Chapter 327: Take Revenge For My Wife

    Chapter 327: Take Revenge For My Wife

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    For an extreme realm which didn't have any treasures like the Extreme Frost Sea, except for a few ice-affinity spiritual roots cultivators, few would come here. However, a whole group of people had actually arrived. As he recalled what happened one year ago, when he was pursued to such an extent, even if Mo Wuji was retarded, he knew that this definitely wouldn't due to the individual strengths of the Broken Sect or the Yan Clan. It should be because he had obtained some treasure.

    Before he ventured into space, he killed Yan Yangdong on the Deathmatch Battlestage. If it was a treasure, he must have obtained it from Yan Yangdong.

    If his guess was right, these people must be here for those half moon keys. One year ago, those people must have been chasing him for those half moon keys. However, these people were pretentious and hypocritical, they couldn't publicly claim that they were robbing him of the half moon keys, and had to find an excuse.

    Mo Wuji coldly snorted and stood up.

    Previously, his energy had completely synergized with the icy cold energy of the Extreme Frost Sea. Even if a Worldly Immortal brushed by him, the Worldly Immortal might not be able to find him concealed in the frosty waves.

    However, he did not intend to hide from these fellas. The fire in his heart had already burnt for over a year, and during this whole time, he desperately wanted to go out and kill himself a river of blood. Now that people had come to the Extreme Frost Sea to find him, if he let them go, he wouldn't be Mo Wuji.

    Whether it was due to his own hatred, or for revenge for Shuyin, he would start to settle this debt.

    He turned towards the Extreme Frost Seaside, killing intent flooded into his eyes. These fellas who could come here definitely weren't weak. They were at least in the Great Circle of True God Stage, or even the Worldly Immortal Stage

    If this was in outer space, he would have let it go. But now, the Extreme Frost Sea was his territory.

    Since they had come, then they will stay here forever.

    Mo Wuji took out his best array flag and started to prepare a wild spiritual swirling array.

    For an array like the spiritual swirling array, besides Chu Xingzi - this bored master array master who was willing to research on it, few others would bother installing this useless array.

    This magical array only had one function, that was to suck all the surrounding spiritual energy over, to form a whirlpool. But this whirlpool was destructive and it wasn't suitable for cultivation.

    Two hours later, Mo Wuji had prepared the spiritual swirling area, and he left behind an inscription with a strand of Scholar's Heart within the array. Then, he hurriedly left, hugging Cen Shuyin's jade coffin.

    When he reached a few miles away from the spiritual swirling array, Mo Wuji placed Cen Shuyin down and fetched out a laser cannon.

    He had seen the destructive power of the laser cannon. He was sure that the laser cannon was not a treasure used to deal with Worldly Immortals, but things more powerful than Worldly Immortals. As for the ammunition, even if he had the smithing formula, a master smith might not even be able to forge it.

    The cannon was powerful, but it had a flaw. The installation took too slow. If he was fighting an expert, before he could fetch his laser cannon out, that expert might have already eliminated him.

    After properly framing the laser cannon, Mo Wuji took out an ammunition shell and stuffed it in. Then, he waited. He had cultivated in the Extreme Frost Sea for over a year and had opened the breath scattering channel. Not even a half bit of his breath could be heard.

    A few minutes later, Mo Wuji's spiritual swirling array was activated. The boundless spiritual energy of the Extreme Frost Sea transformed into a destructive whirlpool, violently surging towards the array core.

    Actually, at the same time as when Mo Wuji detected that he had visitors at the Extreme Frost Sea, the Worldly Immortal experts also detected a few hints of life deep within the Extreme Frost Sea.

    Even though they had been here for quite some time, they weren't like Mo Wuji who had integrated into the frosty waves for over a year. After all, Mo Wuji had been cultivating here, and he had been cultivating with his own modified cultivation technique. His main aim was to blend himself with the surrounding icy cold spiritual energy. One, this was to defend himself the cold. Two, this could increase his cultivating speed

    On the other hand, these people were only here to find something. They used their techniques merely to defend themselves against the biting cold. Thus, their sensitivity in this Extreme Frost Sea was naturally far from Mo Wuji.

    So even though they detected Mo Wuji's life energy, they weren't able to connect it to anything at the first moment. In the Extreme Frost Sea, their spiritual will was largely limited, and they weren't able to scan at Mo Wuji who was hidden deep on the Extreme Frost Sea.

    If anyone said that Mo Wuji was cultivating deep in the Extreme Frost Sea, none of the Worldly Immortals here would believe it.

    Even though they didn't know what exuded that life energy, these Worldly Immortals still chose to slowly approach in Mo Wuji's direction.

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual swirling array activated, horrifying spiritual energy came whirling over. These Worldly Immortals no longer moved slowly. Almost all of them flashed into a shadow, charging in the direction of the spiritual swirling array.

    "Boom!" The first one to arrive was a red-faced Worldly Immortal. He did not even hesitate as he punched out, destroying the outer shield of the array.

    "Xia Guangyuan, everyone came here together, it's not good for you to enjoy this feast alone..." At the back of this red faced expert, multiple shadows also came racing over.

    "Eh!" The red faced Worldly Immortal called Xia Guangyuan didn't immediately charge in after destroying the array. Instead, he spotted a stone inscription and cried out in exclamation.

