Chapter 332: Shuai Guos Idea

    Chapter 332: Shuai Guo's Idea

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    Mo Wuji's surrounding spirituality was agitated and the inner marks of spirituality could be clearly seen even on the outside. The spirit pith stone mushrooms around him had already been fragmented into pieces which evidently showed how great Mo Wuji's rate of absorbing spiritual energy was.

    "Boom!" It felt as though his entire body exploded when Mo Wuji's 105th meridian suddenly flowed through.

    Nihility God Stage Level 12, the elemental energy within his body increased as his sea of consciousness expanded yet again. The huge violet lake in his sea of consciousness didn't disappear but enlarged once more.

    Not only this but the violet energy in his huge violet lake was also getting increasingly dense. Mo Wuji knew that normally after reaching the Nihility God Stage, one would be able to condense out some blurry primordial spirit. However, even after reaching Nihility God Stage Level 12, he didn't condense any blurry primordial spirit and other than the increase in elemental energy and the violet energy lake, there wasn't really much difference from previous advancements.

    Despite so, Mo Wuji didn't mind because when others were in the Yuan Dan Stage, they condensed their golden core while he condensed purple energy in his Yuan Dan Stage.

    Since this was the case, it would be perfectly normal even if he didn't condense any illusionary primordial spirit while in his Nihility God Stage. After he modified his immortal mortal technique, he was already reversed cultivating so even if there was any difference, he wouldn't mind at all. As long as he could continue advancing and his cultivation level kept increasing, nothing else mattered.

    He spent a total of three months to advance from Nihility God Stage Level 1 to Nihility God Stage Level 3 but from Nihility God Stage Level 3 to opening his 105th meridians and then to Nihility God Stage Level 12, he spent a total of three years. This was with the help of the spirit pith stone mushrooms because he predicted that he would probably need many more years to reach the same level if he were to cultivate outside.

    If he were to spend over ten years to progress from Nihility God Stage Level 3 to Level 12, by the time, let's not talk about the Half Moon Immortal Palace, even the Full Moon Immortal Palace might not be there anymore.

    So after advancing to the Nihility God Stage Level 12, Mo Wuji didn't stop but continued to absorb the surrounding spiritual energy from the spirit pith stone mushrooms at an insane rate because he wanted to rush into the True God Stage.

    Only after reaching the True God Stage would he be able to gain a foothold to stand in space. In this piece of space, there were not a lot of Worldly Immortals as most of them would not be wandering around in space. These experts normally went into closed doors because they would always want to advance to a higher cultivation level.

    Therefore, whether it was at the Star Wars Battlefield, Universal Hall or in space, a True God Stage could truly dominate the area. If one wanted to protect himself, he had to advance to the True God Stage.

    As all 105 meridians underwent the spiritual circulation simultaneously, the increase in speed of engulfing spiritual energy was simply not as simple as just having one extra meridian.

    The fragmenting sound of the spirit pith stone mushrooms was even more compressed and frequent but Mo Wuji didn't move an inch as he continued sweeping up the spiritual energy to cultivate without getting distracted.

    Hiding on the periphery of the defensive array was the ugly bird, Shuai Guo, as it opened its beak widely while staring in awe at the way the spiritual energy of the spirit pith stone mushrooms were being absorbed and then destroyed by Mo Wuji.

    Only after a while did it lower it's head to look at the spirit pith stone mushrooms around itself. A lot of these spirit pith stone mushrooms were the remains after being bitten by it.

    As compared to Mo Wuji, it was simply too lousy. Even a bird like himself felt too infuriating to look at how Mo Wuji was sucking up the essence of the spirit pith while it was only eating the crumbs of it.

    However, this would not stump it as it quickly mimicked Mo Wuji's actions by sitting on the spirit pith stone mushrooms so that it could absorb the spiritual energy at an insane rate too.

    As three of its legs rested on the floor, it looked a little comical but for Shuai Guo, who was insistent on copying Mo Wuji, it wasn't a problem no matter how comical he looked.

    A couple of hours passed and Shuai Guo realised that there was no change to the surrounding spirit pith stone mushrooms and it didn't even absorb any spiritual energy. It could only widen his mouth and swallow a large piece of spirit pith stone mushroom helplessly as it continued to stare at Mo Wuji.

    Shuai Guo always thought that it was an intelligent bird that was able to understand situation very swiftly. It was only capable of eating the spirit pith but this daddy here was actually able to use an unknown method to absorb all the spiritual energy within the spirit pith.

    How should it get this daddy to pass on his cultivation technique to itself? Shuai Guo's eyes wandered for half a day before it thought of the jade coffin which it was protecting. My matron must be inside the jade coffin because daddy seemed very concerned over it.

    At the thought of this, this ugly bird praised himself for being smart as it started to use these spirit pith stone mushrooms to build a small altar in front of this jade coffin. In addition to that, it built a spirit pith futon for kneeling in front of this altar.

    After doing this, this bird still felt like it was missing something. Following which, it plucked out three strands of feather from it's fluffy wings and then stuck these three strands onto the altar.

    This was finally more like it as Shuai Guo walked over shakily onto the spirit pith futon to try paying it's respect just that it wasn't too convenient for it's three legs to kneel down.

    However, it was okay because it's daddy was still in the midst of his cultivation. It would act properly when he came out of his cultivation.

    As for the three strands of feather...

    Shuai Guo tilted it's head to think for a while before suddenly spitting out flames. From his legacy memory, it seemed like the three sticks must be lighted up to be sincere.

