Chapter 328: You Are My Life

    Chapter 328: You Are My Life

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    The matter of the six Worldly Immortals perishing in the Extreme Frost Sea was originally a hushed discussion among groups of cultivators, but soon, it had already become a public secret.

    Almost everyone knew that six Worldly Immortals had died, and one of them was even an expert at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5.

    Eventually, someone even spread the news that these six experts had gone to the Extreme Frost Sea to find that rogue cultivator called Mo Wuji.

    As to why they wanted to find Mo Wuji, many of the cultivators were aware of the reason. Anyone that could mix within the Universal Hall definitely wasn't a fool.


    Bei Suting and Yan'Er stared at the bare mountain valley in front of them, and they even suspected whether this was truly the Valley of the Immortal Doctor.

    Even if it was a rogue cultivator, he wouldn't build his immortal cave here right? Here, besides yellow sand, there were only crushed rocks. Even though it's called a valley, it actually seemed more like the Gobi Desert.

    "Heaven Seeking Palace's Bei Suting has come to pay respects. Is Immortal Doctor San here?" Bei Suting said whilst clasping her fists towards the Valley of the Immortal Doctor.

    Even though San Yisheng wasn't a Worldly Immortal, he was a highly revered existence in entire Zhen Mo Continent.

    Some might say that his temper was weird, but he would extend his hand to save a mortal's life. Others might say that he was kind and compassionate, but he set down a rule that unless they encountered him on the outside, those that visit him at the Valley of the Immortal Doctor for help must at least be a Worldly Immortal.

    The Zhen Mo was so huge, and San Yisheng didn't leave his valley regularly, so how difficult would it be to encounter him on the outside? As for being a Worldly Immortal, even in the Zhen Mo Continent, how many could reach that stage? Moreover, even if it was a Worldly Immortal who came to visit, he would only help once.

    This would mean that if San Yisheng agreed to save Yan'Er this time around, he would no longer help Bei Suting the next time she came to pay respects.

    "My master welcomes you. Two dao friends, please enter." A child came out to greet them, and spoke with a respectful tone.

    "Many thanks." Bei Suting brought Yan'Er and followed this child into the desolate Valley of the Immortal Doctor.

    It was already bad that the exterior was desolate, the interior not the Valley was incomparably desolate. If not for the fact that they knew San Yisheng was here, Bei Suting and Yan'Er might have thought that they were trekking in the desolate wilderness.

    After walking for a whole incense of time, Bei Suting and Yan'Er finally saw two huge gates. Among the two gates, one was a black stone gate, the other was a white stone gate.

    Bei Suting only hesitated momentarily, before bringing Yan'Er to enter through the black stone gate.

    Inside, there was a stone room which was a few meters wide. Within the stone room, there was a long bearded man sitted on a yellow stone stool reading a book. In front of his stone stool, there was a stone table. And opposite the stone table, there was another stone stool.

    Even though she knew San Yisheng's cultivation was below hers, Bei Suting still stopped and clasped her fists, "Heaven Seeking Palace's Bei Suting greets Immortal Doctor San."

    The long bearded man put down the book scroll in his hands and chuckled, "Those who visit are my guests. Come, please take a seat."

    After he said that, his gaze landed on Yan'Er, "You're here to seek treatment right? Come sit in front of me."

    Without any conditions, without any questions, he directly offered Yan'Er a diagnosis. This caused both Yan'Er and Bei Suting to heave a sigh of relief. The two were afraid that San Yisheng might raise too many conditions that they wouldn't even be able to uphold.

    "Yes." Yan'Er bowed, walked over to the stone stool opposite San Yisheng and sat down.

    "Place your wrist on the stone table." San Yisheng gestured to the stone table in front of him.

    Yan'Er lifted her arm and placed her wrist on the stone table. San Yisheng didn't measure her pulse, but placed his two arms around the stone table and held it tightly, and at the same time, he closed his eyes.

    After some time, San Yisheng opened his eyes and nodded towards Yan'Er, "You gained fortune from disaster, obtaining mutated wood-affinity spiritual roots. This type of spiritual roots are even rarer than unique roots like Wind, Ice and Lightning. If I'm not wrong, you should also be a pill refiner right?"

    Yan'Er hurriedly answered, "Yes. Junior followed her master to learn cultivation and pill refining. It's just that I'm not very talented, I'm barely a Tier 4 pill refiner."

    San Yisheng laughed gently, "You spend 90% of your time on cultivation, and only 10% of Pill refining. Still, you managed to become a Tier 4 pill refiner in a short period of time. In terms of alchemy, your talent is the best I've seen. What's your name?"

    "Junior has no name, I'm only addressed at Yan'Er." Yan'Er replied respectfully.

    San Yisheng suddenly said, "Do you have any interest in being my disciple?"

    Yan'Er stood, bowing once more, "Junior already has a master, I don't dare casually have another one."

    "Ai. Pity." San Yisheng sighed and continued, "Because the person who treated you was limited in his capabilities, all your memories before you cultivated have vanished. You have come to me to seek treatment, it's should be because you wish to recover your memories right?"

    Yan'Er eagerly said, "Yes, junior wishes to find her memories. Senior, please help fulfil this wish."

    San Yisheng shook his head.

    Yan'Er heart tightened, "Senior Immortal Doctor, could it be that my memories can never be recovered?"

    San Yisheng laughed proudly, "To a charlatan, wanting to recover your memories would be akin to seeing a flower through a fog. But to me, San Yisheng, finding your memories is as simple as drinking water or breathing air..."

    Joy immediately emerged within Yan'Er's eyes, but before she could ask anything, San Yisheng continued speaking, "If you're willing to listen to me, I would suggest that you don't search for your memories. Recovering your memories will not do you any good."

