Chapter 345: Enemies On All Sides

    Chapter 345: Enemies On All Sides

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    "What! The Young Wolf Prince has been killed? Who? Who did it?" Bao Lie roared ferociously. The White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince might not have been the first heir to the Space Wolf King's throne, but he was one of the Space Wolf King's favourite descendants. Moreover, the Young Wolf Prince had tagged along with him for this venture, and now that the Young Wolf Prince had been killed, Bao Lie would not be able to escape from blame.

    "It's that man..." A Class 7 demonic beast pointed in Mo Wuji's direction. It had wanted to report of this matter, but the Leopard King had always been talking so it didn't even have the chance.

    "Wooh! I'm going to kill you!" Bao Lie howled, and could no longer be bothered about the previous agreement as it directly pounced towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had already been prepared for this, and now that he saw Bao Lie pounce over, he did not hesitate as he immediately displayed his Wind Escape Technique.

    He could give up on the Half Moon Immortal Palace, but he couldn't give up his life. Moreover, this Bao Lie was likely to be a Class 8 demonic beast, so no matter what method he used, he wouldn't be able to fight against it.

    "Boom!" A burst of elemental energy exploded, sending ripples of waves into space.

    Bao Lie had been blocked, and the one blocking him was the Star King Mountain's Star Lord Chi Tong.

    Mo Wuji also stopped in his tracks, he never expected that the Star King Mountain's Star Lord would stand out to help him.

    "Chi Tong, what's the meaning of this? This person has killed the Young Wolf Prince. You're bent on protecting him? Do you actually think that the Universal Hall can defend against the wrath of the Wolf King?" Bao Lie roared fiercely.

    Chi Tong heard these words and his heart went into a flurry. He immediately turned towards Mo Wuji.

    Before Mo Wuji could answer, Xu Chihuang took the initiative to explain to Bao Lie, "Just now, the White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince had assaulted Mo Wuji in a sneak attack. In his self-defense, Mo Wuji accidentally killed it."

    "Hahaha..." Bao Lie chortled loudly. "You're saying that under the Young Wolf Prince's sneak attack, this person could still accidentally kill the Wolf Prince? Who is he ah, is he some expert that's going to break into the Earthly Immortal Stage?"

    Chi Tong immediately furrowed his brows, he never expected Mo Wuji to actually kill the Young Wolf Prince. Things were definitely going to get messy.

    He had never suspected whether Mo Wuji was capable of killing the Young Wolf Prince; Mo Wuji was Rank 1 on the Earth King Board, and that White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince was merely in the same stage as Mo Wuji. No matter how strong it was, it had to be dreaming if it wanted to beat the Earth King Board's Rank 1. Anyone on the Earth King Board was a talented genius, much less the Earth King Board's Rank 1?

    One must know that the most prestigious board in Zhen Mo Continent wasn't the Heaven King Board, but the Earth King Board. After all, the number of Heaven Realm experts in Zhen Mo Continent was not many. As long as one steps into the Worldly Immortal Stage, with some slight competition, one would be able to rise up the Heaven Board. Since the requirements for the Heaven Board were lower, the Heaven King Board was naturally not much higher.

    That's why he had a favourable impression of Mo Wuji. Even though Lei Hongji was also Rank 1 on the Earth Board, his ranking on the Earth King Board was below Rank 10. However, he was worried about the Space Wolf King. With the Space Wolf King's power, even the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's experts might not be able to deal with it. As for Zhen Xing, there wasn't even any expert that could fight evenly with the Space Wolf King.

    "In battle, anything can change within a single breath. Accidental deaths and injuries cannot be prevented. Since the incident has already happened, my Zhen Xing is willing to compensate you." Chi Tong said aggrievedly.

    Now, he truly didn't dare to fight against the Space Wolf King. If he did that, then Zhen Xing would be completely screwed. If Zhen Xing really clashed against the space beasts, with Gu Nuo Star Tribe eyeing at them greedily at the side, when Zhen Xing was at its weakest, Gu Nuo would step into the stage. That's when Zhen Xing would be completely wiped off the face off this planet.

    "Chi Tong, you are really going to protect this man?" Bao Lie's face was filled with killing intent as it prepared a flying messenger sword. It was helpless against Chi Tong, but it could inform the Space Wolf King of this matter.

    Chi Tong's heart skipped a beat. At the same time, a deep sense of disappointment brewed in his heart. He was disappointed at Mo Wuji; Mo Wuji wasn't even able to protect himself, but under such circumstances, he actually killed that white-eyed wolf. If Chi Tong continued to protect Mo Wuji, he would be sending the all of Zhen Xing's cultivators directly into the fire.

    "Star Lord, we have always had a good relationship with the Space Wolf King. Since this person has killed the Young Wolf Prince, I believe that we should strip him of his belongings and hand him over to Dao Friend Bao Lie." A devious voice rang from the back.

    When Bao Lie heard these words, his rage and anger was temporarily quelled.

    Solitary Red Knot whispered in Mo Wuji's year, "That man is called Yan Pingzhi. He is the Star Cloud Hall Master, and a member of the Yan Clan."

    "I agree with Hall Master Yan's words. We should capture Mo Wuji, strip him of his storage ring then send him to the Wolf King for punishment." Another man sternly said.

    "That's the Xia Clan's Patriarch Xia Dandao. He is also the hall master of Star King Mountain's first hall - Star Wars Hall." Solitary Red Knot once again explained to Mo Wuji. He felt that today, albeit him or Mo Wuji, would need to face a life and death experience.

