Chapter 341: The Appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace

    Chapter 341: The Appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace

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    Mo Wuji was too lazy to bother with Shuai Guo calling him Master anymore. This bird was still growing so perhaps after a period of time as it interacted with more things and people, Shuai Guo would start to correct himself.

    Mo Wuji had no hesitation as he immediately direct the flying ship towards the Universal Hall. With his cultivation level at the True God Stage Level 2 coupled with his Grade 7 Wind Escape Technique, even if he met an expert in the Great Circle of the Worldly Immortal Stage, he would be able to escape easily.

    The difference between True God Stage and Worldly Immortal Stage was definitely not as great as the difference between the Nihility God Stage and the True God Stage. Nihility God Stage belonged to the Earth Realm while the True God Stage belonged to the Heaven Realm so the gap between them couldn't be bridged with any technique.

    However, both the True God Stage and Worldly Immortal Stage belonged to the Heaven Realm just that the former was the first stage while the latter was the second stage of the same Heaven Realm.

    To Mo Wuji, he was sick of hiding and he didn't believe that there would be so many Worldly Immortal Stage experts lurking outside the Universal Hall.

    Many days later, just as Mo Wuji was reaching the Universal Hall, a flying ship charged directly towards him.

    Mo Wuji stopped his flying ship and grabbed his Tian Ji Pole. He never expected to enter the Universal Hall peacefully so he was always ready for a fight. If not for his worry that Zhen Xing might had already been taken over by the alien experts or space beasts, Mo Wuji would have even used his laser cannon to shoot a few times at the Universal Hall.

    Shooting a few of the shots of the laser cannon would make himself satisfied but Zhen Xing would be doomed. Mo Wuji had friends both in the Zhen Mo Continent and the Lost Continent so he would definitely not do such a thing.

    The incoming flying ship was black in colour and when he could see the person on the ship, he gave a slight smile and then hung his Tian Ji Pole back on his back.

    "I knew you wouldn't die so easily and it seems like I'm right," The incoming ship stopped and it was the black robed man with a red ribbon, Solitary Red Knot, who walked down from the flying ship.

    Mo Wuji kept his flying ship and laughed as he said, "If not for your saving grace many years ago, I would have died in the hands of Yan Clan. All these while, I still didn't have the chance to thank you in person."

    He could tell that Solitary Red Knot's cultivation level should still be in the elementary stage of the Nihility God Stage. After all these years,even though his cultivation level was constantly on the rise, his speed would never match Mo Wuji's.

    The Solitary Red Knot grinned but didn't continue talking about the past as he pointed to the direction he came from, "You should know that many people are after your life in that place right?"

    Mo Wuji looked calmly at the direction of the Universal Hall and said faintly, "I know many people want my life but I'm still surviving well."

    The Solitary Red Knot nodded his head, "I didn't expect you to be the Rogue Cultivator 2705. Are you the one who killed all six of the Worldly Immortal Stage experts who entered the Extreme Frost Sea?"

    "It was me," Although Mo Wuji and the Solitary Red Knot were not very close, Mo Wuji trusted him and knew he was a trustworthy friend.

    Sometimes when you knew someone for a lifetime, this person might not necessarily be your friend. Other times the moment you saw someone, you already knew that he was your friend. The Solitary Red Knot would be the latter kind of person to Mo Wuji.

    Hearing that Mo Wuji killed all six of the Worldly Immortal Stage experts, the Solitary Red Knot didn't appear too shocked as he asked, "Do you know who are the people who want you dead currently?"

    Even without waiting for Mo Wuji to answer, the Solitary Red Knot continued to explain, "Li Xiuran's master Master Wu Xiang is a murderous demon and from the moment he heard you killed Li Xiuran, he decided to extract and destroy your soul. The next one would be the three big clans and because many people had already guessed that you're Mo Wuji, they even planned to act against you secretly. It could even be possible that the three big clans had already noticed our interaction now."

    Mo Wuji said apologetically, "My apologies for implicating you."

    The Solitary Red Knot laughed, "If I, Solitary Red Knot, was afraid of being implicated, I wouldn't have find you so openly. I wanted to ask you if you dare to exterminate the entire Xia Clan?"

    Mo Wuji said unyieldingly, "Even though I am not capable enough to deal with the Xia Clan now, I will exterminate them sooner or later anyway."

    The Solitary Red Knot furrowed his brows slightly, "So how did you kill all six Worldly Immortal Experts back then? Don't you have your ways?"

    Mo Wuji felt no vicious intent from the Solitary Red Knot so he took a deep breath and said, "That's right, I have a way but this method won't work if I were to face the opponent head on. It is considered a sneak attack."

    "Great, then we shall plan a sneak attack on them. I know where is the encampment of the Universal Hall's Cultivator Army and I know there are at least three Worldly Immortal Stage experts and over 10 True God Stage experts from the Xia Clan there..."

    Before the Solitary Red Knot could finish speaking, Mo Wuji interrupted, "As long as all the Xia Clan members are clustered together, I will have a way to exterminate the Xia Clan. As for the Cultivator Army, I don't really want to kill them."

