Chapter 343: Killing a Worldly Immortal Stage Expert

    Chapter 343: Killing a Worldly Immortal Stage Expert

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    Mo Wuji pulled his glance away because a wolf was already crafty in nature and this was actually an advanced Class 7 space wolf getting ready to enter Class 8.

    From the onstart, Mo Wuji didn't look down on this huge wolf and as he saw the white-eyed huge wolf teleported and concurrently locked onto his blind spot with his strong's blade radiance, he knew that he didn't misjudge this white-eyed space wolf. It was strong and capable of producing cunning tricks.

    If it was any other person, after using all their strength to swing the steel pole, it would be impossible to alter his spatial position and angle. In the face of this ten metres long space wolf blade with a trace of killing intent, if Mo Wuji was strong enough, he would be able to just block the wolf blade with his Tian Ji Pole.

    If he was not strong enough, he could only choose to dodge. As he dodged his blind angle, the white-eyed wolf had already shifted to wait for him. If he was any weaker, even without action from the wolf, Mo Wuji would have died because of the scarily imposing manner of space wolf blade.

    However, Mo Wuji was not only strong enough, he was also vicious and smart enough. Mo Wuji had even killed cultivators who were of higher cultivation level so how much threat could this white-eyed wolf, which was on the same level as he was, possibly posed?

    Even though the white-eyed wolf did plot against him, it still had to depend on its own strength to restrain Mo Wuji. This wolf had already calculated and predicted that Mo Wuji Would not be able to dodge his incoming space wolf blade but he misjudged Mo Wuji's true strength.

    However, what he didn't know was that Mo Wuji also had tens of methods to break the incoming space wolf blade into pieces even if the wolf didn't misjudge his strength.

    As he awaited Mo Wuji's attempt to dodge the attack, he could feel his own death drawing close.

    Before he could figure out where that feeling was coming from, he looked shockingly at his wolf blade, which had brought along an immense amount of aura and killing intent, being thrown away by an invisible force as it pierced past Mo Wuji into the endless space behind him.

    What method is this?

    No, where is the opponent's steel pole?

    "Crack!" The white-eyed wolf could hear the cracking of its entire skull and it didn't even know which direction Mo Wuji's steel pole appeared from.

    No, this was not possible... This white-eyed space wolf's heart was still raging intensely as it fell into the endless darkness in front of it. It didn't understand how Mo Wuji's pole changed its position in such a huge space. It didn't understand why despite clearly being stronger than his opponent, it didn't even last a round against him.

    Presently, Mo Wuji had no time to bother about this white-eyed space wolf as he felt an even more terrifying killing intent aiming at him. This was definitely a fella with a much higher cultivation level planning a sneak attack on him.

    Mo Wuji didn't even care about retrieving this white-eyed wolf's corpse as his body turned into a slight wind and shifted away.

    "Puff!" Blood mist exploded from Mo Wuji's waistline and both a pungent smell and smoke came out from that blood mist.

    A strong toxin was immediately absorbed by his Detoxification Channel and turned swiftly into spiritual energy.

    Mo Wuji stood unsteadily in space with a pale face as he looked at a golden robed middle-aged man with a death stare. He was astonished in his heart because this fella who sneak attacked him was really strong. Mo Wuji couldn't dodge the attack even though he knew it was coming.

    "I am Yan Qiren, the Patriarch of the Yan Clan. It is considered to be your good fortune to survive till this date after killing a member of my Yan Clan and stealing from us," This golden robed man revealed a flash of disdainful look as it only took him one step to cover the gap between Mo Wuji and himself and to land next to Mo Wuji.

    "Yan Qiren, how dare you attack a Zhen Mo Continent's cultivator sneakily? Your Yan Clan really have huge guts..." An enraged voice could be heard and even before the person arrived, a sharp killing intent could be felt.

    Yan Qiren didn't even care about the enraged body behind him as he reached his hand out to grab Mo Wuji's storage ring. Even though he didn't care about the enraged person behind, 90% of his focus was on the man behind him. He knew who the opponent was: Star King Mountain's Xu Chihuang, a Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 like himself.

    Now that he had violated the promise of the Zhen Mo Continent's Cultivator Army to sneak attack Mo Wuji, others might not dare to do anything to him but Xu Chihuang definitely dared to do something. Mo Wuji was struck with a deadly poison and was bound to die. Even if Mo Wuji wasn't poisoned, why would a Worldly Immortal Stage expert like himself care about an elementary True God Stage cultivator? So what if this True God Stage cultivator was previously ranked first on the Earth Board? What Yan Qiren needed to be cautious of was the attack from Xu Chihuang.

    Just as his hand was about to touch Mo Wuji's storage ring, a Lightning Calamity with strong killing intent was directed straight at his chest.

    Because of the short distance as well as the speed of the counterattack, even if Yan Qiren was a god, it would be hard for him to dodge the attack. Furthermore, his focus was still on Xu Chihuang behind him. Despite this, Yan Qiren still managed to shift his body slightly.

    "Puff! A long lightning sword pierced through Yan Qiren's chest as blood flew out yet again.

    Presently, why would Yan Qiren still care about anything else as his body suayed and was about to escape. Since Mo Wuji chose to counterattack, he was never planning to let Yan Qiren off like that.

