Chapter 338: Before The War

    Chapter 338: Before The War

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    After the Lightning Calamity had cleared, Mo Wuji changed into a new set of blue robes and stood within space. Shuai Guo had long seen the opportunity to fly over and had already perched itself on Mo Wuji's shoulder.

    Mo Wuji's gaze swept across the crowd; no one stood forward to tall. At the same time, no one left, they were all seemingly waiting for Mo Wuji to say something.

    Mo Wuji didn't know whether any recognised him, but even if they did, he wouldn't care. Now, he was no longer that fleeing True Lake cultivator. He was a true blue Heaven Realm expert.

    If they wanted to kill him, they better bring some Worldly Immortals over or they can forget about it. But since when were there so many Worldly Immortals in this world?

    "I wonder if anyone has a spatial positioning ball and can sell one to me?" Mo Wuji asked in a gentle tone.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji wanted to buy a spatial positioning ball, multiple cultivators each stood out with a positioning ball in their hands. Among which a grey robed cultivator took an even bigger step forward and directly placed his positioning ball in front of Mo Wuji, "Senior, my spatial positioning ball's record of locations is very complete. I'll give it to you."

    "Many thanks friend, may I ask how many spirit stones does this spatial positioning ball cost?" Mo Wuji expressed his gratitude and accepted the positioning ball.

    This grey robed man hurriedly waved his hands, "Being able to offer senior my positioning ball is my honour. How can I still accept senior's spirit stones?"

    Mo Wuji took a look at the other party's stance and he knew that giving this cultivator spirit stones would, on the contrary, make this cultivator disappointed.

    "Many thanks friend. May I know how do I address this friend?" Mo Wuji nodded and kept the positioning ball.

    The grey robed cultivator clasped his fists and said, "I am Wen Boshi, I'm extremely willing to have served senior."

    "Then I will accepted Brother Wen's kindness. We will meet again if fate permits." Mo Wuji expressed his gratitude again, then brought Shuai Guo flying into space, soon disappearing with a trace.

    Mo Wuji's heart was lamenting over the pursuit those years ago. Regardless of the reason, the root of the problem was that he wasn't strong enough. Now that he had broke through the Nihility God Stage and ascended to True God Stage Level 1, even if he was recognised, people might not dare act against him. In this sort of place, it's truly power which speaks reason.

    After Mo Wuji left, the remaining cultivators all hussled together. Some who knew Wen Boshi had already started congratulating him; being able to earn the favour of an expert like Mo Wuji would definitely be a great help in the Universal Hall. Some even deeply regretted for not acting faster, allowing Wen Boshi to steal the glory.

    Wen Boshi contentedly mentioned some words of courtesy, saying that he didn't even need Mo Wuji to help him, and that it was already enough that he got to meet the expert who easily defeated Li Xiuran.

    "Keke, dao friend Wen, aren't you worried of incurring Grandmaster Wu Xiang's wrath? Grandmaster Wu Xiang had previously destroyed entire clans before." At the same time, some people started pouring cold water.

    Wen Boshi simply said, "I merely loaned put a positioning ball. Would Grandmaster Wu Xiang even care about that meagre act?"

    Since Wen Boshi had already said this, the other cultivator didn't have much to say.

    "That person looks really familiar."

    "Of course he looks familiar. Because everyone knows that the Mortal Board Rank 1, Rogue Cultivator 2705, also used a steel pole."

    "No, I feel that he looks from that Mo Wuji from those years ago..."

    "You're talking about the one who killed Yan Yangdong, wanted by the Yan Clan, then pursued by the coalition of eight great halls, ten over big sects and clans, and even multiple smaller sects? That Mo Wuji?"

    "Right, that's him. Even though he no longer has a pale, white face, but one with a huge beard, I still feel that he looks like Mo Wuji."

    "Keke, isn't your thinking a little too illogical? No matter how strong Mo Wuji is, to enter the Extreme Frost Sea for so many years, do you think he can still be alive? Not just him, do you think that even an expert at the Great Circle of True God Stage can enter the Extreme Frost Sea and survive?"

    The cultivator, who recognised Mo Wuji, pondered and also felt that he might have been wrong. Actually, he had also never seen Mo Wuji personally, he only saw a simple visual recording. Now, he didn't even know where that visual recording had ended up in.

    After all, Mo Wuji was merely a True Lake cultivator those years ago. Even if Mo Wuji had extreme ice-affinity spiritual roots, entering the Extreme Frost Sea before the Worldly Immortal Stage would only lead to death. Since Mo Wuji was already dead, it meant that this expert who passed his tribulation here at Heaven Calamity Stone wasn't Mo Wuji.


    The Universal Hall was the most important place in the entire Zhen Mo Continent. This place defended against the invasion of aliens, and a copious amounts of cultivation resources came from space through the Universal Hall.

    The Universal Hall also had a hall master, but the real person who actually made decisions wasn't this hall master. Instead, it's the Star King Mountain and the ten over big sects in Zhen Mo Continent.

    Seeing that the Half Moon Immortal Palace, which only appeared once every 3000 years, would appear again. The dense clouds of war loomed over the Star Wars Battlefield. Almost all of Zhen Mo Continent's experts, including the Star King Mountain's Star Lord and the ten hall masters, had gathered at the Universal Hall's conference area, Universal Palace.

