Chapter 366: I Must Kill Xia Dandao

    Chapter 366: I Must Kill Xia Dandao

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    "You..." Xia Dandao's eyes teared out of anger. Mo Wuji had killed his son Xia Mu, and he had yet to find an excuse to deal with Mo Wuji. But now, Mo Wuji actually killed his second son Xia Junhuang right in front of him.

    That's right. Even though Xia Junhuang was his nephew, but because he lost his only son, the Xia Clan allowed him to adopt Xia Junhuang as his son. In this short period of time, another son was slaughtered by Mo Wuji.

    "It doesn't matter whether I'm the Star Lord or not. When I'm talking, how dare a mere ant interfere?" Mo Wuji's tone was icy cold as he emitted a dense killing aura. He wasn't afraid of Xia Dandao acting against him. In fact, he was afraid that Xia Dandao wouldn't.

    "Xia Junhuang's words were truly inappropriate. And since Mo Wuji is the future Star Lord, Xia Junhuang's words could be considered a crime," Chu Fengyi was the first to step forward and smooth things over. He knew that the moment Mo Wuji and Xia Dandao started to fight, in this current situation, they might not necessarily be able to win.

    Xia Dandao also calmed down, and said with a cold, indifferent tone, "To offenders who disobey the rules, they must be killed"

    He had already decided; once he leaves Piercing Wind City, he would gather the forces of the Xia Clan and immediately kill Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji slaughtered Xia Junhuang to incite Xia Dandao to attack him; he did not expect Xia Dandao to actually be so tolerant, and bore every thing patiently.

    Seeing that Xia Dandao was still shamelessly holding onto the Star Lord's name, Yan Ze suddenly stood forward and announced in a clear voice, "I also want to tell everyone something unbelievable. Ever since I know of this matter, I have been holding it in. When I saw it, I was so excited that I barely restrained myself. That is, Star Lord Mo has ascended into the main Universal Board, and he is even at the second place."

    Yan Ze was indeed holding it in; he didn't even ask Mo Wuji anything. He was more clear than an average person on how difficult it was to get Rank 2 on the Universal Board, and about what Rank 2 meant.

    "What?" Even Su Xuan stared at Yan Ze in surprise. Previously, Su Xuan was persistent on convincing Mo Wuji to be the Star King Mountain's Star Lord, and she didn't pay attention to the Universal Board. Now that she heard that Mo Wuji was Rank 2 on the Universal Board, she was instantly agitated.

    One must know that among those in the top 10 of the Universal Board, all of them were Earthly Immortal experts. Did this mean that Mo Wuji was also an Earthly Immortal?

    After Yan Ze's words were uttered, silence descended upon the entire Piercing Wind City. Only after some time, someone asked in disbelief, "This should not be possible right? Even though Star Lord Mo could use a huge cannon to blast all the foreign invaders, but Universal Board's Rank 2... That's simply heaven defying..."

    When this person spoke, he had already subconsciously addressed Mo Wuji as the Star King Mountain's Star Lord.

    Mo Wuji knew, if he wanted to eliminate Xia Dandao, he needed to first isolate Xia Dandao. Even though Xia Dandao was a self-proclaimed Star Lord, Mo Wuji still needed to get rid of that.

    As the crowds were hesitating in this disbelief, Mo Wuji stood forward, threw his jade token and said, "That's right, I am indeed Rank 2 on the Universal Board. My target is to reach the top position on the Universal Board someday."

    Now was not a time to be modest. In this world, everyone respected and feared the strong. Even if Yan Ze didn't mention this matter, he would have said it himself to kick Xia Dandao off the seat as the Star Lord.

    Mo Wuji's universal token floated in midair; everyone could clearly see it with their eyes or their spiritual will.

    "Mo Wuji, Space Contribution Points: 3,167,440; Rank: 2."

    When everyone confirmed that Mo Wuji was truly Rank 2 on the Unviersal Board, a tidal wave of wild cheers flooded the entire city.

    "Star Lord Mo!"

