Chapter 365: The Fight To Be The Star Lord

    Chapter 365: The Fight To Be The Star Lord

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    "Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan must have definitely surrendered to the foreign invaders. Otherwise, how would they even survive under the hands on that Earthly Immortal? Star Lord, not only shouldn't we open Piercing Wind City's defensive arrays, we should initiate our killing array," Just as Xia Dandao was thinking about how to stop Su Xuan from entering Piercing Wind City, a True God Stage cultivator stood forward and exclaimed loudly.

    Xia Dandao celebrated inwardly; he liked this kind of subordinate that could help him at the key moments.

    "Bullsh*t!" A sudden voice resounded through the hall. It belonged to an old man who stood forward and pointed to that True God Stage cultivator, "Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan have been fighting for us outside of Piercing Wind with their blood, sweat and tears; all of us have personally seen it. At this moment, Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan have slaughtered the invading foreign scum. It's already enough that you didn't help, but you dare slander the heroes that spilled their bloods for us? Where does your allegiance lie? Could you have already surrendered to those foreign cultivators? Are you actually a spy?

    Yan Dandao's face turned black; he recognised the old man who stood forward. Chi Huo'Er, Star Lord Chi Tong's loyal dog; he could even be called Chi Tong's shadow. Wherever Chi Tong went, he would also be there.

    Chi Huo'Er had never revealed his abilities in front of anyone, but Xia Dandao guessed that his cultivation was at least at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5. This sort of power, was not something that he could casually kill off. Xu Chihuang was only at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1, and he was injured. Under Xu Chihuang's incessant pressure, he decided to kill Xu Chihuang. But Chi Huo'Er was no Xu Chihuang. If he killed Chi Huo'Er, he would have to face very severe consequences.

    Before Xia Dandao could think of some countermeasures, he heard yet another person stand up and say, "Manager Chi is right. We all saw Hall Master Su Xuan and Hall Master Yan Ze defend Piercing Wind City against the foreign cultivators. If these heroes actually get slandered like so, then our Zhen Xing is thoroughly screwed."

    Even though Xia Dandao was the hall master of the number one hall, Star Wars Hall, and he even forcefully wrested the position of the Star Lord, his power was far from Chi Tong's. Even Wu Lingzhi held more power than him. Before he fully controlled Piercing Wind City, he could forget about trying to do as he wished.

    Previously, it was because no one stood up. But now that someone had stood up and spoke for Hall Master Su Xuan and Hall Master Yan Ze, there were immediately voices of affirmation.

    Indeed, following Chi Huo'Er and this cultivator's example, more cultivators stood forward. Eventually, they even formed a wave of protests, hollering for the opening of Piercing Wind City's defensive arrays for Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan to enter.

    Xia Dandao knew that if he continued to suppress this matter, then things would get messy. There's no need to talk about anything else; just the troops that Su Xuan and Yan Ze had gathered outside Piercing Wind City was enough to incite a huge war. In terms of combat abilities, he, Xia Dandao might not necessarily be able to win.

    Since things had already reached such a degree, he could only say, "Manager Chi was right. Just now, Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan were indeed pitting their lives to help defend Piercing Wind City. So with my authority as Star King Mountain's Star Lord, I allow Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan to enter."

    An intense cheer broke out as the defensive arrays outside of Piercing Wind City were opened.

    As Su Xuan and Yan Ze entered Piercing Wind City, the cheers became more spirited and clamorous. There were already many from Star Sea Army and Star Dock Army in Piercing Wind City. Now that their hall masters had returned, these soldiers were emboldened.

    "Congratulations Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan for achieving victory in battle, and temporarily forcing the foreign invaders out of Piercing Wind City," Xia Dandao was the first to stand forward with a face full of smiles and clasped fists.

    Su Xuan squarely said, "Things could have been much simpler, but we didn't have any help from Piercing Wind City. That almost caused Hall Master Yan and I, and many brave and hot-blooded cultivators of Zhen Xing to die wrongfully under the hands of the foreign invaders."

