Chapter 325: Raging Fire in His Chest

    Chapter 325: Raging Fire in His Chest

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    Mo Wuji lowered his head to look at Cen Shuyin's pale face and even though she had burnt her life away, it wasn't enough to hide her stunning beauty.

    After being stabbed in his back by the woman he loved, Mo Wuji thought that it would be extremely hard for him to fall in love again.

    Even if it was Yan'Er, he was sure it wasn't love in the romantic way and it was at most a type of trust and family affection. Yan'Er was the only girl who didn't give up on him and was willing to give up everything for him when he was at his lowest.

    He once thought that, whether or not he was able to cultivate, as long as he was together with Yan'Er, he would eventually end up falling in love with her. Until one day, he decided to give up his life to head towards the Five Elements Desolate Domain to find the Immeasurable Soul-forging Flower so that he could pass Yan'Er and the flower to Granny Linglong.

    From that day on, he knew that Yan'Er had became a treasure of his memory, the closest person to his heart. The moment he let go of Yan'Er, he knew that Yan'Er would have nothing to do with him anymore and he also swore that in the future, Yan'er would live her life for herself and not for Mo Wuji.

    Even though he couldn't bear and even tried to remind Yan'Er of her past, he slowly accepted the truth when Yan'Er rejected him. But today, his still heart was actually moved by Cen Shuyin.

    For a six years old to lose both her parents and her mother killed herself in front of her while her despicable father left her, how could her childhood be any worse? Even though he had no idea how she made it into the Immeasurable Learning Palace, Mo Wuji could imagine how deeply etched the words of her mother would be in her six years old's heart. Seemed like deep within her heart, she wasn't like her external appearance, cold and calm.

    Regardless which world he was in, the thing one couldn't retrieve would be regret. If he could turn back time, if Shuyin wanted the Lightning Flash, he would have given it to her immediately. Why would he even ask for the magic flying car?

    Even as Mo Wuji continuously sent in elemental energy, Cen Shuyin's body still grew colder and colder. Mo Wuji hugged Cen Shuyin tight as he grabbed her closer to his body which was filled with the Scholar's Heart heat.

    In such a terrifyingly cold place, the moment he let go, Cen Shuyin would be disintegrated by the cold.

    No matter what happened, he would never let Cen Shuyin's body disappear. What he owed her was not just his life, but a love that he could not repay.

    Mo Wuji hugged Cen Shuyin and stood up slowly as the broken bones in his body was swiftly recovering because of the flowing of his elemental energy.

    He raised his head and looked at the vast and boundless zone of extreme frost just like the ocean as waves and waves of ice waves from faraway looked stunningly beautiful.

    Mo Wuji knew that beyond the waves would be even more terrifying coldness. If not for his Scholar's Heart, perhaps even a True God Stage expert would face imminent death here. As for a Worldly Immortal expert, he might not even survive long in the depth of the Extreme Frost Sea.

    Mo Wuji let out a long sigh before spitting out the burning flame as he hugged Cen Shuyin and entered the depth of the Extreme Frost Sea.

    If he couldn't escape, he shall stay in the depth of the Extreme Frost Sea with Cen Shuyin.

    If he could escape one day, he would definitely get back at those who took his blood.


    Mo Wuji was like a crazy man rushing into the depths of the Extreme Frost Sea. His Scholar's Heart surrounding him had already became like a layer of shield but even so, he could still feel the bone piercing coldness in his bones.

    Mo Wuji didn't care about all these as Mo Wuji used almost 80% of the Scholar's Heart hear to protect Cen Shuyin's body while he constantly circulate the elemental energy in his 103 meridians. He was cultivating as well as running at the same time.

    Continuous running was the only way to go!

    There was only this scary coldness from the Extreme Frost Sea!

    I could only cultivate endlessly!

    Only these thoughts could calm his raging heart because if he couldn't control himself, he would rush out to kill everyone but he knew that it was simply impossible.

    Even if he had laser guns, the moment he exited, he would have been killed by experts before he could take out his laser guns.

    This was the difference in strength and he was simply helpless against this difference.

    "Boom!" A surge of spiritual energy rushed over and directly merged together with Mo Wuji's spiritual circulation technique as the elemental energy around himself suddenly increased tremendously. Mo Wuji had almost no resistance as he advanced straight into the True Lake Stage Level 5.

    "Argh!" Mo Wuji came to a halt and he acted like a lone wolf, roaring his lungs out towards the sky in the middle of the vast and boundless Extreme Frost Sea.

    There was a surge of coldness and a surge of flame in his heart.

    Only after a short while did Mo Wuji stopped his roar. He lowered his head and looked at his legs because this was the place where he could feel an extremely dense spiritual energy which made him advanced to True Lake Stage Level 5 in an instant.

    Mo Wuji took out his Tian Ji Pole and struck against the ground.

    An oppressive sound could be heard and there was not even a single crack on the white layer of ice underneath his foot. Over the thousand of years, any softer thing would have disintegrated into a void because of the coldness. Those that were left behind were the accumulation of ice.

    Perhaps if he used his Scholar's Heart to burn, he could burn a hole here.

    However, Mo Wuji definitely dare not touch his Scholar's Heart because that was the thing that was protecting Cen Shuyin's body. The moment he took the Scholar's Heart away, Cen Shuyin's body might vanish from this extremely cold place.

