Chapter 326: Worldly Immortal Lightning Calamity

    Chapter 326: Worldly Immortal Lightning Calamity

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    Even though Yan Qiren didn't fully agree with Yan Tongqu going to the Extreme Frost Sea, but he was helpless on the matter, thus he could only say, "How's Yangnan's cultivation? This time, the Star King Mountain is fostering the next heir to the Star Lord. My Yan Clan might not be the biggest, but if Yangnan can push himself, he should be much better than that Xia Clan's Xia Mu."

    "Answering the Patriarch. Ever since Yangdong had been killed by Mo Wuji on the Deathmatch Battlestage, Yangnan had cultivating in the spiritual jade pool. He vowed that if he didn't help take revenge for his bigger brother, he is not a man. One month ago, he just broke through into the True Lake Stage." A Yan Clan deacon stood up and answered.

    Hearing that Yan Yangnan had advanced into the True Lake Stage, even Yan Pingzhi nodded his head. Yan Yangnan had specially entered the spiritual jade pool 1 year ago. During this time, he had advanced from the Yuan Dan Elementary Stage to the True Lake Stage, which was already pretty amazing.


    "Boom!" A bolt of lightning sent tremors to seemingly the entire Zhen Mo Continent. After this lightning exploded, boundless spiritual energy started to surge violently towards a certain location.

    Someone was undergoing tribulation! Such a strong Lightning Calamity definitely wasn't a simple ascension into the True God Stage.

    Within the Star Lord Hall, a grey figure flashed out, landing on the peak of the Star Lord Mountain, overlooking the place where the tribulation was taking place.

    The Lightning Calamity got increasingly dense, descending down in huge strikes. Spiritual energy was also flooding towards the Lightning Calamity like a whirlpool.

    "Could it be that some sect has a person advancing into the Worldly Immortal Stage?" Star Lord Chi Tong observed for a moment, before furrowing his brows and muttering to himself. This Lightning Calamity was staggering, it was at least a Seven-Nine Lightning Calamity. Ostensibly, the person undergoing tribulation wasn't simply advancing to be a True God, but a Worldly Immortal which stood on top of the world.

    In the Zhen Mo Continent, almost all the Worldly Immortals were from the Star King Mountain. The rest were either from the three great clans, or some sects with a strong background.

    And now, the tribulation wasn't over some sect, nor over the three great clans, but some remote wilderness. Could it be a rogue cultivator?

    Such a talented rogue cultivator, why didn't he join the Star King Mountain?

    At almost the shortest time possible, every clan and sect, including the Star King Mountain's various halls had sent people over to the tribulation lands.

    A rogue Worldly Immortal, who's eyes wouldn't turn red at that? If they could get this rogue cultivator to join their ranks, their power would definitely rise by more than a single level. Moreover, the Half Moon Immortal Palace was going to open, so a huge battle was bound to happen. With an additional Worldly Immortal, their foundations would be a lot stronger

    Don't think that there were many Worldly Immortals in Zhen Mo Continent. In fact, there weren't actually a lot. Even in the three great clans, each clan only had around 5 to 6 experts in the Worldly Immortal Stage and above.


    The person currently facing the Lightning Calamity was the Heaven Seeking Palace's Bei Suting. There was only one person protecting her - Yan'Er. Even though Yan'Er's cultivation speed to meteoric, she was still only in True Lake Stage Level 9. Now with so many experts coming over, she was slightly at a loss for words.

    "This little girl, is the senior undergoing tribulation your master?" A heroic-looking and pretty woman landed by Yan'Er's side; when she spoke, she sounded like a friendly neighborhood big sister.

    Yan'Er shook her head, "No, she's my senior apprentice sister..."

    "Boom..." At this instant, the final lightning descended. Bei Suting's body exuded with white brilliance. That lightning bolt barely broke through that white brilliance before waning down.

    Bei Suting had successfully passed through the tribulation.

    With her greatest speed, she grabbed a set of clothes, put on a veil and landed beside Yan'Er.

    "Star King Mountain's Mou Zhong greets this dao friend. Congratulations dao friend on ascending to become a Worldly Immortal and attaining your own Grand Dao."

    "True Martial Dock's You Ying greets dao friend. Congratulations dao friend on advancing into the Worldly Immortal Stage..."

    Bei Suting had just succeeded her tribulation, and many people came over to pay their compliments and invited Bei Suting over to be their guest.

    Bei Suting hurriedly said, "Many thanks various dao friends. My junior apprentice sister and I have some business to attend to. If we're free in the future, we'll definitely visit."

    "Sister Suting, congratulations." Yan'Er was overjoyed as she walked over.

    Bei Suting had advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage. Even though she wasn't the strongest person here, she had the ability to protect herself. Even the three big clans couldn't do much towards a Worldly Immortal.

    "Could you be Senior Suting who came over from the Lost Continent?" The heroic-looking woman that previously spoke with Yan'Er had already recognised Bei Suting and asked eagerly.

    Bei Suting nodded, "That's right. I'm the Bei Suting who came from the Lost Continent. May I ask who this junior is?"

    The heroic-looking woman hurriedly said, "I'm the Star Sea Hall's Shu Xuanyu. Before I came, I was instructed by the Hall Master, if senior is willing, you can immediately be an elder at the Star Sea Hall."

    Seeing that Bei Suting was about to leave, Shu Xuanyu did not beat around the bush and immediately extended an invitation.

    Bei Suting laughed gently, "Many thanks Junior Xuanyu for your invitation. As a person rejected by the Star King Mountain, I truly don't intend to go to the Star King Mountain."

