Chapter 355: Extreme Ice Cannon

    Chapter 355: Extreme Ice Cannon

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    "Mo Wuji?" When the person saw Mo Wuji, disbelief and shock emerged from his face, and he immediately stopped.

    Mo Wuji noticed that this person racing over was a male cultivator; his entire face revealed traces that he had gone through many vicissitudes in space, and he had a saber behind his back. He was at least in the advanced stage of True God Stage, and since he could recognise Mo Wuji, he should be a cultivator from Zhen Xing.

    What shocked Mo Wuji was, this cultivator tied a red ribbon around his wrist. Supposedly, this was something unique to Solitary Red Knot, so why did this male cultivator do it too?

    Before Mo Wuji could ask anything, another figure rapidly approached them. This was a cultivator riding on a space beast. Mo Wuji had experienced the chaotic battle back then; this fella had not even reached him , but he could tell that this was a cavalry soldier from Gu Nuo Star Tribe.

    Mo Wuji finally came to an understanding; this Gu Nuo Star Tribe solider should be hunting that male cultivator.

    After the cavalry soldier saw that there was another Mo Wuji, he did not retreat, but instead sped up his charge. He formed a barbed thorn light within his hands; the barbed thorn light seemed to almost instantly slice through space, as it arrived in front of Mo Wuji in less than a breath's time.

    Mo Wuji swung the Tian Ji Pole which was behind his back. He formed a pole shadow which was like a waterfall, there were no twists nor bends, he just swung it straight downwards.

    "Boom!" Elemental energy immediately exploded. That barbed thorn light was directly destroyed; that cavalry soldier didn't even have the chance to dodge. He was immediately killed by Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and a ring was collected by him. From the looks of it, this cavalry soldier was at most at the Great Circle of True God Stage, so he should not have anything good. However, what Mo Wuji was lacking most was cultivation resources. A mosquito might have little meat, but it was still meat.

    "You..." The cultivator that came first stared at Mo Wuji in shock. Without displaying a single skill, a Great Circle of the True God Stage cultivator was killed by Mo Wuji.

    Luckily, this male cultivator was fast to react; he bowed towards Mo Wuji and said, "I didn't expect senior to reach the Worldly Immortal Stage so quickly. Junior Shi Lu thanks senior for your saving grace."

    Only now did Mo Wuji know that the other party had thought him to be a Worldly Immortal. After all, his previous attack was too overbearing. That True God that he easily killed, was already at the Great Circle of the stage.

    "Dao Friend Shi is too courteous. I just returned, can I ask, has the Universal Pier been occupied by the alien cultivators and space beasts?" Mo Wuji clasped his hands and asked.

    Shi Lu explained, "After the Star Lord perished, Universal Pier was occupied by these foreign species a few years ago. Even though I haven't went to Zhen Xing, but I can guess that Zhen Xing's front door - Piercing Wind City - should be in perilous danger..."

    "Star King Mountain's Star Lord is dead?" Mo Wuji asked in surprise.

    Shi Lu nodded, "Those years ago, the Half Moon Immortal Palace was refined and taken away by Lei Hongji. The Star Lord was too shocked by Lei Hongji's betrayal, and he was killed by the sneak attack of a Gu Nuo Star Tribe's Earthly Immortal Elementary Stage expert..."

    When he heard that the Half Moon Prison was refined by Lei Hongji that , Mo Wuji's heart was filled with discontent. That fella had a huge enmity with him; now that he controlled the Half Moon Prison, how much more powerful would he be?

    "Before the Star Lord perished, he designated you as the next heir to the Star King Mountain's Star Lord..."

    Shi Lu didn't manage to finish his words when he was interrupted by Mo Wuji, "Wait wait, you're saying that the Star Lord designated me to be the heir of the Star Lord of Star King Mountain?"

    It was no surprise why Mo Wuji was so stupefied by these words; he didn't even have any ties to Chi Tong. After the Half Moon Immortal Palace appeared, they only had a bit of interaction, and it was an unpleasant interaction at that. Chi Tong was too cowardly, he couldn't even respond to the threat of that leopard beast, leaving Mo Wuji too disappointed.

    Moreover, among the six Worldly Immortals searching for him at the Extreme Frost Sea, Mo Wuji suspected that some of them were Chi Tong's men.

    This kind of Star Lord, to be perfectly honest, did not garner any respect from Mo Wuji.

    "That's right. This matter was heard by countless of people, there's no way I can lie about this. Eventually, I heard that that the three clans and the various hall masters were competing for the place of the Star Lord, leading to the fall of Universal Hall." Shi Lu continued to explain.

    Mo Wuji nodded; he had no interest in being the Star Lord. He came to Zhen Xing with a purpose, besides checking up on Yan'Er, he wanted to see if he could take Universal Peak Token from the top of the Universal Board.

    As Mo Wuji thought of this, Mo Wuji suddenly recalled that Yan'Er was still in Zhen Mo Continent. If these foreign species invade into Zhen Mo Continent, what would happen to Yan'Er?

    "Dao Friend Shi, hurry and tell me, have the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the space beasts invaded into Zhen Mo Continent?" Mo Wuji asked urgently.

    Shi Lu shook his head and said, "According to what I know from half a year ago, they shouldn't have broken past Piercing Wind City. But I don't know how it is right now."

    When he finished speaking, Shi Lu seemed to remember something, and he spoke in a higher volume, "Senior Mo, I heard that the Space Wolf King is going around finding you. You better go. If you appear at Universal Hall, that Space Wolf King would soon get the news and come pursuing after you."

