Chapter 364: The Battle Against Bao Lie

    Chapter 364: The Battle Against Bao Lie

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    Bao Lie charged over. Mo Wuji raised his hands and flashed out with multiple lightning swords. Thereafter, he swung out boundless pole with his Tian Ji Pole.

    "Boom!" Bouts of elemental energy exploded; among the explosions, were streaks of lightning from the dissipated lightning swords. After Bao Lie's magic treasure smashed apart Mo Wuji's lightning swords, it actually stopped right in front of Mo Wuji's figure. Then, the magic treasure unfurled.

    A pitch black chilly energy filled flooded the entire Universal Plaza. From afar, Solitary Red Knot and co. could clearly see that Bao Lie's spiritual equipment was actually a soul flag.

    It was extremely rare for demonic beasts to use soul flags. There's no need to mention demonic beasts, even among cultivators in Zhen Mo Continent, except for those evil cultivators that lurk in the corners, very few would use soul flags.

    It wasn't because soul flags were useless; but because people who used soul flags were treated as public enemies. The greatest thing about the soul flag was it's ability to evolve; the source of this evolution came from the accumulation of the elemental energy of souls. The more cultivators killed, the more souls the soul flag would refine. In turn, the grade of the soul flag would increase and it would be more powerful.

    Bao Lie's soul flag had unleashed an entire area of blackness. Clearly, the number of refined souls within already numbered in the millions.

    Under Bao Lie's soul flag domain, Mo Wuji's spiritual will and vision were filled with eerie darkness. Even though he didn't have a primordial spirit, he could feel his mind turning unstable, as though it might dissipate at any moment.

    This was a soul flag! Mo Wuji had already experienced a lot, and naturally he had heard of a soul flag.

    In terms of power, this soul flag was even more terrifying than his Next Pole. It might seem like it was complete darkness in front of him, but in reality, Bao Lie was hiding in the midst. The moment his primordial spirit dispersed, or even got slightly affected, Bao Lie would emerge from the cold darkness of this soul flag domain, and begin his attack.

    Mo Wuji's Nirvana Pole Shadow was continuously emitting the sound of explosions; this was caused by the clash between his elemental energy and the soul flag's elemental energy. Mo Wuji was very clear, even though his Nirvana Pole Shadow was very strong, and he did not have a primordial spirit, he still wouldn't last long under the banner of the soul flag.

    This filled Mo Wuji's heart with shock. All this happened after he had ambushed Bao Lie. If he didn't ambush Bao Lie, this battle would have been a lot harder.

    Yin energy permeated throughout the entire soul flag domain. At this instant, even Chanse did not casually enter and help out. Initially, they could still see Bao Lie. But now, the entire Universal Plaza had been transformed into a cold Yin world, enveloped by the soul flag. If anyone went over to help, they might be swept into Bao Lie's soul flag domain.

    If it was a Mo Wuji who couldn't condense a spiritual eye, the only thing he could do was to forcefully sunder this soul flag domain.

    A wave of spiritual energy concentrated in front of Mo Wuji's forehead; a spiritual eye appeared. Even his spiritual will couldn't see through the depths of this Yin-filled soul flag domain. But now, it was as though a bright light had suddenly appeared. At this instant, Mo Wuji could clearly see that Bao Lie was lurking in a corner of the soul flag domain.

    Bao Lie's two hands had already transformed into meter-long iron claws as he eyed Mo Wuji intently. In Bao Lie's eyes, there was a hint of doubt, seemingly doubting why Mo Wuji's primordial spirit had yet to appear.

    Mo Wuji's killing intent surged; his Nirvana Pole Shadow suddenly disappeared, and at the next instant, his Tian Ji Pole also vanished without a trace.

    At almost the same instant Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole vanished, Bao Lie's figure flashed, his two claws aimed right towards Mo Wuji's heart. Bao Lie's rosy red tongue licked his murky black lips. Perhaps ripping Mo Wuji's Mind Palace apart might be simpler, but he had a trenchant for ripping out hearts. He liked the sound of fresh blood trickling down a heart. This to him, was even more delicious than the rich elemental energy on Space Wolf King's mountain.

