Chapter 357: One Mans Attack

    Chapter 357: One Man's Attack

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    The plaza outside Universal Hall.

    At this instant, there was almost no one here. Ever since that peak Class 7 Space Lion was killed from the backblast of the Universal Board, the Universal Board had been placed off limits from these foreign species.

    Since no one was at the plaza, naturally no one noticed the new name on the primary Universal Board: Mo Wuji. Not only did Mo Wuji appear on the primary board, he was even in the top 100.

    One must know that in the countless years of the Universal Board's establishment, especially the names of the primary board, almost all these people were experts who have trained for innumerable years. This time, however, a young person had suddenly charged up to the top 100. If this was known by the Zhen Mo Continent's cultivators, it would definitely cause a major upheaval.


    Half an incense's time later, Shi Lu sent out ten flying messenger swords. Then, he followed Mo Wuji and Chanse through the spatial gate.

    When the two True God cultivators guarding the other side of the spatial gate saw Chanse, they immediately bowed. However, contempt could be seen in their eyes, it was the same contempt they felt towards the space beasts that joined them to occupy Universal Hall.

    Just a bunch of animals... If not for Lord Sid's magnanimity, how would those animals get the rights to enter Universal Hall? And this Chanse, no matter how one looked, he seemed like some hybrid animal, how did he get the rights to become Gu Nuo's commander? The fact that the Universal Hall could only have been occupied due to the help of the Space Wolf King had long been thrown aside by them.

    Before their eyes turned to Mo Wuji, Chanse flipped his wrists. Two beams of light flashed; these two bowing True Gods were already killed.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head. Looks like this house slave is not bad; at least he knew how to behave in delicate situations.

    Not faraway, the tens of Gu Nuo cavalry soldiers, and the hundred over space beasts were shocked by this sudden event. Everyone knew Chanse; he was a commander at the Universal Pier. Why did this commander suddenly act against his own man? And he didn't even say anything?

    Before these foreign invaders could react, Mo Wuji opened his hand, spilling out streaks of lightning bolts.

    In less than a minute, these cultivators which numbered close to 200 where massacred.

    Shi Lu looked upon the scene with waves of emotions surging in his heart. If he had such a lightning skill, during a battle, he only needed to lift his hand and everything around him would be obliterated. How good would that feel?

    "Dao Friend Shi Lu, you will stay here with Chanse to protect Universal Pier. One, you need to gather the cultivators from space. Two, you cannot allow any of these foreign invaders in. If anything happens, immediately send me a message," Mo Wuji instructed.

    "Brother Mo, you can rest assured. Nothing will go wrong with me here," Shi Lu seemingly slapped his chest and said.

    He was very familiar with Universal Pier. Here, one man alone could hold back 10,000 of the enemy forces. Moreover, all the invaders outside had already been destroyed by Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji even dispatched Chanse here to help him; this fella was at least in the Worldly Immortal Stage.

    As he thought of this, Shi Lu hurriedly said, "Brother Mo, there are a few experts here. There is one called Bao Lie, Brother Mo should know that fella. There's also one called Sid, and another one called Hoover. There are experts that are either in late Class 8 or the advanced stage of Worldly Immortal Stage. Especially that Sid, he might already be in the Great Circle of the Worldly Immortal Stage.

    Chanse hurriedly said, "Sid is already dead. Previously, he was within the military camp outside Universal Pier, so there's no to worry."

    Once again, Shi Lu exhaled a breath of cold air. Sid might not be the most powerful fella in Gu Nuo, but he was the leader of the Gu Nuo cavalry. That cannon's power was truly so terrifying that even Sid was killed.

    "Alright, I'll go down and clean the area up. This place will be left to you and Chanse," When Mo Wuji finished, his figure flashed past, and he already went from the third floor down to the second floor.

    Back then, because the Space Wolf King was too strong, Universal Pier did not sustain much damage before all the Zhen Xing cultivators were chased away.

    Now, all the items in the second level which could be exchanged for had disappeared while the structural integrity of the level was still quite good. The number of foreign invaders on the second floor were slightly more than on the third floor, but it still didn't exceeded two to three hundred. Moreover, most of them were below the True God Stage.

    Mo Wuji shot out several bolts of lightning. The entire area was now completely swept clean.

    The hall on the first floor of the Universal Pier was extremely huge. Likewise, most of the foreign invaders were gathered here. Mo Wuji did a simple sweep with his spiritual will and found that there were at least 10,000 of them here.

    These foreign species were either cultivating or resting. Below the Universal Pier, was a peak grade spiritual vein. If it had not been extracted, the area here should be rich in spiritual energy.

    No one even noticed when Mo Wuji walked down from the second floor.

    Mo Wuji soon discovered that there were at least two space beasts at the early Class 8, and there was even an expert at Worldly Immortal Elementary Stage.

    No matter where one went, or whether they were beasts or human beings, these experts would sit at the most conspicuous spots.

    Mo Wuji directly walked over to them. Before he could get close, those two Class 8 space beasts and that Worldly Immortal turned and saw Mo Wuji.

