Chapter 363: A Complete Wipeout

    Chapter 363: A Complete Wipeout

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    "This new guy probably wants the number one spot on the Universal Board. But when he finds out that even if his contribution points get doubled and that he still wouldn't get that spot, perhaps he might turn as dumb as a wooden chicken. Hehe..." Another voice said.

    The long bearded man called Mu Yingqiao also gathered up his emotions and chuckled, "He should be the same as me those years ago. I was bent on getting the number one spot on the Universal Board, but no matter how my contribution points increased, I was completely unable to reach the top. I immediately knew that something was not right. It was only until I met that freak Bian Shuangbi that I knew that this number one spot would never be related to me. However, this new guy could surpass me and get the number two spot, that's already very impressive. I'm sure that there definitely was a huge war somewhere in space, or perhaps the Half Moon Immortal Palace emerged again."

    "I do hope that he can surpass me. As long as he surpasses me, he would definitely be able to find this place." A man sitted at a relatively higher position continued after Mu Yingqiao.

    Perhaps they had been trapped here for an immensely long time; most of the cultivators looked like they had been aged with the vicissitudes of time. This man, however, did not reveal the scars of time. He had sharp brows and starry eyes, giving him a stoic look. He looked like he was merely a youth.

    Everyone here knew who he was: Bian Shuangbi, Zhen Xing's number one man in looks. Not only that, he was also the number one on the Universal Board, and an expert at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage.

    "Brother Bian, if he comes, he would only be another sorrowful soul. It would not be useful to us, and Zhen Xing," Mu Yingqiao said.

    "That may not be the case," Bian Shuangbi said gently. "If this person is able to surpass me on the Universal Board, it means that he is stronger than me. I've been trapped here for hundreds of years and I could never get out. But if he comes, perhaps he might find a way out."

    The crowd instantly went silent. Even though they knew that the probability of Bian Shuangbi's words becoming true was infinitesimally close to zero, they still hugged onto that bit of hope. Staying here to rot and die, everyone here had enough of that feeling.


    Outside Piercing Wind City.

    Bao Lie's expression was turning increasingly anxious. Logically, Gansius would only take half an incense's of time for his check on Universal Hall. However, a whole half an hour had passed but there was still no news from Gansius.

    No more foreign reinforcements were coming from Universal Hall, an Earthly Immortal had gone over with no news in return, Su Xuan knew that there was truly an unforeseen situation at Universal Hall. She immediately called out loud, "An Earthly Immortal expert of my Zhen Xing has killed his way back; Universal Hall must definitely be reclaimed by this Earthly Immortal expert. We must not let even a single one of these foreign invaders go..."

    Being able to enter the cultivator army, and even being able to hold the front at Piercing Wind City, none of the people here were weaklings. Even if Su Xuan didn't mention it, they could faintly feel that something was amiss. Now that Su Xuan had announced that an Earthly Immortal expert had returned, everyone roared with rainbow-rising momentum.

    Previously, when Gansius left, the Zhen Xing cultivators already started to oppress the foreign invaders. Now, their oppression was even stronger.

    Even though Bao Lie was at the peak of Class 8, under the encirclement of Su Xuan and other Worldly Immortal experts, he was unable to support the rest of the battle.

    "Everyone, retreat." Bao Lie knew the peril of the current situation, and directly gave out the order to retreat.

    In between Universal Hall and Zhen Xing, there were only Piercing Wind City and the immediate areas around Piercing Wind City. Moreover, these immediate areas were laden with trap arrays. Thus, even though Bao Lie had issued out retreat orders he could only temporarily break apart from the Zhen Xing cultivator armies.

    Originally, there were tens of thousands of foreign troops sent to Piercing Wind City, but in this short period of time, the number dropped to the thousands.

    "Universal Hall must definitely be occupied by one of our Zhen Xing's senior expert. Everyone in Zhen Xing, listen to my call. Massacre these foreign invaders. Our Zhen Xing will never allow these animals to step foot into it," Su Xuan did not immediately pursue the invaders, but used Bao Lie's retreat as an opportunity to raise the morale.

    As long as that transfer array didn't continue to send foreign reinforcements over, Bao Lie and his thousands of men weren't enough to fight them.

    "Hall Master Su, Hall Master Yan, let's not talk about what happened to the Universal Hall now. I hope that you will let me retreat temporarily. Of course, now that Zhen Xing had the upperhand in this war, so what if you slaughtered everyone of us now? Wouldn't it just deepened the our animosity between us?"

    When Bao Lie used such a tone to speak, even he, himself, found it weird.

    But Bao Lie knew he had no other choice. If he didn't persuade the Zhen Xing cultivators to stop, his entire army would be routed.

    "Hall Master Su, you should know how we managed to occupy Universal Hall. If not for the Wolf King, we would never have been able to charge in. The reason why the Wolf King isn't with us now, is not because he is unable to, but because he doesn't wish to bully the weak. Think about it, if the Wolf King was here, would Piercing Wind City be able to hold us? If you kill me now, and kill everyone here, I believe that the Wolf King would definitely slaughter the entire Zhen Xing. Not even an ant will be spared."

    When Bao Lie finished, he stared calmly at Su Xuan and co. Even he was confident of his own words, because the Wolf King definitely could do that.

    Su Xuan was momentarily startled. She was very clear about Chi Tong's previous apprehensions with killing Bao Lie, it was exactly because he was afraid of angering the Space Wolf King. Now, Bao Lie was using the Space Wolf King to threaten her. So should she kill him, or not?

