Chapter 342: The Tangled War in Space

    Chapter 342: The Tangled War in Space

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    "The Half Moon Immortal Palace has appeared on the Star Wars Battlefield..."

    "The Star Wars is ongoing fiercely and I've heard that it is between three forces: our Zhen Mo Continent's Cultivator Army, the alien demonic beasts cavalry and the space beasts..."


    All sorts of news were spreading across the Universal Hall and the moment most of the cultivators heard about this, they didn't even wait for confirmation before heading straight from the Universal Pier into the Star Wars Battlefield.

    This Star Wars that was triggered by the appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace was the best opportunity to earn space contribution points. If one had the luck to enter the Half Moon Immortal Palace, that could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    In the face of such a good opportunity, unless one was really unable to leave, there were only a few cultivators willing to stay behind to watch the show. Nobody even bothered about the fact that one's life could be easily lost in this tangled war.

    Which one of these cultivators came to the Universal Hall with no experience of life-threatening crisis before?

    If one didn't want to make a name for himself, he wouldn't be here at the Universal Hall. Those who were here at the Universal Hall had to go to the Star Wars Battlefield and those who go to the Star Wars Battlefield had to face death threats.

    In this large scale Star Wars, as long as one was careful enough, there would actually not be too many life-threatening crisis.


    In the Universal Hall plaza, Bei Suting was wearing a veil as she walked out of the transfer array. She knew that the Half Moon Immortal Palace was about to surface and she wanted to take a look at it in the Star Wars Battlefield. Concurrently, she wished to find out more about Yan'Er because ever since Yan'Er went to find Mo Wuji in the battlefield previously, Bei Suting had not heard anything about her as she grew worried.

    Before entering the Universal Hall, her eyes naturally fell on the faraway Universal Board and her body shivered. She even suspected if she saw the wrong name.

    Mo Wuji, Space Contribution Points: 33843, Ranking: 9833.

    What was going on? Not only did Mo Wuji not die, he managed to ascend the Universal Board for the second time? And ranked 9833?

    Bei Suting was on the Universal Board herself so she knew how tough it was to even be ranked on the Universal Board. The reason why she could be on the Universal Board was because she met and killed a herd of Class 7 space beasts in the battlefield.

    But one must know that she was in the Worldly Immortal Stage. Even if Mo Wuji didn't die, he should at most be in the Nihility God Stage.

    In the very next moment, she was astonished yet again as she noticed there were changes in the ranking again. Mo Wuji, Contribution Points: 38811, Ranking: 9762

    Bei Suting scratched her head as she wondered what technique Mo Wuji was using to increase his contribution points by a few thousand in such a short period of time. Even when she were to face such a large scale of space beasts, she had to constantly kill numerous Class 7 space beasts to have such a quick increase in contribution points.

    Very soon, Bei Suting noticed that Mo Wuji wasn't the only one who's points were constantly on the rise. The points of many other cultivators were increasing quickly too and some people even disappeared from the Universal Board.

    The only possibility would be the appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace and the huge war to fight for the Half Moon Immortal Palace had begun.

    Bei Suting didn't stay too long as she hurried into the Universal Hall then from the Universal Pier to the Star Wars Battlefield.

    Nobody could ignore the appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace, not even herself. Furthermore, she had to at least let Mo Wuji know that Yan'Er had been looking for him all these while.

    One more reason was that no matter how strong Mo Wuji's mass killing technique was to kill the space beasts, he would not be able to fend himself when faced with a true expert.

    She knew that there were simply too many people who wanted Mo Wuji's head.

    Mo Wuji's lightning sword technique became smoother as time passed which caused fear in those beasts as they turned and attacked other cultivators.

    Mo Wuji's eyes fell on the war between the Zhen Mo Continent's Cultivator Army as well as the alien cavalry army. The alien cavalry army was like his lightning sword as every time they attacked, the Cultivator Army was crushed and scattered. Even as the Cultivator Army had some magic skills which could kill a few individual alien cavalry, these losses meant nothing when you looked at actual size of the the alien cavalry army.

    A few True God Stage experts who wanted to charge past the alien cavalry army were spotted and surrounded very quickly. Mo Wuji realised that these cavalry had a combination attack technique and this technique would not only block off the True God Stage experts' attack, it could even restrain the True God Stage experts.

    A Zhen Mo Continent's Worldly Immortal Stage Commander saw that things were not going well so he opened a path for himself in the middle of the crowd of space beasts to charge towards the cavalry army.

    Before this Worldly Immortal Stage expert could go close to the cavalry army, one cavalier came out from the army towards this Worldly Immortal Stage expert.

    A ridiculous amount of elemental energy exploded around the two experts and everyone around them were directly wounded by this crazy explosion of elemental energy. This hidden alien cavalier was actually an Worldly Immortal Stage expert too.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart because he wondered just how many Worldly Immortal Stage experts were hidden within the hundreds of thousand cavaliers.

    Under such a mad explosion of elemental energy, the two Worldly Immortal Stage experts showed no signs of convergence as their counters were even stronger than before.

