Chapter 318: I Want To Say Something Too

    Chapter 318: I Want To Say Something Too

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    Mo Wuji laughed out loud, "You can keep your flying ship and board my flying ship first. I can help you keep a lookout for flying ships heading towards the Universal Hall on the way to my destination."

    "Thank you," The linen robed woman smiled shyly as she kept her flying ship and carefully landed on the bow of the Mo Wuji's flying ship. She looked as though she was afraid of dirtying Mo Wuji's flying ship.

    "Who wouldn't have their difficult times out in this real world? However, from the looks of it, you really didn't look like you belonged here," Mo Wuji laughed as he spoke.

    The woman smiled shyly again and looked like she didn't know how to reply. She evidently didn't seem like a talkative person to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's four limbs did shiver a little but managed to recover very quickly later. Even though he was still smiling, a killing intent grew in his heart.

    This shy, innocent looking woman actually poisoned him the moment she got on his ship. Moreover, even Mo Wuji was unable to detect what poison it was.

    It could be said that if he didn't opened his Detoxification Meridian, he would have fell into the hands of this woman. This rang an alarm bell in Mo Wuji to never drop his guard no matter how innocent or harmless the other party looked.

    The poison that entered the Detoxification Meridian would turned into a surge of spiritual Yuan and Mo Wuji was astonished. The stronger the surge of spiritual Yuan, the stronger the poison was.

    Mo Wuji looked subconsciously at his surrounding and he couldn't tell anything suspicious. However, Mo Wuji was still sure that his surrounding air had already been filled with toxin.

    This was the first time even Mo Wuji felt that he was against a terrifying poison expert. Mo Wuji wasn't even sure that an expert in the Great Circle of the True God Stage would be able to take this. What about a Worldly Immortal?

    Mo Wuji tottered for two steps before using his hand to support his forehead and sat down cautiously.

    "Big brother, are you okay?" The linen robed woman hurried to ask concernedly.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I am fine, just that my body is feeling a little uncomfortable. I should be fine after sitting for awhile. Oh yes, how do I address you?"

    The linen robed woman shifted her gaze from Mo Wuji's body towards the vast universe outside his flying ship and sighed before saying, "I have no name but if I had to say a name, that would be a name someone once gave me, Poison Fairy."

    Mo Wuji suddenly thought of his conversation with the Solitary Red Knot and realised that the Solitary Red Knot said he had no name too and his 'Solitary Red Knot' was a name given by others. In comparison, both the Poison Fairy and Solitary Red Knot were similar but completely different.

    "Because even a Worldly Immortal will be poisoned to death by me and because I looked very kind and friendly, a lot of people called me the fairy..." Poison Fairy's tone was gentle and one simply couldn't hear any traces of killing intent in her voice.

    This was indeed the voice of a fairy but the things she did was actually very vicious. Furthermore, she even looked kind and friendly, ah, seems like this woman knew herself well.

    "Poison Fairy?" Mo Wuji looked 'surprisingly' at this innocent looking woman in the linen robe before saying, "You should be called the Mortal Fairy instead. Why are they so wicked to call you the Poison Fairy? You're so beautiful, one look and people will like you."

    "So do you like me?" The Poison Fairy suddenly asked Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "I have already treated you as the second woman I liked."

    "Then I am truly honoured. Oh yes, if I said that I was the one who poisoned you earlier, would you like me any lesser?" Poison Fairy kept staring at Mo Wuji with a pair of large innocent.

    Mo Wuji sighed, compared to this woman, the Oscars Award winners were really nothing more than slags. An ordinary person would definitely not be able to produce such innocent eyes that was capable of touching one's heart. Perhaps this was a technique and it was even stronger than an illusion array because even illusion arrays had traces to look out for.

    "You poisoned me? Why did you want to poison me?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked with a change of expression.

    He realised that he had the potential to progress far in the media industry because regardless the world they were in, people put on masks when interacting with other people most of the time. Just like himself, and this Poison Fairy in front of him.

    "Because you killed Number 731," Poison Fairy replied.

    "You are a member of the Broken Sect?" Mo Wuji finally understood what happened. Initially, he thought the Yan Clan could recognise him which was why they stopped him. He was still wondering how they found him. Now that this woman talked about Number 731, he finally got a grasp of things. The white faced man without beard in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage which he killed previously, wasn't he the Number 731 of the Broken Sect?

    He was indeed correct because even though he didn't find any spiritual will imprint, the Number 731 expert must have placed imprints on his own body. The Broken Sect said that they will find him within three months and it had only been a while and they've already found him.

