Chapter 347: Half Moon Prison

    Chapter 347: Half Moon Prison

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    This place once confined a cultivator, and the ring he just obtained belonged to that cultivator. As for the exterior restrictions on the ring, they should have been inscribed by the person who confined that cultivator. What made Mo Wuji curious was, why did that person go through all that trouble to inscribe restrictions over the prisoner's ring, instead of taking it away.

    After all, there was a Treasured Heaven Grade technique inside, and even spirit stones which far outstripped Earth grade spirit stones. If it was some other person, he wouldn't have thrown these stuff here, right? Unless...

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, his heart started to race faster. Unless the things in the ring didn't even catch that person's eye? Or that person might not even be bothered to open it.

    How was this possible? A Treasured Heaven Grade technique was already one of the best things in Zhen Xing. Even if he didn't need it, he could still sell it away for a huge sum of money. To not even care about such things, how godly was that person?

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, he instantly furrowed his brows. He knew that there was nothing that was impossible in this world. If it happened, it meant that it was possible.

    Let's say that there was a storage bag filled with Huang grade spirit stones, and there was even Spirit Condensing Pills coveted by Channel Opening Stage cultivators. If he was in the Channel Opening Stage, that storage bag would simply be the best thing that happened to him. But now? If he found it resting at the side of the street, he wouldn't even be bothered to bend down to pick it up.

    If it was really such a case, then how powerful was that prison warden? He must definitely be stronger than an Earthly Immortal. A cultivator past the Earthly Immortal Stage, would that be a whole different realm?

    There were a total of 99 dao gates in the Half Moon Immortal Palace. According to his conjecture, that was enough to imprison 99 cultivators.

    The more Mo Wuji thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible. But what use did a cultivator past the Earthly Immortal Stage had in imprisoning these cultivators who only had Earth grade spirit stones?

    Even though Mo Wuji racked his brains, he still couldn't understand the reason. The only thing he could confirm was, the Half Moon Immortal Palace was a prison. The treasures in each dao gate were the items left behind by the cultivators imprisoned there. As for those prisoners, there were very likely to have been eroded after time.

    Mo Wuji lifted his hand and shot out a ball of Scholar's Heart. The fireball landed on the shackle and burnt for a few minutes. However, there wasn't any change in that shackle.

    Even though the Scholar's Heart was still weak, but its temperature was enough to even melt Celestial Sunflower Gold. At this moment, it couldn't even burn a bit of the shackle.

    Mo Wuji swiftly exited the room. He took out the full moon key formed from the fusion of two half moon keys; however this time, he did not manage to feel any form of call or direction.

    Once again, he condensed his spiritual eye. Mo Wuji intended to use his Wind Escape Technique to traverse this passage. He guessed, the final dao gate must definitely be the deepest place in the half moon palace. He never expected that the moment his spiritual eye condensed, Mo Wuji saw the person he wanted to see the most - Xia Mu.

    This fella was the Star King Mountain Star Wars Hall Master Xia Dandao's son. Mo Wuji had never personally met Xia Mu, but Chu Qianlou did show him a drawing of Xia Mu's appearance. When Chu Qianlou mentioned that Xia Mu had forced Cen Shuyin into the Thorny Wind Gate, the seed of revenge had already sprouted in Mo Wuji's mind.

    The instant he saw Xia Mu, killing intent exploded out from Mo Wuji's heart. He hoped that Xia Dandao didn't only have this only son. Otherwise, the Xia Clan was going to lose its last heir.

    Mo Wuji swiftly passed through two passages, arriving not far from Xia Mu. Before he acted, he heard Xia Mu constantly looking around in all directions, and at the same time, softly calling, "Uncle Guangyuan... Uncle Guangyuan..."

    Mo Wuji hurriedly stopped his actions; this fella actually had a bodyguard. Xia Mu himself was in True God Intermediate Stage. If that Uncle Guangyuan was Xia Mu's bodyguard, then he should be a Worldly Immortal expert.

    Mo Wuji was still wondering, why would Xia Dandao allow Xia Mu to explore in the Half Moon Immortal Palace alone. One must know that a True God Intermediate Stage cultivator really didn't count for much in the Half Moon Immortal Palace. So this fella actually had the protection of a Worldly Immortal ah.

    However, no matter how Mo Wuji's spiritual eyes searched, he didn't see anyone in the surroundings. But from Xia Mu's appearance, he did not seem to be blindly calling; the Uncle Guangyuan should have been beside him not long ago.

    After calling out a few times to no avail, Xia Mu just took out a half moon key, and carefully proceeded onwards.

    Mo Wuji somewhat came to an understanding; this place wasn't simply under an illusion array, there might actually be some transfer arrays around. Those with the half moon key did not seem to be affected. Those without, might actually be casually transported away at any moment.

    That Uncle Guangyuan was very likely to have been transported away. What gave Mo Wuji a pleasant surprise was, Xia Mu actually also had a half moon key.

    Mo Wuji swiftly rushed over. Xia Mu's cultivation was a few levels higher than Mo Wuji, the moment Mo Wuji approached him, he could feel it. Before he could do anything, Mo Wuji's lightning sword had already sliced through space, slashing towards Xia Mu's waist.

    Xia Mu's cultivation might have been slightly higher than Mo Wuji than Mo Wuji, but in terms of abilities, he really couldn't compare. Moreover, Mo Wuji was sneak attacking him. Xia Mu didn't even have the chance as he was directly forced to the ground my Mo Wuji's lightning sword.