    When Su Xuan said these words, many of the cultivators in Piercing Wind City lowered their heads. They were also among those that cowered within Piercing Wind City.

    Xia Dandao's face did not reveal even a hint of embarrassment, he even had a with a severe countenance, "Hall Master Su is right; we've been too cautious. We were bent on protecting this gate to the rest of Zhen Xing, that's why we chose to conserve Zhen Xing's power. That's why we didn't think of betting our lives on this battle."

    Su Xuan and Yan Ze's act of valor, when put in Xia Dandao's mouth, had been contorted to a risky gamble.

    Su Xuan couldn't be bothered to waste her words on Xia Dandao, but said in a clear voice, "All the cultivators of Zhen Xing. Today, I've come with better news. That's right, Universal Hall has been recaptured..."

    Even though Su Xuan had already mentioned this matter outside of Piercing Wind City, not many people believed her. After all there were millions of foreign troops. Not only that, there was even an Earthly Immortal expert, various Worldly Immortals and Class 8 beasts.

    If Universal Hall could be recaptured so easily, then they wouldn't need to hide in Piercing Wind City.

    "Hall Master Su, you cannot say such things so casually. Otherwise, it would affect the reputation of our Star King Mountain," Xia Dandao said sternly.

    Su Xuan did not respond to Xia Dandao, but continued, "I am not lying to everyone, because the person who recaptured Universal Hall is here. I believe that most of us are familiar with him, that's right, he is the person that Star Lord Chi Tong designated as the next Star Lord, Star Lord Mo Wuji. Star Lord Wu had said it before, if Mo Wuji returns, he would immediately return the position of Star Lord back to Mo Wuji. Now, Star Lord Mo has returned, and he has even recaptured Universal Hall..."

    After Su Xuan said that Mo Wuji had recaptured Universal Hall, she didn't see the excitement she expected. Instead, she incited waves of discussion. Because this matter was too sensational.

    Xia Dandao had long seen Mo Wuji. Even though he couldn't wait to immediately rush over and cut Mo Wuji down, he knew that this wasn't the time for him to act. After Su Xuan finished speaking, he stood up and said with a vicious tone, "Hall Master Su, some words cannot be casually thrown around. Not only is the peak Class 8 Bao Lie guarding Universal Hall, there's also an Earthly Immortal expert. As for the average Worldly Immortals and ordinary Class 8 beasts, their numbers are even more staggering..."

    "Are you talking about him?" Mo Wuji had long wanted to settle scores with Xia Dandao, it's busy that some things had to be done one step at a time. He still hadn't reached that step.

    A corpse with a leopard head and a human body was thrown by Mo Wuji to the front of the crowd. Mo Wuji did not want to become Star Lord, but he needed to be the Star Lord. If he didn't snatch the place of the Star Lord from Xia Dandao, he wouldn't be able to kill Xia Dandao.

    Seeing this corpse, someone immediately cried out in astonishment, "That's right, he is Bao Lie. I never thought that Bao Lie would actually be killed."

    Seeing that Bao Lie had been killed, Xia Dandao's heart tightened. He knew that Bao Lie was much stronger than him. If Bao Lie had really been killed by Mo Wuji, that would mean that he wasn't an opponent for Mo Wuji. His spiritual will subconsciously swept through Mo Wuji, but he wasn't able to discern Mo Wuji's cultivation.

    Mo Wuji was still like an ordinary mortal without spiritual roots. The more Mo Wuji was like that, the greater the panic in Xia Dandao's heart.

    Standing by the side, Shi Lu suddenly brought out a crystal ball and said, "Everyone, look at the recording of how Star Lord Mo killed that Gu Nuo Star Tribe's Earthly Immortal."

    The crystal ball had been activated; the scene of Mo Wuji's pole slamming that Earthly Immortal's skull, and Mo Wuji's lightning sword piercing through that Earthly Immortal's waist could be seen. Thereafter, the recording stopped. But Mo Wuji was still alive, so clearly that Earthly Immortal had been killed.

