Chapter 362: Universal Boards Ranking

    Chapter 362: Universal Board's Ranking

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    "Boom!" The silence broken by his Tian Ji Pole brought joy to Mo Wuji's heart; he knew that his judgement was right; his ambush had succeeded. Even though his Tian Ji Pole met with the strong defense from a protective layer of elemental energy, under his strong strike, he still tore through his opponent's elemental energy shield.

    Mo Wuji immediately followed up with a lightning sword, then his entire figure disappeared from his original location.

    "Pui!" A spurt of blood could seen from the white glowing foundations. At the same time, Solitary Red Knot and co. saw that Mo Wuji's body had been ripped into bits.

    "Ah!" A hoarse and enraged roar could be heard. A middle-built man in linen robes raced out of the transfer array.

    This linen robed man's entire face was bloodied, he had the expression of a savage that seemed to want to destroy and devour everything around him. That infuriated roar, came from him.

    What shocked Solitary Red Knot and her fellows the most was that this linen robed man actually had an indent in his skull, clearly struck by a pole. This pole seemed to strike right in the middle of this linen robed man's forehead, aiming to smash him in half. But this linen robed man's skull was pretty hard as it actually managed to sustain a blow right to his forehead.

    Moreover, there was even a hole of blood on his waist; the blood hole was black and charred.

    Everyone knew, Mo Wuji's ambush had succeeded. Solitary Red Knot immediately recalled the scene of Mo Wuji's body being ripped, and he couldn't calm the agitation in his heart down. However, he suddenly heard Mo Wuji's solemn voice, "60 to 70% of the work is done, everyone join hands to finish him."

    Solitary Red Knot was ecstatic, and at the same time, he realised that what he saw being ripped was merely Mo Wuji's afterimage. At the same time, his heart was incomparably shocked. Mo Wuji's afterimage was torn apart while he was fine. What did that mean? Was this instantaneous teleportation?

    This sort of instantaneous teleportation, even an average Earthly Immortal might not be able to do it. It's said that the Space Wolf King's grandson, the White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince understood this sacred art. However, it had already been killed by Mo Wuji. Could Mo Wuji have obtained this sacred art from it?

    Solitary Red Knot's guess was rather accurate; Mo Wuji did obtain this sacred art from the White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince.

    Hong Hua and another True God Stage cultivator saw the linen robed man, and they immediately cried out in anger, "Everyone attack! Take revenge for Zhang Tiancheng!"

    Just now, Zhang Tiancheng didn't listen to Mo Wuji's instructions, and attacked beforehand. As a result, he was killed by Gansius.

    In reality, Mo Wuji's heart had some lingering fears. He knew that an Earthly Immortal was strong, but he didn't know that he would be strong to such an extent. If he did not use his teleportation, but used his Wind Escape Technique instead, he would not have escaped with his complete body.

    "You're the one who ambushed me." The linen robed man's eyes landed on Mo Wuji. "You even know the sacred art of teleportation?"

    In just a short time, the previous rage and viciousness in his eyes disappeared; it was gradually replaced with an expression of confusion.

    He felt that Mo Wuji looked a little familiar, but his brain had been shocked by Mo Wuji's pole, so he could not immediately recall it. Moreover, he even felt like his memories were rapidly slipping away.

    He faintly remembered that he had been ambushed and he immediately killed those that ambushed him. Thereafter, he discovered that there were more than one attack, so he used his elemental energy to form a shield to defend against the second attack.

    That's not right ah, I should have eliminated both of the people who ambushed me.

    Mo Wuji gripped his Tian Ji Pole tightly, alertly staring at this linen robed man, "Not only did I ambush you, I killed one to two million space beasts and your Gu Nuo cavalry men. Look at all the ice dregs around you, all these are the shreds of your Gu Nuo soldiers."

    Mo Wuji's heart was not as calm as his face. This was his first time encountering a fella that faced his pole and his lightning sword but actually didn't die. An Earthly Immortal was actually that strong?

    "Where is Gu Nuo? Who are you? Why are you standing in front of me?" The linen robed man seemed to forget the question that he asked previously, and he even seemed to forget that he was questioning himself whether Mo Wuji was the one who ambushed him.

    "Gu Nuo Star's people are the ones who ambushed you. You want to go to Gu Nuo, I can bring you there," Mo Wuji could tell that this fella's brain had really gone haywire, and his primordial spirit was even dispersing. He couldn't recall anything. Even the words that he had just said, was probably already forgotten.

    "Quick, lead the way. They actually dare to ambush me," The linen robed man said in anger.

    Mo Wuji promptly gave Solitary Red Knot and co. knowing glances, then swiftly headed towards Universal Hall.

    "He, he is Gansius..." Even though Chanse was the one with the highest cultivation here, he was also the one who was most afraid of Gansius. Even though Gansius was currently being led by Mo Wuji, Chanse's voice was still shaking.

    Under Mo Wuji's lead, Gansius was brought into Universal Pier, then towards the third floor. From the third floor of Universal Pier, he entered into the space, and disappeared.

    Positioned at the spatial gate, Shi Lu stared at Gansius, who's head had been dented in, with a blank expression. After some time, he asked in astonishment, "Brother Mo, who was that person?"

