Chapter 349: Star Lord Dies

    Chapter 349: Star Lord Dies

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    Mo Wuji threw out multiple array flags; the white light from the central hub immediately dimmed down by quite a bit. Following which, the entire Half Moon Prison started to tremble. Even though there were illusion arrays throughout Half Moon Prison, this did not mean that the cultivators within were unable to feel that someone was refining the Half Moon Prison.

    As expected, the moment Mo Wuji touched the central hub, that fella refining the Half Moon Prison immediately felt it. Instantly, that fella slowed down. Clearly, he was afraid that someone would find him.

    On the other hand, Mo Wuji walked into the room and stimulated the central hub's array. Even though Mo Wuji didn't know what would happen by doing so, it would still be better than waiting for that fella to refine the Half Moon Prison.

    "Boom..." The moment Mo Wuji stimulated the central hub's array, a wave of roaring sound resounded throughout the entire prison. The illusion arrays within Half Moon Prison started to clear up. Not only so, the spiritual will restrictions suddenly disappeared. Mo Wuji could instantly send his spiritual will sweeping outwards.

    Mo Wuji celebrated in his heart; he could see countless cultivators each rushing out of Half Moon Prison. Solitary Red Knot was among those cultivators, and had already reached the entrance of Half Moon Prison. Right now, Mo Wuji was only worried whether he would be detected by other's spiritual will.

    Just as Mo Wuji was worrying frantically, he heard a "Kacha!" sound. Suddenly, an array entrance emerged within the room.

    What was pleasantly surprising was that this array entrance was actually a spatial gate which led into the vast space. Clearly, this was a second exit to the Half Moon Prison.

    If he didn't leave now, then when?

    The moment Mo Wuji stepped out of the spatial gate, a light breeze blew past him, his figure transformed into a flash as he disappeared into vast space.

    The instant he flew away, Mo Wuji scanned the surroundings with his spiritual will. He saw countless space armies. However, he didn't leave through the first half moon gate, but a hidden spatial gate. Thus, when he raced out of Half Moon Prison, no one paid attention to him.

    Everyone's eyes were still on the half moon gate. While countless of cultivators were rushing out, there were still some that were trying to force themselves in.

    Mo Wuji did not stop and deliberate. If it was some other time, he might have used this opportunity to earn some space contribution points. But now, what he needed the most was to raise his own abilities.

    There's no need to talk about others; just to deal with that Monk Wu Xiang alone would require him to at least be in True God Advanced Stage. There was no one who could depend on here.

    Mo Wuji constantly used his Wind Escape Technique for an entire day. Only then did he fetch out his round flying ship, dumped Shuai Guo inside, and continued on his journey.


    After Mo Wuji left, the battle in front of the half moon gate did not ease down because someone was refining Half Moon Prison. In fact, the moment the space beast Bao Lie emerged from the gate, he immediately sent out the attack order, sending the innumerable hordes of space beasts clashing against the Zhen Mo Continent's cultivator armies.

    If this was somewhere else, Chi Tong could choose not to partake in the battle. However, the Universal Hall was right behind, Chi Tong had no other option.

    Bao Lie brought countless space beasts and charged over. He could order the Zhen Mo Continent's soldiers to defend against the charge.

    If it was only the space beasts, then it was still manageable. However, when Gu Nuo Star Tribe's Sid emerged, he actually mustered his cavalry army and charged towards the Zhen Mo Continent's cultivators.

    Chi Tong's greatest worry was the coalition between the space beasts and Gu Nuo Star Tribe. Now, his worries had truly appeared.

    "Hall Master Xia, Hall Master Yan, Hall Master Wu, immediately bring the Star Wars Army, Star Cloud Army and Northern Star Army to intercept the Gu Nuo cavalry. I will handle the space beasts..." Chi Tong issued out the orders as he led the charge towards Bao Lie.

    He was not willing to have a head-on battle with Bao Lie. After all, Bao Lie was an advanced Class 8 space beast, and he wasn't even able of killing it. However, the space beasts now wanted to occupy Universal Hall. So how could he allow that?

    Soon, Chi Tong was dumbfounded. Besides Wu Lingzhi who listened to his orders and brought a portion Northern Star Army to welcome the enemy's charge, the other portion of the Northern Star Army didn't move. As for the Star Wars Hall's Star Wars Army and the Star Cloud Hall's Star Cloud Army, they didn't even budge an inch.

    Chi Tong cried out with grievance, "Xia Dandao, Yan Pingzhi, hurry and order your troops..."

    If the Star Wars Army and the Star Cloud Army didn't intervene, the half of the Northern Star Army led by Wu Lingzhi would be utterly defeated.

    Yan Pingzhi blandly said, "Star Lord, that Mo Wuji is the perpetrator who killed my Yan Clan Patriarch. In the Half Moon Immortal Palace, he also killed the Xia Clan genius, Xia Mu. Moreover, he even killed the space beast's Young Wolf Prince. So we all hope that Star Lord could hand over Mo Wuji, and this would settle all the enmity."

    Yan Pingzhi's words represented the intentions of the three great clans and multiple hall masters. Even Bao Lie and Gu Nuo Star Tribe's Sid understood the meaning behind his words. He was implying that the person who was currently refining the Half Moon Immortal Palace, was the one who held three half moon keys, or even a full moon key - Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji actually had the galls to refine the Half Moon Immortal Palace. Wasn't that because he had the support of Chi Tong?

    "Good, good..." Chi Tong's entire body was trembling. He finally understood the severe consequences behind the internal fractures within Star King Mountain.

