Chapter 351: The Mess in Star King Mountain

    Chapter 351: The Mess in Star King Mountain

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    "Shuai Guo, I need to cultivate in this planet. There are very strong lightning bolts there so I doubt you can handle it. Wait for me somewhere and before I am about to leave, I will send you a messenger flying sword," After finishing his words, Mo Wuji took out a storage ring and handed it to Shuai Guo.

    He had a lot of storage rings with him and a mountain of Earth grade spirit stones.

    Hearing that it could roam freely, Shuai Guo was ecstatic as it hurried to take over the storage ring and even without asking how long Mo Wuji would take, it dashed into the depths of the space.

    Mo Wuji was never worried about Shuai Guo because this bird was very cheeky and it was capable of learning things very quickly. There were some things which Mo Wuji only taught once and this bird would be able to do the same several times afterwards. Moreover, it was very speedy so a normal cultivator would find it tough to harm him.


    Mo Wuji kept his flying ship and spotted an area with thinner lightning bolts as he charged into this planet.

    Just as Mo Wuji predicted, this planet's spiritual energy was astonishingly dense. Similarly, its lightning bolts were as incredibly strong. Even though Mo Wuji chose the place with the thinnest lightning bolts, it was still not weaker than the lightning bolts he used for his heavenly tribulation. One could imagine that once Mo Wuji reached places with stronger lightning bolts, he definitely couldn't withstand it.

    There were lightning bolts everywhere so it was impossible to find a place to hide from the lightning bolts. Even if he were to dig underground, it would probably be filled with lightning bolts too.

    What Mo Wuji wanted was a place like this to cultivate, it wasn't long ago that he just reached True God Stage and he was already in the True God Stage Level 5.

    This cultivation speed was considered to be flying quick already because if it was any faster, it would very easily lead to fundamental instabilities. Even though Mo Wuji had not faced any sequela yet, he was afraid that it might affect him in the future. Therefore, to cultivate in these place filled with lightning bolts, he would be able to absorb lightning bolts and cultivate at the same time. This would be extremely beneficial to temper his body and state of mind.

    Furthermore, Mo Wuji also realised that his spiritual circulation technique had another unique characteristic. That would be the fact that when he cultivated under tough environments, as long as there was enough spiritual energy, his body strength would increase as well. Mo Wuji knew that there was a type of cultivators called the martial cultivators. Martial cultivators specialised in training their body and the higher their cultivation level, the stronger their body would be. Mo Wuji was not a martial cultivator but if he could increase his body strength under such vile environment while cultivating, why not?

    This extreme realm might be an extreme realm to others but to him, it was both an extreme realm and a realm of opportunities. Mo Wuji completely neglected the fact that his skin, flesh, bones and nerves were at risk under constant attacks from the lightning bolts because as he took each step at a time until today, what pain had he not suffered before?

    Lightning bolts like spider webs covered the entire sky before descending and as much as Mo Wuji could absorb the lightning energy, after just half a day, Mo Wuji's clothes were already burnt to pieces by these lightning bolts.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't use the unknown spirit stone slags to cultivate. There were only six of them left and these spirit stone slags were most suitable to use to breakthrough bottlenecks.

    As the lightning essence and dense spiritual energy around was swept away by Mo Wuji, these spiritual energy swirled under the lightning bolts very quickly and in the next moment, Mo Wuji condensed everything once again.

    As he constantly swept and condensed these spiritual energy, Mo Wuji's strength was starting to increase bit by bit. Without using the Half Moon Prison's spirit stone slags, his rate of cultivating was no longer as quick like before.

    Concurrently, his skin and bones were constantly struck, torn and broken by the lightning webs but they were immediately healed afterwards. As time passed, Mo Wuji had lesser broken bones and quicker recovery time.

    After cultivating for a long time, Mo Wuji who was initially cultivating at a place with weaker lightning bolts started to shift towards regions with stronger lightning bolts as his adaptability was constantly on the rise.

    A blink of an eye and one year passed as Mo Wuji successfully reached True God Stage Level 6.

    Presently, Mo Wuji was completely immersed in this Universal Lightning Provenance as he had no intentions to leave.


    Universal Hall.

    As compared to a year and a half ago, this place was a lot more depressed now. Most cultivators who hurried in and out of here were mostly businessmen and the Universal Cultivator Army.

    A year and a half ago, the appearance of the Half Moon Immortal Palace in the space outside Zhen Xing ignited a messy war in space.

    In this one war, Star King Mountain lost its Star Lord, Chi Tong, and Zhen Mo Continent lost its control over the Star Wars Battlefield. The unsuitability of Universal Hall's spatial gate for the Gu Nuo Star's cavalry in addition to Chi Tong's decision before he died to get everyone to give up on retaliating and defend the spatial gate at all cost played a part in preventing the complete take over of the Universal Hall. In the end, because of territorial disputes, there was a clash between the space beasts and the Gu Nuo Star's cavalry army which stopped their combined attack on Zhen Xing. Otherwise, the Universal Hall would have been occupied by the space beasts or Gu Nuo Star's cavalry army.

    However, because of this war, Zhen Mo Continent lost its nutrients to survival, the Star Wars Battlefield.

    One must know that even though Zhen Mo Continent was very big in size, it didn't have enough cultivation resources to provide for the larger number of cultivators. Most of Zhen Mo Continent's cultivation resources came from the Star Wars Battlefield.

    Now that the Star Wars Battlefield was split among the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and Space Beasts, the Zhen Mo cultivators were starting to suffer.