    Even though it's said that the Zhen Mo Continent had ten armies, and that these armies practically belonged to the Star King Mountain, but before any Star War, several of the larger powers will also participate for the conference at Universal Palace.

    After all, there were experts from these powers within the ten armies. Even a place as strong as the Star King Mountain didn't have a hold over everything.

    Within Universal Palace, Star Lord Chi Tong was at the seat of power. The Universal Hall Master Gong Bao, on the other hand, sat below him.

    The conference had already come to a conclusion, that was during this appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace, all ten armies would be dispatched, no alien cultivators or space beasts were allowed even half a step into the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    One must know that the Half Moon Immortal Palace was grand and vast. Besides the 99 dao gates, there were also treasures everywhere.

    Star Lord Chi Tong looked at the experts within the Universal Palace and sighed inwardly. Even though there were so many experts sitted here today, the warring capabilities would not be as strong as what it might seem. Be it the ten grand halls, the 19 big sects, or even the three great clans, no one was willing to truly fight wholeheartedly for Zhen Mo Continent.

    Now that the Half Moon Immortal Palace was emerging, everyone's hearts were probably thinking about how to maximise their benefits from it.

    "This appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace is cardinal to whether our Zhen Mo Continent can continue to maintain a foothold in this universe. Everyone, I know that some of us sitting here have a half moon key on you. But that's alright. As long as the Half Moon Immortal Palace's treasures end up within our Zhen Mo Continent, it's already a cause for celebration. I only hope that, whether you possess a half moon key or not, everyone would give it your all during the next Star War." Chi Tong's voice was slightly low-spirited, containing a bit of uncertainty.

    "Star Lord, Tian Chi Manor's Manor Lord Yan Huimeng has arrived" The doors to the Universal Palace opened and a Nihility God reported.

    "Have Manor Lord Yan come in." Chi Tong nodded, speaking with a genial tone.

    While aware of the fact that the Tian Chi Manor would not be participating in this pre-war conference, the Universal Hall still extended an invitation to them.

    Even though Tian Chi Manor did not participate in Zhen Mo Continent's power struggles, no one dared to underestimate Tian Chi Manor.

    In all of Zhen Mo Continent's history, almost all of the most gorgeous beauties originated from Tian Chi Manor. This place was truly a beauty haven.

    And all these beauties from Tian Chi Manor would marry the head of a major power without exception. Even among the hall masters, two of them had dao companions that came from Tian Chi Manor. As for the various big sects, their ties with Tian Chi Manor were even more inextricable.

    So even though Tian Chi Manor did not participate in any power struggles, it was definitely one of the most influential powers. Even the Star King Mountain's Star Lord had to be especially courteous with the Tian Chi Manor.

    As Yan Huimeng brought two disciples into Universal Palace, the eyes of all the experts in Universal Palace lit up.

    Yan Huimeng herself was an extremely beautiful woman, but her two disciples beside her were simply capable of toppling cities.

    Being able to attend this conference, which of the people here wasn't an expert of Zhen Mo Continent? They've seen more than a fair share of beauties, but they've never seen a matchless beauty like Zhuang Xiyue.

    It's truly not an exaggeration that Tian Chi Manor abundant with beauties.

    "Tian Chi Manor's Yan Huimeng greets the Star Lord, various hall masters and sect heads. Tian Chi has arrived late for this conference at the Universal Palace. I seek everyone's forgiveness." Yan Huimeng extremely casually bowed towards the experts in the Universal Palace, she was graceful and her voice was pleasing to the ears.

    The experts present didn't dare to nitpick with Yan Huimeng, as they all returned the courtesies. All of them knew that while Tian Chi Manor qualified to take part in such conferences, they wouldn't even meddle with army affairs. Their arrival here was definitely because of some other incident, or it might also be because of the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    "Manor Lord Yan, please take a seat." Chi Tong still maintained his courtesy as he gestured for Yan Huimeng to sit down.

    Yan Huimeng walked to her designated seat and sat down. Zhuang Xiyue and Qi Qing obediently stood behind her.

    "Manor Lord Yan, we have already come to a conclusion in our conference. I wonder whether Manor Lord Yan has any further details to add." After Yan Huimeng sat down, Chi Tong asked. When he said this sentence, he didn't even mention any of their plans for the upcoming war. Even he knew, Yan Huimeng definitely wasn't here because of the Star Wars.

    He had never seen the Tian Chi Manor involve itself with the Star Wars, so he wasn't really concerned with Yan Huimeng's opinions.

    Yan Huimeng hurriedly said, "Everyone is naturally more experienced than me. Since we've already come to a conclusion, my Tian Chi Manor will naturally agree with it."

    After saying this sentence which was within everyone's expectations, Yan Huimeng changed the topic, "I actually wish to congratulate the Star Lord for accepting an outstanding disciple."

    "Why do you say that?" Chi Tong asked doubtfully. After the conference began, except for a few which had the rights to take part in the conference, a typical small matter wouldn't be reported.

    That's why the matter regarding Lei Hongji snatching the number one position on the Earth Board was not known by not only Chi Tong, but everyone else here as well.

    Yan Huimeng smiled and said, "Your disciple Lei Hongji is already Rank 1 on the Earth Board. I believe that he would soon face his tribulation and become a true expert of the Heaven Realm."

    Earth Board Rank 1? After hearing Yan Huimeng's words, shock struck the hearts of everyone in the Universal Palace.
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