Chapter 330: Lei Hongjis Secret

    Chapter 330: Lei Hongji's Secret

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    The attendant quickly retrieved two Wind Escape Talismans and respectfully placed it in the hands of the young man. "Senior Lei, I'm handing to you Grandmaster Ming He's talismans, they are definitely the best Wind Escape talismans."

    The young man nodded and received the talismans. He had heard of Grandmaster Ming He, the talisman grandmaster of Zhen Mo Continent.

    Seeing that the young man had accepted the talismans, the attendant carefully withdrew the contribution points for the Grade 7 talismans from the young man's universal token. He then returned it to him.

    The young man kept his universal token and said to the worker, "Thank you."

    "Don't mention it, don't mention it. I will still sell the best things to Senior the next time you come over."

    Only after the young man had left the second level did the worker exclaim to the others, "Do you know who that was? It was Lei Hongji, the Lei Hongji who just made it onto the Universal Board not long ago. Space Contribution Points: 29151, Rank 9964. I never knew that Senior Lei was so handsome, and so young!"

    "He's Lei Hongji? I heard before that with one of his palms and a clap of thunder, all of the space beasts in the area were killed."

    "That's right. I heard that the Mo Wuji who made it on the board earlier is also a cultivator with lightning spiritual roots. The lightning bolts that he casts are comparable to Lei Hongji's."

    "How can you compare Mo Wuji to Lei Hongji? Mo Wuji could only kill space beasts and accumulate space contribution points because he was hiding behind a space army general. Although Senior Lei Hongji is from Star King Mountain, he depended on nobody but himself to battle in space. I heard that he even helped some space army generals a few times."

    "You can't put it that way. Why don't you try to tag behind a space army general and see if you can get your name on the Universal Board?"

    "Mo Wuji is a bastard, and a lunatic. How can he compare with Star King Mountain's Lei Hongji?"

    "Only a childish talent like you would say something like this. Do you think that nobody could tell there was something wrong with that video? Everyone's only concerned with their own interests. Mo Wuji killed that little girl indeed, but the video did not show the full story. Learned people could tell with one look."

    "You're right, we're only discussing the strong people on the Universal Board. All this about character... what is character? Speaking of character, that Lei Hongji got involved with the Xia Clan when he had just arrived. Later, he even offered his services to the Star Lord. His character is not that great..."


    Lei Hongji couldn't hear others' discussions. At that moment, he arrived at Level 1 of the Universal Pier. He was happy to be in Zhen Mo Continent, in Star King Mountain.

    This was a place suited for him to cultivate. He was going to rise here.

    Just a few years ago, he progressed from Yuan Dan Stage to Nihility God Stage Level 1. It could be said that among the geniuses from the Lost Continent, no one was as fast as him in terms of cultivation.

    One day, he was going to kill his way back to the Lost Continent and take revenge for the Lei Clan. As for that Tian Ji Sect, keke, if he had not gone to even things out with them, his surname was not Lei.

    He believed that he could do it. No matter how strong Bei Suting was, she would not be as successful as him in future. As for that Xia Mu and the Xia Clan's Yan Yangnan, keke, they weren't even important enough for him to bother.

    This was because he had his own secret which nobody knew about -his spiritual roots.

    Everyone knew that he had lightning spiritual roots, but they did not know that he had mutated lightning spiritual roots. Moreover, his mutated lightning spiritual roots were different from others' mutated spiritual roots. His could progress infinitely.

    When he was at the Lost Continent, his mutated lightning spiritual roots were only at Grade 2. At that time, his cultivation speed was frightening, yet he couldn't defeat the geniuses. After he entered Zhen Mo Continent, under the excellent cultivation conditions, his cultivation speed became even higher.

    Not only that; as his spiritual roots became stronger, his understanding of cultivation deepened and his skills improved. At that moment, his lightning technique was not what he inherited from his ancestors. Instead, he developed it himself, following nature's changes.

    His lightning spiritual roots had already progressed to Grade 3. Maybe when he entered True God Stage, his mutated lightning spiritual roots would upgrade to Grade 4. When that happened, he was sure he would be more sensitive toward the lightning element, and the lightning techniques he developed would be even stronger.

    Others' lightning spiritual roots could only be described as supreme. Those supreme lightning spiritual roots were only as good as his Grade 2 lightning spiritual roots. How could they compare to him now?

    If he were allowed to climb the Heaven Seeking Staircase at that moment, he could possibly make it to the Level 108.

    On the first floor of Universal Pier, the ambitious Lei Hongji was stopped in his tracks by a squinty-eyed man, before he could even handover the space contribution points.

