Chapter 329: Troubles Lie Ahead

    Chapter 329: Troubles Lie Ahead

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    In this world, besides her young master, who would risk his life to save a female slave like me?

    Another figure appeared in Yan'Er's fogged eyes. It was a blacked faced monk; his face had a knife scar across it.

    In the Thunder Fog Forest, when that beam of black light was about to pierce through her throat, he charged over and pushed her away. Then he used his body to help her block that black light. That black light didn't manage to pierce through her throat, but it had pierced through his chest.

    At this instant, she finally realised who that black faced monk was; she also realised who Rogue Cultivator 2705 was. It was her young master; that was her young master.

    Because in this world, besides her young master, no one else would risk his life to save her.

    "Remember to cultivate properly, and work hard to live..." Those words rang beside her ear, then he brushed by her and left.

    During those days, she had treated her young master as a stranger. How pained must her young master's heart have been? If she could redo things, she was willing to lose her own life, so that her young master wouldn't endanger himself for her; so that the young master wouldn't block that light beam for her.

    When her young master was heavily injured, and left while dragging that steel pole, how lonely was he? He had treated her as his closest kin, but she only treated him as a passer by in her life.

    During that instant, her young master had asked her to work hard to live. His voice had been hoarse and fatigued, like a nomad travelling alone in the desert for his whole life.

    That sentence, was earned by her young master through several life and death experiences. How much difficulties did her young master go through by himself?

    If death could help turn back time, then she would willingly die. If wasting her cultivation could help bring her back to her young master, then she would willingly become a mortal.

    Young master, as long as I'm alive in this world, Yan'Er will definitely find you. It doesn't matter if you're at world's end, or if you're dead or alive. Yan'Er will be your servant. Forever.

    "Yan'Er, are you alright?" Seeing Yan'Er, who had a face full of tears, Bei Suting hurried over to support Yan'Er.

    Yan'Er suddenly snapped back to reality. Her dream had vanished without a trace.

    No, that was not a dream. That was her memory.

    "Sister Suting, I need to find my young master." Yan'Er didn't even wiped the tears off her face. She stood up resolutely and said.

    "Ah..." Bei Suting could never have fathomed the importance Mo Wuji had in Yan'Er's heart. To think that the first thing Yan'Er wanted to do after she recovered her memories, was to search for Mo Wuji.

    Yan'Er kowtowed towards San Yisheng, "Many thanks Lord San for helping me recover my memories. Otherwise, Yan'Er would just be an empty shell. Even if my cultivation got any stronger, it would still be useless. I had already lost my most important person."

    Previously, because she wanted to cultivate without distractions, she did not want to listen to Mo Wuji's stories about the past. Now, she was willing to ignore her cultivation, just so she could find her young master. Compared to her young master, nothing else was important.

    San Yisheng sighed, he knew that Yan'Er had some sort of indescribable determination, and now, her determination seemed to have gotten a lot stronger.

    "Go on then. This is your life, no one can help you. Only you can make your own decisions. But I still need to offer you a piece of advice. Sometimes, you need to have a strong foundation of cultivation before you can achieve your goals. So before anything, it's still best to work hard to raise your cultivation."

    Seeing that San Yisheng had picked up his book, Bei Suting hurried to express her thanks. Regarding compensation, she didn't mention it. Among all the Worldly Immortals who came to San Yisheng for helping, few would mention compensation. But one day, if San Yisheng needed these people to help him, they definitely had to lend a hand.

    After she brought Yan'Er out of the Valley of the Immortal Doctor, Bei Suting immediately asked Yan'Er, "Yan'Er, in that visual recording, Mo Wuji, he..."

    Yan'Er shook her head, "No matter what young master does, he must be right. I now need to find my young master. Sister Suting, I don't think I can continue on with you."

    Bei Suting could never have imagined the indelible position that Mo Wuji had held in Yan'Er's heart. He was so important that no matter what he did, was right in Yan'Er's eyes.

    Bei Suting helplessly said, "Yan'Er, you need to cool down. You know where Mo Wuji is? It's one of the Nine Extreme Realms, the Extreme Frost Sea. You know what kind of place the Extreme Frost Sea is? Even if I went there, it would hard for me to ensure my own survival."

    After spurting all that in a single breath, Bei Suting slowly toned down, "I'm not saying this to scold you, I'm just telling you a fact. If you go to the Extreme Frost Sea now, you will definitely vanish without a trace. That sort of biting cold, will definitely kill you within moments. When that happens, there's no need to talk about finding your young master or helping your young master. I'm afraid that the moment you enter the Extreme Frost Sea, you will lose the opportunity to even see your young master."

