Chapter 320: The Undefendable Blood Sword

    Chapter 320: The Undefendable Blood Sword

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    "Eh, what a group of hypocrites." Chi Tong sighed and turned his gaze to the entrance of the hall. It looked a little bleak.

    The elder bowed, "Star Lord, what should we do?"

    Chi Tong did not answer this elder's question, but contemplated in silence. Only after some time, be retracted his gaze and said "I'm also a hypocrite. Go issue Star King Mountain's wanted order."

    "Yes!" The elder responded and started to retreat out of the hall.

    "Wait." Just as the elder reached the entrance, Chi Tong suddenly called him back.

    "Don't announce it under the Star King Mountain's name. Do it under the 9th Hall, the Star Gazing Hall. Also, if Mo Wuji is discovered, or if anyone obtains the half moon key, they are to ensure his life. Being able to rank within the Universal Board at the True Lake Stage, he is definitely a genius of Zhen Mo Continent," Chi Tong said slowly.

    "Yes, Star Lord." The elder still responded without question.


    "Heng, a bunch of shameless b*stards." In a room in the Universal Pier Hotel, even the honest Rong He was slamming the table in anger.

    Besides Pang Qi and Xiong Xingteng, Chu Qianlou was also present.

    Pang Qi bemoaned, "I never thought that the half moon key was actually a treasure used to open the doors to the Half Moon Immortal Palace. This time, I've really swept Brother Mo into this, it's truly... Ai..."

    Chu Qianlou said, "You can't be blamed for this. I'm afraid Mo Wuji still might not know what the half moon key is for. He probably wouldn't even know why so many powers have listed him as wanted. So that's why what we urgently need to do now, is to hurry inform him of this matter."

    Pang Qi and co. sank into silence. If the Yan Clan didn't want to have a feast alone, the matters of the half moon keys and the Half Moon Immortal Palace might not even reach their ears. The half moon key had dwelled within the Pang Clan for countless years, but he only knew of its function today.

    "Shall we go into space to find Brother Mo?" Xiong Xingteng said.

    Chu Qianlou shook her head, "We're not to make a single move. It might look like no one is looking for us, but the moment we enter the starry skies, we will immediately be stared at. Us finding Mo Wuji would be equivalent to helping others. And if we don't find him, then we might die without a complete corpse."

    After speaking, Chu Qianlou paused for a moment, before continuing, "We'll first join the Northern Star Army."

    But the Mou Clan is also looking for Brother Mo?" Pang Qi furrowed his brows and said.

    Chu Qianlou said coldly, "It would be weird if they weren't able to find Wuji. However, the Northern Star Army is not completely under the Mou Clan. Only the Star Trace Army is controlled by the Mou Clan. We will continue living within the Northern Star Army, otherwise, we will be unaware of important matters and we would still eventually get affected."


    In a small shack slightly far from Universal Pier, Yan'Er was sitting uneasily.

    "Sister Suting, do you think we should tell Mo Wuji about this?" Yan'Er finally thought of a puerile idea.

    Bei Suting shook her head, "Don't do such childish things. We might not even be able to find him, and even if we do, it will be in vain. I will soon be able to break through into True God Stage Level 9, and I intend to find go into closed cultivation and charge into the Worldly Immortal Stage. You also need to take this time and cultivate. Wait till I become a Worldly Immortal, then we might be able to help him."

    "Senior apprentice sister Suting is right. Without power, we don't have the rights to even speak. Gou Zihan and I decided to take part in the Star Wars. Only through the Star Wars, can we improve more rapidly." Feng Luojian's voice sounded from the door. Gou Zihan was standing behind him, the two were staring expectantly towards Bei Suting.

    In name, Bei Suting was their senior apprentice sister, but in reality, she was still the First Dean of Heaven Seeking Palace. Their cultivations were not considered high, so if they wanted to go to the Star Wars Battlefield, they needed the recognition from Bei Suting.

    Bei Suting stood up and nodded, "I agree. From today onwards, everyone will work hard to raise your cultivation. Whether it is for ourselves, or for the future of the Lost Continent, this is necessary."


    At the beginning, Mo Wuji still remembered to control the direction his flying ship was going in. But half a month later, Mo Wuji was fully engrossed within the Nirvana Pole Shadow.

    From his initial feelings of betrayal, to his eventual glee, to his current completely immersion, Mo Wuji spent a total of half a month.

    The Nirvana Pole Shadow, in his eyes, wasn't some simple tricks, nor was it some simple method of utilising elemental energy. It was a broad and profound theory.

    Not only did this theory teach him how to utilise elemental energy, it allowed him to integrate it with his skills.

    Previously, he was like a explosive door. He held a vast sea of consciousness, and within his sea of consciousness was a violet elemental lake. Whenever he fought, he only know how to burst out with elemental energy.

    Thus, every time he struck out with his pole, the more elemental energy he used, the more powerful his strike would be.

    But now, he knew that true power wasn't able how strong his strike was, but how effective his pole would be on his opponent.