    He also liked to see his opponent's eyes gradually reveal an expression of desperation. This to him, was a sense of accomplishment.

    Yet another shadow. Mo Wuji had disappeared from his previous location.

    "Pui!" A fog of blood burst forth. The back of Bao Lie's skull had been smashed into juice by the Tian Ji Pole.

    Bao Lie's whose skull had been smashed in didn't die immediately. Instead, he turned and fled. His heart was filled with panic; if he could rush out of Universal Pier in the shortest time possible, he would have some hope of surviving. Because his primordial spirit was still there; if his primordial spirit was still there, he could still find some treasure that could reform a fleshly body in this vast universe.

    At this instant, he didn't even question how Mo Wuji got so powerful, how Mo Wuji could accurately determine his position under his soul flag domain, and even how that pole could strike him without him knowing it. All these were secondary.

    Unfortunately, Mo Wuji did not intend on letting Bao Lie leave. There's no need to mention the fact that Bao Lie had been heavily injured, with only a primordial spirit. Even if Bao Lie was completely fine and uninjured, Mo Wuji still wouldn't have been afraid of him.

    A lightning sword flashed by. Primordial spirits were incredibly sensitive to lightning. So when Mo Wuji shot out the lightning sword, Bao Lie could immediately feel a sense of impending doom.

    "Mo Wuji, you can't kill me. If you kill me, the Space Wolf King wouldn't let you go," Bao Lie's primordial spirit roared with anger.

    Even Solitary Red Knot who was standing by the side could hear Bao Lie's desperation. Mo Wuji had even killed the White-Eyed Wolf Prince, so why wouldn't he dare kill Bao Lie?

    Mo Wuji sneered, "A mere Class 9 demonic beast, yet he dares call himself the Space Wolf King. Pui! You can only use this to scare Chi Tong. I, Mo Wuji, even dare to kill the White-Eyed Young Wolf Prince, why wouldn't I dare kill a Class 8 animal like you?"

    "Ka!" The lightning sword pierced through the primordial spirit, disintegrating Bao Lie's primordial spirit into nothingness.

    "So strong!" At almost the same instant Mo Wuji killed Bao Lie, Su Xuan and Yan Ze appeared from the transfer array. The two had witnessed the instant when Mo Wuji killed Bao Lie with his lightning sword, and also heard Mo Wuji's contempt towards the Space Wolf King.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, directly sweeping Bao Lie's ring and corpse into his storage ring. Only after doing that, did he turn to face Su Xuan and Yan Ze.

    This two should be cultivators from Zhen Xing. If they were from the three great clans, Mo Wuji would not hesitate to send them rolling back to Zhen Xing.

    "May I ask if this is Star Lord Mo Wuji?" Su Xuan saw Mo Wuji's deadly glare and her heart was filled with apprehension. She had personally witnessed Mo Wuji slaughtering Bao Lie. One must know, that in a solo fight with Bao Lie, whether it was her or Star Wars Hall Master Xia Dandao, they could only avoid getting killed. However, this Mo Wuji in front of her could actually kill Bao Lie. This was absolutely shocking. If she had some suspicions of Shi Lu's words previously, they were now completely gone.

    Mo Wuji could sense that Su Xuan did not have any evil intentions, so he waved his hand and sent his Tian Ji Pole back into his ring. Then he said, "I'm Mo Wuji, that's right. But I'm not some Star Lord."

    Yan Ze also calmed down from his complete and utter surprise. Not only did he personally see Mo Wuji kill Bao Lie, he also saw the piles of ice dregs. He could see that these foreign cultivators were killed in extreme cold conditions, and they directly shattered into these dregs of ice.

    "Star Lord Mo, you are the Star Lord designated by Star Lord Chi Tong. Both Hall Master Su and I recognise this fact," Yan Ze who had just regained his countenance hurriedly said.

    "How are the two of you related to Star King Mountain's three great clans?" Mo Wuji asked bluntly.