    "I believe it now! If he didn't kill millions of foreign invaders, how could he obtain over 3 million contribution points? Star Lord Mo is so strong!"

    "Yes, only Star Lord Mo can lead us to protect Zhen Xing, and chase those foreign invaders out."

    "I support Star Lord Mo!"

    "I also support Star Lord Mo!"


    Among those that could appear on the main Universal Board [1], which one of them weren't heroes of legends? Even the previous Star Lord Chi Tong, was only Rank 312. Mo Wuji was not only ranked in the main Universal Board, he was Rank 2. Moreover, he had recaptured Universal Hall. It could be said that no one else was more suitable than him to become Star King Mountain's Star Lord.

    Xia Dandao's hands were trembling; he knew that he was no longer able to retain his position as the Star Lord. Mo Wuji had just arrived at Piercing Wind City, but Mo Wuji's reputation had already exceeded his. He needed to immediately contact the Yan Clan, and eliminate Mo Wuji as soon as possible. There was also the Mou Clan; he definitely had to drag them into this affair.

    As he thought of this, the overcast expression on Xia Dandao's face instantly disappeared. With a face full of smiles, he said, "Hall Master Chu, I believe that Mo Wuji's recapture of Universal Hall is truly the greatest inspiration for Zhen Xing. I am willing to hand over my position as the Star Lord. With such an accomplished junior like Mo Wuji, I can rest assured."

    Now that Xia Dandao had given in, Mo Wuji had become the Star King Mountain's Star Lord without obstruction.

    Standing by Mo Wuji's side, Solitary Red Knot was a little worried; he was worried that after Mo Wuji became the Star Lord, he would immediately cause trouble for Xia Dandao. He understood Mo Wuji. Even if Mo Wuji and Xia Dandao didn't have any enmity previously, Xia Dandao's act of killing Xu Chihuang was enough to warrant Mo Wuji's anger.

    If Mo Wuji caused trouble for Xia Dandao here, then things would get troublesome.

    After all, Xia Dandao was the patriarch of the Xia Clan, and was the hall master of Star King Mountain's Star Wars Hall. Here, the Xia Clan could control at least an army that was at least 100,000 men strong. If Mo Wuji acted against Xia Dandao, then there would definitely be a messy battle.

    Xia Dandao took a step forward and was about to speak. However, Mo Wuji stood in front of him and said, "Various hall masters, various sect heads, my actions aren't worthy of mention. Compared to everyone, I've done too little. I heard that the previous Star Lord Wu had been assassinated in the Star Lord Mansion. I hope that everyone can follow me to examine Star Lord Wu's corpse. I believe that without the help of a spy, the Gu Nuo Star Tribe wouldn't be able to assassinate Star Lord Wu."

    Originally, Xia Dandao was prepared to leave; together with Star Flame Hall's Chu Fengyi, he would bring his men and leave. However, Mo Wuji's words had hidden implications. Now, everyone's suspicions were aroused, and those who wanted to leave, would attract all of this suspicion.

    He couldn't help but abandon his intentions of leaving immediately. Anyway, Wu Lingzhi wasn't killed by his, Xia Dandao's, men. Thus, he had nothing to fear.

    Mo Wuji saw that Xia Dandao did not continue with his departure, and he coldly laughed in his heart: If I don't find a way to get rid of you, Xia Dandao, today, then I'm not fit to have returned.

    As for whether or not Wu Lingzhi had been assassinated by Xia Dandao, Mo Wuji didn't even care, and he couldn't even be bothered to care. Perhaps Wu Lingzhi had poured his blood to helping Zhen Xing, but Mo Wuji did not know him personally. Mo Wuji wanted to help Xu Chihuang take revenge; Xu Chihuang had always been treating the Lost Continent cultivators with respect, and Xu Chihuang had also treated him well. Thus, Mo Wuji would take on this duty of helping Xu Chihuang reap this vengeance.

