Chapter 337: Consecutive Changes To Earth Board’s Rank 1

    Chapter 337: Consecutive Changes To Earth Board's Rank 1

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    When all of the killing intent of the lightning bolts that entered Mo Wuji's body had been blocked off, he was already paralysed on the ground, with no way to stand up.

    The only upside was that he could finally feel the top quality spiritual energy, and at this moment even without cultivating, his cultivation level was increasing wildly. At the same time, his broken bones were healing rapidly.

    This was the benefit of enduring the fourth wave of lightning tribulation, and Mo Wuji took this chance to suck in all of the spiritual energy he could grasp at an insane rate. The spiritual energy was brought down by the lightning tribulation, hence it was not something that Zhen Mo Continent and the surrounding space could compare to. Such spiritual energy could not only cleanse his body, but his meridians too.

    A mere ten breaths later, Mo Wuji could barely stand up. The fifth wave of lightning tribulation also came pouring down, however he felt as though as his body had just freed itself from some sort of restraint. His meridians were bursting with elemental energy, like a volcano about to erupt.

    A strong sense of determination welled up from within, as Mo Wuji's spiritual will spread out, covering a radius of many kilometres. At this point, his sea of consciousness was growing wildly, and his violet energy lake was expanding, while the elemental energy within it kept condensing.

    The reverse circulation of 105 meridians formed a solid major circulation, allowing him to feel as though his strength improved by leaps and bounds every second.

    What was different from other True God Stage cultivators was the absence of condensing a primordial spirit, but Mo Wuji was feeling very emotional. He knew that he had just crossed over from Nihility God Stage to True God Stage Level 1. Now was the time for him to consolidate his cultivation, and to steadily raise it. It didn't matter if he didn't have a primordial spirit, as long as he was strong.

    Following Mo Wuji's crazy increase in strength, the Heaven Calamity Stone at his feet began to break apart.

    The fifth wave of lightning tribulation was no weaker than the fourth, just that Mo Wuji was now much stronger than before, so he could effortlessly withstand this wave of lightning tribulation.

    "Boom boom boom..." Mo Wuji just underwent the fifth wave of lightning tribulation, and the sixth arrived, but this wave posed no threat to him at al. He did not even bother weilding the Tian Ji Pole, simply using the reversing circulation technique to attempt to absorb this sixth wave.

    "Crack!" The Heaven Calamity Stone completely cracked into pieces, while a sort of mysterious aura hung about Mo Wuji. Immediately, he closed his eyes, allowing the sixth wave of lightning to strike his flesh. At this moment, he saw a world much wider than before.


    At the same time, on the large plaza of Nine Mo City, a 12 to 13 year old girl stared at the Heaven, Earth, and Mortal Boards with her eyes and mouth wide open, as though as she saw something mysterious.

    Even though the volume of human traffic flwoing through Nine Mo City was rather large, but as the three boards had been there for too long a time, most people would simply walk past them without taking a look. On top of that, the Half Moon Immortal Palace was about to appear, hence most of the cultivators passing through Nine Mo City were on their way to Piercing Wind City, then from there travelling to Universal Hall.

    So who would bother with the three boards? Moreover, one could see the three boards in Universal Hall too.

    There was only one person that stared at the Heaven, Earth, and Mortal Boards like that: the little girl.

    "Qing'Er, let's go, we're going to Piercing Wind City now." Two women walked over from afar. One of them was a young lady with an aura of nobility, and the other was a young girl.

    The young girl wore a green dress, which accentuated her curvaceous body. The few flowers decorating her hair drew out a refreshing aura from her too. Her porcelain white neck attracted the gaze of many, and once anyone's laid their eyes on her beautiful face, even the wisest cultivator would exclaim uncontrollably. What an impeccable beauty this was.

    "Master, sister Xiyue, do you know what I just saw? The Earth Board, rank 1 on the Earth Board..." The girl named Qing'Er exclaimed.

    "Huh, rank 1 of the Earth Board is no longer Li Xiuran, but Lei Hongji. Who is this guy? Why haven't I heard of him before?" The noblewoman said surprisingly.

    The pretty young gril spoke excitedly, "Master, I heard that this Lei Hongji is from the Lost Continent. He is also an expert on the Universal Board, already at rank 7000+ on it."

    The noblewoman nodded her head, and her eyes were filled with fire, " Xiyue, do you know which sect this Lei Hongji is under now?"

    The girl in a white dress replied, "I heard that he's under the tutelage of the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, and he possesses lightning affinity spiritual roots. His progress in cultivation is extremely fast."

    "Good, good..." The noblewoman spoke a few words, before smiling, "Originally, i wanted to introduce you to Li Xiuran, but that old monk, Wu Xiang, is simply too difficult to speak with. On top of that, Li Xiuran has always been rather arrogant, and since he's no longer on the Earth Board, he probably advanced to True God Stage. This Lei Hongji seems quite good, to actually be able to get to rank 1 on the Earth Board. This is a very impressive feat indeed."

