Chapter 334: Earth Board Rank 1

    Chapter 334: Earth Board Rank 1

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    This was actually Mo Wuji's first time seeing the weapon this Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage expert was using. It was a tower-like object but calling it a pagoda would feel like the name lacked the prowess it displayed.

    "Boom!" The elemental energy between these two spiritual equipments were constantly exploding and as Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole continued to strike against this pagoda-like spiritual equipment, each strike was more crazy and vicious than the previous one.

    Fortunately, this battle was in space otherwise, the surrounding would have been blasted into a huge, deep gulley. Shuai Guo had already escaped and hid in a corner far away to observe this incredible fight.

    Mo Wuji was actually shocked even though he wasn't having a battle with a True God Stage cultivator. He had opened 105 meridians and was in the Nihility God Stage Level 12 yet not a single blow was capable of holding this same stage cultivator back. Just how strong was this cultivator?

    There were indeed countless of capable people appearing in this vast universe every moment of the day so even if he were to open 108 meridians in the future, he must not look down on anyone.

    The truth was that while Mo Wuji was busy feeling shocked, this fellow Mo Wuji was fighting was feeling even more astonished. Where did such a strong Nihility God Stage Cultivator appear from? One move and he was sent flying away.

    Mo Wuji had no idea that the name of this fella fighting against him was Gong Yejian and he was a top class expert of the Star King Mountain, ranked number 6 on the Earth Board.

    Gong Yejian knew that in the entire Zhen Xing, no cultivator below the True God Stage would be able to send him flying in one move, not even the ranked number 1 on the Earth Board.

    Mo Wuji didn't care much as he saw by the corner of his eye that the Heaven Calamity Stone was getting further away with even more cultivators chasing after it. At this point, if he didn't get rid of this obstacle in front of him, he would have made a wasted trip.

    The Tian Ji Pole turned into a sky full of pole shadows as they pierced through space towards Gong Yejian.

    Gong Yejian no longer treated Mo Wuji as a normal Nihility God Stage cultivator because the moment he swung out his pagoda, the pagoda soared up immediately and countless of light beams were shot down from the pagoda.

    Mo Wuji could instantly feel the pulling force in space as Gong Yejian's pagoda beam could not only control the space in the universe but also a brought with it a force to pull the opponent's elemental energy towards him.

    This didn't affect Mo Wuji much and because Mo Wuji wanted to end this battle as soon as possible, his body swayed with the wind past the pagoda's beam. He swung his Tian Ji Pole once again and this time, even the 4th level of the Zhuan Stage of the Revolving Star Passage was activated.

    Gong Jianye was feeling pleased as he saw Mo Wuji actually dared to charge directly into his own pagoda's beams. He enjoyed fighting enemies as arrogant as Mo Wuji was because the moment he charged into his pagoda's beams, Gong Jianye would have already had control over half of Mo Wuji's little life. Even if his opponent was too strong for him to kill, he would at least be able to injure him heavily.

    His pagoda's beams were capable of directly restraining the opponent's elemental energy and even a higher cultivation level expert would not dare to barge into his pagoda's beams so recklessly without any precautionary measures.

    However, he was completely stunned in the very next moment. Mo Wuji was completely unaffected by the beams of his space pagoda as his Tian Ji Pole had already turned into millions of pole shadows in front of him.

    Following which, he could feel that his space beams within his space pagoda was being manipulated by this man in front of him as it immediately disappeared into the universe. Gong Yejian had no idea what methods Mo Wuji used but he was sure that it was definitely not a normal technique and it could even be a type of pseudo-sacred art.

    Hurry up and run!

    Just as Gong Yejian wanted to dodge Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole and retreat immediately, he suddenly couldn't see the Tian Ji Pole as it disappeared. Not good, Gong Yejian had many years of fighting experience and he even grew up in places often filled with many dead bodies.

    Presently, he didn't care where Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole would land as he quickly recovered all his space pagoda's beams to protect the vital parts of his body first.

    "Bang!" As the Tian Ji Pole struck against the pagoda, a large amount of elemental energy surged through and Gong Yejian instantly spat out a mouthful of blood. The severely injured Gong Yejian no longer dared to continue fighting Mo Wuji as he turned around instantaneously and was soon over 10 feets away from Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji didn't expect Gong Yejian to be able to block his pole at the most crucial moment so he concluded that this fella was rather decent. After he successfully cultivated his Next Pole technique, this was the first time it was blocked by someone.

    If Mo Wuji wanted to kill Gong Yejian, he could just do it immediately but his focus now wasn't on Gong Yejian as he charged directly to the Heaven Calamity Stone that was getting even further away from him.

    There were even more cultivators coming in from all four directions towards the Heaven Calamity Stone and Mo Wuji's level 7 Wind Escape Technique was put to good use here. Just like an arrow of wind, Mo Wuji flew past everyone in front of him as one of his legs landed on the periphery of the Heaven Calamity Stone.

    Yet another blade radiance flew through space towards Mo Wuji and Mo Wuji had no choice but to withdraw the leg that was so close to the Heaven Calamity Stone as he turned and stared at the fella who shot out that blade radiance.

    Because the moment one of Mo Wuji's leg was on the Heaven Calamity Stone, it came to a complete stop.

    The person who ambushed Mo Wuji was a slender youth with beautiful features. This youth hung a long blade on his back and because the blade wasn't in his hands, it appeared as though he wasn't the one who acted against Mo Wuji.

