Chapter 319: Next Pole

    Chapter 319: Next Pole

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    After an incense's time, Mo Wuji purged out the elemental energy which contained the poison from his meridians. Before this strand of elemental energy could disperse, his Scholar's Heart burst out, evaporating it into nothingness.

    Mo Wuji's face was slightly pale; Purging out his elemental energy was also cutting off his strength, it would cause a definite harm towards his body. However, he was ecstatic and relieved. He also felt his mind clearing up as he slowly came to understand the situation.

    The decision he made previously at Universal Hall was a little hazy, luckily the Solitary Red Knot helped to perfect his plan, allowing his escape from the Universal Hall to be successful.

    As the flying ship continued to sail, Mo Wuji fetched out Yan Yangdong's storage ring.

    Whether he took this storage ring or not, he had already offended the Yan Clan. Mo Wuji was not a fool to just leave it behind. Yan Yangdong was not an ordinary True Lake Stage Level 9 cultivator. There's no need to mention that he was a Yan Clan disciple, just his Halberd Sunderer alone made his storage ring worth checking.

    Yan Yangdong's restrictions on the storage ring were easily broken by Mo Wuji, piles of stuff appeared in front of Mo Wuji's eyes.

    Mo Wuji marvelled inwardly, Yan Yangdong had more fortunes than an average True God Stage expert. Besides the piles of spirit stones, the lowest tier spiritual pills were Tier 3 spiritual pills, and most of them were Tier 4 and above. Mo Wuji simply flitted by the spiritual herbs and smithing materials.

    His gaze then turned towards the few technique scrolls and four jade boxes. Typically, the jade boxes would store the most valuable items. Mo Wuji first glanced through those technique scrolls but he was soon to be disappointed. These scrolls were not of low grade, they were all at least Treasured Xuan Grade. However, they weren't very useful to Mo Wuji.

    He wanted that Halberd Sunderer but he didn't manage to find it. However, he did find consolation in the flying ship within Yan Yangdong's ring. The flying ship was no worse than the round flying ship he was currently in.

    Mo Wuji could only divert his hope towards the jade boxes. He opened the first jade box. Two Heaven Grade spirit stones lay quietly within the jade box, giving Mo Wuji a refreshing surprise. He really, really liked what he saw. Each Heaven Grade spirit stone extremely valuable, and its value did not lie in cultivation alone.

    After carefully keeping the two Heaven Grade spirit stones for himself, Mo Wuji opened the second jade box. Within it, he saw a familiar half moon key.

    Mo Wuji immediately picked up the half moon key, he finally understood why Yan Yangdong would be together with Jing Danwu. He was even praising Jing Danwu's ability in hooking a rich husband. But from the looks of it now, Yan Yangdong was only with her for the half moon key.

    Jing Danwu, this foolish woman, kicked away the Pang Qi who loved her with his life, only to be used as a pawn by Yan Yangdong.

    Mo Wuji suddenly felt that he did not have the rights to say that Jing Danwu was foolish. If Jing Danwu was foolish, then he was foolish too. Back on Earth, didn't he also avoid the woman who competed with Xia Ruoyin for his love?

    Mo Wuji shook his head, chucking these thoughts aside. He still didn't know whether the half moon key in his hand was from Pang Qi's family, but either way, he would give it to Pang Qi. He then opened the third jade box, and to his astonishment, there was another half moon key within.

    It looks like the Jing Clan's half moon key and Pang Qi's half moon key were both here. From the looks of it, these two keys were not fake goods. With Mo Wuji's spiritual will, he wasn't even able to delve into the enigmas within.

    Putting the two half moon key together, they indeed formed a full moon. However, Mo Wuji somehow felt that this full moon wasn't perfect. Why was that so? He couldn't really tell.

    Mo Wuji then directly opened the fourth jade box. As the jade box opened, a familiar full moon appeared in front of Mo Wuji's eyes.


    Mo Wuji hurriedly put those two half moon keys back together, wasn't this full moon the fusion of two half moon keys?

    Mo Wuji soon confirmed his thoughts, this full moon was indeed formed from two half moon keys. And it was an extremely compatible fusion at that; there weren't any bit of flaws and imperfection. If placing those two previous half moon keys together didn't feel perfect, then this was what a perfect fusion felt like.

    After playing around for awhile, Mo Wuji placed these stuff aside. He suddenly understood why the Star Seeking Merchant House would first auction a Book of Records. Because the Book of Records contained information on the Half Moon Immortal Palace and the half moon keys.

    It definitely wasn't a coincidence that the Book of Records was put on auction. The Yan Clan must have wanted to verify whether he had obtained the half moon keys. In other words, the half moon keys were very important to the Yan Clan. It was very possible that these half moon keys were related to the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    Luckily, he didn't open Yan Yangdong's storage ring previously. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn't have given up that Book of Records.

    The Yan Clan was, after all, one of the three great clans of Star King Mountain. If they viewed the half moon keys so highly, it would mean that these keys weren't simple.

    The more important they were, the less Mo Wuji would want to give them to the Yan Clan.

    Mo Wuji decided to place the matters of the Half Moon Immortal Palace aside.