    "You are very calm, no wonder you are able to kill Number 731 despite only being at the True Lake Stage. If I were to fight you face to face, I wouldn't be strong enough to win you too," Poison Fairy nodded her head and said while acknowledging Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath before staring at Poison Fairy and said, "I would be willing to even die at the hands of a beauty like you. There was a saying about dying under a Paeonia rockii and one would be merry even as a ghost. I only couldn't understand how you were able to find me?"

    This last sentence was what Mo Wuji wanted to ask because no matter how hard he tried previously, he was unable to find the spiritual will on his body. If this Poison Fairy was able to find him in the vast universe,it would mean that there was in fact a very clear spiritual imprint on himself.

    He was someone who couldn't be exposed so if he were to walk around the universe with a Broken Sect's spiritual imprint on him, it would be equivalent to him carrying a large light bulb on his back, impossible to go unnoticed. Mo Wuji didn't wish for such thing to happen.

    "Do you think I'm beautiful?" Poison Fairy suddenly asked.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head and said truthfully, "You are indeed very beautiful and innocent looking..."

    "The truth is that I am very toxic right?" Poison Fairy laughed and then shook her head, "Sorry, I won't tell you. You are quite a decent person and I could see a type of purity in you but I still had to kill you. Therefore, I will accompany you as I watch you fade away. If you are reborn, please remember to not go against the Broken Sect."

    Mo Wuji revealed a smirk, "I want to say something too and that would be that if the Broken Sect was reborn, please don't go against me too. Remember my name, Mo Wuji."

    "You..." Poison Fairy felt something was amiss because the moment she murmured the word 'You', her entire body was restrained. One of Mo Wuji's hand was already grabbing her wrist.

    A large surge of elemental energy started flowing in and restricted all her spirit channels from circulating which made her completely immobile.

    "You are not afraid of my poison?" Poison Fairy glared shockingly at Mo Wuji as this was the first time she saw someone not fearful of her poison. All these years, she had even managed to poison a Worldly Immortal expert to death so how could this True Lake Stage cultivator in front of her not be affected?

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "If even you could poison me to death, I wouldn't have live till today."

    This sentence was just Mo Wuji bragging because if he didn't managed to open his 103rd meridian, he would have died 10,000 times because of this poison.

    "You are an outstanding person. The Broken Sect might regret going against you..." As she spoke, her mouth had already started vomiting black blood.

    Mo Wuji's elemental energy hurried into within the woman's body but the opponent was not willing to cooperate with him so he could only watch this woman's face turned darker and darker.

    "I didn't say I will definitely kill you, so why kill yourself? What's wrong with leaving the Broken Sect? You might even enjoy more freedom," Mo Wuji was anxious, not whether this woman lived or died, but where the spiritual imprint was on his body.

    "Once you've entered the Broken Sect, freedom turned into ashes..."

    Poison Fairy revealed a self-deprecating smile and after she said this two sentence, she suddenly asked, "Why did you say you had treated me like the second woman you love? What did the first woman did to you?"

    She wasn't a fool because she knew that Mo Wuji didn't really treat her as his second favourite woman.

    Mo Wuji smiled bitterly, "The first woman I loved stabbed me from the back and killed me..."

    "Killed you..." Poison Fairy struggled to open her eyes,"You were already dead, you are..."

    Mo Wuji nodded calmly, "You are right, I have already died once and this was my second life after being reborn. Therefore, I would never let anyone assassinate me easily, not even the Broken Sect!"

    "Quick, save me, save me..." Poison Fairy suddenly revealed a strong thirst to live and even though he had revealed his own identity, Mo Wuji was still hoping to save her for a while to find out where on his body was the spiritual will imprint hidden.

    The pity was that the poison in the body of Poison Fairy was simply too horrifying as with every passing minute, the skin on her body started to shrivel.

    "Imprint, your spiritual circulation technique..." Poison Fairy barely managed to say these few words before she fell onto the ground.

    Before half an incense could finish burning, she disintegrated into a void in front of Mo Wuji. There were not even any water stains left behind, let alone clothes.

    Mo Wuji took in a breath of cold air, what a strong poison. This woman's name, Poison Fairy, was really not just for show.

    Eventually, Poison Fairy seemed to wish to plead for her life as she imprinted on his spiritual energy circulation technique.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji seemed to have understood something as he hurried to cross his legs and sat at his original position. All 103 meridians started their spiritual circulation technique simultaneously and his spiritual will was also continuously scanning through his spiritual circulation.

    After just half a day, Mo Wuji could feel something different. Within his spiritual circulation technique, a trace of elemental energy was infected with some sort of obscured aura and this aura was even more evident within his elemental energy that was being circulated.

    Given his experience and ability, he had completely no clue what this trace of obscured aura was. Mo Wuji was secretly astonished because he was pre convinced that the imprints were placed on their body to serve as a marking so who knew there was still an imprint within his spiritual circulation technique.
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