Chapter 324: That Is Love

    Chapter 324: That Is Love

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    When even the True God Stage experts were subconsciously taking a few steps backwards, the cultivators in the lower level obviously wouldn't dare to step forward as they all took a step back. Cultivators would always have an intuition in front of death.

    Mo Wuji, who's entire body was filled with wounds, emitted out a determined aura and at this moment, other than using his Scholar's Heart to annihilate everyone here, including himself, he had no other ways to get himself out of here.

    Mo Wuji's surrounding started to open up and the countless of cultivators in space were evidently shocked as they saw this piece of open land.

    At the same moment, the universe started to act crazily and as Mo Wuji lifted his head curiously, a familiar voice was heard, "Don't move, just follow me..."

    Cen Shuyin? Mo Wuji immediately knew who was the one who came as he stopped swinging his Tian Ji Pole. Just as he was about to shoot out his Scholar's Heart, he stopped just in time as well because if he were to shoot out his Scholar's Heart, Cen Shuyin might not be able to escape as well.

    Following which, the insane wind carried his body up and rushed out of this suspicious open space.

    "Someone used the Wind Escape Technique to bring him away..." A cultivator reacted in time as he shouted out to everyone.

    "Chase, using the Wind Escape Technique would be hard even for one person to escape here, let alone two people."


    The remaining cultivators didn't even speak as they simply followed to chase after them. Didn't Mo Wuji knew how to use the Wind Escape Technique too? He was still trapped and had to eventually fight for his life.

    So what if it was the Wind Escape Technique? In the face of enemies' attack from all four directions in space, even the Wind Escape Technique was not formidable.

    A familiar gentleness and fragrant made Mo Wuji's heart warm. When he was surrounded and faced with such terrifying danger in space, only Cen Shuyin would still risk her life to come and save him.

    "It's pointless. You should let me go and then escape yourself first. After your wind technique was completed, just remember to avenge me," Mo Wuji sighed because even if he used his Wind Escape Technique, he wasn't able to escape. Cen Shuyin's Wind Escape Technique was slightly weaker than Mo Wuji so it would be even harder for them to escape.

    Indeed, just as Mo Wuji finished his sentence, a few signalling flying swords were shot out by two people not too far away and the shadows of a few cultivators were soon rushing towards them.

    Cen Shuyin didn't bother replying Mo Wuji and was only focused on escaping. What made Mo Wuji shocked was that Cen Shuyin's Wind Escape Technique was cast upon fierce wind and was nothing compared to his light wind. It was simply at the end of two extremes.

    Logically speaking because Cen Shuyin was a girl, her Wind Escape Technique should be more gentle than his.

    In the next moment, Mo Wuji could feel the intermediate level heat emitted from Cen Shuyin's skin and he immediately knew what was going on, "Sister Shuyin, let me down immediately. If we carry on like this, none of us will be able to get away at all."

    Cen Shuyin was burning her life to ignite the Wind Escape Technique which explained the crazy surge of wind. This could be related to her cultivating her Typhoon Formula. Typhoon Formula, one could tell that this was definitely not a gentle technique just by listening to its name.

    Cen Shuyin's smooth voice did turned coarse and dry but her words were like from the other universe, evidently ethereal and calm, "When I was young, I had a wonderfully complete family. My father and mother loved me dearly and at that time, I felt like the most fortunate person alive.

    Back then, I was only 6 years old and someone came to my house. After he laid his sight on my mother, he never left. Afterwards, he had a long conversation with my father in the room and not long later, my father came out to talk to my mother..."

    Cen Shuyin was like an outsider narrating a story to Mo Wuji with her warm, calm and slightly disappointed voice, "My mother then nodded to my father and even though she said that I was young, I should know the truth. My father agreed and my mother brought me to my room and said..."

    Cen Shuyin paused for a moment and a sword radiance pierced through the space and was headed towards Cen Shuyin's back. Mo Wuji managed to struggle and shifted his body while supporting himself with his elemental energy. This sword radiance pierced through Mo Wuji's back instead and Mo Wuji spat out a mouthful of blood, onto Cen Shuyin's shoulder.

    However, under the support of Mo Wuji's great elemental energy, the sword radiance disappeared within Mo Wuji's body and didn't touch Cen Shuyin.

    Cen Shuyin's body trembled a little as her body temperature continued to increase which caused the surrounding wind to be even greater, increasing their speed.

    Mo Wuji knew that Cen Shuyin had sped up the burning of her life and he didn't continue persuading Cen Shuyin because he knew it was all too late to say anything. If he was able to survive this crisis, he would never let the True God Stage cultivator who tried to attack her from the back off, no matter who he was.

    "My mother told me, if I want to marry someone one day, I cannot trust the other party's sweet talks. I had to make sure how many things the person I'm marrying could give me..."

    Mo Wuji kept silent because he knew that before Cen Shuyin started cultivating, she should be from the mortal world. When mortals got married, they naturally had to look at the betrothal gift.

    "My mother said, if he was a prince, he had to at least make me his legitimate wife. If he was a businessman, he had to at least put half his assets under my name... I was young and clueless so I asked my mother, what if he was an ordinary person like my father?

