Chapter 358: Invading Zhen Xing

    Chapter 358: Invading Zhen Xing

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    "Brother Mo,you are indeed alright," The Solitary Red Knot's surprised voice could be heard and shortly after, Mo Wuji saw the Solitary Red Knot hurrying over from the entrance of the building. Behind the Solitary Red Knot were over ten people but other than Chanse and Shi Lu, Mo Wuji didn't recognise the rest of them.

    Mo Wuji laughed as he took a step forward to say, "Red Knot, congratulations on making such a big name for yourself."

    The Solitary Red Knot had an impressive aura so Mo Wuji guessed that he should at least be in the True God Stage Level 6.

    One should know that the Solitary Red Knot's rate of cultivation was really slow previously but the fact that after just a few years, he managed to jump so many levels proved that his aptitude wasn't that poor. But because he had always been living through tough times with no proper cultivation resources.

    After receiving the storage ring from the Half Moon Prison, he must have used the spirit stone slags to increase his cultivation level at this insane rate.

    The Solitary Red Knot didn't continue speaking as he joined the rest in staring at the floor full charred black corpses in the hall on the first level.

    The Universal Pier's hall was indeed a huge plaza and the charred black bodies lying on the floor covered almost one third of the entire area.

    There were still some random lightning bolts flashing by so that passerbys would be able to know what method Mo Wuji used to kill everyone here.

    The Solitary Red Knot took in a deep breath before saying, "Brother Mo, I thought the rate in which my strength was increasing was fast but compared to yours, I realised my puny improvement is definitely not worthy of a mention in front of you."

    Back then Mo Wuji killed Yan Pingzhi and now among those that were killed by Mo Wuji, he recognised a space beast which was not any weaker than Yan Pingzhi. That was a Class 8 demonic beast that Mo Wuji killed so casually here.

    "Greetings Brother Mo," The rest of the people had finally came to their senses from the shock as they hurried to greet Mo Wuji. In fact, they had the same thoughts as Shi Lu which was that Mo Wuji should be in the Worldly Immortal Stage already.

    Mo Wuji returned the greetings before saying, "I initially thought that I would need to wait for another two days before you guys would arrive. I certainly didn't expect you all to make it here so quickly."

    The Solitary Red Knot hurried to say, "I was with a few of my brothers hunting for some space beasts when I heard the message from Dao Friend Shi Lu that you have returned to the Universal Pier and even won it back. I wouldn't believe what I've heard if it was any other person but when I heard it was you, I was confident it was true. I rushed over with my men immediately only to find out that I am not dreaming."

    As he spoke, the Solitary Red Knot introduced the people he brought over.

    Hong Hua, a calm man with not a very tall build, was in a slightly higher cultivation level than the Solitary Red Knot in the True God Stage Level 9.

    Zhang Tiancheng, True God Stage Level 6, with a noncommittal expression in his eyes.

    Yu Wu, a female True God Stage Level 2 cultivator and the way she spoke resembled Aunt Eleven, forthright and direct.


    Mo Wuji was secretly happy for the Solitary Red Knot because he had all along been travelling alone. After experiencing the Half Moon Prison incident and the invasion of Zhen Xing, he changed drastically as he even found like-minded cultivators to work hard together.

    The cultivators that Solitary Red Knot brought along held even more admiration for Mo Wuji than before. Previously because of Shi Lu and the Solitary Red Knot's respect for Mo Wuji, they had already started admiring him and now that they had witnessed the ground full of foreign corpses behind him, their admiration for him grew tremendously.

    "Chanse, come over," Mo Wuji saw Chanse standing all the way at the back as he waved for him.

    Chanse hurried to bow and said, "Young master."

    "Do you have any way to gather all of the space beasts and Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry cultivators in the Universal Hall to the plaza in front of the Universal Hall now?"

    Mo Wuji's words made Shi Lu and even Chanse took in a breath of cold air as they all understood what Mo Wuji was planning to do.

    He was thinking of the cannon that killed over millions of cultivators not too long ago.

    However, both Shi Lu and Chanse knew clearly that if he didn't use the cannon, it would be extremely difficult to accomplish a clean sweep of the enemies.

    "Young master, I have a way. I just need to give out an order for everyone to gather in the plaza in front of the Universal Hall on behalf of Sid. No one would not listen to Commander's Sid's orders," Chanse reacted very quickly as he suggested.

    This traditional long eared cultivator was indeed very smart and his suggestion was indeed very well thought out. As long as he managed to spread Sid's order for everyone to gather in the plaza in front of the Universal Hall, this matter would be solved easily. Sid had a very reputable name in the Universal Hall and even Bao Lie would have to listen to his orders.

    Shi Lu's started to shiver because he knew as long as Chanse managed to pull that off, all the foreign cultivators in the Universal Hall would be utterly destroyed by Mo Wuji's cannon.

    The Solitary Red Knot and co. had heard the brief story from Shi Lu about how Mo Wuji took over the Universal Pier and as much as it was unbelievable, this was the most simple and direct way to describe how Mo Wuji took over the Universal Pier. Therefore, they were extremely excited to witness Mo Wuji's extreme ice cannon.

