Chapter 350: Brief Theory of Space

    Chapter 350: Brief Theory of Space

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    Mo Wuji took out his spatial positioning ball and it seemed like he couldn't return to the Universal Hall until he was strong enough.

    The storage ring he retrieved had over 10 impressive slags of the spirit stones which could be very useful to him. Therefore, what he needed now was to find a place to undergo his closed doors cultivation for a period of time. He must at least be in the advanced True God Stage for him to return to the Universal Hall.

    He predicted that he should be able to deal with the elementary Worldly Immortal Stage experts when he reached the Intermediate True God Stage and Intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage experts when he reached the Advanced True God Stage. As for Advanced Worldly Immortal Stage experts, even if he couldn't defeat them, he wouldn't be restrained by them.

    If he could advance to the Great Circle of the True God Stage and even opened up 106 meridians, he wouldn't even fear Monk Wu Xiang if he were to appear in front of him.

    The cultivator with surname Wen who gave him this spatial positioning ball really wasn't bragging because this spatial positioning ball really showed quite a lot of spatial positions. Other than the Universal Hall, there were at least over a hundred big and small footholds on this ball. Among those footholds, Mo Wuji saw places like the Thorny Wind Gate, Extreme Frost City and the Star Wars Battlefield.

    Very quickly, Mo Wuji's eyes fell on yet another extreme realm, Universal Lightning Provenance.

    The experienced Mo Wuji was very clear that because extremely few people entered these forbidden grounds as the spiritual energy was extremely dense inside. Whether it was the Thorny Wind Gate or the Extreme Frost City, the spiritual energy inside simply couldn't be compared to the spiritual energy outside. If it was not for his extended period of time cultivating in the Thorny Wind Gate and Extreme Frost City coupled with the large amount of spirit pith stone mushrooms, his cultivation level would probably not have increased so quickly to True God Stage Level 2.

    This Universal Lightning Provenance was one of the extreme realms which meant that the spiritual energy would definitely not be poor there. To increase his cultivation level in the shortest possible time, this place would be the most suitable.

    Firstly, he wasn't fearful of lightning, secondly he could still absorb essences of lightning and thirdly, he could cultivate in the Universal Lightning Provenance without worrying that people might find him.

    "Shuai Guo, follow this spatial positioning map and bring this flying ship to the Universal Lightning Provenance," Mo Wuji immediately threw the spatial positioning ball to Shuai Guo.

    Shuai Guo was simply too weak so the speed of the flying ship would definitely not be great. However, this wouldn't matter much because he could cultivate in the meantime.

    The moment Shuai Guo heard that it would be responsible to take the helm of the ship, its spirit was lifted as it patted its chest to assure Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji entered the inner cabin and placed the restrictions around his cabin before taking out the three storage rings.

    One of the storage ring was the only valuable loot he got from the Half Moon Prison as there were over 10 peak grade spirit stones slags that he urgently needed. Other than the 10 important spirit stone slags, there were three other technique jade letters. One of them had the Fallen Cloud Formula and Fallen Cloud Gold Arrow while Mo Wuji had not looked at the two others.

    The two other storage rings originally belonged to the white-eyed huge wolf and Yan Qiren.

    Mo Wuji's first action was to remove the restriction on Yan Qiren's storage ring. Yan Qiren was after all still a clan's Patriarch and was in the Worldly Immortal Stage so his storage ring should have had pretty decent items. Therefore, Mo Wuji was looking forward to opening Yan Qiren's storage ring the most.

    After opening the storage ring, he immediately realised that he had overestimated Yan Qiren. Other than a few decent spiritual equipment, there were only a pile of average grade pills. As for techniques, there was not even a single manual.

    Mo Wuji kept Yan Qiren's storage ring by the side disappointingly. What he didn't know was that any member of the Yan Clan, even the Patriarch, was not allowed to bring out any top grade treasures with them unless they were going to use it urgently. This was the difference between a clan member and an ordinary cultivator.

    An ordinary sect cultivator would carry everything good with themselves while a clan member would always need to consider the danger outside.

    The white-eyed huge wolf was the Space Wolf King's descendant but Mo Wuji didn't have much expectations for this storage ring. After all, he was only a Class 7 beast which was equivalent to only a True God Stage cultivator.

    When Mo Wuji broke open this white-eyed wolf's storage ring, he was stunned. As compared to this wolf's wealth and fortune, a Worldly Immortal Stage cultivator like Yan Qiren would only be considered a poor man.

    Other than Earth grade spirit stones that were piled up like mountains, Mo Wuji even saw two spiritual veins. And either one of this two spiritual vein would not be weaker than the 13 spirit locking array's spiritual veins in Tian Ji Sect and it could even contained slightly more spiritual energy than those.

    One must know that Tian Ji Sect's 9 spiritual veins were the very foundation of Tian Ji Sect itself so even Mo Wuji didn't dare to absorb spiritual energy crazily to cultivate. Back then because his cultivation level was low, he didn't affect much by cultivating in the spiritual pool for a period of time. Now that he had opened 105 meridians and was in the True God Stage, if he were to cultivate madly in the pool, Tian Ji Sect might need to change location very soon.

    These two spiritual veins was obtained from the white-eyed space wolf so no matter how much spiritual energy he absorbed out of it for cultivation, it wouldn't mean much.

    Other than these two spiritual veins, Mo Wuji saw at least 10 Tier 8 spiritual herbs and he even saw a Nine Radish Space Fruit.

