Chapter 321: Pursuing Mo Wuji

    Chapter 321: Pursuing Mo Wuji

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    In half an incense's time, Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks; his spiritual will no longer detected the pursuit of that couple.

    Even Mo Wuji himself could not sigh in amazement, his Wind Escape Technique was truly amazing.

    Even though this espace technique depleted a lot of elemental energy, Mo Wuji didn't really mind. Not only did he have the vast violent elemental lake, he also had 103 meridians, 3 of which were Elemental Storage Channels. With such a vast elemental energy store, even if he consecutively used the Wind Escape Technique, it would not be of a great impact to him.

    The only thing now which confused Mo Wuji was, were those three people from the Broken Sect? Supposedly, he had already destroyed the imprint on him, so the Broken Sect shouldn't be able to track him.

    Mo Wuji soon chucked this thought aside. It didn't matter whether they were from the Broken Sect, the key thing he needed to do now was to find a place to cultivate.

    After roaring his round shaped flying ship into action, Mo Wuji took out his space positioning ball. He needed to determine his current location.

    He searched around for two whole hours but Mo Wuji still couldn't verify his location. In the Universal Hall, spatial positioning was relatively complete. However, a high grade space positioning ball was considered a strategic resource, so it was difficult to procure. The only way to get one would be through an auction, to bid for it at high prices. Even though the grade of Mo Wuji's space positioning ball was not low, it only contained the rough positioning of the various planets. He had already ventured out for more than a month, so it was expected that he couldn't determine his rough location.

    At this moment, two flying ships were rapidly approaching Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji immediately gave up on searching within the positioning ball and turned his attention towards these two flying ships. He soon discovered that these two ships were charging towards him. Unlike the previous ship, each of these ships only had one person.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept across them as he determined that they should be in the Nihility God Stage, so he decided not to run away. He was truly very curious; was it the Broken Sect or the Yan Clan who instigated this pursuit? Logically, the Yan Clan shouldn't be this powerful right? But the Broken Sect wouldn't do things so openly?

    At the very next moment, the flying ship in front had already raced to his front, while the flying ship at the back seemed to want to directly collide against his ship.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly shifted his flying ship. Just as he avoided that collision, someone jumped out from the first flying ship. That person didn't even keep his flying ship as he formed a radiant blade in his hand, shooting towards Mo Wuji's flying ship.

    He didn't even say anything and just attacked?

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. Exactly which power was doing this? To fill this starry sky with so many interceptions? And at such fast intervals?

    Even though Mo Wuji's round shaped flying ship was not bad, it's defensive capabilities was merely average. Mo Wuji still had to depend on this round shaped flying ship in the future, so naturally, he would not let the other party's radiant blade hit his flying ship.

    As his opponent's radiant blade sailed through the space, Mo Wuji kept his flying ship, shooting multiple electroballs towards the oncoming cultivator.

    From Mo Wuji's perspective, this fella was only at Nihility God Stage Level 2 or 3. A kid at the Nihility God Elementary Stage dared to attack him with such unscrupulous actions? This kid clearly wasn't putting Mo Wuji in his eyes. If not for the fact that Mo Wuji had to keep a lookout for the fella on the other flying ship, he would have directly pounced over to attack this kid.

    "Boom! Bam!" The multiple electroballs exploded, but they were avoided by this Nihility God Stage cultivator.

    This Nihility God Elementary Stage cultivator seemed to know that Mo Wuji had such hard-to-avoid electroballs, so at the instant Mo Wuji shot these electroballs out, he had already started moving away.

    Mo Wuji immediately knew that this men were not the from the Broken Sect. Even though the Broken Sect might be able to track him, they didn't know of his electroballs. These fellas must definitely be from the Yan Clan. He had truly underestimated the Yan Clan, their forces were actually so large that they could casually intercept him in space.

    "Ka! Ka! Ka!" Mo Wuji flashed out a long sword, slashing against the opponent's radiant blade. However, the radiant blade did not completely dissipate, but reformed again at another location, flying towards Mo Wuji's waist.

    Mo Wuji's entire body seemed to be like a leaf flying in the wind; it was swept up by the energy from the radiant blade, bearly brushing against the blade. From afar, it really looked like he was blown by the energy from blade.

    That Nihility God Elementary Stage cultivator was dumbfounded by Mo Wuji's actions. Only he knew exactly what Mo Wuji had done. Mo Wuji had used the Wind Escape Technique to avoid his radiant blade, but this was his first time seeing one it used in such a way. He had never seen someone display the Wind Escape Technique to such an extent, and to actually use it as a skill in battle.

    At this instant, his heart was burning with fervent fire. He definitely had to obtain this Wind Escape Technique. Even though he knew that Mo Wuji had honed to Wind Escape Technique to such an extent, he still didn't think much of Mo Wuji.

    It looked like Mo Wuji had easily dodged his radiant blade, but what comes afterwards? Mo Wuji had lost the initiative, and he would suppress Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was able to kill Yan Yangdong, so he had never intended to get rid of Mo Wuji was a single move.

