Chapter 331: Shuai Guo

    Chapter 331: Shuai Guo

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    "Kacha, kacha..." The spirit pith stone mushrooms around Mo Wuji continuously disintegrated. 104 meridians simultaneously reverse circulated, drawing in an intense whirlpool of spiritual energy. A whirlpool of this size was still a first for Mo Wuji.

    From Nihility God Level 1 to Level 3, he only spent three months of time. After he reached Nihility God Level 3, his cultivation speed gradually slowed down. But his violent spiritual energy whirlpool still constantly shattered the surrounding spirit pith stone mushrooms.

    Advancing from Nihility God Level 3 to Level 4 was not something that could be done in one or two days. Thus, Mo Wuji temporarily stopped his cultivation. At regular intervals, he would stop cultivating, and checked up on Cen Shuyin's jade coffin.

    Even though the jade coffin was protected by his array and the Scholar's Heart, this place was still the Extreme Frost Sea. If anything happened, he would never be able to forgive himself.

    Cen Shuyin might already be dead, but he didn't want to place her into his storage ring. The ring only contained lifeless objects, he was afraid that placing Cen Shuyin inside there would make her feel lonely. Even though it was cold outside, at least he was there to keep her company.

    Mo Wuji sighed, sending his spiritual will into his storage ring. No matter how big his storage ring was, it was merely a space to store items. Within his storage ring, there were huge piles of spirit stones and spiritual pills, and he already had enough spiritual equipment and various materials to form a mountain.

    At this moment, he really wanted to exchange his pile of storage rings and everything inside for a little world which could hold life. However, such a treasure was only a thing of myths.

    If only Cen Shuyin was still alive. Cultivating at this sort of place, with Cen Shuyin's talent coupled with her Typhoon Formula, her cultivation would definitely be even higher than his.

    A fist sized khaki coloured egg appeared in his spiritual will. Looking at this egg, Mo Wuji recalled that he once ventured out into Chang Luo Sea with Ji Guang and co. to hunt for Winged Sea Leopard eggs. They managed to find a total of five Winged Sea Leopard eggs, and in the nest, there was also this unusual egg. Because he had contributed the most, this egg had been given to him.

    As he retropected about his past, Mo Wuji thought about Ding Bu'Er, Yuan Zhenyi, Aunt Eleven and co.

    He didn't know how was Ding Bu'Er doing. Previously, he was constantly running for his life and madly cultivating. Even after he became the alliance head, he still didn't have the opportunity to see Ding Bu'Er.

    There was still Aunt Eleven. How were she and Mo Xiangtong doing? Then, there's Yan'Er. Back in Formless Blade Sect, she would stroll around the Blood Lotus Lake hugging this egg. Now that Yan'Er's with Bei Suting, she should be alright, right?

    The past was like smoke, it wasn't permanently there.

    Mo Wuji sighed, and subconsciously held this khaki coloured egg in his hands.

    "Kacha!" Mo Wuji just brought the egg out, and a tiny fracture actually cracked out from its outer shell.

    Mo Wuji stared at the egg in astonishment; he could feel the egg trembling lightly. He hurriedly circulated warm elemental energy around this egg, ecstasy filled his heart.

    He never thought that there would be a day that this egg would hatch. But in these horrifyingly cold place, if the cold air invaded in, then this egg would be done for.

    "Kakaka..." Under the envelope of Mo Wuji's elemental energy, the crack got larger and larger, and eventually, a sharp mouth could be seen. The sharp mouth looked like a bird's beak, but the creature also had huge, round eyes. Its huge, round eyes circled around, then its sharp beak started pecking around, directly devouring the eggshell around it.

    Mo Wuji stared blankly at this small creature: Sharp beak, huge eyes and there were actually three horns on its head. Correspondingly, it also had three legs. Looking at the wings with some straggly feathers, Mo Wuji could guess that this was a bird-type creature.

    Besides the pair of large eyes which looked quite human-like, this bird was simply too ugly.

    The moment this ugly bird emerged, it started chirping excitedly, as it wanted to immediately to jump straight towards the spirit pith stone mushrooms. Luckily, this fella had some intelligence. As it extended its head, it knew that if it left Mo Wuji's palm, it would immediately die.

    "Ji Ji!" The ugly bird continuously used its beak to peck at Mo Wuji's palm, seemingly saying: Hurry let me eat some spirit pith!

    Mo Wuji signed, "You're so ugly, I'll call you Little Ugly then."

    The ugly bird seemed to understand Mo Wuji's words, and started to chirp at a higher volume.

    "You understand my words?" Mo Wuji stared at this ugly bird in surprise.

    He knew that, even if the ugly bird was a demonic beast, for it to understand his words, it needed to at least be in the late Class 1, or even Class 2 to do so. This little bird had just hatched, and it could already understand his words. This intelligence was simply no different from the American President!

    "Then why don't I call you Shuai Guo?" [1] Mo Wuji asked in a playful tone.

