Chapter 339: Grandmaster Wu Xiang

    Chapter 339: Grandmaster Wu Xiang

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    Previously when Lei Hongji was ranked 16, everyone already knew that Lei Hongji was not simple. But they would never have thought that Lei Hongji would actually rise to the number one of the Earth Board.

    Chi Tong startled and immediately came to a realisation, he chuckled and said, "That kid truly did not let down my expectations. On the other hand, I do wish to congratulate Grandmaster Wu Xiang. It looks like Xiuran has already advanced past the Earth Realm and ascended the True God Stage."

    The crowd's gaze turned towards a fat monk sitting on the second seat from the right; this monk was Grandmaster Wu Xiang.

    Grandmaster Wu Xiang was the hall master of the Star King Mountain's 10th Hall - Wu Xiang Hall. Even though Wu Xiang Hall was ranked last among the ten halls, no one dared to underestimate this Grandmaster Wu Xiang.

    The ten eponymous armies were controlled by their corresponding halls. Likewise, Wu Xiang Hall controlled the Wu Xiang Army.

    Among the ten halls, only Wu Xiang Hall didn't bear the word 'Star' in it. Likewise, the Wu Xiang Army was the only cultivator army which didn't have the word 'Star'. Even though the Wu Xiang Army had the smallest number of people, there were some who believed that the Wu Xiang Army's battle power could rank in the top 3. Being ranked as 10th among the halls was not a reflection of its true power.

    Moreover, Grandmaster Wu Xiang himself was extremely strong; he's one of the few experts expected to charge into the Earthly Immortal Stage.

    Grandmaster Wu Xiang rubbed his bald head, his mouth curved into a smile, looking very simple and honest.

    However, no one here would think that Grandmaster Wu Xiang was a simple and honest man; he was a grim reaper. Previously, he exterminated three sects and six family clans in a single day. He literally killed an entire river of blood. All that was because one of his disciples had been killed by a member of one of the family clans, and this clan had ties with those sects and other family clans. All of them had incurred his wrath.

    One can clearly see, when Grandmaster Wu Xiang was infuriated, he could truly be a grim reaper.

    Yan Huimeng said smilingly, "Star Lord Chi, I only came here today for a minor matter. My disciple Xiyue is already in Nihility God Level 7, and she is intending to temper herself in space. It's just that I'm worried about her going into space alone. I heard that the Star Lord's disciple Lei Hongji is a dragon among men. Thus, I specially came to ask whether the two could form a party and venture into space together. That would certainly put me at ease."

    The moment Yan Huimeng's words came out, everyone came to an understanding. She was here to matchmake. Since she had already said such words, if Star Lord Chi Tong didn't consent, it was akin to offending Tian Chi Manor.

    This Zhuang Xiyue was so beautiful, as long as she wasn't retarded, anyone would be willing to agree with that request. Moreover, agreeing to this marriage with Tian Chi Manor would be equivalent to having greater power.

    Unfortunately, only Chi Tong's and Grandmaster Wu Xiang's disciple met with the criteria of Tian Chi Manor. Since Grandmaster Wu Xiang's disciple, Li Xiuran, had already advanced into the True God Stage, and Grandmaster Wu Xiang himself was a man of few words, Tian Chi Manor Lord Yan Huimeng chose Lei Hongji. This was also within everyone's expectations.

    The moment Chi Tong heard that, he immediately came to an understanding, chortling as he said, "Being able to earn the appreciation of Manor Lord Yan is Hongji's fortune. As long as Lady Xiyue agrees, then I will call the shots. Let me get Hongji over and settle this in front of everyone."

    Zhuang Xiyue was so beautiful. Unless Lei Hongji had some problems with him, he would definitely be willing to be dao companions with Zhuang Xiyue.

    Chi Tong was also clear that Yan Huimeng mentioned this here in front of everyone so that she could set things in stone. Both sides could not renege on their words.

    Being able to form ties with Tian Chi Manor was simply a dream come true. Chi Tong immediately sent out a message, and not long later, a message was returned to his communication bead.

    Chi Tong was slightly apologetic as he said to Yan Huimeng, "After attaining Rank 1 on the Earth Board, Hongji had already started preparing for his tribulation to advance to the True God Stage."

    Yan Huimeng was full of smiles as she said, "That's of course. Space is so dangerous; the higher your power, the safer you will be."

    After saying that, she turned to Zhuang Xiyue, "Xiyue, what do you think about mine and the Star Lord's suggestions? Of course, you will make your own decisions."

    Zhuang Xiyue bowed towards Yan Huimeng, then towards Chi Tong who was the seat of power, before saying, "I will leave everything to master to decide."

    Tian Chi Manor's most beautiful women were bound to be dao companions with this generation's most promising men. Before Zhuang Xiyue entered Tian Chi Manor and became Yan Huimeng's disciple, she had already known that. That's why for a long time, she would always go look up on matters about some heroic youths.

    Even though she had never met many people on the Universal Board and the three other boards, she knew much about their origins and stories.

    This was supposed to be a cause for celebration. However, at this moment, a flying messenger sword rapidly flew into Grandmaster Wu Xiang's hands.

    Everyone stared at Grandmaster Wu Xiang in astonishment; even Chi Tong's face turned slightly unsightly. In this conference of great gravitas, he didn't even turn on his communication bead. But a flying messenger sword actually flew in so openly, this was simply desecrating the sanctity of this conference.

    Grandmaster Wu Xiang was also slightly startled, but he wouldn't care too much about Chi Tong's face as he broke the sword open.

    A moment later, his face changed drastically. He immediately stood up; his killing intent flooded in all directions. His violent killing intent surged towards Chi Tong; everything in front of him was instantly disintegrated under this killing intent.