    "There's a strand of flame energy of the Scholar's Heart..." One of the Worldly Immortals following at the back uttered.

    Scholar's Heart! Everyone's hearts started beating with desire. If they could obtain the Scholar's Heart, won't their powers increase by more than a fold?

    Even though they knew that there was the Scholar's Heart below this stone inscription, no one dared to recklessly charge over.

    As a Worldly Immortal, they knew clearly how powerful the Scholar's Heart was. Once they triggered the Scholar's Heart, even if it was a Worldly Immortal, they couldn't leave till they had completely refined it. Moreover, each of them wasn't here alone; there were six Worldly Immortals altogether, and they all wanted the Scholar's Heart.

    "This place seemed to contain the traces of an array. Who would place the Scholar's Heart here?" Yan Tongqu asked doubtfully.

    "Wait, there are some words. They're a little blurry... It says: From today onwards, I will slowly kill all you dogs, to take revenge for my wife..." One of the Worldly Immortals from the Star King Mountain read the words and shook his head, it was true when they say that the ignorant truly didn't know fear.

    There were six Worldly Immortals here, and someone actually carved such foolish words for them to read. The other Worldly Immortal experts also followed him and shook their heads.

    That's not right. At almost the same instant, the six Worldly Immortals reacted. These carven words of revenge, coupled with the fact that the array traces were still fresh, meant only one thing. That fella with the half moon keys was still alive.

    Mo Wuji was actually still alive. Ecstasy flashed within the six's eyes. At this moment, some recalled that besides the half moon keys, Mo Wuji also had the Scholar's Heart. To think that Mo Wuji wanted to use the Scholar's Heart to plot against them...

    From afar, Mo Wuji turned to the jade coffin beside him and muttered, "Shuyin, see how I help you collect some interest."

    When he finished that sentence, he pressed with his friend, firing off the laser cannon.

    A blinding white light caused the six people to pause speechlessly. At this moment, they couldn't even see what was ahead of them clearly, but they could clearly feel the oncoming enshroudment of death.

    Not good. The six Worldly Immortals reacted at almost the same time, as they all tried to retreat.

    As Worldly Immortals, even though they didn't know what the danger was, they would still choose to escape first.

    At the very next instant, a force which seemed capable of extinguishing the heavens could be seen.

    What on earth is that terrifying thing? This idea only barely flashed through their heads. "Boom!" An explosion which seemed capable of ripping the heavens and earths devoured the six within.

    A gigantic ice crater formed at where the six were not long ago. The frosty waves around the area were completely razed to the ground.

    Mo Wuji kept his laser cannon, hugging Cen Shuyin's jade coffin, he calmly walked over.

    The six Worldly Immortals had been shot by the laser cannon. Their skeletons had long been decimated, and even not even a shadow of their storage rings were left behind. Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered about those six Worldly Immortals he killed. He was only staring blankly at the gigantic ice crater in front of him.

    This was exploded out due to his laser cannon. Dense spiritual energy exuded from the crater, leaving Mo Wuji a little breathless.

    Mo Wuji stared downwards in shock, what sort of place was this? Previously when he was cultivating, he could already feel the boundless spiritual energy. But now after his laser cannon destroyed this place, the spiritual energy was actually more staggering.

    His 104 meridians simultaneously started reverse circulating. What they liked most was spiritual energy. The richer the spiritual energy, the faster his cultivation.

    Mo Wuji hesitated for a brief moment, before jumping straight into the gigantic ice crater.

    Minutes later, Mo Wuji was completely stupefied. In front of him, were rocks which shone with spiritual brilliance. The suffocating spiritual energy he felt, was emitted from this rocks.

    He actually recognised these things. These weren't spirit stones, nor spirit veins, but spirit piths.

    In front of him, it wasn't a mere spirit pith pool, but a spirit pith mountain.

    Mo Wuji lightly caressed the jade coffin beside him. Even in the after world, Shuyin was still blessing him, allowing him to find this cultivation Utopia.


    Universal Pier was always the most crowded place in the Universal Hall.

    Cultivators would come here to accept missions, form groups to go into space, or head up to the second floor to exchange for items they needed.

    But today, cultivators were forming their own small groups, engaging in their own discussion.

    "Did you know? Recently, six Worldly Immortals perished in one of the Nine Extreme Realms, the Extreme Frost Sea." A yellow robed cultivator said with an exaggerated expression.

    "Stop bullsh*ting. It's true that the Extreme Frost Sea is one of the Nine Extreme Realms, but for a Worldly Immortal, if they didn't stay there for long, it definitely wouldn't be life threatening..."

    "Keke, it's fine if you don't believe me, but my source is definitely reliable. Let me tell you, if it wasn't for the Star Lord who restrained the three great clans and some experts, perhaps..." The yellow robed cultivator saw a few cultivators from the Star King Mountain, and promptly decided to shut his mouth.

    "What he says is true. I heard that a few Worldly Immortals had fallen in the Extreme Frost Sea. The Extreme Frost Sea seems to be more dangerous than before. Let me tell you ah, Yan Clan's Senior Yan Tongqu who just emerged from closed doors, went to the Extreme Frost Sea and never came back," Another cultivator said hushedly.
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