    Yan Qiren had no idea where the Tian Ji Pole appeared from as it smashed his head.

    The Next Pole, Mo Wuji's Nirvana Pole Shadow technique.

    "Puff!" Yan Qiren's primordial spirit started to disperse and before his primordial spirit could escape, Mo Wuji landed yet another lightning bolt on him.

    "Why? How did you defend against my deadly poison..." Yan Qiren asked but it was a pity that he couldn't get the answer or rather, he didn't have time to get the answer.

    Mo Wuji's death stare had already disappeared and the space wolf that he killed not too far away was brought over by his spiritual will into his storage ring. He kindly accepted Yan Qiren's storage ring and as for his corpse, Mo Wuji kicked it into the crowd of space beasts.

    As of now, the Solitary Red Knot landed close to Mo Wuji as he stared in disbelief at Mo Wuji. He knew from the start that Mo Wuji was strong but it was a little too ridiculous that he was strong enough to kill Yan Qiren.

    Who is Yan Qiren? He was in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1, Patriarch of Yan Clan, one of the three big clans in Zhen Mo Continent. A reputable person like him was actually killed in silence by Mo Wuji.

    "You actually killed Yan Qiren?" Xu Chihuang stood firmly in space and looked shockingly at Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji reached out his hand and the suspended Tian Ji Pole landed in his hand, "If I don't kill him, should I wait for him to kill me? I don't have such virtue."

    The Xu Chihuang in pursuit finally stopped before taking in a deep breath before saying, "I know you because I've been to the Lost Continent and I've heard your name but I didn't expect you to be this strong. Killing Yan Qiren was fine but you really shouldn't have killed that white-eyed wolf."

    After finishing, he didn't wait for Mo Wuji to ask as he took the initiative to explain, "That white-eyed space wolf was from the Space Wolf Clan and he is one of the Wolf King's favourite offspring. By killing him, I'm afraid you might invite infinite troubles in the future..."

    Mo Wuji sneered and didn't bother replying Xu Chihuang. Not only the descendants of the Space Wolf King, even if its ancestors were here to kill him, Mo Wuji wouldn't have any shreds of hesitation to kill them as well. In his eyes, there wasn't a question of whether he dared to kill but only the question of whether he should kill.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's ignorant face, Xu Chihuang sighed and said, "Do you know how strong the Space Wolf King is? How influential he is?"

    Mo Wuji didn't know Xu Chihuang very well and even though Xu Chihuang did called out to Yan Qiren to stop and distracted him, Mo Wuji would have still been able to kill Yan Qiren by surprise, just not so easily. Therefore, he didn't have a very pleasant impression of Xu Chihuang and he wouldn't change his attitude towards him just because he was a Worldly Immortal Stage expert. In this world, might makes right.

    "I don't know what the Space Wolf King was and I wouldn't put it to heart even if I heard of it," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    There were countless of stars and space in this vast universe. Wouldn't it be too shameless for a lone wolf in space to call himself the Space Wolf King?

    Xu Chihuang looked at Mo Wuji and said in a serious tone, "You are Rogue Cultivator 2705 and also Mo Wuji right? You are truly the glorified genius cultivator of so many centuries. After the Star Lord saw that you were also ranked one in the Earth King Board, he even mentioned that you are the future of Zhen Xing. That Space Wolf King was at the peak of Class 9 and if not for the fact that we are not able to breakthrough the void in this world, the Wolf King could have broken into the next realm..."

    Just as Xu Chihuang was speaking, a large group of cavalry was charging towards Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji heard Xu Chihuang's words and was wondering what the broken void was and was thinking he could ask for tips from Xu Chihuang about stages after the Earthly Immortal Stage. Who would have guessed that the cavalry would charge over towards him now? One must know that he was still a distance away from the entrance. What did these cavalry want by charging over here instead of towards the Half Moon Immortal Palace?

    "2705, follow closely behind me..." Xu Chihuang hurried to call out as he saw the countless number of alien cavalry.

    He was really worried for Mo Wuji. There were simply not many experts who truly care about the safety of Zhen Xing and Xu Chihuang was one of the few. He agreed with the Star Lord because Mo Wuji was ranked first on the Mortal King Board, ranked first on the Earth King Board and could even kill Yan Qiren at the True God Stage. He was definitely the chosen one to make Zhen Xing rise again.

    The Star Lord's words were still ringing in his ears, "That Rogue Cultivator 2705 is 80-90% Mo Wuji. He would definitely appear because of the opening of the Half Moon Immortal Palace. If you were to see him, you have to protect him at all costs and never let the three big clans act against him."

    The truth was that before he found Mo Wuji, the Patriarch of Yan Clan had already found Mo Wuji and even without acting himself, Mo Wuji killed the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 Yan Qiren. This was the first time in the history of the three big clans that a Patriarch was killed by someone directly. No matter what method Mo Wuji used, he would still be the first True God Stage cultivator to kill a Worldly Immortal Stage expert.

    As Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan the surrounding, he finally understood why these strong alien cavalry army would suddenly charge towards him. They were at the faraway entrance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace a while ago and now they actually appeared behind him.

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