Chapter 356: House Slave Chanse

    Chapter 356: House Slave Chanse

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    Chanse, Gu Nuo Beast Cavalry Commander. His pair of sharp ears gaze off an intelligent look, but in terms of talent, he could also be considered among the best in Gu Nuo Star Tribe.

    Previously, when the Half Moon Prison emerged, Chanse was still at the Great Circle of True God Stage. These few years had passed, and he was already an expert at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1.

    Compared to on Gu Nuo Star, his life on Zhen Xing's Universal Pier had been more carefree. At Gu Nuo, even though his ears looked a little amusing, his status was not very high. Eventually, he followed the cavalry to take part in the Half Moon Immortal Palace Battle, and while he didn't obtain anything much from within, he did earn some military merits. With these merits, he was able to become a commander in the Gu Nuo cavalry. After a few years of cultivation, he advanced into Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1.

    The power he possessed, and the copious resources that came from Universal Pier, left him extremely contented. He even secretly made a resolution; he must succeed in advancing into the Earthly Immortal Stage here. Wait till he becomes an actual Earthly Immortal, who in Gu Nuo would still look at him with contempt?

    At this moment, Chanse had just stepped out of the spatial gate from the third floor of Universal Pier. The moment he entered into space, he felt waves of quakes reverberating through space, followed by the explosion of whiteness which seemed to extend endlessly.

    Besides that white frost which extended indeterminately, he could not see anything else.

    That frost instantly invaded his spirit channels. Chanse was a war-hardened man; he immediately knew that things weren't going good. He wanted to use his fastest speed to retreat back into Universal Pier, but that icy frost had already complete froze him. He could only stare as the frost seeped in from the clothes to his body; watch gradual dispersion and scattering of his primordial spirit; and feel the slow shattering of his spirit channels...

    At this moment, fear and shock completely inundated Chanse's entire heart and spirit. Even if he faced an Earthly Immortal expert, he wouldn't be afraid to such an extent.

    He lifted his head, and immediately saw a more terrifying sight.

    The combined forces of the Gu Nuo cavalry and the space beasts numbered close to a million, and the soldiers dispatched here were the best among the best. Not even a huge horde of low class space beasts, huge enough to blot out the entire sky, was enough to faze them.

    However, at this instant, this million-strong army was also swept within the boundless white light. Compared to the secondary frost he was currently experiencing, that million-strong army was right within the blast zone. He could see a cultivator slowly turn into an ice statue, then that ice statue shattered, turning into pieces and scattering into vast space.

    He finally understood why he hadn't died; he was not within the blast zone of that cold white light, and he wasn't there firsthand when that cold white light appeared. Moreover, he was a Worldly Immortal, so he did not perish immediately.

    His willpower and consciousness slowly turned blurry; his heart was ice cold. Previously, when the Gu Nuo cavalry was sent to take part in the battle for the Half Moon Immortal Palace, the Gu Nuo Prophet said that Zhen Xing was not to be touched, at least with Gu Nuo's abilties...

    That prophecy turned out to be true. Under this deadly white light, all the beast cavalry soldiers were screwed. Even those soldiers that were in Universal Pier now wouldn't be any better of. Oh right, Gu Nuo's number 1 commander, Sid, should have been within the blast zone right? In the boundless pieces of shattered ice, Commander Sid might be some of them...


    "Brother Mo, this..." Shi Lu stared disbelievingly at the icy coldness which pervaded after the white light disappeared, and muttered in shock.

    Mo Wuji kept his extreme ice cannon, with a bit of unhappiness in his heart. He was increasingly sure, these cannons of his were not meant for this world. They must have descended from some higher world. These cannon ammunition were invaluable, every one he used was one less ammunition left for him. In the future, if he reaches that other world, what should he do if he needed these huge cannons?

    More importantly, he promised that white-whiskered fisherman, that he would go to that dog** Gods Tower, and find that ridiculous immortal sealing array. How powerful was that white-whiskered fisherman? If he wasn't able to do it himself, it meant that it would be even more impossible for Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji also knew, as a cultivator, he must not rely on external items. However, with his bit of ability, if he didn't rely on these external items, then he would only be preparing himself for death.

    "Let's go take a look." Mo Wuji calmed his emotions, and said simply.

    Even though the threat of the extreme ice cannon had already passed, the military encampments remained icy cold. Mo Wuji was strong, and he had tempered himself in the Extreme Frost Sea, so this sort of cold did not mean much to him. On the other hand, Shi Lu had to circulate his elemental energy to protect himself; his heart was still shaking in shock, the cannon had already been fired quite some time ago, but he was still almost unable to defend against its effects.

    "The defensive arrays here have been completely wasted." Shi Lu looked at the barren space and sighed.

    Previously, this place was used by Zhen Mo Continent as the military camps for their cultivator armies. There were defensive arrays set in place here. Besides that, there were even spirit gathering arrays, star imitation arrays, etc...

    But now, there was blankness. There was no longer any form of obstructions. The only thing which remained here, were the bits of rubble.

    Mo Wuji shook his head, and grabbed his universal token hung at his waist.

    Space Contribution Points: 1721673; Rank 98.