    The five laser cannons that Mo Wuji possessed could even kill 10 armies without a problem. However, he didn't wish to act against the rest of the Cultivator Army because they have nothing to do with the Xia Clan. Even though the reason people joined the Cultivator Army was to collect cultivation resources and contribution points, Zhen Xing was indeed protected by these people.

    "Someone is coming over..." Mo Wuji's spiritual will was far stronger than an average True God Stage cultivator and could even match with an average Worldly Immortal Stage cultivator. He could immediately sense when someone was coming over. These people were evidently charging towards him as their intention was clear.

    "Boom boom boom! Kacha..." Just as Mo Wuji said that, a terrifying explosion could be heard in space and then the space looked like it was ripped apart as cracks could be seen everywhere.

    A vast, endless voided aura surged into the space and Mo Wuji's was shocked as he could feel an ancient, majestic drastic change. This indescribable dao surrounded his will as if in the next moment, he was about to control something new.

    "Bang!" The force that trembled the entire space surged over and a massive door appeared faintly at the junction between the space and the voided space. This was a type of vastness and magnificence that people couldn't help but worshipped as it possessed a realm worth of energy.

    Those experts that were charging towards Mo Wuji stopped in their tracks as they stared shockingly at the huge door faraway.

    As the door solidified, it turned into the shape of a half moon.

    "Half Moon Immortal Palace?" Mo Wuji and the Solitary Red Knot sounded out surprisingly concurrently.

    Mo Wuji's heart was swaying because just the dao halos of the Half Moon Immortal Palace was enough to create an immense resonance in his heart and almost resulted in him awakening a new technique. What would happen if he entered the Half Moon Immortal Palace? Even if there were no treasures at all, he would still benefit a lot from it.

    "Kill!" The two men just saw the Half Moon Immortal Palace and the sound of fightings could be heard from space.

    Mo Wuji trembled once again as he had witnessed the billion dollars war against space beasts and the Cultivator Army but judging from the number of incoming space beasts, this war would definitely be worth more than a billion dollars.

    At this moment, he could no longer see the entrance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace as this entire place was filled with space beasts. And this was not the most shocking thing as what shocked Mo Wuji the most was the fact that there was an alien cavalry army across the space beasts charging towards them as well. The numbers of this army of alien cultivators was not comparable to the numbers of the incoming space beasts as they only had about a few hundred thousand cultivators.

    However, every single one of this hundred thousand cultivators was wearing a black space armour and each holding a spiritual weapon. The incoming space beasts felt like they were dragging this piece of space along with them as the entire space was swept away. The aggressive charge of the space beasts meant that the space beasts need not stop to kill the cultivators blocking them as the cultivators would just be crushed to pieces by them.

    Mo Wuji's heart shivered as he saw the Zhen Mo Continent's Cultivator Army. The Zhen Mo's Cultivator Army was more like a militia as compared to a legitimate army like the space beasts. The only strength of the Zhen Mo Continent's Cultivator Army would be the strength in numbers.

    Even though the Zhen Mo Continent cultivators had an imposing aura, the difference between the incoming army on the strong beasts and themselves was simply too huge.

    "Brother Mo, seems like we can't kill the Xia Clan this time round," The Solitary Red Knot said with some regrets. It would be odd if the Xia Clan didn't stay in its encampment during such a huge war.

    "Boom!" The three big armies were already going against each other. The space beasts army, the hundreds of thousand terrifying alien cavalry army and the Zhen Mo Continent's Cultivator Army were all crazily killing each other.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will managed to scan the entrance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace as he could clearly see that the entrance was still shut. It seemed like it wasn't the time to open it yet. Presently, there were countless of space beasts charging towards him as he raised his hand to release his Boundless Lightning Rain. As he was in the True God Stage Level 2, he only needed the space beasts to be within a few metres radius of him to kill them with the lightning rain.

    Initially, Mo Wuji was only focused on barging into the entrance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace but now, he realised it would simply be impossible for him to do so because regardless of how many space beasts he killed, more were charging towards him. At this moment, Mo Wuji was no longer thinking about how to barge into the Half Moon Immortal Palace as his heart was set on killing these space beasts wildly.

    Given his capabilities, even a Class 7 space beast would be a dead beast near him.

    As the Boundless Lightning Rain and Invisible Sword were used continuously, they started to merge. After a few hours, a few enormous lightning swords were encapsulated within Mo Wuji's Boundless Lightning Rain. This lightning swords brought along immense thunderous threats and every shot released caused the space beasts to look like they were plowed over as empty spaces surfaced after every attack from Mo Wuji.

    Although the not faraway Solitary Red Knot was also busy killing the space beasts, he was secretly shocked when he witnessed Mo Wuji's power. He knew from this moment that after this big war, Mo Wuji would at least ascend the main Universal Board and be ranked within the top 1000. He personally witnessed Mo Wuji awakening a new lightning sword which was even capable of producing thunderous threats. This was simply a weapon tailor-made for killing space beasts.
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