    "Haha... Bao Lie, you're truly shameless. Let me honestly tell you, Universal Hall has already been occupied by Star Lord Mo. The millions of foreign invaders in Universal Hall, have already been turned into vengeful ghosts under the Star Lord's hands," A sudden voice resounded through the void. Following which, Shi Lu's figure emerged from the transfer array and descended into Piercing Wind City.

    Star Lord Mo?

    Be it Su Xuan, or Yan Ze, or any of the Zhen Xing cultivators, all looked at Shi Lu with an expression of confusion. Even though many of the people there recognised Shi Lu as a True God Stage cultivator from Zhen Xing, they still found his words to be too ridiculous. Who the hell was this Star Lord Mo? And he even claimed that he killed the millions of foreign invaders in Universal Hall? Who did he think he was? Even if he was at the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage, it still shouldn't be possible right?

    "You want to know why there aren't any more foreign invaders coming from the transfer array? Because they have all been slaughtered by Star Lord Mo. Also, you want to know where that Earthly Immortal called Gansius went? He was also killed by Star Lord Mo," Every word that came out of Shi Lu's mouth sent chills into Bao Lie's heart.

    No one knew Gansius's name, except for a small group of commanders and him. Now, this Zhen Xing cultivator actually revealed Gansius's real name, and was even saying that Gansius had been killed by Star Lord Mo. Could this be true?

    Gansius was truly ambushed by Mo Wuji. However, he was not killed. His brain had merely been damaged and he was sent out of Universal Hall.

    "This person is called Shi Lu, he is a cultivator at the intermediate stage of True God Stage. He was a registered rogue cultivator for the Star Wars. He is indeed a man from Zhen Xing, and I am certain that he wouldn't betray Zhen Xing and join the foreign invaders," A True God Stage cultivator whispered and explained to Su Xuan.

    Su Xuan nodded, then asked in a clear voice, "Are you Dao Friend Shi Lu?"

    Su Xuan did not recognise Shi Lu, but Shi Lu recognised Su Xuan and Yan Ze. He immediately walked over, clasping his fists as he said, "Shi Lu greets Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan."

    "Dao Friend Shi, what did you mean by Star Lord Mo? And what exactly happened in Universal Hall?" Su Xuan was very polite as she asked.

    Shi Lu hurriedly said, "Star Lord Mo is Mo Wuji, the one designated as the next Star Lord by Star Lord Chi Tong before he died. Star Lord Mo has already returned from space, and has already stepped into the Worldly Immortal Stage. He demonstrated his supreme powers, killing millions of the foreign invaders, then he ambushed and killed Earthly Immortal Gansius at the transfer array..."

    "Mo Wuji?" Su Xuan asked in shock. She had seen Mo Wuji before. Back when she saw Mo Wuji before the Half Moon Immortal Palace, he was only at the elementary True God Stage. How many years had it been? To actually advance into the Worldly Immortal Stage, there was really no other person with a talent as monstrous as him in the entire Zhen Mo Continent ah.

    However, she didn't know that Mo Wuji was still far from the Worldly Immortal Stage. It was just that Mo Wuji appeared too strong in front of Shi Lu, and Shi Lu thought that Mo Wuji had already become a Worldly Immortal.

    "It's really him." Shi Lu said resolutely.

    Su Xuan exhaled a breath of cold air, then she calmed down and said, "Dao Friend Shi, please explain what happened detailedly. Even if Dao Friend Mo had advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage, he shouldn't be able to kill millions of cultivators, right?"

    Even if she believed that Mo Wuji could successfully ambush an Earthly Immortal, she definitely couldn't believe that Mo Wuji had killed millions of foreign invaders.

    With his fastest speed, Shi Lu narrated the story of how Mo Wuji used the huge cannon to easily destroy millions of foreign invaders.

    "So it's a huge cannon. No wonder..."

    Su Xuan muttered to herself, then she suddenly said in a clear voice, "We'll massacre all these foreign invaders, then go take a look at Universal Hall. If Dao Friend Mo really managed to wrest back Universal Hall, then he should naturally be our Star King Mountain's Star Lord."

    Su Xuan firmed her heart. The Space Wolf King was coming; no matter how scared she was, he would still come. Star Lord Chi Tong was a lesson to take warning from. Since that's the case, why not kill till they're happy?

    "Kill..." Under Su Xuan's order, the killing intent of the Zhen Xing's cultivators surged to the heavens; their morale swelled extensively.

    As for the remaining thousands of foreign invaders, panic filled their hearts. All of them wanted to run for their lives.

    "Bao Lie has escaped..." Suddenly someone called out.

    Everyone saw Bao Lie racing towards the transfer array, seemingly escaping back to Universal Hall.

    Now that Bao Lie was gone, the remaining foreign invaders were petrified. At speeds visible to the eye, they were cut down by Zhen Xing cultivators.


    Mo Wuji had just installed the array flags on the transfer array, and had yet to use his methods to control the array. Suddenly, a white light shone from the transfer array.

    Even though he didn't know whether the person coming over was a friend or foe, Mo Wuji just struck out with his lightning sword. If it was a friend, then he would just offer some healing pills. If it was a foe, then of course he had to do an ambush.

    "Pui!" A fog of blood burst out. Bao Lie's staggering figure appeared. Mo Wuji knew that he was lucky that he had prepared an ambush. This fella was a peak Class 8 space beast; his power was just below that Gansius.

    "So it's really you. Die!" When Bao Lie saw Mo Wuji, his killing intent instantly spilled in all directions as he pounced over.

    Even though Mo Wuji had already advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage, he was not afraid. He, Bao Lie, was not a good for nothing like that White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince.
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