    This ugly bird did not seem to understand what 'Shuai Guo' meant, as it stared innocently at Mo Wuji with it's big eyes.

    Mo Wuji could only explain, "It means handsome. And not just handsome, it also signifies that you're tall and well-built."

    The ugly bird seemed to really understand Mo Wuji's words as it jumped excitedly on Mo Wuji's palm, seemingly very contented with this name.

    Mo Wuji stared speechlessly at the ugly bird in his hand, truly a Shuai Guo. This was his first time seeing such a shameless bird.

    "Do you even care about your face?" Mo Wuji stared at the ugly bird excitedly dancing in his palm, and was unable to bear it as he asked exasperatedly.

    The ugly bird seemed to not understand Mo Wuji's words again, staring at Mo Wuji with its huge, innocent eyes.

    Mo Wuji was still suspicious; was this little thing acting. Exactly what ancient beast lay this egg? To actually have have such thick skin even at birth. After it grew up, its skin would probably be thick enough to defend against this cold, right?

    Mo Wuji shook his head; he couldn't possibly constantly hold this bird in his palm. Thus, he sent the little bird into Cen Shuyin's array. This array was bolstered with the Scholar's Heart, so the cold air would not seep in. Even though Shuai Guo was ugly, Mo Wuji didn't want it to freeze to death.

    Within the array, there were stacks of spirit pith stone mushrooms. The moment Shuai Guo entered the array, it immediately pounced on a spirit pith stone mushroom, and started chewing it with a "Jizha!" sound.

    Mo Wuji very seriously and solemnly looked towards this ugly bird and said, "Shuai Guo, this is your female master's resting place. You have to carefully protect it. If you eat this spirit pith stone mushrooms and accidentally deactivate the array, the cold air will invade your female master's coffin. Even though you're pretty ugly, I will still cook you into soup. You only have one mission here, to protect the female master."

    Shuai Guo was once again no longer able to understand Mo Wuji's words. It picked up another spirit pith mushroom stone and revealed an innocent and imploring expression.

    Mo Wuji could no longer be bothered with it, continuing in his attempt to rush into Nihility God Level 4.

    Since the Half Moon Immortal Palace was so important, he needed to ascend to a True God in the shortest time possible. Thereafter, he would need to find ways to enter the Half Moon Immortal Palace.


    In the cultivation world, time passed like a flash. Unintentionally, in one closed door cultivation, many years might have already passed.

    In Universal Pier, a woman with a face veil entered from space. The surrounding cultivators saw this woman and they all respectfully moved to the side.

    In Zhen Mo Continent, each Worldly Immortal was a well-known existence. Even though no one especially went to check, everyone knew that this veiled woman was a Worldly Immortal expert. Moreover, she ranked within the Universal Board a year ago, entering the top 5000.

    This woman was Bei Suting. Previously when Yan'Er left for space alone, Bei Suting felt unsettled, so she went off to space too. However, she trained in space for a total of three years but she didn't get a single news about Yan'Er. Over these three years, she had accumulated quite an amount of space contribution points and had reached the top 5000 in the Universal Board.

    For a Worldly Immortal, ranking in the top 5000 didn't mean much. Her ranking actually seemed very incongruent when compared to her cultivation. However, Bei Suting did not mind; she had never really cared much about these boards.

    Arriving at the first floor of Universal Pier, Bei Suting subconsciously looked for Mo Wuji's name on the Heaven, Earth and Mortal Boards. She wanted to know whether Mo Wuji's name was up there.

    In her perspective, Mo Wuji was able to rank in the Universal Board at the True Lake Stage, so if he was still alive, he might also be on the Zhen Mo Continent's Earth Board.

    She saw Lei Hongji's name on the Earth Board; Lei Hongji was already at rank 16. In Zhen Mo Continent, there were as many talents as there were clouds. For Lei Hongji to rank 16 was already an incredible feat. Even Bei Suting herself knew that when she was at the Nihility God Stage, she wouldn't be able to rank 16.

    Besides that, she also saw the Yan Clan's Yan Yangnan. Yan Yangnan's brother, Yan Yangdong, was killed by Mo Wuji. This Yan Yangnan was actually also on the Earth Board. He was ranked 384.

    The three boards - Heaven, Earth and Mortal - each had 10,000 people. Whether it was Rank 16 or Rank 384, they were both heaven defying talents that could easily defeat other geniuses at the same realm.

    Unfortunately, she searched through the entire board but she didn't see Mo Wuji's name.

    Bei Suting sighed. During her latest venture, she specially made a trip to the Extreme Frost Sea. But after she entered it, she could not stay for long before she rushed out. Even with her cultivation, she couldn't stay at the Extreme Frost Sea for long. Mo Wuji had already been there for several years. The probability that he was still alive was infinitesimally close to zero.

    [1] Shuai Guo means Pot Thrower. It's an LOL term in China, where a player just throws the blame to the rest of team when they lost instead of blaming himself.
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