    Mo Wuji snorted and said, "Let him come if he wants. Even if he doesn't come for me, I will still make a trip to his wolf kennel. A bunch of beasts, actually wanting to take over the place where human beings stay."

    "Senior Mo's words really touch my heart. Those foreign species, be it the alien Gu Nuo Star Tribe, or those beasts, since they dared to invade our Zhen Xing, they must be slaughtered." Shi Lu immediately clapped his hands, as though he had met a bosom friend.

    "Dao Friend Shi, let's just address each other as 'dao friends'. Calling me senior is being too formal. Oh right, why is there a red ribbon on your wrist?" Mo Wuji pointed at Shi Lu's hand and asked.

    Shi Lu was seemingly not a secretive person, he pointed at his red ribbon and explained, "Brother Mo, I'm not the one who came up with this red ribbon. It's because in the Zhen Mo Continent, there's a cultivator called Solitary Red Knot. Over these years, he had been always been killing all the aliens and beasts he sees. If he saw one of these foreign species acting against a Zhen Xing cultivator, he would not hesitate to help. Over the course of time, many Zhen Xing culitvators, who could no longer return back to Zhen Xing, all don this red ribbon around their wrist, in support of Solitary Red Knot. We call ourselves Red Knot Fellows."

    Mo Wuji didn't expect for Solitary Red Knot to actually make such a huge influence. From the looks of it, he should also have obtained something good from Half Moon Prison.

    "Brother Mo, Xia Clan and Mou Clan are going around hunting the cultivators who came from Lost Continent. Even if Universal Pier isn't occupied by these foreign species, I would still advise for you not to go back." Shi Lu dissuaded once more.

    "What?" Mo Wuji felt like a huge fire had started burning in his heart.

    Even if they were angered, wasn't this too preposterous? He didn't even know most of those geniuses from the Lost Continent, but they were actually being hunted? From the looks of it, he had yet to adapt to the shamelessness of the cultivation world.

    Would anything happen to Ren Tianxing?

    Feeling the heavy killing intent surging from Mo Wuji, Shi Lu subconsciously took a few steps back and asked quietly, "Brother Mo, why don't you follow me and hide for the time being? I know a relatively safe place. Not only can you cultivate, you also wouldn't be easily discovered."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "Hide? Since I've returned, I don't intend to leave and continue to be chased after. Even if I leave, it will be in an upright and open manner. No one here has the rights to force me to hide.

    If that Space Wolf King appeared, it did have the qualifications to force him to hide. But since he's here, he decided that he will take back the Universal Hall. No matter how impressive the Space Wolf King was, if he had the Universal Hall, that wolf would still be helpless against him.

    "Ah..." Shi Lu stared at Mo Wuji aghastly. Since he's returned, he didn't intent to leave? There's no need for him to mention the Space Wolf King, just that million of soldiers guarding outside the Universal Pier was not something they could even deal with.

    Mo Wuji did not explain anything, simply taking out a huge cannon. This time, he picked the extreme ice cannon.

    It was easy to solve the problem using the laser cannon or a heavenly fire cannon. However, the only problem was, after he fired the cannon, there would be nothing left for him.

    Whether it was storage rings or space contribution points, he wouldn't get any of it. Now, the things he needed were exactly space contribution points, and of course the fortune within the rings of these countless alien soldiers.

    "Brother Mo, you intend to use this spiritual cannon to deal with these foreign invaders?" Seeing Mo Wuji take out a huge cannon, Shi Lu asked.

    He had started preparing himself to run. Spiritual cannons, this sort of thing, was typically installed on a battleship or a castle wall. However, the power of a cannon was limited, it was not very flexible, and it had to use a lot of spirit stones. In other words, for a poor cultivator, he could only fire a few rounds before running out of spirit stones.

    "Right. After I re-occupy Universal Pier, you can go and contact those fellows of your. Get them to come back and help protect the Universal Pier." Mo Wuji said offhandedly.

    Mo Wuji was far stronger than Shi Lu, no matter what Mo Wuji said, Shi Lu wasn't in a position to reject. Thus, he could only reply, "Ok then..."

    He had already prepared himself. The moment those foreign invaders come charging over, he would run for his life by himself.

    Mo Wuji was much stronger than him, so naturally, Mo Wuji would be able to escape before him.

    A extreme ice cannon ammunition was inserted into the cannon. Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already swept across the space beast military camp and the Gu Nuo military camp.

    These two camps were not that far from one another. Mo Wuji knew the power of his cannons, but to ensure that none of these foreign invaders could escape, he specially picked the plus sized cannon.

    The extreme ice cannon was ignited. A blinding white light was fired.

    Shi Lu didn't even hear any loud explosion; he could only feel teh surrounding air freezing up.

    At this instant, his eyes could no longer see anything. More accurately, he could only se a patch of white. Even his spiritual will could only scan that snowy white patch.

    "Boom!" Only after a long time, did the huge tremors in space come reveberating over. It took a full ten breaths of time before those tremors disappeared. To Shi Lu's huge surprise, everything in front of him was frozen.

    What the hell was this cannon? How could it be so terrifying? Even at a distance, Shi Lu's hands were already frozen. If he was directly in the blast zone, he wouldn't even escape with his life.

    It wasn't just Shi Lu; Mo Wuji was equally shocked. He had always thought that the laser cannon was the most powerful cannon among his cannons. But now, he found that this extreme ice cannon was more than multiple times stronger than his laser cannon? Even under the scan of his spiritual will, all he could see was frosty ice.
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