    Chi Tong was the Star King Mountain's Star Lord, so how could he be a simple fella? He snorted, raising his hand to send out a gentle force. This force easily dispersed Grandmaster Wu Xiang's killing intent, and even managed to push Grandmaster Wu Xiang back by half a step.

    "Hall Master Wu Xiang, have you gone mad?" After dispelling Grandmaster Wu Xiang's killing intent, Chi Tong grunted angrily. In typical situations, he would not get infuriated like so, but Wu Xiang was truly going overboard.

    Everyone knew that there were many factions within the Star King Mountain, and he, as the Star Lord, didn't control all these factions. But in front of outsiders, the various hall masters and generals had to show respect to his position as a Star Lord. However, Wu Xiang had blatantly broken this balance, directly attacking him - the Star Lord, so how could he not be infuriated?

    Grandmaster Wu Xiang raged with greater killing intent. He raised his arm and a gold zen staff appeared in his palm.

    "Grandmaster Wu Xiang, if there's something bothering you, let's discuss it amiably. You just acting against the Star Lord like that is really going out of hand." A Worldly Immortal expert stood up and said with an unkind tone.

    Wu Xiang was strong, but he wasn't strong enough to conquer the entire Star King Mountain. Moreover, this was the Universal Palace where almost all the experts in Zhen Mo Continent were gathered.

    Seemingly aware that he should not act rashly, Grandmaster Wu Xiang calmed down. He said with an icy cold tone, "This old monk just received news that the old monk's disciple Li Xiuran had been killed not long ago."

    Everyone came to an understanding. Now, Rank 1 on the Earth Board was Chi Tong's disciple, Lei Hongji. So the previous Earth Board Rank 1 did not advance to the True God Stage, but was killed. Even if one was really obtuse, anyone could still deduce that Li Xiuran had been killed by Lei Hongji.

    Chi Tong instantly furrowed his brows. Even though he had high expectations of Lei Hongji, and even predicted that Lei Hongji would surpass Li Xiuran one day, but it did not seem possible for Lei Hongji to kill Li Xiuran now. Moreover, he knew that Lei Hongji was not a fool, even if he could kill Li Xiuran, he should know not to do so

    If he obtained a large amount of support, Lei Hongji might be able to enter the Main Star King Mountain. Since it would affect his odds of entering the Main Star King Mountain, Lei Hongji wouldn't kill one of the ten hall masters, Grandmaster Wu Xiang's disciple.

    Yan Huimeng stood up and said, "Hall Master Wu Xiang, I'm afraid you're mistaken. When I just came, I heard that the Earth Board Rank 1 wasn't Li Xiuran, but Wang Er. Then, it was at the Universal Hall's Challenge Battlestage did Lei Hongji kill Wang Er to attain Rank 1. I even thought that Li Xiuran had already advanced to the True God Stage. It looks like I had made a mistake."

    "Are Manor Lord Yan's words true?" A middle-aged scribe with a long-beard stood up. His tone was also filled with killing intent.

    Looking at this man, Yan Huimeng sighed inwardly. She also knew this man. He was the Certainless Dock's Dock Head Ran Wenjiang, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 3. But this man was also Wang Er's master. If not for the fact that Wang Er was already betrothed to someone, she would have considered marrying Zhuang Xiyue into Certainless Dock.

    "Dock Head Ran, this is true. Dock Head can confirm it for yourself," Yan Huimeng sighed.

    Ran Wenjiang clasped his fists towards Yan Huimeng, then turned and left the Universal Palace. Even though he was a Worldly Immortaly, he did not dare act as unbridledly as Grandmaster Wu Xiang and clash against Star Lord Chi Tong. With his bit of power, it wasn't even enough to display in front og the Star Lord. If he dared to act, then this day next year would be his death anniversary.

    Chi Tong's disciple had publicly killed Wang Er, this was akin to slapping him in the face. What's the point in him, Ran Wenjiang, staying here?

    Seeing that Ran Wenjiang had disrespectfully left Universal Palace, Chi Tong didn't say anything. After all, this matter was indeed Lei Hongji's mistake. Since it was the Challenge Battlestage, he did not need to kill his opponent. Simply trumping over Wang Er would still put him at Rank 1.

    Lei Hongji did have the talent, but he was a bit too murderous.

    "Star Lord, I was too reckless just now. Wu Xiang would like to apologize." Even if he made a mistake, Grandmaster Wu Xiang usually wouldn't apologize. But the Star King Mountain's Star Lord was not to be trifled with. He could not care about other people, but when facing the Star King Mountain's Star Lord, he still needed to be respectful.

    Chi Tong waved his hand, indicating that he did not take things to heart. His face had turned unsightly, but this wasn't because his magnanimity was low and that he took this minor mater to heart. But it was because Lei Hongji had disappointed him by killing Wang Er.

    From whatever perspective, Wang Er should not have been killed. Certainless Dock's Dock Head Ran Wenjiang was an exalted Worldly Immortal, killing Wang Er was equivalent to offending Certainless Dock.

    This was also not the most important reason. The most important reason was that Chi Tong felt that with Wang Er previously being Rank 2 of the Earth Board, his future was full of potential. However, being killed like that was a loss to Zhen Mo Continent. Similarly, his heart also ached at the death of Li Xiuran. Li Xiuran was Rank 1, if he wasn't killed, he would definitely have been a peak expert of Zhen Mo Continent. Two talented people had just died, wasn't this a huge loss to Zhen Mo Continent?

    "Manor Lord Yan, may I ask who killed my disciple Li Xiuran?" After apologising, Grandmaster Wu Xiang turned, clasped his fists and asked Yan Huimeng.
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