    "Greetings to my dao friend. May I ask if this dao friend would allow me to take a look at the sword on his back?" The squinty-eyes man asked, unknowingly displaying his grandeur. He was definitely an expert in mid Nihility God Stage.

    Lei Hongji's gaze landed coolly on this squinty-eyed man, as he curtly spat out one word, "Scram."

    "You're courting death..." the man in mid Nihility God Stage was infuriated by Lei Hongji's arrogance. Killing intent emanated from every pore on his body, enveloping Lei Hongji.

    If not for the fact that they were at the Universal Pier, he would have taken action.

    The way he saw it, faced with his marvellous display of strength, Lei Hongji was sure to retreat. As long as he did, he was going to teach Lei Hongji what "elder" meant.

    However, he was taken aback. Lei Hongji did not retreat even half a step, but instead, stepped forward. A killing intent, strong as if it had come from the land of the dead, rolled over. The squinty-eyed man felt as if his skin was being sliced away by a sharp sword. He quickly backed away.

    He took more than ten steps back before the pressure from the frightening killing intent weakened. He looked at Lei Hongji in fear and subconsciously retreated once more. Even an expert in late Nihility God Stage was unable to oppress him with such frightening killing intent.

    Thankfully, they were at Universal Pier. Otherwise, he would have likely lost his life to this opponent.

    The man realised that Lei Hongji was not in the least bit intimidated by him. He quickly turned his back to leave, and swore that if he saw that fella again, he would surely avoid him.

    "Sister Suting, it's Lei Hongji. His cultivation level is almost the same as mine now." Outside the first floor of the Universal Pier, Yan'Er saw for herself how Lei Hongji had chased away an expert in mid Nihility God Stage with his ferocious killing intent.

    She felt uneasy. The animosity between the Lei Clan and Rogue Cultivator 2705 was known to everyone, even her, who was so focused on cultivation. This was indicative of how huge the animosity was. After finding out that Rogue Cultivator 2705 was her young master, she set her mind on looking for a way to save him.

    Now, Lei Hongji's cultivation level was not far from hers, however that grandeur was not something that she could match up to. They were both early in Nihility God Stage, yet she was sure that she would not be Lei Hongji's match.

    Bei Suting nodded, "Earlier, this person made it to Level 99 on the Heaven Seeking Staircase. At the time I already knew that he was not so simple. From the looks of it now, he is indeed formidable. His cultivation speed is even higher than yours. This is despite the fact that you have mutated wood-affinity spiritual roots, which are most easy to cultivate."

    After she finished speaking, Bei Suting paused for a moment. She continued, "Yan''Er, do you know about Tian Ji Sect?"

    Yan'Er nodded. The sect head of Tian Ji Sect was murdered, and Tian Ji Sect was wiped out by the Lei Clan. She had heard of this before.

    "The sword on Lei Hongji's back is Tian Ji Sect's Tian Ji sword. He is blatantly carrying it on his back now. Clearly, the Lei Clan indeed murdered Tian Ji Sect's sect head," Bei Suting said.

    "Sister Suting, I want to go to Star Wars Battlefield alone," Yan'Er announced resolutely.

    Seeing the confused look that Bei Suting was giving her, Yan'Er warmly explained, "Sister Suting, if I got to Star Wars Battlefield with you, I will be safe for sure. But that would be of no use to me. If I want to improve my skills, I cannot hide behind you. I have to experience the struggle to survive on my own before I can truly grow."

    Bei Suting saw Yan'Er gazing at the spot where Lei Hongji disappeared. She understood what Yan'Er was saying. Indeed, if she wanted to be as strong as Lei Hongji, Yan'Er could not constantly be under the protection of Bei Suting.

    "Yan'Er, since you have decided, I will not try to persuade you. However, you must be careful. Before you become a Worldly Immortal, do not try to go to Extreme Frost Sea." Bei Suting knew that her persuasions would have no effect, so she immediately agreed to Yan'Er's request.

    Yan'Er rose to her feet and bowed to Bei Suting. "Sister Suting, please do not worry. Before I am done with helping Young Master sort out some matters, I will not go to Extreme Frost Sea."

    Apart from helping her young master take revenge, she also wanted to go to the Lost Continent to help him get Northern Qin Prefecture back. No matter what, this was something her young master could not let go of. Northern Qin Prefecture had to return to the Mo Clan.

    Yan'Er was so focused on cultivating in the Lost Continent that she did not know Mo Wuji had already gotten Northern Qin Prefecture back. Not only that, but the princess of Northern Qin Prefecture was a relative of the Mo Clan.
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