    The reason why he got Xia Dandao to go into the Star Lord Mansion, was because he was clear that he couldn't kill Xia Dandao in front of everyone. As long as Xia Dandao and Chu Fengyi were killed, Mo Wuji believed that Su Xuan and Yan Ze were enough to handle the rest.


    The group of them arrived at the Star Lord Mansion. Xia Dandao was slightly aggrieved. Ever since he became the Star Lord, he hadn't even entered this Star Lord Mansion with the identity of the Star Lord.

    Mo Wuji did not act humbly as he sat straight at the position of power, then he said, "Please bring Star Lord Wu's corpse in."

    Su Xuan had already made prior instructions; now that Mo Wuji had spoken, there was already someone prepared to carry in Wu Lingzhi's corpse.

    Mo Wuji walked over and stood beside Wu Lingzhi's corpse. The others also walked over.

    Wu Lingzhi's face was calm; it was just that there was a scar on his forehead. At the back of his skull, there was also a scar.

    Mo Wuji suddenly lifted his hands and formed some enigmatic hand seals. Thereafter, out of nowhere, a pitch black fluid appeared from Wu Lingzhi's fingertip, dripping onto the ground.

    A rancid odour assailed everyone's nostrils. Even an idiot could tell that this was a peak grade poison.

    "Hall Master Wu was poisoned to death?" Su Xuan was the first to utter her exclamations. Previously, everyone thought that Wu Lingzhi was assassinated in a direct battle; they never thought that he died due to poison.

    This was also because no one else acted like Mo Wuji, forcing the poison out of Wu Lingzhi's body. Or it was more accurate to say, before anyone could carefully examine the corpse, the foreign invaders had used the transfer array to arrive outside of Piercing Wind City.

    "I recognise this poison..." Yan Ze suddenly muttered with a serious countenance. He lifted his head and turned to Xia Dandao.

    Yan Ze wasn't the only one who recognised this poison; most of them did. This poison was called Soulless Hell. After being afflicted with this poison, one's primordial spirit and soul would be corroded from the inside, losing the chance to reincarnate. It was extremely deadly and vicious. Moreover, only one family had this poison; it was the Xia Clan.

    The Xia Clan had long listed this poison as 'prohibited', and even disciples of the Xia Clan were not allowed access to it. Unexpectedly, it actually appeared on Wu Lingzhi's body.

    Xia Dandao's face instantly turned pale; he immediately shouted harshly, "I'm not the one that killed Star Lord Wu."

    At this moment, all eyes were glued to him. His explanations were useless. After Wu Lingzhi was killed, Xia Dandao forced wrested the position as the Star Lord. Everyone knew that. Thus, no one believed Xia Dandao's words.

    "Xia Dandao, at the end of the day, you are an esteemed hall master of Star King Moutain's number one hall. If you must be the Star Lord, you could have discussed it with Star Lord Wu. Star Lord Wu is honest and loyal, and was wholeheartedly working for the future of Zhen Xing. You actually assassinated Star Lord Wu. I knew it, with Star Lord Wu's cultivation, who could assassinate him in a direct battle? So there was a traitor like you!" Su Xuan lifted her arm, and the Phoenix Spear appeared in her hands.

    Yan Ze's face had a murderous look; he wielded his saber and shouted angrily, "Xia Dandao, you assassinated Star Lord Wu, and you even killed Defender Xu Chihuang. You are a human scum. You're from Zhen Xing, yet you colluded with the foreigners to kill our own people."

    At this instant, not only Yan Ze and Su Xuan, almost everyone brought out their magic treasures and surrounded Xia Dandao. Even Chu Fengyi could only shut his mouth.

    Mo Wuji opened his hands and Tian Ji Pole landed into his palms. He possessed the detoxification meridian, so how could he not know that Wu Lingzhi wasn't poisoned to death? He guessed that someone else wanted to plot against Xia Dandao. However, he came here today to kill Xia Dandao. He couldn't be bothered to care that Xia Dandao was being wrongfully maligned.

    [1] The main board records those in the top 1000.
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