Chapter 346: The Staggering Discovery

    Chapter 346: The Staggering Discovery

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    The Great Circle of the Worldly Immortal Stage Monk Wu Xiang was late to arrive but among the first to enter; he was an unstoppable juggernaut who stormed his way into the Half Moon Immortal Palace. Any cultivator blocking his way was obliterated, directly turned into mists of blood, never to be seen again.

    When Monk Wu Xiang swept his spiritual will inwards, he was immediately startled. It was also his first time coming here. The area inside was boundless and vast, and the entire area seemed to be a maze. How was he going to find that Rogue Cultivator 2705?

    Mo Wuji also stopped. He discovered that the passage he entered wasn't really a passage. When he scanned the Half Moon Immortal Palace from the outside, it appeared as though the Half Moon Immortal Palace was filled with limitless number of paths and passages. However, after he entered, he could only see a vast land which was thousands of kilometers wide. This only gave him one impression: This was an unfathomably wide desert.

    Moreover, his spiritual will had been restricted, and he wasn't even able to release it out. Mo Wuji even tried activating the spiritual will in his spirit storage channel but it was also affected by the domain's restraints. Fortunately, the spiritual will from his spirit storage channel could still be extended to form a radius of 3 meters around him. This place seemed to be under a huge seal, and this seal was specially used to seal a cultivator's spiritual will.

    The call of the half moon key was still beckoning, allowing him to know what direction he should be heading in.

    Once again, Mo Wuji tried condensing his spiritual eye; he wanted to test whether his spiritual eye would also be sealed.

    Soon, Mo Wuji was met with glee. With his spiritual eye, a whole new layer seemed to have formed over the boundless desert.

    The place he was standing in was actually still the passage. In this passage, there were some areas which were as wide as 5 kilometers or even more, while there were also some areas which were only 1 meter wide. He previously felt that he had landed into an unfathomably huge desert, because this place was a peak grade illusion array.

    Mo Wuji also had a shocking discovery; not only was he able to discern the situation in his illusory passage, he could even observe the situation in the neighbouring passages. On the passage right next to his, he even saw the space beast Worldly Immortal expert, Bao Lie.

    The moment his eyes discovered Bao Lie, the thought of eliminating this beast fleeted across his mind. But he was soon able to calm down. Bao Lie was not Yan Qiren; 10 Yan Qiren might not even be able to beat 1 Bao Lie. Ambushing Bao Lie with his current abilities, even if it succeeded, might result in consequences he could not bear.

    It was best to simply wait till the treasures of the Half Moon Immortal Palace gets in his hands before he does anything else. When he thought of this, Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual eye.

    In just that bit of time, Mo Wuji's head already started aching. Ostensibly, this spiritual eye could not be casually used.

    Originally, he thought that the Spiritual Eye Sacred Art he gained enlightenment on would have as much value as chicken ribs. To think that these chicken ribs actually helped him escape with his life previously, and even helped him see through this peak grade illusion array.

    Truly, only there were only sacred arts which one might not know how to use; there weren't any 'chicken rib' sacred arts. At certain times, support-type sacred arts were more valuable than attack-type ones.


    By the time Bei Suting rushed to the previously chaotic battlefield, what she saw was an even more chaotic battle. The only difference was, everyone was madly fighting to enter the half moon shaped gate.

    Bei Suting immediately understood, the Half Moon Immortal Palace had truly appeared. She swept her spiritual will outwards, but she was not able to find Mo Wuji's figure.

    Facing the Half Moon Immortal Palace, even if she didn't have any half moon keys, she still didn't want to miss it. Her figure flashed, as she dashed towards the half moon gate.

    The radiant sword in Bei Suting's hand shone with sword qi; the crowds of people in front of her were immediately carved into a road of blood. Immediately, her figure transformed into a shadow, traversing this blood road into the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    All the other Worldly Immortals had entered through the same method. Naturally, there was no gentle way to enter the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    After Bei Suting entered the Half Moon Immortal Palace, the flood of cultivators rushing to squeeze into the gate started to ease down. A few cultivators trying to enter the Palace and pick up some leftovers soon came to understand, this was a place where only Nihility Gods and above could enter.

    If they, as low levelled cultivators, tried to squeeze into the gate, they would instead be sending themselves to their deaths. Because every time a Worldly Immortal comes over, he would directly turn them into a road of blood.


    "Kacha!" A sharp knife suddenly appeared from nowhere, directly stabbed towards Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji didn't dodge, he might have been directly sliced in half.

    At the very first moment, Mo Wuji condensed his spiritual eye, and he did not hesitate to rush towards the opening the knife appeared from. As expected, the moment Mo Wuji dashed over, the knife started to dissipate. On the other hand, a lance appeared from Mo Wuji's side.

    This lance was a actual weapon. If Mo Wuji had chosen to be affected by that knife and dodged in that direction, then he would have thrown himself towards the lance.

    This made Mo Wuji worried; he wasn't worried about himself, but Solitary Red Knot. In this huge illusion array, there were even many deadly traps.

    However, when he thought that Solitary Red Knot had spent a longer time than him in space, he guessed that Solitary Red Knot should be more aware of such stuff. Thus, Mo Wuji cast his concerns aside.

    At this instant, the call from his half moon key became increasingly intense. He simply pulled out the half moon key and swiftly moved in the direction of the intense beckoning.