    Yan'Er said resolutely, "Junior has already made up her mind. If senior can help junior recover her memories, please help. Junior will be immensely grateful."

    San Yisheng softly said, "For a pill refiner, even if his achievements in the pill dao is high, it would be hard for him to recover your memories. But I don't merely cultivate the pill dao, I also research on the medical dao. You should consider once more, do you want to be my disciple?"

    Yan'Er determinedly replied, "Senior, many thanks for your appreciation. But junior's heart is firm, junior will not take another master."

    San Yisheng's suggestion was rejected twice in a row, he no longer gave any advice but said, "From the ripples in your pulse, I can feel that there is an incredibly important person deep in your memories, this person could even be said to be your life. Once you recover your memories, it might adversely influence your cultivation. If that person is kind and compassionate, then it would be fine. But if that person had done you harm, then you would be shackled by this past, forever unable to progress, and you might even end your own life. After hearing all this, you still insist on your idea?"

    Yan'Er let out a self-deprecating laugh, she knew who San Yisheng was talking about. Even though she knew he was extremely important in her memories, but would such a devious man who could murder an innocent little girl be her life?

    Bei Suting saw Yan'Er's self mockery and she said by the side, "Immortal Doctor San, please carry on. She will be fine."

    Before seeing that visual recording, she might have believed San Yisheng's words. Because Mo Wuji could ignore his own safety, to venture into the Five Elements Desolate Domain just for his female slave. Even though she wasn't a recipient of his act, she would also remember it. This sort of thing was not even a deed of legends, much less reality.

    However, that visual recording had filled their hearts with indignation. Bei Suting and Yan'Er became sure that some things were merely hearsay. Even Granny Linglong's recount of Mo Wuji's selflessness was only hearsay. Mo Wuji cruelly murdered a little girl who extended an invitation to him. Even though she had a favourable impression of Mo Wuji, she couldn't help but feel infuriated with his actions.

    Thus, like Yan'Er, she did not believe that such a person could actually be Yan'Er's life as San Yisheng had said.

    But what they saw, was not what happened. Albeit Yan'Er or Bei Suting, they didn't have the same sort of experience as the Solitary Red Knot.

    San Yisheng continued looking at Yan'Er; only if Yan'Er herself agreed, then he would act.

    Yan'Er nodded, "Senior, please treat me."

    "Alright." After San Yisheng obtained Yan'Er's response, he only said a single word. He lifted his hand and multiple white threads shot out. These threads seemed to pierce through Yan'Er's brain, but they also seemed like they were revolving around Yan'Er's head.

    San Yisheng continuously displayed hand seals, and after an incense's time, he coldly ordered, "Open your mouth."

    Yan'Er subconsciously opened her mouth, a green pill entered in it. When the pill entered her mouth, it was like it melted into a thick ice strips, instantly freezing her brain.

    Another hour passed. San Yisheng's two hands moved rapidly to form increasingly complicated hand seals.

    Yan'Er cried out in agony. Bei Suting subconsciously stood up. Immediately, she saw that the white threads on Yan'Er's head had gradually turn black, then they were slowly brought by San Yisheng to one side.


    Yan'Er seemed to have entered a long, long dream. She dreamt of the old master's death and her young master's gradual loss of his mind in his attempt to retake his prefecture. Every night, she would go out to set up the night stand, and she would earn some copper coins which she would use to buy food for the young master. If she had excess copper coins, she would go to buy some cheap sweats for her young master's game.

    She dreamt of herself waiting for her young master to sleep, then she would add water to the bowl her young master ate from, and she would drink it, she would not waste even a single bit of food.

    She dreamt that her young master had suddenly turned better. That day, her young master didn't eat that bowl of rice without a care in the world as usual. Instead, he put down his bowl and found the rotten, hard, black bun which she hid under her pillow.

    That day, her young master grabbed her rough hands and said, "Yan'Er, in the future, if big brother gets to eat, you wouldn't starve too... Listen to big brother, from now on, big brother will take care of you..."

    That day, her young master's eyes were a little red.

    Ever since that day, she was the luckiest girl in the world. Her young master brought her shopping, he brought her to find work... All till she was taken away by that evil woman... To find her, her young master, despite being a mere mortal, sailed across the vast Tian Luo Sea. He finally found her at Chang Luo City...

    To heal her, her master thought of ways to enter the Formless Blade Sect, and had eventually become an outer disciple. Thereafter, he completely ignored his low cultivation, to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain, to find the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal, then to plead Heaven Seeking Palace's Granny Linglong. All just to save her...

    Perhaps the Heavens decided to take pity on his determination, allowing him to find the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower, allowing him to meet Granny Linglong, and allowing him to persuade Granny Linglong to save her..."

    "Yan'Er used to be my female slave, but in my heart, she is the only person close to me..." These were the words he told Granny Linglong, but now, they appeared again before her eyes. Perhaps, in the entire Lost Continent, he was the only one who would risk himself in the Five Elements Desolate Domain just for his female slave.

    "Regardless of what happens, you should not forget him. Remember, his name is Mo Wuji. He has average spiritual roots, but he would risk his life to save you. Furthermore, he doesn't even need for you to remember him, he just wants you to live on!"

    Granny Linglong's words seemed to sound in front of her eyes. But she had already forgotten Mo Wuji; she had already forgotten the man who was willing to risk his own life just to save her.

    "...In my heart, I will always be your bigger brother..." These were the words uttered by that man after she rejected him; the man who her master told her to never forget.

    Yan'Er finally couldn't hold back her tears. So the two words "Big Brother" could be so heart wrenching; so the two words "Big Brother" could be as heavy as a mountain.

    I will definitely find you. Even if you're wicked beyond redemption, you're my only young master... In my heart, you are my life...
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