    If his reversed Immortal Mortal Technique was a method to earn money, then this Nirvana Pole Shadow was the best method to spend money.

    A month passed. On this day, Mo Wuji suddenly stood up. He raised his hand and kept his flying ship. With one step, he entered into the starry space, the Tian Ji Pole in his hands was also whipped out.

    "Boom!" The violent elemental energy teared space apart. Boundless pole shadows filled the entire space, but Mo Wuji was staring the space behind the pole shadows.

    Suddenly, another burst of elemental energy exploded. This sudden explosion of elemental energy was exactly at where Mo Wuji was staring at.

    Mo Wuji forcefully shook his Tian Ji Pole in excitement. Unless his opponent was far stronger than him, he didn't believe that anyone would know where his Next Pole would come from, or when it would appear.

    A flying ship whistled by not far from Mo Wuji. As Mo Wuji saw the rapidly departing flying ship, his heart suddenly surged with excitement. If he could find a place like the Thorny Wind Gate and cultivate into the True God Stage, who would dare challenge him?

    Before Mo Wuji could decide on where he would go, that ship which had already passed by suddenly flew back.

    The flying ship stopped not far from Mo Wuji. Opening the door, three people appeared within the flying ship: one male, two females. One of the two females looked cute and petite; she was actually a little girl. The other two looked like a couple. The man was tall and handsome, the woman looked gentle and calm. From Mo Wuji's perspective, this man and woman were far above the True Lake Stage. They were even very close to the True God Stage.

    "Big brother, may I ask, have you lost your way? Why don't you follow us, we're on our way back to Universal Hall?" The little girl innocently stepped out of the flying ship, and within a few steps, she had arrived by Mo Wuji's side.

    Mo Wuji did not dare relax because of the little girl's words. Not only so, his heart was sounding with alarms. He had the example of the Poison Fairy to remind him, and the Poison Fairy looked even more innocent and innocuous than this little girl. Didn't she also inflict him with a terrifying poison?

    Moreover, this little girl's cultivation seemed to also be at the True Lake Stage. A petite little girl who didn't look more than 10 years old, was already at the True Lake Stage. This was a little too fast, isn't it?

    "Thanks, I'm just hanging around here. You guys can carry on." Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept towards the apparent couple, their eyes were filled with love as they looked at the little girl. Mo Wuji could not help but feel that he was looking at a two nutcases.

    "En, then I'll go first..." The little girl flashed a cute smile before instantly turning around.

    At almost the same instant the girl turned around, Mo Wuji whipped out his Tian Ji Pole. The atisn Ko Pole smashed against this little girl's skull, exploding a whole mist of blood. The moment the Tian Ji Pole appeared, that couple pounced towards Mo Wuji from the left and the right.

    Mo Wuji snorted and threw his entire body out.

    Blood spurted out of his chest, he was stabbed by a broken sword. Just a little bit further and it would have penetrated his heart. Unfortunately, his eyes and spiritual will wasn't able to see this broken sword. He could only feel the existence of the broken sword, which now seemed to be gradually disappearing.

    The little girl had already been killed by him, but he still didn't understand how she did it. If he didn't just learn the Next Pole, then he wouldn't even have killed the little girl at the same time as he retreated. That little girl was at least at True Lake Stage Level 9, or even an existence half a step into the Nihility God Stage.

    Before this girl died, she also didn't understand where did Mo Wuji's pole come from, or how it hit her. She didn't even see Mo Wuji swing his pole, but that pole had actually crushed her brains out.

    Before sinking into darkness, the little girl didn't continue dwelling on this matter. Didn't her broken blood sword also strike her enemy? In this world, anything can happen. Just like that sudden pole, or just like her blood sword.

    Mo Wuji stopped and swallowed a pill. He found the broken sword that pierced through his chest; it was a blood sword.

    This blood sword could be said to be form a poison. The user would only cultivate this skill for his entire life, fusing this skill together with his blood energy.

    The moment the blood energy seeped into the user's opponent's body, it would immediately form a broken blood sword. This sword didn't come from the outside, but burst out from the inside.

    Mo Wuji's 103 meridians rapidly went into reverse circulation. Since this blood energy was also a poison, his Detoxification Meridian would be able to handle it, albeit at a slower pace.

    "You even dared to kill a little girl who offered help, you emotionless beast! If we don't kill you today, then we aren't men..." The gentle woman raised her hand, a skeletal plum blossom bloomed and flew towards Mo Wuji.

    The man didn't even speak, directly hurling his magic treasure towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't know whether this two were like the Poison Fairy and came from the Broken Sect. But after he got injured, he wasn't intending to battle with them. A tiny breeze swept by him, and at the very next instant, Mo Wuji disappeared.

    "That's the highest grade Wind Escape Technique," The man said towards the woman in shock.

    The woman stared at the direction Mo Wuji vanished and slowly said, "With this escape technique, the two of us aren't enough to catch him. Let's send out the message that we tracked him. At least we earned that 1,000,000 contribution points."

    "Alright." The man nodded. Following which a blinding light sailed into the vast space.
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