    Other than the few cultivators who had already entered the Star Wars Battlefield long ago, it was extremely difficult for Zhen Mo Continent cultivators to enter the Star Wars Battlefield now. The moment one stepped out from the Universal Pier, the chances of survival were extremely slim.

    It was very likely that if this were to persist, the Universal Hall wouldn't last any longer.

    Because of these reasons, all the businessmen here hurried in and out. No one was willing to stay long because they had no idea when the Universal Hall would become the territory of alien tribes.

    On the first level hall of the Universal Pier, a few cultivators just sold the spiritual herbs in their hands as they discussed while walking out. At this moment, a grey shadow dashed straight into the Universal Pier. With that speed,the few cultivators who were in discussion hurried to make way.

    "Bang!" Before the grey robed cultivator could dash to the second level, he was shot by a radiance and fell to the ground.

    Following which, another cultivator came in and immediately picked up this killed cultivator and left the first level of the Universal Pier.

    If not for the pool of blood on the floor, some people might think it was an illusion.

    "Ugh, a year ago, who dares to kill in the Universal Pier? Without mentioning kill, nobody even dared to attack. After the fall of the Star Lord, people actually dare to casually kill in this place," A cultivator sighed and said only after a long while.

    "Do you know who was the murderer? He is a member of the Star King Mountain's Xia Clan. I also recognised the person killed. His name is Fei Ding, from the Lost Continent," An onlooker sounded out.

    "I've heard that the Xia Clan and Yan Clan are going around killing all the Lost Continent cultivators. Back then the Star Lord warned Master Wu Xiang that he must not anger the Lost Continent because of Mo Wuji. Who would have expected the angered ones were the Xia Clan and Yan Clan?

    "The Lost Continent sent over a hundred people and other than a few who had already fallen in the Star Wars Battlefield, the rest should be all killed right?"

    "It should be that case because I've heard over 70-80 people were killed already. It was only because Xia Clan couldn't capture that Mo Wuji, which was why..."

    "Not necessary because I believe that was the reason they gave on the surface. The true reason should be because before Star Lord died, he appointed Mo Wuji to be be next Star Lord. Think about it, why would the throne of the next Star Lord of the Star King Mountain be handed to a completely unrelated person? The main reason why the Xia and Yan Clan were killing all Lost Continent cultivators was to warn Mo Wuji and anyone else who would help Mo Wuji in the future that they will be killed."

    "Silence, if you still want to live you better stop discussing about such things."

    These few cultivators in discussion immediately shut their mouth because this was true. The moment word spreads out that they were discussing about the three big clans, nothing good would come out of it.

    "I've heard that the Space Wolf King is currently not in his Space Wolf King Mountain, the moment he returns, I'm afraid the Universal Hall would no longer be able to fend against alien invasion. I don't know how what are your thoughts but this would be my last time coming to the Universal Hall."

    The few cultivators stopped talking about the Star King Mountain's three big clans but started discussing about when the Space Wolf King would invade the Universal Hall.


    Star King Mountain's Star Lord Hall. Even though Chi Tong had fallen, it was getting increasingly crowded everyday.

    Other than Hall Master Wu Xiang who was frantically looking for Mo Wuji outside and Star Trace Hall's Hall Master Wu Lingzhi had always been fighting to resist the invasion of the space beasts and Gu Nuo Star at the Universal Pier, the rest of the Hall Masters were here.

    Because of the inheritance of the Star Lord's position, the Star King Mountain was already at the edge of falling apart.

    "Hall Master Xia, since the previous Star Lord had already appointed Mo Wuji to be his heir, before we see Mo Wuji, I suggest we should not appoint anyone else first. We should focus our energy and strength on defending the Universal Hall because the moment the Gu Nuo's experts and space beasts break into the Universal Hall, nothing we say here will matter," A woman stood out and said directly.

    Xia Dandao's expression turned ugly because this woman was Star King Mountain's 4th hall Star Sea Hall's Hall Master Su Xuan. Her Star Sea Army was much stronger than his Star Wars Army so for him to become the Star Lord, he had to draw her over to his side.

    Yan Pingzhi stood up, "Hall Master Su's statement is poor because Star Lord Chi Tong was attacked by Gu Nuo Star's Earthly Immortal and he was in the state of despair so he wasn't even clear of what he said. If we follow Star Lord Chi's will and let a puny True God Stage cultivator become the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain, we would simply be seen as a laughing stock for the universe."

    The one armed Xu Chihuang suddenly stood up and pointed to Yan Pingzhi seriously, "Yan Pingzhi, don't think nobody knows what your motive was. Star Lord Chi's was benign and openhearted as he always look at things for Zhen Xing. He must have his reasons for choosing Mo Wuji as his heir. You are merely a Hall Master, who do you think you are to question Star Lord's words?"

    Yan Pingzhi laughed coldly, "I am indeed just a hall master but I am not someone a small defender like you can mess with. Try pointing at me again and trust me when I say I can kill a small defender like you here."

    Su Ting didn't hesitate to interrupt Yan Pingzhi's words, "I really don't believe you, Yan Pingzhi, has this capability. Defender Xu risked his life to bring Star Lord's body back and even lost an arm in the process. At that point of time, where were you, Yan Pingzhi? You only appear when it was time to inherit the throne, ah, anyone could become the next Star Lord but not you, Yan Pingzhi. Since everyone couldn't come to terms, we shall wait out and temporary not select the next Star Lord first."

    Yan Pingzhi was livid yet he didn't dare to treat Su Xuan like he treated Xu Chihuang.

    Xia Dandao grunted, "Now that the Universal Pier is in such a mess, if we don't hurry appoint a new Star Lord, it will be detrimental to the safety of my Zhen Mo Continent."
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