Chapter 344: Coming Out Alive

    Chapter 344: Coming Out Alive

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    "Go!" Mo Wuji grabbed Solitary Red Knot and burst forth with elemental energy. A gentle breeze blew by; Mo Wuji used his fastest speed to charge out from the side.

    Even though Mo Wuji had pushed his speed to the maximum, he was still unable to break through the alien cavalry army's lines. That violent cavalry had started charging over.

    "Hong!" The hordes of troops and horses condensed a staggering amount of elemental energy, directly crushing Mo Wuji's protective elemental energy, resonating with thunderous roars as they charged by. Mo Wuji's heart sank; facing this terrifying advance, even a Worldly Immortal might not be able to bear it, much less him who was only at True God Stage Level 2. He was not afraid of a Worldly Immortal Elementary Stage cultivator, but that didn't mean that he actually had the power of the Worldly Immortal Elementary Stage.

    Mo Wuji suddenly recalled that white-eyed giant wolf's special move - teleportation. If only he could teleport, that would be great. At this moment, perhaps only teleporting out of here could save him.

    The tumultuous elemental energy from the charge surged over; Mo Wuji's eyes turned red. Fight! Mo Wuji immediately raised both his arms up, forming ten thick and huge swords of lightning which he sent flying out. Behind the lightning swords, were multiple electroballs.

    "Peng! Boom!" The lightning swords out clumps of blood mist. Following which, the electroballs exploded, and a gap actually revealed itself in front of Mo Wuji. At the same time, Mo Wuji could feel the momentum of the charge slowing down. He had already infiltrated past the cavalry's frontal charge.

    Such a good opportunity, how could Mo Wuji let it go? At almost the same instant he felt the cavalry's charge slowing down, he immediately displayed his Wind Escape Technique. The gap cut out by his lightning sword was still filled with blood mist, and had yet to be filled.

    "Many thanks." Even a person who didn't fear death like Solitary Red Knot was drenched in cold sweat.

    Mo Wuji turned back, and discovered that the gate to the Half Moon Immortal Palace had been concealed once again. It was unknown when the gate would reappear, not even the shadows of the Half Moon Immortal Palace could be seen. No wonder why these alien cavalry troops would slow down. Now that the Half Moon Immortal Palace was gone, they no longer had a target.

    "Mo Wuji, why don't you follow me over to the Star King Mountain. If you stay here, the moment the Half Moon Immortal Palace reappears, the previous situation might happen again." Xu Chihuang had landed not far away from Mo Wuji.

    "Many thanks senior. But junior still feels more at ease staying here." Mo Wuji could feel that Xu Chihuang was genuinely trying to help him.

    But to ask him to go to the Star King Mountain side, that was simply not possible. He had bad ties with the Star King Mountain's three great clans, ten halls, and several other factions. So what use would there be in going over? Compared to being like a fish caught in a net, he would rather roam free here.

    Moreover, he had even killed the Yan Clan's Patriarch Yan Qiren not long ago. He was even more unsure as to how many members of the three clans he had killed when he was pursued previously.

    To be within the zone of the alien cavalry army's charge the first time was due to his carelessness. But if this sort of thing happened again, then he was really an idiot.

    Xu Chihuang thought that in Mo Wuji's predicament, when he extended an invitation to Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji would definitely be immensely grateful with tears in his eyes, and would follow him over to Star King Mountain. Xu Chihuang would never have expected that Mo Wuji would unhesitatingly reject his invitation, without even a hint of reservation. This put him at a loss for words.

    "The Half Moon Immortal Palace has already disappeared. There would be no further purpose in continuing this fight. The Half Moon Immortal Palace would reappear, and before this happens, I suggest that everyone sits together and discuss." A leopard headed man stood and in the middle of space and hollered out. This was at least a Class 8 demonic beast. Seeing this leopard headed man, Mo Wuji subconsciously raised his guard. Not long ago, he had killed a white-eyed giant wolf.

    "I agree with Dao Friend Bao Lie's words. Now that the Half Moon Immortal Palace has hidden itself again, why don't we all take this opportunity to talk things over. But of course, if Gu Nuo Star Tribe wishes to fight, I - Chi Tong - will be happy to oblige." The Star King Mountain's Star Lord Chi Tong stood forward.

    This was Mo Wuji's first time seeing the Star King Mountain's Star Lord, but when he saw the aura exuded by Chi Tong, he could not help but be dazed. This Chi Tong's power was definitely above the Worldly Immortal Stage; he had very likely stepped into the Earthly Immortal Stage. Mo Wuji was sure that if Chi Tong wished to kill him, he wouldn't even have a chance to escape. Unless he leaves immediately and lose all hopes of ever entering the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    However, he had some half moon keys on him, and the Half Moon Immortal Palace was just right in front of his eyes, how could he just abandon that? Even though he knew that his greed might cause him to lose his life, Mo Wuji was still not willing to go.

    Mo Wuji sighed and swiftly retreated, and at the same time, he started gesturing to somewhere faraway.

    Not long later, a hiding Shuai Guo raced over, landing on Mo Wuji's shoulder. Now that Mo Wuji had done such actions, it showed that he had already had thoughts on giving up on the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    Solitary Red Knot had also arrived by Mo Wuji's side. He had wandered across space for so long; when he noticed Mo Wuji's retreat, he immediately knew that Mo Wuji was preparing a make an escape.

    "Brother Mo, this person is the Star King Mountain's Star Lord Chi Tong. I suspect that he had already entered into the Earthly Immortal Stage. However, you don't have to worry that he would do anything against you. Among the few experts I see favourably in the Star King Mountain, perhaps that Xu Chihuang is one, but this Star Lord is not bad either. At least, he is really thinking about the greater good of the planet," Solitary Red Knot whispered and explained beside Mo Wuji's eyes.