    "Master..." The girl in a white dress immediately protested softly after hearing the noblewoman speak, before lowering her head once more.

    Patting the girl's hand, the noblewoman carried on, " Listen to master, as women of Tian Chi Manor, we must get married to only the most outstanding of men."

    "No, no..." The young girl at the side began waving her hand as she spoke loudly.

    "Qing'Er, what do you mean by that?" The noblewoman gazed upon the girl with a puzzled look.

    'What I'm saying is that the rank 1 person is not Lei hongji, but someone called Rogue Cultivator 2705. The funny thing was that his name was not there for very long before it disappeared. That's right, before Rogue Cultivator 2705's name went up, Li Xiuran was rank 1..." The young girl quickly clarified.

    After finishing her explanation, she felt that it was not very complete, and added on, "This means that the position of rank 1 of the Earth Board changed hands four times within a short span on time."

    "What exactly is going on? What did you just say? Qing'Er?" The noblewoman frowned. She liked this disciple the most, but why was the young girl's words so confusing today? She was on the way to visit Nine Mo City's castellan, and intended to do some shopping in Nine Mo City. However, Qing'Er wanted to stay in Nine Mo City's plaza to look at the three boards, so she let Qing'Er go as she pleased. How could Qing'Er be spouting nonsense upon her return?

    The beautiful girl at the side also pulled at the young girl's hand and asked, "Junior apprentice sister Qing'Er, there's no rush, explain it to us slowly."

    At this point, Qing'Er had already calmed down, and slowed down her speaking tempo, "Master, sister Xiyue. When I just arrived, rank 1 on the Earth Board was a guy named Li Xiuran. But not long after, Li Xiuran's name disappeared, and was replaced by someone named Rogue Cultivator 705. However, around an hour later, Rogue Cultivator 2705's name disappeared as well, and changed to someone called Wang Er."

    When she reached this point, Qing'Er thought that her master did not know who Wang Er was, and made a clarification, " Wang Er was previously rank 2 on the Earth Board, he only remained at rank 1 for a short period of time. Within half an incense's time, his name disappeared too, and was replaced by Lei Hongji's. Originally, Han Yumu was rank 2, and now she has become rnak 2..."

    Finally, both of them understood what Qing'Er meant, and they stared at each other in disbelief.

    "Let's go to Universal Hall quickly." While this was too weird and coincidental, the noblewoman did not even think that Qing'Er would lie to her.


    On the Universal Hall Challenge Battlestage, Lei Hongji stood calmly in the centre with a few wounds on his body. Wang Er's corpse lay at Lei Hongji's feet, and even though he was not a disciple of Star king Mountain, he had a very intimidating title: Earth Board rank 2.

    By then, he had already challenged and killed Earth Board's rank 2 on the Challenge Battlestage. Even though Wang Er surrendered in the end, he Lei Hongji did not give him a shred of mercy. In his eyes, the strong reign supreme. Anyone that stood in his way would be eliminated without exception.

    His next step would be to challenge Li Xiuran. As long as he could reach rank 1, he would immediately start advancing into True God Stage.

    The moment that Wang Er was killed, the whole Challenge Battlestage erupted into cheers. At this place, there were only champions, no losers.

    "So strong, yet so young, and he's able to reach rank 2 on Earth Board, only second to Li Xiuran. On top of that he's also rank 214 on the Universal Board. This guy is probably going to be the next leader of Star King Mountain I'm afraid."

    "That's not confirmed. If I'm not wrong, the next leader of Star King Mountain should be chosen from the three main clans."

    "Who knows what would be the outcome when Lei Hongji clashes with Li Xiuran?"

    "Lei Hongji might be strong, but he's still not up to Li Xiuran's standard. You must know that Li Xiuran is the most outstanding person from Star King Mountain in the past century, so I believe that he will not be Li Xiuran's match."

    As the crowd indulged in their discussion, Lei Hongji slowly descended from the Challenge Battlestage. Regardless of other people's comments, he was never affected. The only thing he cared about was standing at the peak of whichever cultivation level he was at. One day, Li Xiuran would become another corpse at his feet, and that would convince others much better than any words.

    "Earth Board's rank 1 is Lei Hongji, I just received the news."

    "Indeed, this is as I expected. It seems like Li Xiuran has advanced to the Heaven Realm. What a pity, now we can't watch the battle between Lei Hongji and Li Xiuran."


    Mo Wuji suddenly closed his eyes and withdrew his spiritual will. A wave of wavering spiritual energy condensed at an area around a meter in front of his forehead, forming a spiritual eye. The spiritual eye seemed to look beyond the nothingness of space and time. Even the background of space was captured, albeit only blurrily.

    A sense of dizziness began to arise, and Mo Wuji quickly consolidated his thoughts, causing the spiritual eye to disappear

    Mo Wuji had nothing to say, Advancing to True God Stage was something to rejoice about, and who knew that the Heaven Calamity Stone, which he carried high hopes for, actually allowed him to learn this extra sacred art.
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