    His weakest point was that he didn't have any pole related skills, now that he finally got himself a pole technique, he definitely had to take a look at it.

    The pole technique Mo Wuji bought was not a skill transfer crystal ball, but an ancient diagram booklet. The diagram booklet had been sealed and only three words could be seen on the exterior: Nirvana Pole Shadow.

    After carefully breaking the restrictions on the diagram booklet, Mo Wuji cautiously flipped it open.

    He was instantly shocked speechless. How was this a Heaven Grade skill? This was simply a rip-off! He spent his contribution to buy a Heaven Grade skill but there was only one move inside. And this move only had one name.

    This move's specific means and attack methods were all not mentioned. Besides the name, there were only the methods of using elemental energy and cultivating the skill. That means that this was simply a book of tips which thought you how to use elemental energy.

    Furthermore, the name of the move wasn't even related to Nirvana, it was called Next Pole.

    1,350,000 contribution points, and he only got this kind of thing. Mo Wuji was speechless. And he couldn't even go back to cause trouble for the Star Seeking Merchant House. There was not a problem with the authenticity of the thing; from the looks of this thing, he could tell that it had passed through the vicissitudes of time. It was indeed an ancient booklet.

    If this was bought using 10,000 contribution points or less, Mo Wuji could simply throw it away in anger. But for a thing which costs 1,350,000 contribution points, he really couldn't bear to throw it away.

    Mo Wuji relented and went back to study it. In half an incense's time, he was drawn in. This definitely wasn't some book of tips, this was the supreme method of handling poles, it could even be said to be the supreme method of handling elemental energy.

    Just like his Revolving Star Passage Technique's Qiankun Upheaval which could shift a force in an instant, this pole technique could strike from unimaginable angles through various kinds of methods. In other words, you could clearly see the pole descending down towards your head, but just as the pole appears in front of your eyes, you would discover that the pole did not even exist; it was just a pole shadow. The real pole would strike you from some unfathomable angle.

    The Next Pole. So that's the meaning behind its name.

    You would never know when my next pole would come from. You would always be guarding yourself against my next pole.

    No wonder why there weren't any specific means of attack, because even the Next Pole user himself would not know where the next pole would appear from.

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded wildly. At this instant, the Nirvana Pole Shadow had already exceeded the Revolving Star Passage Technique's position in his heart. Even though the Revolving Star Passage Technique was a sacred art, it was incomplete. On the other hand, the Nirvana Pole Shadow was complete, and the Next Pole was a pole technique suited Mo Wuji's taste.

    He did not like skills that told you to move step-by-step. Those moves could be anticipated and tracked. However, this Next Pole was simply untraceable.

    As long a he could understand the methods of using elemental energy from this skill book, he would be the Next Pole user.


    At the same time, in the Star King Mountain Star Lord Hall.

    A middle-aged man was ruminating on a chair at the center, there was an elder standing below him. This man was the Star King Mountain's Star Lord Chi Tong. Even though there were several powers and factions in Star King Mountain, but as the Star Lord, no one dared to disrespect him.

    After some time, Chi Tong opened his eyes and asked, "You say that the Yan Clan Patriarch Yan Qiren and the Star Cloud Hall Master Yan Pingzhi have gone to the Universal Hall?"

    "Yes, Star Lord." The elder nodded to respond.

    "You think that Yan Qiren and Yan Pingzhi would appear in front of the crowd for a clan disciple?" Chi Tong asked calmly.

    The elder bowed and answered, "This old servant thinks, it's definitely not possible. So this old servant went to investigate, Yan Yangdong had obtained Daoist Sanping's legacy..."

    "Daoist Sanping" The originally calm Chi Tong suddenly stood up, repeating the elder's sentence before recovering his countenance and slowly sitting back down.

    The elder responded, "That's right. It's the same Daoist Sanping who disappeared after obtaining a half moon key 1600 years ago. But Yan Yangdong's Halberd Sunderer has nothing to do with Daoist Sanping. This matter was revealed from the Yan Clan itself. After Yan Yangdong perished, the Yan Clan searched through his immortal cave, then they discovered that he had succeeded Daoist Sanping's legacy."

    "That means that he has a half moon key on him?" Chi Tong's eyes shown with blue light.

    The elder shook his head, "I'm afraid it's more than that. After Yan Yangdong was killed, the Jing Clan was also investigated and it was found that he had at least 3 half moon keys on him. Besides the one from Daoist Sanping, there's one from the Jing Clan, and another one the Jing Clan robbed from a rogue cultivator."

    "That means, after Yan Yangdong was killed, those three half moon keys ended up on that Mo Wuji who just entered the Universal Board?" As Chi Tong spoke, his brows were furrowed deeply.

    "That's indeed the case. Now, the Yan Clan isn't the only one cognisant of this fact. The Xia Clan, Mou Clan,various sects, as well as the Star King Mountain's ten halls basically know of this matter."

    When the elder got here, he sighed, "That's why everyone and every power are searching for Mo Wuji. Their excuse is that Mo Wuji had cheated 500,000 contribution points off the Xia Clan, betraying the Universal Hall's principle of trust. Now, reporting the whereabouts of Mo Wuji would garner a reward of 1,000,000 contribution points."
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