    Mo Wuji had already reached the True God Stage so he was no longer like before in terms of his strength and judgement. Mo Wuji could feel that the World Immortal Stage cavalier's magic skill rule was evidently different from the Zhen Mo Continent's Worldly Immortal Stage expert.

    Or this could just be the difference in dao spirituality between the two planets. The more contribution points awarded for killing an alien cultivator of the same stage would probably be because of this difference too. This was just like the time when the Lost Continent was invaded by the alien cultivators.

    "Brother Mo, we should retreat a little," The Solitary Red Knot landed beside Mo Wuji.

    Because he was too close to Mo Wuji, the Solitary Red Knot could feel Mo Wuji's state of mind and as compared to his, it was slightly more relaxed.

    Mo Wuji understood the meaning behind Solitary Red Knot words. The Half Moon Immortal Palace entrance was still shut and with the strong alien cavalry army charging towards the entrance, one would simply be courting death if he were to fight for the entrance now.

    He wondered what would happen if he took out the laser cannons and fired a few shots here? However, Mo Wuji tossed this idea out of his mind very quickly.

    The moment he dared to fire here, he would at most have the opportunity to shoot three cannons. The area of the Star Wars Battlefield was simply too vast so no matter how strong his laser cannons were, three cannons might not be able to wipe out everyone.

    There were as many experts as clouds in this Star Wars Battlefield so after his three cannons, his small life would definitely be locked on by the many experts around.

    "We have to retreat but not now. I have a premonition that the Half Moon Immortal Palace is about to open up. Furthermore, I need some space contribution points urgently ," Mo Wuji said in a deep voice.

    He had to enter the Half Moon Immortal Palace. He would have forgotten about it if he didn't see it but now that he saw it and even had the half moon key, he would never be able to forgive himself if he didn't enter.

    Before the Solitary Red Knot could react, a jade box was shoved by Mo Wuji into his hand, "There is a half moon key here and it all depends on your fate if you're able to open a door."

    "Ah..." Before he could finish his sentence, he saw that Mo Wuji had already rushed to the place with the most number of space beasts.

    He lowered his head as he looked at the jade box in his hand and emotions were filling him up.

    That's right, he did save Mo Wuji before but that was because he admired Mo Wuji and wanted to form an alliance with him to deal with the Xia Clan. It was only until now that he finally now what was considered to be a truly majestic mind.

    Half moon key, this was something even the Star Lord of Zhen Xing wanted. Why did the three big clans and so many sects wanted to kill Mo Wuji? Was it really because of the small girl that was killed? Only a ghost would believe this lie. There could indeed be a few sentimental small sects and clans who felt that way but most people used it as an excuse. Their true motive was very clear as they were all after the half moon key.

    Mo Wuji actually casually gave him the half moon key that countless of experts coveted for. Furthermore, it was in this situation where the Half Moon Immortal Palace was right in front of their eyes.

    Even if it was the Solitary Red Knot, he might not be able to do so.

    He didn't misjudged Mo Wuji because he was indeed a true friend. Since he needed the contribution points, the Solitary Red Knot would do whatever it took to help him.

    At the thought of this, the Solitary Red Knot kept his jade box, shifted his body and charged towards Mo Wuji's position. He was even too lazy to wonder why Mo Wuji needed the Universal contribution points.


    Wherever Mo Wuji went, any crowd of space beasts would have turned into ashes under the attack of his lightning rain and sword.

    "Boom!" Finally an insane burst of elemental energy managed to restrain Mo Wuji's lightning sword and a few metres tall huge wolf threw himself at Mo Wuji. Before the wolf could land on Mo Wuji, its white eyes were filled with killing intent as if to tell Mo Wuji that under its claws, no one could escape alive.

    This was a white-eyed space wolf in the advanced stage of Class 7 and his fighting capabilities surpassed an average Class 7 beast. Mo Wuji's elemental energy was just dispersed and he could feel the strength of this huge wolf.

    Under normal circumstances, other than the murdered Class 7 space beasts, Mo Wuji would not be bothered to collect resources from the lower class space beasts. As for the Class 7 space beasts that he killed, they were mostly in the elementary stage and their fighting capabilities were nothing compared to this huge white-eyed wolf.

    Mo Wuji had long kept his Boundless Lightning Rain, ignited his meridians and all 100% of his elemental energy was absorbed into his Tian Ji Pole as he swung towards this huge white-eyed wolf.

    The huge wolf which was initially charging towards Mo Wuji unscrupulously stopped in its tracks as Mo Wuji swung out his Tian Ji Pole. Its front two claws scratched out countless of mysterious marks and then a 10 metres long, two metres wide white wolf blade was piercing towards Mo Wuji's waist. This was still not this white-eyed wolf's true technique as behind this horrifying space wolf blade was the change in positioning of the wolf in an instant as its back claws turned into a few metres wide radius claw shadow to block out Mo Wuji's retreat route.

    The huge wolf's white eyes had traces of ridicule and thirst for blood and if it didn't personally witness Mo Wuji's incredible strength, it wouldn't have used this method to deal with an ant who just advanced to the True God Stage.

    That's right, even if it was only in the advanced stage of Class 7, the other Class 7 demonic beasts and True God Stage cultivators were merely like ants to him.

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