    My mother smiled mournfully and she said that my father would immediately not be an ordinary person anymore and he would immediately turn into a wealthy aristocrat. She suddenly took out a dagger and stabbed her own chest as I cried out for my mother. My mother used her hand to wipe my tears before saying: Yinyin, what I've just said was wrong. No matter who he was, if he couldn't sacrifice his life for you when you needed help, you must not marry him no matter what he has. Remember to never marry such a person... If there was a person who was willing to sacrifice his life for you, remember well that when he needs help, you have to sacrifice your life too...That is love... If you're not marrying the person, remember to never take advantage of a person, not even a little. Listen to your mother, your mother will be leaving now..."

    Mo Wuji remained speechless because he had just heard a depressing, heart wrenching story. A man actually gave his wife away for honour and riches. His wife had a strong will to rather die than agree to such a dirty transaction. This is a true scumbag and this scumbag was actually Cen Shuyin's father.

    The reason Cen Shuyin was all along focused on cultivation and was never interested in a romantic relationship could perhaps be because of her own experience. As for Cen Shuyin's habit of not taking advantage of people, was probably influenced by her mother too.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji heard someone shouting from his back, "They're escaping to the Extreme Frost Sea, hurry up and block them..."

    Extreme Frost Sea? Mo Wuji shivered as he had heard of this place before. It was a place similar to the Piercing Wind Gate, one of the Nine Extreme Realms.

    Mo Wuji immediately understood why Cen Shuyin was willing to burn her life to increase the speed of the Wind Escape Technique. She had planned from the start to escape into the Extreme Frost Sea.

    Mo Wuji scanned the surrounding using his spiritual will and instantly saw an eye-catching aperture shining brightly in front of himself. Before Mo Wuji could ask anything, Cen Shuyin had already brought him into the aperture. Following which, waves of bones piercing coldness spread across his entire body and in a split second, his flesh started to show scars.

    This coldness was actually not any warmer than the coldness he experienced back when he was retrieving the Immeasurable Soul-forging Flower. Mo Wuji hurried to use his spiritual circulation technique but this didn't stop his body from slowly tearing apart. He instantly sent his Scholar's Heart into spiritual circulation and indeed, he could just barely withstand the extreme coldness.

    Cen Shuyin was still running non-stop and Mo Wuji hurried to shout out, "Senior apprentice Shuyin, you can stop for now."

    Mo Wuji was confident that even though Cen Shuyin possessed ice attributes spirit roots, she couldn't hold on for any much longer in this coldness.

    Cen Shuyin stopped but it wasn't because Mo Wuji asked her to but because she fell down.

    Mo Wuji flipped his body over and hugged Cen Shuyin so that his body's warmth would be transferred over to her.

    Cen Shuyin's face turned pale and her hair had already turned white as she stared at Mo Wuji with her warm eyes, "It's okay, I know I've reached my limit. I also know that you definitely would have your way to survive here, I was indeed right..."

    "Senior apprentice sister Shuyin, I will definitely save you..." Mo Wuji popped a few pills into Cen Shuyin's mouth.

    Cen Shuyin blocked his mouth just as he was about to continue speaking, "...Wuji, actually, I didn't listen to my mother and I took advantage of you... My flying car should never be worth your Lightning Flash and I was just lying to myself and everyone else... Also, it wasn't my heartfelt truth when I said that you aren't the Rogue Cultivator 2705 that day. I know that you are him..."

    Mo Wuji looked at Cen Shuyin's state and his heart felt horrible because whatever methods he used now, he would have no way of saving Cen Shuyin. Back then when Cen Shuyin said 'You are not him', he didn't feel much but now that Cen Shuyin said 'I know that you are him', Mo Wuji's heart felt like it was smashed broken.

    That feeling of having a severely wounded heart was felt by Mo Wuji once again.

    "...I know the relationship between Yan'Er and yourself. You are willing to risk your life to save your female servant and enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain when you're only in the Channel Opening Stage... I knew from then that you and my father were two different types of people... when you knew that I had a lot of enemies in the Piercing Wind City... to risk your life to save me... you are the only one... you are the one my mother told me about, someone whom I liked so much I could sacrifice my life for...

    However, I could only love one person because my heart is too small so I can't and I won't fight with another girl for a guy, regardless who he was...Now is good... I don't have to go against my own will..."

    "I really wanted to know how it feels to have a dao companion... My mother said, that is love... Wuji, is this true..." Cen Shuyin slowly reached out her hand to feel Mo Wuji's cheek but before her hand could touch him, it fell to the ground. Following this, her head fell from Mo Wuji's arms to the side, breathless.

    Two teardrops fell from Mo Wuji's eyes onto Cen Shuyin's face and Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. Compared to himself, Cen Shuyin was the one who led a miserable life and had never known how it felt to be loved.

    He gently grabbed Cen Shuyin's icy cold body and placed it on his face as he knew that Cen Shuyin had really fallen this time round. Even if the white bearded fishing elder were to be here, he might not be able to revive her again.
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