    What made Mo Wuji suspicious was that after the tens of cultivators saw this man, they were no longer interested in chasing after the Heaven Calamity Stone. In fact, they went subconsciously retreated far away before coming to a halt themselves.

    At this moment, yet another shadow flew by. This person was clearly using a Wind Escape Talisman and his speed was not any slower than Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique.

    Mo Wuji knew that this was yet another Nihility God Stage Level 9 expert just by looking at his aura.

    At the moment Mo Wuji was ready to block against this incoming Nihility God Stage cultivator, yet another blade radiance was shot out.

    A stream of blood splattered out and very soon, two cultivators that were initially rushing towards the Heaven Calamity Stone finally stopped as they were turned into corpses.

    Mo Wuji knew that it was an attack from the slender young man and that this fella should be in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage but he couldn't tell specifically if he was in the Nihility God Stage Level 10. This was because the spirituality around him was not very evident.

    At this moment, this fella's long blade was still on his back and just like before, it didn't look like he was the one who made the move. Mo Wuji grew suspicious and confirmed that this man would make a decent rival.

    This Nihility God Stage cultivator didn't even glance at Mo Wuji as he said coldly to the tens of incoming advanced stage of the Nihility God Stage cultivators, "I, Li Xiuran, am using the Heaven Calamity Stone. Wherever you came from, please head back there."

    As he spoke, an intense surge of aura filled the entire place and even Mo Wuji was entangled within it. He was sure that this fella's aura had even reached the realm of the True God Stage.

    Arrogant speech coupled with his insanely arrogant display of aura made the surrounding Nihility God Stage cultivators took many steps back. The numerous cultivators who knew that they no longer had any hope of getting the Heaven Calamity Stone turned and left immediately.

    There were still some cultivators who retreated but didn't leave as they stood and watched the Heaven Calamity Stone from far away. Perhaps they wanted to see how Li Xiuran was going to undergo his heavenly tribulation and could use him as a reference for the future. Yet another group of cultivators came and stopped at the sight of Li Xiuran.

    Li Xiuran then turned his head slowly and glared at Mo Wuji, "On the fact that you could dodge my blade, I will have mercy on your little life, scram."

    "You are the little one, my house's master only need one strike of his pole to kill you," Shuai Guo, which was watching from afar, saw Mo Wuji's pole against Gong Yejian so it started to speak arrogantly like Li Xiuran.

    As for the term 'master', didn't this bird learn it from Gong Yejian's mouth earlier on? It saw that Gong Yejian addressed himself as master so he assumed that Mo Wuji might like this address too. Otherwise, why would that fellow address himself like that?

    From this moment on, it not only decided to address Mo Wuji as master, it made his decision to stay with his big master in the future.

    The surrounding cultivators were all just preparing to watch Li Xiuran undergo his Heavenly Tribulation on the Heaven Calamity Stone so they were also astonished to see someone actually had the guts to fight against Li Xiuran for the Heaven Calamity Stone.

    In actual fact, many years ago, even though a lot of people chased after Mo Wuji, the number of people who had actually seen him was not that many. Furthermore, after cultivating in the Extreme Frost Sea for all these years, Mo Wuji had already grown an extra beard.

    Li Xiuran was ranked number one on the Earth Board so his strength would naturally be able to go against a True God Stage expert. One example would be how he killed an expert in the Great Circle of the Nihility God Stage earlier on. Additionally, backing Li Xiuran was an even more formidable source of support. His mentor was someone even the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain had to give some face to.

    In other words, it could be said that in this place, nobody ever dared to attack Li Xiuran. Hearing Shuai Guo's cursing and remarks, Li Xiuran's face turn ugly as the long blade on his back immediately landed in his hand and shot out a blade radiance.

    "Boom!" The blade radiance didn't split the arrogant Shuai Guo into two but was blocked by a normal, ordinary looking metal pole.

    Mo Wuji landed in front of Li Xiuran, and said in a cold tone, "Your opponent shall be me, do not bully my pet..."

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Nirvana Pole Shadows had spread across and covered the entire sky.

    After acquiring his Nirvana Pole Shadows, Mo Wuji no longer simply relied on his brute force to use his pole. Every shadow of his Nirvana Pole Shadows was capable enough to restrain the other party and his real killing strike would be the Next Pole which even Mo Wuji had no idea when it would appear.

    The fact that Mo Wuji only needed one strike of his pole to break his blade radiance made Li Xiuran shocked and mad. He was shocked that Mo Wuji was actually so strong to be able to destroy his normally sure-kill blade radiance in one strike of his pole. He was mad because he had lost count of the number of years since a cultivator of the same stage dared to go against him.

    The instance Li Xiuran mentioned his name already proved his existence as the ranked number 1 on the Earth Board and even a True God Stage expert would need to be polite to him. Presently, Li Xiuran didn't know where this fella had come from and without mentioning the fact that he dared to snatch the Heaven Calamity Stone, this fella was simply courting death to actually dare to attack him.

    Li Xiuran didn't even bother to ask where Mo Wuji was from as his body shifted and the long blade in his hand was swung head first at Mo Wuji. Others might think that this strike was very simple but this blade brought along a tremendous amount of force that it could potentially split the space into two.

    Mo Wuji pulled his gaze back because he knew that no matter how strong Li Xiuran was, he wouldn't be able to split the space into two here while being at Nihility God Stage. Perhaps, this was because his blade force had already advanced into a type of blade ethereal stage, capable of elusively penetrating the opponent's mind.
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