    Mo Wuji could finally feel a bit of comfort; the extreme ice cannon was indeed able to help him obtain space contribution points. However, this was definitely only a small portion of the points. Here, there were around a million soldiers and beasts, and the weakest should have been in the Yuan Dan Stage, or Class 4.

    Adding this up, it would definitely be much more than 1 to 2 million space contribution points. However, he merely obtained a little over 1 million contribution points. This meant that the extreme ice cannon was still too strong, causing some of the points to be lost.

    As for the rings, Mo Wuji could only gather some at the peripheries. Right at the epicenter of the impact, not even a single one could be found.

    His dreams of striking it rich could only go unfulfilled.

    "Brother Mo, there's still a complete..." Shi Lu noticed Chanse first in the distance.

    Mo Wuji took one step over, and directly extended his hand on Chanse. Chanse's entire body was rapidly freezing, and a trail of black blood flowed out the corner of his mouth. This fella's life force was rather resilient; he actually didn't die.

    Mo Wuji immediately grabbed a pill and threw it into Chanse's mouth. Actually, Mo Wuji knew that he took out the Immeasurable Soul-Prolonging Flower, he would definitely be able to save this sharp-eared Gu Nuo soldier. However, Mo Wuji did not want to waste this sort of precious spiritual herb here.

    This Chanse was really quite resilient; in an incense's time, this fella actually woke up. When he discovered that he had not died, Chanse immediately started circulating energy to heal himself.

    Soon, Chanse was able to stabilise his injuries. Then he saw Mo Wuji and Shi Lu were staring at him in complete shock.

    Mo Wuji simply said, "That army of a million has already been destroyed by me. Now, I give you two choice. One, I will give you a ball of fire, and you could die in a neater manner. Two, become my house slave; offer your primordial spirit up and bear my brand.

    "I, Chanse, am willing to become Lord Mo's house slave. I will not regret it for the rest of eternity." Chanse did not even seem to hesitate, as he opened up his heart and sent out his primordial spirit.

    Mo Wuji was left at a shock; when Half Moon Prison emerged, he personally saw the Gu Nuo cavalry soldiers' valiance and fearlessness.

    Not only did this fella recognise Mo Wuji, he didn't even hesitate as he immediately offered his primordial spirit for Mo Wuji to brand. He even said things so swiftly. Was this fella really a courageous soldier of Gu Nuo?

    Mo Wuji did not know that not only was Chanse a member of the Gu Nuo Beast Cavalry, he was even a commander. What he didn't know as well, were the thoughts in Chanse's heart.

    Chanse recognised Mo Wuji. Previously, Mo Wuji's cultivation did not seem very high, but he was able to slaughter the White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince, and even kill a Worldly Immortal that plotted against him. Even when he was surrounded by multiple Worldly Immortal experts, he was the first to discover the Half Moon Immortal Palace, and was the first to escape into the Half Moon Immortal Palace.

    And today, Chanse personally saw the horror of the extreme ice cannon. If this cannon was casually fired at Gu Nuo, then the entire Gu Nuo could be occupied with a mere wave of a hand.

    There's no need to mention the fact that he was facing death. Even if he was alive and well, he would not reject following such an expert.

    Chanse did not really feel a sense of attachment to Gu Nuo. Because all his life, he was ostracised. Because his ears were sharp, he had always been laughed at. If not for his talent, his courage during the struggle for Half Moon Immortal Palace, and his strong cultivation, Chanse would not have become a commander.

    Since this fella willingly offered out his soul's primordial spirit, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to ask any question. He directly branded an imprint on Chanse's soul then said, "From now on, you will follow me, and listen to my instructions.

    "Yes, lord..." Chanse spoke respectfully; his tone was incomparably humble.

    Mo Wuji was suddenly reminded of Yan'Er. Previously, Yan'Er also stayed by his side and followed him. The only difference was, Yan'Er did it willingly, while this Chanse did it because of the soul imprint. If Mo Wuji wanted it, he could get this person to kill himself at any moment.

    "In the future, just call me young master." Mo Wuji said gently; Yan'Er had always called him young master. If Yan'Er was here she could order Chanse around, then she no longer had to do everything personally...

    Ai, Yan'Er's cultivation might even be higher than his right now. Mo Wuji shook his head and cast these thoughts aside.

    "Yes, young master." Chanse hurriedly changed his words.

    Mo Wuji took out a shred of the Immeasurable Soul-Prolonging Flower and handed it to Chanse, "Use this. Your damaged soul should recover by itself.

    "Immeasurable Soul-Prolonging Flower..." Chanse accepted the shred and immediately cried out emotionally. He was not a person who didn't know his goods; even a shred of the Immeasurable Soul-Prolonging Flower contained huge effects on recovering the soul. His master was truly not simple; the first thing he casually took out was already a priceless treasure.

    At this moment, a raging fire burned in Chanse's heart. If one day his master breaks through the void, then wouldn't he also be able to follow too?

    Mo Wuji waved his hands, disrupting Chanse's fantasies, "I will now go into Universal Pier, then occupy Universal Pier. Tell me, what's the strength of the Gu Nuo soldiers and space beasts left within Universal Pier. Also, has Zhen Xing already been occupied?"

    "Yes young master." Chanse bowed respectfully.
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