    As he spoke, he was sizing up Shuai Guo who was perched on Mo Wuji's shoulder.

    The usually talkative Shuai Guo was unusually silent. Those hordes of demonic beasts, in this war, were merely cannon fodder. And among those cannon fodder, most of them were stronger than it. If it wasn't hiding just now, it would have long been killed.

    "Gu Nuo Cavalry, form up." An alien expert riding on a demonic beast broke off from the cavalry army. At the same time, he ordered for the halt in the cavalry's advance.

    He understood Chi Tong; if the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army continues to charge forward, he might alter the war dynamics, where the Zhen Mo Continent might team up with the space beasts to deal with their Gu Nuo Star Tribe. On the surface, the Gu Nuo Star Tribe appeared dauntless, but they were truly afraid of such an incident.

    The Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry soldiers looked brave and courageous, as though nothing could block their way. But the moment those boundless amounts of space beasts congregated and clashed against them together with the assault from the Zhen Mo armies, this cavalry army might be completely routed.

    With the expert of the three leaders, the chaotic battlefield soon eased down. Zhen Mo Continent's armies and cultivators gathered at one area, the space beasts gathered at another area, while the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry gathered at a different area.

    In terms of numbers, the space beasts were the most numerous. However, Bao Lie was very clear, the combat power of the space beasts was the lowest. Zhen Mo Continent and the space beasts had frequent wars; if Chi Tong allied themselves with Gu Nuo Star Tribe, then even with their superior numbers, the space beasts might be completely eradicated.

    However, Chi Tong was not a fool; he naturally wouldn't join hands with the Gu Nuo Star Tribe. In comparison, he felt more averse towards the Gu Nuo Star Tribe than the space beasts.

    The Gu Nuo Star Tribe had as many experts as they had as there were clouds; and they were also expert beast tamers. At this moment, the Gu Nuo Star Tube urgently needed to create new cultivation resource hinterlands, and Zhen Xing [1] met its demands in terms of resources and proximity. If not for the Universal Hall's years of hard work, Zhen Mo Continent might have been trampled under the beasts of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe.

    The words suggested by Bao Lie was exactly what Chi Tong also wanted. At least, he knew that Mo Wuji three half moon keys, and he was also sure that other people in Zhen Xing had some half moon keys. As long as they could successfully enter the Half Moon Immortal Palace, then they would definitely be able to reap much benefits.

    It didn't matter who those treasures entered up with, it would only be advantageous to their continent.

    "Dao Friend Bao Lie, Dao Friend Sid, this time, the Half Moon Immortal Palace has appeared close to my Universal Hall. But I believe that the treasures inside belong to the fated ones." Chi Tong intentionally lowered Zhen Xing's position.

    Bao Lie was a Class 8 space beast, while Sid an Gu Nuo expert at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 8. Moreover, Chi Tong was sure that there definitely was a fella stronger than Sid within the Gu Nuo troops. As for the space beasts, there was still the Space Wolf king which was vastly more powerful than him. It was at the Great Circle of Class 9, which was equivalent to an expert at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage.

    Don't think that the battles between Zhen Xing and the space beasts had been evenly matched. In reality, if he dared to kill a Class 8 demonic beast, that Space Wolf King might pay a visit to Zhen Xing.

    Bao Lie and Sid did not bother about Chi Tong's words; they were clear that it was the upcoming words which were more important.

    As expected, Chi Tong continued, "The Half Moon Immortal Palace will appear soon. It is exactly as Dao Friend Bao Lie says, if the Half Moon Immortal Palace reappears and we're still entangled in our battles, then it would be useless. According to our calculations, there are close to 20 dao gates in the Half Moon Immortal Palace which have yet to be opened. Moreover, there are treasures all over the Half Moon Immortal Palace. I suggest that the three factions each send a portion of our people in, how about that?"

    Hearing Chi Tong's words, Gu Nuo Star Tribe's Sid stepped down from his beast. Standing within space, he snorted and said, "Dao Friend Chi's idea might be good, but it doesn't favour the abled ones. If my guess is correct, this might be the final appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace. It's said that during its final appearance, at the final instant, all the dao gates in the Half Moon Immortal Palace would automatically open.

    That's why I suggest, before the Half Moon Immortal Palace opens again, we will construct a stage. Each side can choose people to send up on stage according to the number of half moon keys each side has; each key would entitle 10 people. They will then battle on the stage, and the ones that survive would enter the Half Moon Immortal Palace. Of course, the cultivators that battle on the stage should be below the Worldly Immortal Stage, and within the Nihility God Stage and above.

    "Alright, I agree with this." Bao Lie extended his scarlet red tongue and licked his lips. The space beasts were plenty in numbers but most of the fighting force was not very strong. But if they only had to choose in multiples of ten, then the space beasts wouldn't be in a disadvantage. Moreover, he knew that they had five half moon keys on their side, that was already 50 people.

    "Quick, invite the Young Wolf Prince over. This time, he will lead the team." Bao Lie chuckled. He knew the Young Wolf Prince's fighting capabilities, the Wolf Prince was an existence infinitesimally close to the Worldly Immortal Stage.

    Chi Tong saw that both Bao Lie and Sid had both agreed, he sighed inwardly as he said, "My Zhen Mo Continent also agrees."

    He had to do so. If he rejected it, he would give the space beasts and Gu Nuo Star Tribe an opportunity to collude against him. After giving his agreement, his gaze landed at Mo Wuji's side. Just now Xu Chihuang had told him that Mo Wuji had arrived. At least Mo Wuji had three half moon keys, that meant that he could bring 30 True Gods up onto the stage.

    [1] Zhen Xing is the name of the planet which Zhen Mo Continent and the Lost Continent reside in.

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