    Previously, he thought that internal disputes were inevitable. As long as everyone could remain united against outsiders during a war, that would be enough. But now, at the most crucial moment, Star King Mountain was crumbling internally.

    What hand over Mo Wuji? Didn't they know that he wasn't concealing Mo Wuji? Raising such a laughable excuse, weren't they just trying to borrow these external help to get rid of him, Chi Tong?

    How laughable. If he, Chi Tong, was killed, would the space beasts and Gu Nuo savages give up on their beautiful and bountiful Zhen Xing?

    "Boom!" Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry finally clashed with the half of the Northern Star Army led by Wu Lingzhi. Despite being the number one army in Zhen Mo Continent, the Northern Star Army couldn't handle the Gu Nuo Star Tribe's charge, much less an incomplete Northern Star Army. They were like weeds, being cut down at large patches at a time.

    Chi Tong almost coughed out blood as he shouted, "Brave soldiers of my Zhen Xing, no matter where you're from, the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the space beasts wish to take over our beloved Zhen Xing. As long as I, Chi Tong, have a single breath in me, I will not allow it to happen. If anyone is willing to fight with me, Chi Tong, then charge! Those who are unwilling, can wait quietly by the side as Zhen Xing gets destroyed. Maybe you will live well as a space beast's slave..."

    Chi Tong paused. At this moment, he was already fighting against multiple experts, one of which was even an Earthly Immortal from Gu Nuo Star Tribe.

    A few hot-blooded cultivators rallied with Chi Tong's call, charging towards the chaotic battlefield. But the three big clans' army and Wu Xiang Hall's army didn't move.

    Among Zhen Mo Continent's ten armies, only four of them didn't participate in battle.

    However, facing the combined army from Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the space beasts, Zhen Xing's cultivators were constantly killed and forced into retreat.

    Chi Tong's entire body was riddled with injuries; his entire person was stained red. Several of the Star King Mountain's Worldly Immortals had already perished. After fighting for two consecutively days, Zhen Xing's numbers were constantly declining. By this time, even the spectating Zhen Xing cultivators felt that something wasn't right.

    Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the space beast horde don't look like they simply want to get rid of Chi Tong then force out the Mo Wuji who was currently refining the Half Moon Immortal Palace. They really look like they want to invade Universal Hall ah...

    At this time, a series of loud roars suddenly reverberated throughout space. Following which, a colossal black palace completely appeared in space. This black Palace had a half moon gate. The moment this black palace appeared, it rapidly started to shrink.

    "It's the Half Moon Immortal Palace..." Someone immediately called out.

    "Someone has refined the Half Moon Immortal Palace." Another person added.

    The truth was already clear. The Half Moon Immortal Palace continued to shrink rapidly. Finally, it became a speck of light which shot into a youth's forehead.

    "Lei Hongji..." Many cultivators who recognised this youth cried out in shock.

    This was completely out of everyone's expectations. The one who refined the Half Moon Immortal Palace was Lei Hongji. They thought that it was Mo Wuji was was refining the Half Moon Immortal Palace. After all, Mo Wuji held three half moon keys.

    "Hongji, hurry and come over." Seeing that Lei Hongji had refined the Half Moon Immortal Palace, Chi Tong celebrated and called out hurriedly.

    As long as Lei Hongji comes over and unleashes the Half Moon Immortal Palace, coupled with his elemental energy, they might be able to defend against the enemies.

    Lei Hongji silently looked at Chi Tong. Then, his figure flashed, and a talisman lit up. Soon, he disappeared into boundless space. Very clearly, he had used a peak grade Wind Escape Talisman.

    Chi Tong stared blankly at Lei Hongji's disappearing figure. He did not believe what his eyes had just seen. Even though he didn't teach Lei Hongji much, he truly treated Lei Hongji as his son. Now, Lei Hongji had actually deserted him after refining the Half Moon Immortal Palace. This was simply condemning him to death.

    In name, Lei Hongji was his, Chi Tong's disciple. Now that his disciple had taken the Half Moon Immortal Palace away, why would Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the space beasts let go of him? Moreover, this group of savages wanted to occupy Zhen Xing.

    "Pui!" Just as Chi Tong was still in disbelief, a beam of light shot through his forehead.

    "Star Lord!" Xu Chihuang, who had already lost one of his arms, fiercely rushed over, pulling Chi Tong away.

    Chi Yong suddenly said, "Brave soldiers of my Zhen Mo Continent, listen to my first order! Immediately abandon this battle and retreat to the Universal Hall. As long as Star King Mountain is still here, and the will of Zhen Xing lives on, then not a single one of these barbaric beasts will set foot on Zhen Xing... Listen to my second order! The next Star Lord of Star King Mountain will be Rogue Cultivator 2705, that is Mo Wuji. Anyone who objects will be deemed a rebel to my Star King Mountain, and will be expelled out of Star King Mountain..."

    Chi Tong burnt his life force to speak these words.

    "Take revenge for the Star Lord..." As Chi Tong's life force gradually disappeared, all of the Zhen Xing cultivators were infuriated. Even though Chi Tong didn't fully control Star King Mountain, nor did he fully control the ten armies, but every Zhen Xing cultivator knew that the Star King Mountain's Star Lord was always selflessly protecting Zhen Xing.

    Right before he truly perished, Chi Tong cried out one finally sentence, "No one is to fight, immediately retreat and protect Universal Hall..."

    After roaring out that sentence, Chi Tong's life force was completely depleted. An Earthly Immortal, had died in the middle of the battlefield, with a heart full of grievances.
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