Single Horn Battlestage to know that he had cheated another 500,000 contribution points there.


    After entering the universe, Mo Wuji had been continuously travelling and after a total of tens of days, he finally came to a stop. It was not that he wanted to stop but it was because an old, broken flying ship was blocking his path.

    On the bow of this flying ship was a woman wearing a linen cloth robe.

    This woman's face was free of make up and looked clean and pure. The small portion of neck which was revealed was extremely fair. Her long hair was tied neatly behind her just like the princess of a kingdom. A simple look with a pure set of eyes made everyone feel better just by looking at her.

    "I am really sorry because I shouldn't be obstructing you. However, I am lost now and the ban on the flying ship was destroyed in space..." The linen robed woman saw Mo Wuji walked onto the deck before saying in a hurry. Her voice was very soft and before she could speak, her face had already turned red.

    Mo Wuji laughed slightly, "No problem, I can give you a lift but I am not headed towards the Universal Hall."

    This woman should be in the Nihility God Stage, slightly higher than his in terms of cultivation level.

    "Ah..." This woman was shocked when she heard that Mo Wuji was not heading towards the Universal Hall. She only swallowed her saliva after a while before saying, "Then I..."

    After saying the two words, even she appeared to be speechless.
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