    In the instant Mo Wuji floated away from the radiant blade, another one condensed within this Nihility God Elementary Stage cultivator's hands. It then transformed into a 30 meter long blade rainbow. The killing intent within the blade rainbow shrouded the entire space; Mo Wuji was right under this blade rainbow.

    Even Mo Wuji could not help but be impressed at his opponent's attainments in the blade. It was definitely superior to average cultivators. The cultivation world truly had many crouching tigers and hidden dragons, there were more experts than he could count. If he didn't have the Next Pole, he could only choose to retreat from this battle. It would be completely useless for him to entangle himself with this Nihility God Elementary Stage expert, because he wasn't able to kill him.

    The blade rainbow surged, blocking out the entire sky. Even the other Nihility God Stage cultivator was at a loss for words. When seeing this sort of attack, he could not help but be shamed.

    The blade rainbow started to shrink and concentrate, but before it could lock itself towards Mo Wuji, this Nihility God Elementary Stage cultivator suddenly felt like something was amiss. A sense of impending doom loomed over him.

    That's impossible...

    Mo Wuji was right within his palms, if Mo Wuji tried to sneak attack him, he would definitely be able to detect it at the very first moment. However, he did not feel that Mo Wuji had done anything. The only thing he felt was the sense of impending doom.

    Even though he clearly knew that if he sent his blade rainbow descending downwards, Mo Wuji would definitely be within his control, this Nihility God Elementary Stage cultivator didn't dare gamble with his life. If he lost his life, even if he obtained all the riches in the world, he wouldn't even be able to spend them.

    The beautiful blade rainbow which previously rend through space had instantly dispersed. But before the Nihility God Elementary Stage cultivator could use the energy from the blade rainbow to protect himself, a violent burst of elemental energy exploded behind his skull.

    "Boom!" In that single breath of time, he sank into perennial darkness. Right at instant before he died, he only knew that he had been struck by a long pole, but he didn't even know what angle that pole even came from to reach him. There weren't even any ripples formed in the space around him so he had no means of knowing. His blade rainbow had yet to completely dissipate; this mist of blood within the rainbow seemed to be make it more beautiful.

    The other cultivator immediately stopped in his tracks. He even controlled his flying ship to reverse by a few meters as he stared at Mo Wuji from afar, his face trembling in shock.

    In one breath, he raised his hand and shot out a beam of bright light. The light beam sailed through space, it was incomparably eye-catching. He didn't choose to fight Mo Wuji; Mo Wuji's power left him cowering in fear. Even though he knew that Mo Wuji was merely in the True Lake Stage while he was in the Nihility God Stage, he didn't dare to fight.

    Mo Wuji looked up and saw that coruscating light, his heart turned slightly cold. The light which the couple shot out was exactly the same.

    Mo Wuji stepped into his own flying ship; this Nihility God Stage cultivator did not choose to fight him so he didn't intend to fight as well. The reason why the previous Nihility God was killed by him was because the Next Pole came completely unexpectedly. However, this cultivator had already seen what happened clearly. As long as this cultivator was careful, Mo Wuji guessed that it shouldn't be possible to kill him within a short time.

    Since he couldn't do that, then he had to hurry and make himself scarce.

    As Mo Wuji ignited his engines, he saw multiple ships racing over from the distance. Furthermore, one of those ships directly shot out a light beam, it was the same one as Mo Wuji had seen.

    Mo Wuji pushed his ship's speed to the maximum, but he could still see flying ships pouring in from all directions, and all sorts of light beams were being shot into space.

    Against expectations, Mo Wuji was completely calm. He didn't know who had such power, to actually be able to control so many cultivators to surround and intercept him in this vast space. But he knew that it definitely wasn't the Yan Clan. If the Yan Clan was that amazing, then back at the Universal Hall, they didn't even need to care about anything and just directly grab him. There was also another thing he was sure of, if he was surrounded, then he would be completely screwed.


    Within the hall in the first floor of the Universal Pier, a black robed man with a red ribbon tied around his right wrist was standing without saying a word. In front of him, rows of cultivators were queuing up to get a radiant sword signal, before flying off to space from the third floor. His heart was frozen, he didn't believe that anyone would be able to escape from such a terrifying pursuit.

    5 of the 10 halls, the three great clans of Star King Mountain, multiple sects within Zhen Mo Continent, and even the Universal Hall were together in this movement. This radiant sword signal was distributed by the joint alliance of these powers. No matter who, even if they weren't able to catch Mo Wuji, they would be able to get huge rewards if the shot out this radiant sword signal at where Mo Wuji appeared. This reward would be accorded in the order of who shot it first.

    That means that if you discovered Mo Wuji, you only needed to record down Mo Wuji's location and fire out this signal and you would definitely be rewarded. The one who shot it earlier, would have greater rewards.

    Even if Mo Wuji was any stronger, under such pursuit, he definitely didn't have any hope of survival.

    These rogues... So many powers were cooperating to gang up against Mo Wuji, and they even had such an "amazing" reason that Mo Wuji had cheated 500,000 contribution points from the Xia Clan. Shameless people could truly do anything.
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