    "It's you?" Xia Mu was immediately able to recognise Mo Wuji.

    Previously when Mo Wuji was surrounded by several experts, including his own father, Xia Mu had saw it all.

    "My wife was forced by you into the Thorny Wind Gate?" Mo Wuji slowly walked over, and directly snatched the half moon key out of Xia Mu's hand. As for Xia Mu's storage ring, Mo Wuji didn't go and touch it. Xia Mu was the Star Wars Hall Master's darling child; there was definitely some tracking imprint on the storage ring.

    Actually Mo Wuji wasn't afraid of Xia Dandao's ability. But Xia Dandao was also in the Half Moon Immortal Palace; Mo Wuji truly did not want to waste his time entangling himself with such an expert. Wait till his power rises, he would just find Xia Dandao himself.

    "I'm the Star Wars Hall Master's only son, and I'm even the future heir to the Star King Mountain. I suggest for you not to kill me, otherwise, you might not be able to escape this Half Moon Immortal Palace. As long as you give up on acting against me, the half moon key is yours, and I'm also willing to swear a poison oath..."

    Xia Mu's tone was calm, and he avoided the crucial points, directly avoiding Mo Wuji's question. Before he could complete his words, his head was directly trampled by Mo Wuji's feet, "I asked you a simple question. Where did all these nonsense come from?"

    Xia Mu's heart sank; he dreamt that Xia Guangyuan would appear by his side at this instant. Just as he was thinking of how to deal with this, he heard Mo Wuji say, "Since you don't wish to say anything, then forget it."

    "No, I'll talk..." Xia Mu hurriedly shrieked. Unfortunately, Mo Wuji didn't give him any chances. Stepping down forcefully, Xia Mu's skull was directly trampled into meat juice.

    Xia Dandao, who was not much far away from Xia Mu, seemed to feel something. He lifted his head and scanned the four surroundings, and suddenly rushed towards Mo Wuji in a crazed manner.

    Even though Mo Wuji and him were getting increasingly closer, unfortunately for him, the two were separated by a passage. He also didn't have the means like Mo Wuji to see through the passage's illusion array.

    Mo Wuji lightheartedly exhaled a breath of air. In his heart, he silently said: Shuyin, I've helped you taken a bit of revenge.

    Just when he was about to destroy Xia Mu's corpse, his spiritual eye saw Yan Pingzhi rapidly approaching. With Yan Pingzhi's speed, it would at most take a few breath's time to reach here.

    Yan Pingzhi was a Worldly Immortal. Mo Wuji did not dare to hesitate as he hurriedly rushed away with his Wind Escape Technique. Xia Mu's half moon key had helped him feel a new direction.

    Mo Wuji did not see Xia Dandao who was now two passages away from him. If he did, with his personality, he would definitely use some tricks to cause an enmity between the Xia Clan and Yan Clan.

    Not long after Mo Wuji left, Yan Pingzhi's figure landed by Xia Mu's corpse.

    "This is Xia Clan's Xia Mu? Who was actually so ballsy and actually dared to kill him?" Yan Pingzhi doubtfully stared at the dead Xia Mu. Thereafter, he bent his waist and placed his hand at Xia Mu's waist which had been sliced by Mo Wuji's lightning sword.

    "So it was actually Mo Wuji..." Yan Pingzhi's eyes were filled with killing intent. He raised his head and looked at the direction Mo Wuji ran at, and swiftly raced over.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual eye also saw the chasing Yan Pingzhi. Unfortunately, his abilities weren't high enough for him to ambush Yan Pingzhi. Otherwise, he wouldn't mind killing a Worldly Immortal.

    If this was outside, Mo Wuji would truly be helpless when facing the pursuit of a Worldly Immortal. But in the Half Moon Immortal Palace, he only needed to change to the next passage and he could avoid Yan Pingzhi.

    Half Moon Immortal Palace's illusion array; even Mo Wuji himself didn't fully understand it. But this was not important, as long as his spiritual eye could see through the array's domain, that was enough.

    Half an incense's time later, Mo Wuji used Xia Mu's half moon key to open another dao gate. Just like his previous gate, he saw a shackle, a stone table, and the same crudely made teacups. This time, no matter how Mo Wuji searched, he wasn't able to find any ring.

    Could the ring here already have been taken away? Mo Wuji bent his waist and examined the shackles with his spiritual will. The shackles were the same as the previous one, but the only difference was, these shackles lacked the unyielding killing intent which the previous one had.

    Since there was nothing in this gate, Mo Wuji no longer wasted his time searching, but raced towards the end of the passages.

    The Half Moon Immortal Palace was like a maze, with passage after passage, coupled with various kinds of illusion arrays. For an average person to follow a passage to the end, was not possible.

    If Mo Wuji was not able to condense his spiritual eye, he also would not have been able to reach the end. With these passages filled with various illusions, perhaps he might reach the halfway mark before being lost again.

    Along the way, he constantly used the Wind Escape Technique to move. With the help of his spiritual eye, Mo Wuji spent a whole half a day before stopping.

    In front of him, was a red full moon gate. The key hole of the gate was the shape of a full moon, which was the same as the key in his hand.

    Mo Wuji didn't immediately open the door; his eyes landed on the top of the full moon gate. There were a few huge black words on the top: Yong Ying 11th Prison: Half Moon Prison.

    What dog** Half Moon Palace? This was really a prison, and it was actually given the name of Half Moon Prison. As for Yong Ying, what kind of place was that?
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