    By this time, Solitary Red Knot and co. had already run over. Hearing Shi Lu's question, Solitary Red Knot answered, "That person is Gu Nuo Star Tribe's Earthly Immortal expert, Gansius. He had been ambushed by Brother Mo, screwing up his brain. Now, he can't even remember who he is."

    Mo Wuji also heaved a sigh of relief; Gansius's departure could be considered the best thing that happened. Even if Gansius eventually recovered his memories, Mo Wuji should already have advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage. When he became a Worldly Immortal, he definitely didn't need to fear Gansius.

    "Even though he had been ambushed by me, he still had a good half of his power. Even if we joined hands, we might not necessarily kill him. And even if we did kill him, we would definitely suffer heavy losses. That's why, I let him go," Mo Wuji explained.

    "Brother Mo, what do we do now?" Seeing that Mo Wuji had even succeeded in an ambush against an Earthly Immortal, and even killed more than a million foreign invaders, everyone here took Mo Wuji as the leader.

    "Wait till I close the spatial gate," With that, Mo Wuji's boundless spiritual will swept outwards.

    Previously, he was worried that there might be too many of these foreign invaders, and he might not be able to kill all of them by himself, thus, he didn't close the spatial gate. After all, if he wasn't able to continue fighting, he could use this spatial gate at Universal Pier to escape into space. But now, victory was basically secured. Closing the spatial gate would not be too much of an influence.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will was extremely strong. In a matter of minutes, he was able to find the spatial gate's grand sealing array at the basement of Universal Pier. Mo Wuji wasn't able to prepare such an array, but he was able to initiate the array to seal the spatial gate.


    After an incense's time, Mo Wuji had activated the Universal Pier's grand sealing array. The party now consisted of over 30 people, and they gathered back at Universal Plaza.

    Mo Wuji didn't even need to look at the universal token hung at his waist. He could see his own name on the Universal Plaza's Universal Board.

    "Brother Mo, you're already at Rank 2 of the Universal Board," Shi Lu's voice was filled with reverence and respect.

    Not just Shi Lu, almost everyone here looked at Mo Wuji with a lot of admiration.

    Even though there was still a name above him, he was still Rank 2nd on the Universal Board. How impressive was that? One must know, that anyone in the top 1000 of the rankings, and appeared in the main Universal Board, was a figure of legends.

    Anyone of the people in the top 1000 were existences that they could only look up to. But now, they were actually standing abreast the Universal Board's Rank 2, and even worked together to reclaim the Universal Hall. Even though it might be an exaggeration to say that they 'worked together', it was true that they were together with Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji grabbed his universal token, "Mo Wuji, Space Contribution Points: 3,177,440; Rank: 2".

    Just one more name from the top. Exactly how many contribution points did the Rank 1 have? Who knows?

    Just as Mo Wuji was wondering who was the Universal Board's Rank 1, Solitary Red Knot suddenly said, "Universal Board's Rank 1 is a man called Bian Shuangbi. It's said that he is an Earthly Immortal Expert. He has occupied the number 1 spot for hundreds of years already. The number of people in Zhen Mo Continent who have met him is very little. Perhaps only a few Worldly Immortal experts have seen him."

    "Where did he go?" Mo Wuji asked subconsciously.

    Universal Board's Rank 1 was something that Mo Wuji needed to achieve. Hence, his focus on the current number 1. He had already obtained over three million contribution points, but he was still second place. If the first and second place were too far apart, then if he wanted to reach the pinnacle of the Universal Board, he needed to personally make a trip to the den of the space beasts.

    Solitary Red Knot shook his head, "No one knows. This senior had left Zhen Xing hundreds of years ago. Actually, most of the cultivators that cultivated to the intermediate stages of the Earthly Immortal Stage chose to leave Zhen Xing."

    By the side, Chanse interjected and said, "Actually, this is the same for Gu Nuo Star. After reaching a certain level, many of the Earthly Immortal experts chose to leave and search for a higher realm within the vast universe. Cases like the Space Wolf King that have already reached the Great Circle of Class 9 and still choosing not to leave are extremely rare."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I will first repair the transfer array, then send someone over to send a message to Zhen Xing.

    Repairing the transfer array was one thing. Mo Wuji was also going to control the transfer array. He definitely wasn't going to let this place fall back into the hands of the Star King Mountain's three clans.


    In a narrow canyon more than billions of miles away from Zhen Xing, many cultivators that looked like beggars were sitting on an earthern plate that was not even 1 meter long. The spiritual energy around them was close to zero.

    "Eh!" In a corner in the canyon, a surprised cry could be heard.

    Perhaps things had been silent for far too long. This cry of surprise immediately awoke everyone in this narrow canyon. Everyone's eyes landed on a thin, long-bearded man who was sitting near the entrance.

    "Mu Yingqiao, what happened?" A voice asked. Perhaps it was because it hadn't been used for a long time, the voice was not only hoarse, but also a little desolate.

    The thin, long-bearded man grabbed a token and said, "My universal token had been Rank 2 for hundreds of years. Today, it actually became Rank 3. Did a hero actually suddenly appear in Zhen Xing? To actually push me down one spot? Sigh, I really want to go back and take a look ah..."

    Initially, the voice was tinged with astonishment. But as it reached the last sentence, it was completely filled with melancholy and unwillingness.
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