    Just as Chanse was about to leave, waves of insane cheers could be heard from outside. A few cultivators hurried inside and before they could get hold of the situation, they shouted, "The transfer array is done up, we can enter Zhen Xing..."

    These cultivators' words were stuck in their throats as they finally saw the horrific scene in the hall of the Universal Pier.

    Without waiting for these foreign cultivators to retreat, Mo Wuji shot out a few lightning bolts. After killing the cultivators that barged in in the shortest possible time, Mo Wuji said to the people around him, "Shi Lu, bring a few people to guard the spatial gate at the Universal Pier. Do not let anyone steal the spatial gate away. Red Knot, bring a few guys to guard the level one door of the Universal Pier. Do not let anyone come in and find out about this situation. Chanse, you follow me out."

    Finishing, Mo Wuji was the first to rush out of the gate of the Universal Pier.

    Using his spiritual will, Mo Wuji saw the foreign cultivators charging crazily towards the transfer array on the plaza in the Universal Hall. At this moment, Mo Wuji really saw what it meant by a complete pandemonium.

    Other than some Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry cultivators who were still queuing orderly, the space beasts were almost erratic as they were all fighting for their turn to be transferred.

    Mo Wuji said to Chanse, "Immediately spread Sid's order and say that this is a warrant from Commander Sid to inform everyone that the transfer array had been fixed up towards Zhen Xing so all Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry cultivators and space beasts please gather on the plaza in front of the Universal Hall. After you spread the word, hurry inside the Universal Pier immediately."

    "Yes, young master," Chanse had just brought the level of professional conduct of a servant to the extreme as he didn't even question a single thing before charging out.

    At the same time when Chanse rushed out, Mo Wuji followed the crowd out or the Universal Hall. However, he didn't enter the plaza but sneaked into a corner outside the Universal Hall as he installed a few array flags.

    Using Mo Wuji's methods, it wasn't a difficult task to set up a concealment array here in a short amount of time. As long as nobody used their spiritual will to check specifically, it would be quite hard for people to detect his concealment array.

    After setting up his concealment array, Mo Wuji immediately took out his extreme ice cannon. The plaza in front of the Universal Hall was crowded and messy but Mo Wuji was sure that if he shot his cannon now, he could kill at least over tens of thousands of foreign cultivators.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't do so because his aim wasn't just these few thousands of foreign cultivators but even more of the foreign force.

    There were constantly cavaliers and space beasts entering Zhen Xing from the transfer array but Mo Wuji could only bear with it. No matter how strong the transfer array was, it couldn't possibly send these millions of foreign force out into Zhen Xing so quickly.

    As for those foreign force that had already entered Zhen Xing, he would leave it to the cultivators in Zhen Xing to handle because Mo Wuji simply couldn't be the only one doing work.


    Chanse didn't let Mo Wuji down because in just half an incense time, he had appeared on the array display screen at every corner of the Universal Hall.

    "I am Gu Nuo Star Tribe cavalry's Commander Chanse and I am announcing two important messages on the behalf of first commander, Commander Sid. Firstly, the transfer array towards Zhen Xing had already been fixed up by our experts. From today onwards, we can treat Zhen Xing like our own backyard as we are free to destroy anything we want to destroy..."

    Even though everyone had heard of this news, there were still a lot of cultivators rushing out of the Universal Hall as they couldn't hold their excitement. Some space beasts were even crying out loud.

    "Secondly, Commander Sid is about to appear in the plaza outside the Universal Hall so may I ask everyone in the Universal Hall including the cavalry army of the Gu Nuo Star Tribe and the space beasts experts to try and make their way to plaza to listen to Commander Sid's announcement of the war tactics to conquer Zhen Xing. If there are any rebels, kill without amnesty."

    No one doubted Chanse's words because a lot of people knew that Chanse was one of the key figure in the Universal Hall. He was a Worldly Immortal Stage expert who was tasked to guard the Universal Pier so when such an expert came to spread the words personally, it showed how desperate and excited Commander Sid was to conquer the entire Zhen Xing.

    After Chanse spread the two orders, he rushed towards the Universal Pier immediately. A few alien cultivators didn't find it odd when they saw Chanse heading towards the Universal Pier because they knew he must have gone to see Commander Sid.

    Looking at more alien cultivators coming out from the Universal Hall into the plaza, Mo Wuji was secretly praising the good work of Chanse as this fella was really an unexpected reward. This smart and loyal servant was definitely a good to have.

    There were increasingly more people in the plaza outside the Universal Hall as the number of people grew to about a few hundred thousand very quickly. Even after Chanse spread Commander Sid's order, the space transfer array didn't stop transferring as it continued to transfer cultivators and space beasts out into Zhen Xing.

    This was after all an order given by Bao Lie and Bao Lie held a status similar to Sid. More importantly, the temptation of Zhen Xing was simply too important in every one of the foreign cultivator's heart.

    "What... Everyone take a look at the Universal Board ranked number 76. Why does this name, Mo Wuji, sounds so familiar..."

    "I remembered that this fella wasn't on this main Universal Board previously..."


    Just as the crowd were discussing about this, a scream could be heard, "Everyone hurry up and leave the plaza and enter the Universal Hall, Commander Sid's order is fake..."
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