    "You are?" That Worldly Immortal also took part in the Half Moon Immortal Palace Battle, and he could faintly recognise Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji did not even bother answering him. He lifted his hand and a lightning web descended.

    The lightning web directly netted all three of them. However, the moment Mo Wuji started attacking, the other party had already reacted. Mo Wuji's lightning web would easily kill a True God Stage cultivator upon contact, but that Worldly Immortal was merely injured, and he had immediately broke free of the lightning web. Just as he was about to use his magic treasure to attack Mo Wuji, a lightning sword rapidly approached him.

    "Pui!" This Worldly Immortal had just charged out of the lightning web. He had not even condensed his defenses fully, but he was directly killed by the ambush of Mo Wuji's lightning sword. After a bit of time, the two Class 8 space beasts whipped out their magic treasures and charged towards Mo Wuji.

    At the same time, the first floor of the Universal Pier turned into a complete mess. Someone had suddenly entered Universal Pier and started killing people. From a logical point of view, this was simply impossible.

    After all, the Universal Pier was guarded by an army of a million soldiers, and among them, were experts close to the Earthly Immortal Stage. As for the Universal Hall's transfer array, it had already been closed at this moment.

    Mo Wuji wielded his Tian Ji Pole, his unfathomable Nirvana Pole Shadow struck one of the Class 8 beast, and another two thick bolts of lightning were shot out.

    When Mo Wuji ambushed that Worldly Immortal, these Class 8 space beasts had already made their preparations. As expected, Mo Wuji secretly struck out with two lightning swords.

    "Boom!" That Class 8 space beast whose head had been struck hurriedly transformed his wolf-teeth spear into a black iron wall, swiftly blocking against Mo Wuji's two lightning swords. The lightning sword had been blocked, breaking apart into streaks of lightning. The other Class 8 space beast revealed a trace of viciousness in its eyes; Mo Wuji had ambushed their Worldly Immortal, and was even fighting the two of them at full force. Now, it was time for Mo Wuji to die.

    This space beast suppressed a low roar in his throat; opening his mouth and 10,000 radiant blades were spit out.

    Almost at the same instant that this space beast was prepared to eliminate Mo Wuji, a steel pole emerged from some unknown location, and without any sign, it descended against its skull.

    If this was an ordinary pole, even if it was a sneak attack, it would only injure this space beast at the most. However, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole was naturally not an ordinary pole; it was infused with all of the elemental energy from his violet elemental lake.

    "Pui!" A fog of blood was exploded; this space beast was smashed in half by Mo Wuji's pole.

    The last Class 8 space beast saw that Mo Wuji had killed one Worldly Immortal and one Class 8 space beast in the blink of an eye; its heart instantly turned cold. Even though it had dodged Mo Wuji's two lightning sword, it no longer dared to fight against Mo Wuji.

    Just as it turned and tried to escape, another lightning web descended, and seven to eight lightning swords pierced through it. Despair brewed in this Class 8 space beast's heart; how could he escape from such attacks.

    The instant before it was killed by Mo Wuji, this beast suddenly had a revelation; just now, it wasn't its opponent's most powerful move.

    In a short period of time, Mo Wuji had eliminated three experts. What's left behind were merely Class 7 beasts or True God Stage cultivators. More of them were in the Nihility Stage and below, or Class 6 and below.

    Towards these low leveled cultivators and space beasts, Mo Wuji did not have a hint of worry. A dense lightning rain filled the entire first floor of the Universal Hall.

    With Mo Wuji's power, each lightning bolt was almost as strong as the Lightning Calamity from heavenly tribulation. At the very least, the Lightning Calamity had lightning essence and spirituality which could induce enlightenment. However, Mo Wuji's lightning bolts were filled with killing intent, raw and naked killing intent.

    Even though countless space beasts and Gu Nuo cultivators tried to team up and fight Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji's Nirvana Pole Shadow and protective elemental energy were truly too strong. Every attack that came to him was immediately rejected.

    Under Mo Wuji's boundless lightning rain, except for a few stronger True God Stage cultivators which could take a blow or two, the other space beasts and cultivators were not even able to resist. Those stronger ones who could defend against Mo Wuji's lightning bolts, were then sliced by Mo Wuji's lightning sword.

    This was not a battle; this was a one-sided massacre.

    The lightning bolts and lightning swords rampaged for roughly two hours. Only then, did they stop. At this instant, within the first floor of the Universal Pier, were the corpses of the space beasts and alien cultivators slaughtered by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji sighed. He had already extended his spiritual will sweeping outwards. In Universal Hall, there were still at least a million space beasts and Gu Nuo cultivators.

    Among which, were some fellows that were stronger than him. If he wanted to occupy Universal Hall, he could not continue what he had been doing.

    He was only one person. If the Universal Hall was alerted of his presence, he would be immediately surrounded by countless of foreign invaders. That was akin to sending himself to die. Just now, if he did not ambush and kill those two Class 8 space beasts and that Worldly Immortal, the battle might still be going on now. This might even alert those in Universal Hall.

    If he wanted to occupy Universal Hall, he needed another way. He definitely couldn't continue to use these crude killing methods.
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