    "Dao Friend Chi, what do you say?" Seeing that there were several people supporting him, Bao Lie decided to stare at Chi Tong and pressure him.

    Chi Tong sighed; he knew that he if protected Mo Wuji today, he would definitely be fraught with trouble in the future. At least he still had a Lei Hongji. He subconsciously turned his head back; Lei Hongji should also be here.

    Mo Wuji saw the melancholic expression on Chi Tong's face and knew that things weren't going to be good; it was as though he was treated as cannon fodder. But at the same time, he had never intended for Chi Tong to help him, to ask for that was simply not practical.

    "Red Knot, prepare to run..." With that, Mo Wuji had already sent his spiritual will extending outwards. However, he was immediately met with a bucket of cold water over his head.

    He kept thinking that Bao Lie would block his way, but he never anticipated that Yan Clan and Xia Clan would step out too. The two of them had blocked out his other two directions. Elemental energy constantly roiled around their body, seemingly as though they were ready to strike.

    "Who is Rogue Cultivator 2705?" An aggravated voice filled with killing intent resounded from afar. Mo Wuji immediately saw a bald monk with a zen staff rapidly approaching him.

    This person must be Monk Wu Xiang; Mo Wuji's heart was already filled with desolation. At this instant, he was really facing enemies from all sides. The only one that wanted to help him was Chi Tong, but that person did not dare speak at this moment.

    A stream of spiritual energy converged in front of Mo Wuji's forehead. His spiritual will might not be able to find a way out but he did not give up. As long as there was a strand of hope, he would take it.

    "Haha, since that's the case, then today we'll die fighting." Solitary Red Knot started chortling. "Let me, Solitary Red Knot, see how the Star King Mountain will join hands with the space beasts to deal with us..."

    Chi Tong's face was flushed hot. As the Star Lord of Star King Mountain, he had to always consider the big picture, but he had always been trapped in passiveness. Solitary Red Knot's words were not aimed at him, but it was a slap against his face.

    A spiritual eye condensed from spiritual energy appeared in front of Mo Wuji's forehead. Any gap within space clearly appeared in from of Mo Wuji's eyes. What disappointed Mo Wuji was, no matter where he ran, he was unable to shake off the pursuit of a Worldly Immortal.

    At this moment, Wu Xiang was getting closer and closer to him. Just as Mo Wuji turned his head and prepared to charge out, his spiritual eye detected a faint outline of a half moon gate. The gate was even left unlocked.

    The Half Moon Immortal Palace was going to appear? When this idea bounced into Mo Wuji's head, he immediately grabbed Solitary Red Knot's arm. A light breeze swept up beside him, as he immediately disappeared.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had actually tried to escape, Bao Lie laughed maniacally and pounced over. At the same time, Yan Pingzhi and Xia Dandao also charged towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji had half moon keys on him; this was the main reason why they wanted to grab Mo Wuji. Following closely behind the three, was Monk Wu Xiang who had just arrived.

    Xu Chihuang speechlessly slapped his palm against his forehead. How many people did this fella offend ah?

    "Boom!" Multiple bursts of elemental energy collided, tearing space apart. These bursts of elemental energy was supposed to have struck Mo Wuji, but that Mo Wuji had suddenly disappeared.

    Before anyone could react, they heard a cry, "Half Moon Immortal Palace..."

    That's right, the Half Moon Immortal Palace's gate had appeared again. This time, not only had it appear, it was even left unlocked.

    By this time, even a fool knew that Mo Wuji had entered the Half Moon Immortal Palace. But no one could even be bothered to care about Mo Wuji. Now that the Half Moon Immortal Palace's gate had opened, if they didn't rush in immediately, then were they supposed to wait outside like fools?

    Everyone had long forgotten about the previous agreement. Since someone had already entered the Half Moon Immortal Palace, who would foolishly wait outside to build a stage to compete on it?

    Countless cultivators charged into the Half Moon Immortal Palace's half moon gate. Whether it was the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army, or Zhen Mo Continent cultivators or the space beast hordes, they all rushed in.

    At this instant, there was only one destination - the gate to the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    The Half Moon Immortal Palace's gate was only so big. Even if everyone orderly lined up to enter, who knows how many days it would take for everyone to enter.

    A chaotic battle erupted again. This time, it didn't matter who you are. As long as you were blocking the way to the Half Moon Immortal Palace, then there's only "Kill! Kill! Kill!"....


    The moment Mo Wuji entered the Half Moon Immortal Palace, he was stupefied. This was simply a vast and limitless maze. His spiritual will extended thousands of miles in but he still couldn't find an end. He estimated that even if a billion people entered, it would still be like a drop of water entering an ocean, disappearing within a trace.

    With such a huge maze, how was he going to find the dao gate for his half moon key?

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, he suddenly felt a sort of call beckoning to him. This call seemed to originate from the half moon key in his storage ring.

    "Brother Mo, I felt it. I felt the existence of that dao gate..." Solitary Red Knot said emotionally. It seemed like he was like Mo Wuji, he felt the call from his half moon key.

    "Hurry and go. If it's fated, we'll meet again at Universal Hall. I will go first." With that, Mo Wuji brought Shuai Guo and immediately entered a passage of the maze, vanishing without a trace.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had disappeared, Solitary Red Knot did not dare wait around as he charged into another passage.

    At almost the same instant the two disappeared, crowds of cultivators flooded in. Moments later, these people also vanished in the boundless maze.
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