    Mo Wuji saw this Nine Radish Space Fruit in one of the Universal Hall's assignment and its points were terrifyingly scary. This was a Tier 8 space spiritual object but it was an extremely rare one.

    This type of spiritual object could not only increase cultivation level, it could also increase the chances of an expert in the Great Circle of the True God Stage to advance into the Worldly Immortal Stage. Similarly, it could also the chances of a Class 7 demonic beast advancing into Class 8.

    This one fruit alone in the white-eyed wolf was already more valuable than 10 of Yan Qiren's storage rings.

    Mo Wuji took out this fruit very carefully as it placed into a jade box before keeping it in his own storage ring. The white-eyed wolf definitely didn't know how to refine equipments but other than a few top grade spiritual items, there were also a pile of top grade resources for smithing.

    Besides refining array flags, Mo Wuji had no idea how to refine equipments too. After a long period of collecting, he had a mountain worth of refinement resources too.

    These resources were swept to the corner of his storage ring and was placed in the same corner as the Celestial Sunflower Gold.

    Finally, the last thing Mo Wuji took out was a leather book and even though it looked a little torn, it didn't seem to be very old. The reason for its torn appearance should probably have been because it was flipped too many times.

    Mo Wuji flipped open the leather book and the moment he saw the four written words on the first page, his scalp turned numb and his heart started racing.

    Because the four words were 'Brief Theory of Space'.

    This was actually a space narration book and at this exact moment, Mo Wuji had a slight understanding on why the white-eyed huge wolf was able to teleport so many times during their battle. This was definitely not some gifted supernatural power but because it received this brief theory of space.

    Mo Wuji didn't have any mentor and was never properly nurtured in any sects. However, he had also wandered around and experienced many incidents in Zhen Xing for a few years already so he naturally knew what type of skill was the strongest.

    That was the spatial skill or time skill and normally, the spatial and time skills in Zhen Xing were mostly fake or illusions. There were definitely no experts in Zhen Xing who could truly manipulate space or time. Furthermore, such a power would no longer be considered a skill but a true top grade sacred art. Even the transfer arrays only made use of some spatial characteristics as well as space resources to fix it up and it was already very impressive.

    Brief Theory of Space, one could tell the meaning from the words alone that this was a handbook to explain the mysteries of space. If he was able to find a spatial technique within this book, his strength would definitely increase by more than one fold.

    As he flipped opened the next page, Mo Wuji saw the first sentence, "If you could feel the existence of space, it is because of the lack in strength. If you are strong to a certain extent, space would not exist..."

    Such strong statements and Mo Wuji didn't believe that the owner of this book was making things up. When he was on Earth, did he believe he could cultivate to an extent that he had such impressive amount of elemental energy? Did he believe he could condense his spiritual will and walk in space?

    He definitely had to analyse this book but not now because the first thing he must do now was to become stronger.

    Mo Wuji scanned through the two unseen jade letters found in the storage ring from the Half Moon Prison and realised that they were all metal-type techniques. In terms of threat and usability, both of them were not as good as the Fallen Cloud Golden Arrow so Mo Wuji simply kept them and planned to give it to metal-type cultivators in the future.

    After tidying up the items in the three storage rings, Mo Wuji placed a spirit stone slag in his hand.

    That surge of purity and spirituality that exceeded Heaven grade spirit stones gushed over as Mo Wuji casually took out a pile of Earth grade spirit stones to start his circulating his spirit channels to cultivate.

    Before starting his cultivation, Mo Wuji could only feel the shocking amount of spiritual energy in this spirit stone slag and how it could be extremely useful for his cultivation progress. It was only after cultivating that Mo Wuji felt the true terrifying force of this spirit stone slag.

    Previously when he was using the spirit pith mushroom stones to cultivate, he could only feel the dense, undissolved spiritual energy circling around and truck loads of spiritual energy being absorbed by his meridian.

    But using this spirit stone slags to cultivate, he could feel a ball of fiery spiritual energy piercing through every meridian in his body like a sharp sword.

    Using normal spiritual energy to cultivate would be like smooth flowing water but using this unknown spirit stone slags to cultivate was like advancing through the rapids.

    After just half a day, Mo Wuji could feel the tremendous increase in his own strength.

    After using for half a month, Mo Wuji finally realised that the spiritual energy had been completely depleted by him. During this same period of time, he had already stepped into True God Stage Level 3.

    As Mo Wuji's cultivation level kept increasing, the rate at which he absorbed spiritual energy from the spirit stone slags increased too. After yet another month, Mo Wuji stepped into True God Stage Level 4 and he had already depleted four spirit stone slags.

    Three months later, Mo Wuji reached True God Stage Level 5 and he only had six more spirit stone slags left.

    As he saw the pile of Earth grade spirit stones turning into ashes, Mo Wuji sighed in pity. He had collected too little spirit stones slags from the Half Moon Prison and if he had hundred over of such spirit stone slags, he would definitely be able to break into the Worldly Immortal Stage without any obstructions.

    "Master, we have reached the periphery of the Universal Lightning Provenance," Shuai Guo sounded out from the deck of the flying ship.

    Mo Wuji tidied up his cabin and walked to the deck.

    In front of him was a planet and this planet was surrounded by lightnings flashes. Looking at it from far, this planet was extremely eye-catching in space.

    Mo Wuji guessed that this was the same type of star as the sun with the only difference being that the sun radiated heat while this planet radiated lightning bolts.
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