    Mo Wuji kept his Tian Ji Pole and started setting up defensive array around this place. The defensive array was not for himself but to defend Cen Shuyin's body. As long as he continued circulating his 103 meridians with a slight trace of Scholar's Heart continuing its spiritual circulation, he would not face any life threatening harm. He would at most suffer some tearing of the skin but Mo Wuji was already numbed to such pain.

    This was the depth of the Extreme Frost Sea so even an expert of the True God Stage might not make it this far in without the aid of the Scholar's Heart as well as the circulation of over 100 meridians.

    The moment the defensive array was set up, Mo Wuji took out a huge pile of jade to help Cen Shuyin refined a jade coffin. Following which, Mo Wuji placed Cen Shuyin in the middle of the defensive array as he even crafted out all sorts of defensive ban on the coffin itself. Even the Scholar's Heart was temporarily placed on top of the jade coffin.

    After preparing this, he engraved an inscription on the jade coffin which showed, 'Wife Cen Shuyin's coffin, erected by Mo Wuji'.


    The once extremely bustling Universal Hall had finally recovered its original state after a year had passed since the incident of trying to catch Mo Wuji.

    Despite there were still some people who refused to give up and still head towards one of the Nine Extreme Realm, Extreme Frost Sea, to take a look but everyone knew that Mo Wuji was definitely not be able to come out alive.

    There had not been a case where a True Lake Stage cultivator entered the Extreme Frost Sea and came out alive. It was still impossible no matter how talented Mo Wuji was to make it onto the Universal Board. The truth was that ever since Mo Wuji entered the Extreme Frost Sea for a month, his name had already fallen off the Universal Board.

    There were currently no more Mo Wuji on the Universal Board. The genius that once caused such an uproar and commotion had long been obliterated from the crowd's discussion.


    Star King Mountain's Yan Clan.

    Ever since the incident one year ago when Yan Yangdong was killed, this was the second time the Yan Clan held such a solemn clan's meeting. To be specific, this was to welcome a Yan Clan's Grand-elder out from his closed doors cultivation.

    Yan Tongqu was the first generation experts of the Yan Clan, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2.

    Even though Yan Tongqu was not the strongest in the Yan Clan and was in fact even slightly weaker than Yan Pingzhi, Yan Tongqu was the Yan Clan's only water attributed Worldly Immortal expert.

    "Ka ka!" In the Yan Clan's strongest spiritual energy place, an immortal cave was opened up.

    After an incense worth of time, a skinny man walked out of it. He nodded at the two disciples at the entrance of the immortal cave before suddenly appearing in the Yan Clan's discussion hall in just one step.

    Everyone in the hall stood up immediately including the highest cultivation level grand-elder, Yan Yang.

    Yan Tongqu bowed to everyone before walking to the second seat from the left to sit down, "I've already been made known of the incident and I'm willing to go to the Extreme Frost Sea.

    Yan Qiren sighed and said, "The coldness in the Extreme Frost Sea was simply too terrifying and Mo Wuji's body would have disintegrated by now. To be able to find the three half moon keys there would not be so simple. Elder Tongqu's closed door cultivations came to naught and because he has not stepped into Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, I am strongly against Elder Tongqu to head towards the Extreme Frost Sea alone."

    Everyone was clear that even though the water spiritual root and the ice spiritual root were from the same source, their difference were still almost as vast as the distance between heaven and earth. Perhaps the water spiritual root would be more suitable to enter the Extreme Frost Sea than the other attributes but there would certainly be a limit to how much cold he could withstand.

    "Ugh, it's a pity my Yan Clan didn't have a higher cultivation expert with a water spiritual roots. Otherwise, why would we need Elder Tongqu to risk his life?" Another elder sighed out loud.

    Yan Pingzhi, who was by the side, sounded out, "Even though we say that the risk is huge for Elder Tongqu to go to the Extreme Frost Sea, this was an opportunity for the Yan Clan. If my Yan Clan was able to find the three half moon keys, no need for three, if we could find just one half moon key, our Yan Clan would not fall even after passing down to our descendants for over a thousand of years. If my Yan Clan could produce an Earthly Immortal because of this, it would not be completely impossible for us to stay in the Star King Mountain.

    Yet another Yan Clan's elder stood up and said, "Xia Clan, Mou Clan and even some other sects have already sent people into the Extreme Frost Sea and their purpose would be to find the half moon keys. This half moon keys originally belonged to my Yan Clan so if my Yan Clan didn't enter as well, we would simply be making the wedding dress for the others. [1]"

    The crowd were all discussing and it was a difficult choice to make now so the first Grand-elder Yan Yang waved his hand to stop all discussion before saying, "Tongqu's cultivation was still slightly too low, let me go over instead."

    Yan Tongqu was kept in closed doors for 200 years and Yan Clan was preparing to let him out as a Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4 expert. A Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4 expert with his water attribute spiritual roots was definitely considered to be qualified to enter the Extreme Frost Sea. Who would have thought Yan Tongqu was not hardworking enough and after cultivating gor so long behind closed doors, he was only a Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2 expert when he came out.

    Yan Tongqu took the initiative as he stood up and said, "No matter what, the first Grand-elder must not go to the Extreme Frost Sea. The First Grand-elder is the Yan Clan's stabilizing force and if anything were to happen to him, it would be hard to predict what would happen next. I have enough opportunity to advance with not alot of years left so I would be the most suitable to enter the Extreme Frost Sea."

    [1]: 'Making the wedding dress for others' is the direct translation from the raw and this means doing all the work for others but not actually benefiting from it
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