    Hong Hua walked to Mo Wuji's side and whispered, "Brother Mo, Su Xuan is the hall master of Star Sea Hall; Yan Ze is the hall master of Star Dock Hall. These two are hall masters that wholeheartedly served Zhen Xing, just like Star Lord Chi Tong. They have no relations to the three great clans."

    Hearing Hong Hua's explanation, Mo Wuji nodded and his expression turned warm, "Star Sea Hall has a commander called Shu Xuanyu. I wonder whether Hall Master Su knows about her?"

    Previously, Shu Xuanyu wanted to rope him into Star Sea Hall, so Mo Wuji's memory of her was relatively clear.

    Su Xuan hurriedly said, "Xuanyu is currently the Four Star Commander of my Star Sea Army. She's now outside Piercing Wind City leading the Star Sea Army. Piercing Wind City is currently occupied by Xia Dandao, who forcefully claims himself to be the Star Lord. Defender Xu Chihuang was not willing to accept this fact, and he actually killed Defender Xu..."

    Mo Wuji did not interact much with Xu Chihuang, but he knew that Xu Chihuang was an upright man. Previously when the Half Moon Immortal Palace appeared, Xu Chihuang was even willing to fight with Bao Lie to protect him. From a certain angle, Xu Chihuang was more spirited than Chi Tong which was why Mo Wuji's impression of him was much better than Chi Tong.

    "You're saying that Defender Xu has been killed by Xia Dandao? Exactly what happened?" Mo Wuji's voice was filled with sharp killing intent.

    He had originally intended to eliminate the Xia Clan and Yan Clan. Now that the Xia Clan had even killed Xu Chihuang, he seriously wanted to charge into Zhen Xing and crush Xia Dandao's skull into meat juice.

    Yan Ze simply narrated the story of how Xu Chihuang got killed. Hong Hua and co. who listened to the story was filled with grievances.

    Mo Wuji never expected for Xia Dandao to be so shameless. It was enough that he didn't offer to help in the defense of Piercing Wind City. But he even stopped others from contributing to the defense. He even killed Xu Chihuang. Unless he killed this b*stard, the grievances in Mo Wuji's heart could not be quelled.

    "Hall Master Su, bring your army to protect the Universal Hall. I will go to Piercing Wind City to meet Xia Dandao," Mo Wuji said in a straightforward manner.

    "Yes, Star Lord," Su Xuan replied extremely obediently.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "I will not be the Star Lord of Star King Mountain. I have great enmity with the Xia Clan and Yan Clan. No matter what, I will take my revenge. After I'm done with that, you can choose whoever you want to be the Star Lord. It has nothing to do with me."

    Su Xuan wanted to say something, but Yan Ze pulled her to the side, "Hall Master Su, wait till we snatch back Piercing Wind City. Then, we can discuss further."

    Seemingly understanding the meaning behind Yan Ze's words, Su Xuan nodded, and did not continue persuading Mo Wuji to take up the mantle as the Star Lord.


    Outside Piercing Wind City, Mo Wuji was standing with Su Xuan and Yan Ze. With them, were 5,000 soldiers from Zhen Xing.

    The other Worldly Immortal experts and soldiers followed Shu Xuanyu to guard Universal Hall. The Universal Hall had just been wrested back, and there were far too many things which needed to be rebuilt. Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't do such things, so he left it for Su Xuan and her underlings.

    "All the Zhen Xing cultivators in Piercing Wind City, listen up, We have already recaptured Universal Hall, and even killed all of the foreign invaders. Immediately open the defensive array into Piercing Wind City and let us come in. Let us discuss the procedures on how to reconstruct Universal Hall," Su Xuan said clearly outside of Piercing Wind City. her elemental energy was brimming; her voice transmitted to the entire Piercing Wind City.

    Inside Piercing Wind City, Xia Dandao had an extremely ugly expression. He did not understand how Su Xuan and co. had not been killed, and they even returned and claimed that they had recaptured Universal Hall. He had yet to fully control Piercing Wind City. Wasn't their return too fast? He definitely couldn't let Su Xuan and co. enter the city.
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