    Wrong, as it looked over to Mo Wuji, who was still cultivating, Shuai Guo swallowed back the flame. Even if it needed to light up the three joss sticks, it needed to wait for it's daddy to see. Otherwise, he would need to pluck another three feathers and it's feathers were simply too precious to keep burning.


    Mo Wuji didn't seemed bothered by whatever Shuai Guo was doing and even if he knew, he wouldn't pay much attention as well. At this moment, all he wanted to do was to step past the Nihility God Stage into the Heaven Realm's True God Stage.

    Therefore, his rate of absorbing spiritual energy increased yet again as it continued to grow crazily. Following which was the continuous fragmenting of the spirit pith stone mushrooms around him. In a blink of an eye, Mo Wuji had already cultivated for a year.

    The day Mo Wuji opened his eyes, his heart let out a long sigh. A year ago he stepped into the Nihility God Stage 12 but a year later he was still at the Nihility God Stage 12 and had not even reached the Great Circle of the Nihilty God Stage.

    Given his progress now, he might not even reach the True God Stage in another 10 years here.

    This was definitely not due to the lack of spiritual energy here because there were spirit pith stone mushrooms all around here. In other words, there simply wasn't too many places with spiritual energy comparable to here.

    It seemed like this place was not suitable for him to advance into the Heaven Realm and if he wanted to advance into the True God Stage, he had to leave this Extreme Frost Sea.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji stood up.

    He made a stunning discovery when he saw Shuai Guo spitting out flame to light up the three strands of feathers and then kowtow in front of the jade coffin in a serious manner. Looking at how he was kneeling with three legs, it was simply too comical.

    "Ugly bird, what are you doing?" Mo Wuji asked.

    After over 4 years, Shuai Guo was no longer very ugly. At least it was fully filled with feathers and the three horns on his head made him look like a bird with personality. It's beak was still a beak, it's round eyes were still round and it was still not missing any of its three legs.

    "Daddy, I am respectfully devout in paying my respects to matron. To pray that my matron could bless me so I may soon..." Shuai Guo eventually swallowed the words 'have a cultivation technique' forcefully.

    Mo Wuji was confused, "Ugly bird, what did you call me? Who allowed you to call me daddy? Call me that once more and I will roast you. Wait, since when can you talk?"

    "Dad...My name is Shuai Guo so you can't call me ugly bird. You only tasked me to take care of my matron yet didn't give me any cultivation technique so how would you know I could talk?" Shuai Guo still said what he wanted to say from the start.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows, "You can call me whatever you want but just not daddy."

    He was thinking in his heart that this bird had three legs and could even spit fire so he wondered if this bird had anything to do with the Three-footed Golden Crow. The Three-footed Golden Crow was an ancient spirit beast however, there was still three horns on ugly bird's head so even if it was a descendant of the Three-footed Golden Crow, it would not be it's direct descendant.

    "Then I will call you old man? Could my old man give me one of your cultivation technique?" Shuai Guo couldn't forget about the cultivation technique and it was only because of the cultivation technique that he plucked out his feathers, kneeled and waited for almost a year.

    Mo Wuji took a step into the defensive array and immediately grabbed Shuai Guo's beak before throwing it to the side, "You are the old man, do i look very old to you?"

    Shuai Guo noticed that Mo Wuji wasn't feeling very pleased so it didn't nag anymore as it didn't even dare to mention anything about the cultivation technique again.

    Mo Wuji walked over to Cen Shuyin and felt that the jade coffin was still safe and sound. He checked Cen Shuyin underneath the layers of defensive arrays ban he put in place and saw that there was no new scratches on her but his heart still felt heavy once again.

    After a long sigh, he thought that he should return to the Lost Continent. He wanted to bury Cen Shuyin near her mother and let her be closer with her family again no matter what. Perhaps in Cen Shuyin's heart, her mother was her only blood related relative that she was close with.

    After a while, Mo Wuji turned towards Shuai Guo and said, "My cultivation techniques are meant for human cultivators to use. What use would it be for a bird like you to cultivate using my technique..."

    "... I want to be useful as a bird ah..." Shuai Guo shrugged as it replied with one sentence while feeling discontented. He knew that it would be useful as a bird but he still refused to let it cultivate, this daddy, no, this old fellow was simply too petty.

    Mo Wuji stopped talking momentarily as he looked speechlessly at Shuai Guo. Shuai Guo wanted a cultivation technique wasn't it so it could be useful as a bird?

    "Forget it, you wouldn't understand even if I explain. I will unearth a pile of spirit pith stone mushrooms and then we will get ready to head out. After we leave, I would find a way to help you create a bird technique for cultivation," Mo Wuji waved his hand at Shuai Guo as he didn't wish to speak too much to this mystical bird.

    When it heard that Mo Wuji wanted to help it make a bird technique, Shuai Guo's eyes lit up and it's heart was as sweet and comfortable like it just drank a cup of honey.

    Half a month later, Mo Wuji stopped digging. After cultivating for years, the number of spirit pith stone mushrooms were already getting much lesser. Now that he had unearthed so many more, there was only a pathetic few spirit pith stone mushrooms left.

    "Shuyin, let's go," Mo Wuji walked to the front of the jade coffin and reached out his hand to carry the jade coffin up. Shuai Guo saw the opportunity and flew to the shoulder of Mo Wuji because it knew clearly that the moment he lost Mo Wuji's protection, it would disintegrate because of the biting cold.

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