    Shu Xuanyu's mouth went agape. She didn't know what was appropriate for her to say. She was cognizant of Bei Suting's situation. Honestly, not only Bei Suting, a majority of the people from the Lost Continent qualified to enter the Star King Mountain. But because of the Xia Clan's Xia Mu's prejudice towards Bei Suting, coupled with Bei Suting's complete ignorance of him, resulted in the Xia Can prohibiting Bei Suting from entering the Star King Mountain. Even a majority of the Lost Continent talents were implicated. If they wanted to join the Star King Mountain, they needed to earn their way through battle in the Star Wars. Otherwise, they had to choose to join the Xia Clan. Since these people were brought from the Lost Continent by the Xia Clan, the ten halls and the other clans weren't willing to offend the Xia Clan for them.

    Now that Bei Suting had advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage, she no longer had any interest with the Star King Mountain. That's also logical, as a Worldly Immortal, the help that the Star King Mountain could offer was truly limited."

    "As long as senior wants, you can always come to my Star Sea Hall." Since Bei Suting had already rejected her, Shu Xuanyu could only beat around the bush with some courtesies.

    She couldn't say that the Star Sea Hall was part of the Star King Mountain, but weren't aligned with the Star King Mountain, right? Even though the ten halls and the Star Lord were different powers, this matter wasn't really public knowledge. From an external perspective, the Star King Mountain was the Star King Mountain, and the ten halls were part of the Star King Mountain.

    "Many thanks. Everyone, we'll now take our leave." Bei Suting clasped her fists, holding Yan'Er beside her, she disappeared in an instant.

    The crowd had failed in inviting Bei Suting, and could only disperse in their separate ways.


    "Yan'Er, you know anything about Mo Wuji?" On the flying ship, Bei Suting asked Yan'Er this serious question.

    Yan'Er nodded. Even though the two didn't especially went to look out for Mo Wuji's news, ever since they left the Universal Hall, rumours on Mo Wuji were numerous.

    Mo Wuji had flouted the Universal Hall's rules, then he murdered an innocent little girl. This had incited the rage of the crowd, and he had been forced into one of the Nine Extreme Realms - the Extreme Frost Sea. What happened to him thereafter was unknown.

    "Then you still want to recover your memories? If you change your mind, I intend to bring you to the Stars Wars Battlefield to temper yourself," Bei Suting raised this topic again.

    Yan'Er calmly said, "Sister Suting, over this past year, I have been thinking about this for a long time. Even if Brother Mo had changed, I still need a full set of memories."

    Cultivating till now, Yan'Er had long understood the true meaning of cultivation. Choosing to ignore and forget would not help bring her closer to the Grand Dao. Even if you have forgotten your memories, or you choose to ignore it, you couldn't deny that it had happened.

    If it happened, then it happened. Just because you felt that it didn't happen didn't mean that it didn't happen.

    Regardless of how she viewed Mo Wuji after she regained her memories, she needed to recover her memories for the sake of her own dao. What Mo Wuji had done previously, she could feel grateful, she could choose to remember, but she couldn't choose to forget. It's true that Mo Wuji did not hesitate to cruelly murder an innocent girl, but that shouldn't be the previous him.

    People would eventually change; Mo Wuji, her, Sister Suting...

    Wasn't everyone slowly changing? Previously, Sister Suting said that she would go to the Star Wars Battlefield to earn some contribution points then enter the Star King Mountain. Eventually, they didn't go take part in the Star Wars, but chose to cultivate in the Zhen Mo Continent. After ascending into the Worldly Immortal Stage, Sister Suting no longer wanted to enter the Star King Mountain. Wasn't this also a change?

    "Alright, then we'll go to the Valley of the Immortal Doctor and find San Yisheng and request for his help." Bei Suting nodded his head, activated the flying ship and sped away.


    Deep in the Extreme Frost Sea, Mo Wuji seemed to completely merged within the frosty waves. At this instant, he was a part of the Extreme Frost Sea. Over this one year of cultivation, he had advanced from True Lake Stage Level 5 to True Lake Stage Level 11.

    Spiritual energy violent surged outwards, leaving behind a calmness in its wake.

    "Boom!" The icy space around Mo Wuji suddenly emitted with waves of tremors. The elemental energy within Mo Wuji's body seemed to have found a new opening, directly perforating a new meridian.

    As his 104th meridian got perforated, Mo Wuji stepped into True Lake Stage Level 12.

    Mo Wuji was still calm and silent. He had finally opened his 104th meridian; this meridian was the Breath Scattering Channel.

    With this channel, he could blend into any environment at any instant. After a year of cultivation, he had already blended in together with the frost waves around him. Now with his breath scattering channel, he was even more fully integrated into his surroundings.

    If not for that strand of Scholar's Heart circulating within his meridians, even if a Worldly Immortal came, the Worldly Immortal might not be able to discover him with spiritual will.

    104 meridians simultaneously started reverse circulation. Without any other living things obstructing his cultivation, Mo Wuji's cultivation was very swift. In merely a month's time, all the meridians in Mo Wuji's body started threshing around, as though it was being struck by waves.

    "Boom!" The shackles of True Lake Level 12 had been shattered. With the surging force of his elemental energy, Mo Wuji had broke through the True Lake Stage, advancing into Nihility God Stage Level 1.

    His sea of consciousness expanded by multiple folds, his spiritual will became increasingly sensitive in this extreme cold. Following this, Mo Wuji could feel that there were many more people here in the Extreme Frost Sea.
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