    "This was recorded by me. Star Lord Mo also used a huge space cannon to blast and kill millions of foreign invaders, successfully occupying Universal Hall. I only wanted to see one thing, from today onwards, we can enter into space again."

    Shi Lu's words created a wild stir in the crowd. At this instant, almost all the cultivators were crazily chanting Mo Wuji's name. Even a visual recording had been brought out. Moreover, the story of Mo Wuji using a space cannon to kill the foreign invaders was not impossible.

    To all the cultivators here, being able to head into space was very important. One must know that the resources in Zhen Xing was very limited, and most of these resources were controlled by the big clans and huge sects. For an ordinary cultivator to want to step into a higher realm, they must go into space.

    Now that Mo Wuji had recaptured Universal Hall, allowing Zhen Xing's cultivators to once again get access to space. This was a favour that was a huge as the heavens.

    Even if Star Lord Chi Tong hadn't pick him, what Mo Wuji had done was enough for 99 percent of Zhen Xing's cultivators to feel indebted to him. Even the soldiers under Xia Dandao were incredibly emotional. What more the others?

    "Even though Star Lord Chi Tong has perished, he had recommended Star Lord Mo to inherit the position as Star King Mountain's Star Lord. I believe that under the leadership of Star Lord Mo, Star King Mountain and Zhen Xing would only become more prosperous," Su Xuan saw the right opportunity to stand forward and say.

    "Wait, wait," Before the crowd could respond, a burly man with purple hair stood forward.

    He clasped his hands towards Mo Wuji and co. before saying, "Wuji was able to recapture Universal Hall, and was even able to kill Bao Lie and that Earthly Immortal expert. To Star King Mountain, and to Zhen Xing, this is a great act of merit. But now, Star King Mountain has already chosen Xia Dandao to take over as the next Star Lord. Since that's the case, I suggest that we let Wuji take over as the hall master of Star Wars Hall, and act as the Star King Mountain's defender.

    Su Xuan and co. knew this purple haired man. He was the hall master Star King Mountain's fifth hall, Star Flame Hall. He was also a lackey of the Xia Clan, Chu Fengyi. Moreover, he even tried to sound intimate, by directly calling Mo Wuji as 'Wuji'.

    Chu Fengyi's words seemed to stand on an administrative point of view. To Star King Mountain, unless it was something important, they should not casually change the Star Lord.

    Su Xuan snorted and said, "Mo Wuji is the designated heir of Star Lord Chi Tong, and is the greatest contributor to the occupation of Universal Hall. To pick him as Star King Mountain's Star Lord is what the crowd wants. Moreover, the Star King Mountain's Star Lord required the agreement from all ten halls. Yan Ze and I have yet to express out consent, so how is Xia Dandao the Star Lord?"

    Chu Fengyi sternly said, "Hall Master Su is right. But what times are we in now? This is a critical period when foreign species are invading, so naturally, we cannot act as per normal. Personally, I do not object against Mo Wuji becoming the next Star Lord. After all, he was specified by Star Lord Chi Tong. So after Star Lord Xia retires, I will be the first to support Mo Wuji as Star King Mountain's Star Lord."

    "What kind of thing is this Mo Wuji? Merely a little cultivator from Lost Continent. I don't agree that he should be the Star Lord. Only Star Lord Xia has the ability to govern Zhen Xing and Star King Mountain."

    Mo Wuji's gaze landed on this fella that just spoke, and with a calm tone, he asked, "Who are you?"

    The man who spoke stood forward, clasped his fists towards the crowd, then said loudly, I am Xia Clan's Xia Junhuang. Star Lord Xia is my father. However, my recommendations were not based on my relationship with him. I have never given a biased opinion."

    "Very good," After Mo Wuji said this two words, a lightning sword had already sliced through space.

    "Psst!" Lightning flashed as blood splattered. Even though Xia Junhuang was already at True God Stage Level 2, he had no means of resisting as he was directly pinned to the ground by Mo Wuji's lightning sword.
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