    Yan'Er startled, but immediately calmed down. She was not afraid of death. But if she entered the Extreme Frost Sea now, was it even useful?

    No. It wasn't even a half bit useful. Besides sending herself to death, she wouldn't even see her young master. It was as Sister Suting said, she would also lose all her future opportunities to find her young master. If her young master had died in the Extreme Frost Sea, then she was willing to die together with her young master. But what if her young master didn't die in the Extreme Frost Sea? If he came out and she wasn't there by his side, who would take care of him?

    At this moment, Yan'Er had completely forgotten that it was Mo Wuji taking care of her over the past few years. After she recovered her memories, in her eyes and heart, her young master still needed her to wait after him.

    When she saw that Yan'Er had calmed down, Bei Suting heaved a sigh of relief, "Yan'Er, it's hard to say whether Wuji survived in the Extreme Frost Sea. But he's an extraordinary man. He was able to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain and obtain the Immeasurable Soul-prolonging Flower at the Channel Opening Stage, and he was also able to enter the Universal Board at the True Lake Stage. He was even able to come from the Lost Continent to Zhen Mo Continent by himself. He definitely has his own secrets. So, for other True Lake Stage cultivators, they would be no doubt that they will die in the Extreme Frost Sea, but it might be possible for him. If Wuji survives, but you perished in the Extreme Frost Sea, your soul might not rest easy."

    Bei Suting's words reached Yan'Er's heart. Yan'Er turned expectantly towards Bei Suting, "Sister Suting, then what should I do? How can I see my young master? How can I return to my young master's side?"

    Bei Suting grabbed Yan'Er's hand, and spoke warmly, "You need to work hard and cultivate. If someday, you advance to be a Worldly Immortal, or even an Earthly Immortal, then would you have the chance to enter the Extreme Frost Sea to find your young master. Only if your cultivation is higher, then would you have the opportunity to help your young master. I believe, you also know why your young master was forced into the Extreme Frost Sea. He was forced there due to the pursuit of countless experts. If your cultivation is low, and if Mo Wuji had yet to perish, who will help him if he gets encircled by countless experts again?"

    "I understand Sister Suting." Yan'Er's voice turned cold and serious.

    Those people that forced her young master into the Extreme Frost Sea, she won't even forgive a single one of them. Senior San Yisheng and Sister Suting were both right; only if her cultivation gets stronger, then could she be qualified to help her young master.


    Ever since six great Worldly Immortals perished in the Extreme Frost Sea, the three clans toned down in their actions. On the contrary, the Universal hall became increasingly lively with activity; all sorts of experts would leave from here to space. Some times, groups of cultivator armies would enter into space from the Universal Pier.

    The atmosphere in Universal Hall, however, had been greatly repressed. Still, many rogue cultivators throughout Zhen Mo Continent would come to the Universal Hall, then went towards the Star Wars Battlefield through the Universal Pier. Many others wait in the Universal Hall for opportunities.

    Even though the Universal Hall didn't make an open announcement, many people had already engaged in their own private discussion. They were discussing about the re-emergence of the Half Moon Immortal Palace which only came out once every 3000 years.

    The Half Moon Immortal Palace had a total of 99 dao gates. Each dao gate would contain a supreme treasure. The only pity was, each dao gate required a half moon key to open it.

    Who would know whose hands these half moon keys would end up in after 3000 years? It was rumoured that Yan Yangdong managed to obtain three half moon keys by himself. Who knew, perhaps among the many that head towards the Star Wars Battlefield, there might be a second Yan Yangdong?

    Moreover, there was another theory. The greatest treasures of the Half Moon Immortal Palace did appear within the 99 dao gates. But it were also treasures that did not reside within those gates, but at various corners within the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    So that's why, this re-emergence of the Half Moon Immortal Palace was highly anticipated by all.

    Not only the Zhen Mo Continent cultivators, but even the Higher Class space beasts, and alien cultivators would venture here.

    At that time, a great war could not be avoided. During this war, much contribution points could also be obtained. Universal Contribution Points, this was also something coveted by every cultivator.


    Acting differently from other cultivators, a young man with a longsword on his back entered the Universal Pier from space.

    He went straight to the second floor of the Universal Pier and flashed his universal token and said, "Help me exchange for 2 Grade 7 Wind Escape Talismans."

    "Alright, please wait..." The attendant casually received the universal token from the young man. When he saw the words on the universal token, his hand trembled, almost dropping the universal token on the floor.

    "Star King Mountain Lei Hongji. Contribution Points: 29151. Ranking: 9964...."
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