    In half an incense's time, Mo Wuji stopped. In front of him, was a half moon shaped gate. This gate was slightly smaller than the one which appeared in space, and on the half moon gate, there was a relatively small key hole.

    Mo Wuji did not try forcefully opening the door. If the half moon gate could simply be opened by brute force, then there wouldn't be a need for the half moon keys. He truly didn't have to time to try anything, what he needed now was to quickly raise his capabilities.

    When the half moon key approached the key hold, it was as though there was a vacuum from the other side of the key hole, instantly sucking the half moon key in.

    "Crack..." With a series of 'crack' sounds, the half moon gate opened and the half moon key landed on the floor.

    Mo Wuji picked up the half moon key and extended his spirit storage channel's spiritual will inwards. He immediately noticed a strong corrosive force from within, but with the opening of the half moon gate, the corrosive force started to dissipate.

    Mo Wuji also saw what was behind the door; it was a stone house which was only a few meters wide. In the center of the stone house, there was a circular table with some crudely made teacups on it. At the corner of the stone house, there was also a chain of shackles extending from the ground. However, the shackles did not seem to be restraining anything.

    As to a treasure, Mo Wuji didn't even see anything. However, he did see a ring. This ring was placed not far from the shackle, looking rather jarring.

    Perched on Mo Wuji's shoulder, Shuai Guo was chirping around with disdain. After seeing what was inside the stone house, it clearly didn't think that there was any treasure here.

    Mo Wuji walked over and slowly picked the ring up. He found that the ring was filled with various kinds of seals. Mo Wuji carefully studied the restrictions and he soon discovered that these restrictions had not been placed by the ring's owner. No one would restrict his ring like so. Even with spiritual will, the owner would find it hard to access the ring in a short period of time. Much less in this place where spiritual will was sealed.

    For an average person's sealed ring, not only would he allow his spiritual will, he would also allow his willpower to access what was inside. However, this restriction could not be accessed through willpower.

    Here, Mo Wuji also couldn't use his spiritual will. But he had the spirit storage channel. The spirit storage channel's spiritual will instantly enveloped the ring. With Mo Wuji's understanding of seals and restrictions, coupled with the erosion after time, Mo Wuji merely spent an incense's time to break through the ring's restrictions.

    After breaking the external restrictions, what was inside was exactly as Mo Wuji expected: there was another layer of restrictions. From Mo Wuji's perspective, this layer should be the one set up by the ring's owner.

    It was just that the ring's owner had already perished, so the restrictions had become extremely thin. Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will merely needed a single flush and the ring was easily opened.

    Mo Wuji could finally have a clear look of what was inside the ring. The space inside was not that big, compared to Mo Wuji's own ring, it wasn't bigger by much. However, Mo Wuji could clearly feel that stability of the world in this ring was much more than all the rings he had combined.

    In a corner of the ring, was a pile of Earth grade spirit stones. However, this mountain-like pile of Earth grade spirit stones did not catch Mo Wuji's eye. His attention was focused on ten over spirit stone slags piled next to the Earth grade spirit stones. These spirit stone slags looked like they were at a higher grade than Earth grade spirit stones, but at the same time, they weren't Heaven grade spirit stones.

    Mo Wuji casually took a stone slag out; a sort of pure yet violent elemental energy flooded into his meridians. In merely a moment, Mo Wuji felt as though his meridians had been fully filled with new spiritual energy. He then looked back at the spirit stone slag in his hands; it did not seem to have become much smaller.

    This was a new type of spirit stone which was superior to Earth grade spirit stones, but not exactly the same as Heaven grade spirit stones. In terms of helping a cultivator break through a bottleneck, it could not be compared to a Heaven grade spirit stone. However, in the cultivation process itself, it was no less than a Heaven grade spirit stone. The key thing was that it contained vastly more spiritual energy than a Heaven grade spirit stone; its purity seemed to also be higher by a bit.

    Could this be the spirit stones used by Earthly Immortals? At this instant, Mo Wuji seemed to understand why the Star King Mountain's three clans were able to rise to where they were today.

    This sort of thing could definitely give a Great Circle of True God Stage cultivator the chance to advance into the Worldly Immortal Stage, or even the Earthly Immortal Stage. If this was paired with a supreme cultivation technique and a sacred art, then...

    Mo Wuji's gaze soon turned towards some jade letters. He held one jade letter in his hand. With a quick sweep with his spiritual will, he immediately knew that this was a cultivation technique, and it was even one at the Treasured Heaven Grade. It's name was Gold Cloud Formula. It could be said that except for Cen Shuyin's Typhoon Formula, there was no other technique in Zhen Mo Continent that could compare with this.

    At the back of the jade letter, there was even a pseudo-sacred art - the Fallen Cloud Gold Arrow.

    Mo Wuji shook his head and kept the jade letter. Whether it was a pseudo-sacred art or a Treasured Heaven Grade technique, this was a great treasure which would send reverberations through the entire Zhen Mo Continent. Unfortunately, he wasn't interested in them.

    As for the other things in the ring, Mo Wuji didn't care about them. He carefully stored the ring in a jade box then walked to the wall corner, picking up that steel shackle.

    Even though countless years had passed, the shackles still exuded an unyielding aura.

    This was no immortal palace. Mo Wuji was sure, this stone house was merely a prison cell.
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