Chapter 369: Blasting The Yan Clan

    Chapter 369: Blasting The Yan Clan

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    "This matter is a taboo so it is not convenient to speak about it here. Whether or not you choose to kill me, let's find a safer place to talk about this," Nong Shuyi said with a mournful tone.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head and pointed to the Yan Clan's territory, "What is the relationship between Yan Clan and the Broken Sect?"

    "Why do you ask this?" Nong Shuyi looked curiously at Mo Wuji.

    "Because there are members of the Broken Sect in the Yan Clan now," Mo Wuji was not afraid that Nong Shuyi would get his message and so even if he chose not to kill Nong Shuyi now, he wouldn't let her go before he exterminated the Broken Sect.

    "Are you talking about me?" Nong Shuyi said this but immediately felt that Mo Wuji might not be talking about her.

    "Of course not. I'm talking about the person who has been to the Thorny Wind Gate to search for me."

    Nong Shuyi stared shockingly at Mo Wuji because she had already understood Mo Wuji's words. Mo Wuji had actually placed his spiritual will imprint on a member of the Broken Sect? Wasn't the person who had been to the Thorny Wind Gate the person who took the Number 731's storage ring?

    After a while, Nong Shuyi took a small breath and said, "I've always thought that nobody in the entire Zhen Xing would be more proficient in spiritual will imprints than the Broken Sect. However, after witnessing you remove the Broken Sect's spiritual will imprint and then being able to place your spiritual will imprint on a member of the Broken Sect member, I knew that you are definitely not weaker than the Broken Sect in this aspect. In fact, you might even be stronger than the Broken Sect in terms of your knowledge and use of spiritual will imprints.

    After hearing Nong Shuyi's words, Mo Wuji didn't explain further. The truth was that he was actually not that proficient in spiritual will imprints. The reason why he was able to implant the spiritual will imprint on the person without him noticing was because his meridian cultivation technique was the very first of its kind. As long as you reached a certain altitude for your cultivation technique, it would be applicable for many things. And Mo Wuji himself was indeed standing at the peak of meridian cultivation techniques.

    "That's right, that person did visit the Thorny Wind Gate and even took back Number 731's key. He is Number 605, in the Great Circle of the True God Stage.

    Even though his cultivation level was not as high as mine, his methods of assassination were many folds stronger than mine," Nong Shuyi revealed everything blatantly.

    Hearing Nong Shuyi's words, Mo Wuji knew that this woman had decided not to fight for the Broken Sect anymore otherwise, she wouldn't have said so much.

    "Then what number are you?" Mo Wuji suddenly had his suspicion over her status in the Broken Sect. Since she was in the elementary stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage, her status in the Broken Sect shouldn't be too low.

    Nong Shuyi shook her head, "I am only a runner to pass on messages and stand sentry because I am not qualified to have a number."

    Mo Wuji looked suspiciously at Mo Wuji because whether it was Number 731, Number 605 or the Poison Fairy, their cultivation level were not even comparable to Nong Shuyi so how could she not be qualified to have a number?

    Nong Shuyi saw through Mo Wuji's suspicion and continued to ask, "I only know how to cultivate and have no special ability. I was only able to survive in the Broken Sect because of Wan'Er's capability. In the Broken Sect, every individual must have an ability of their own..."

    Mo Wuji suddenly remembered the Number 731 because even at the Nihility God Stage, he was extremely sensitive to wind and could even move freely within the Thorny Wind Gate. And the Poison Fairy, if it was not for his detoxification meridian that he recently opened, he would have fallen in her hands. As for the Number 605 who had his spiritual will imprint on his body, what ability must he had to be able to enter the Thorny Wind Gate to retrieve the storage ring so casually?

    The only reason why he would have Mo Wuji's spiritual will imprint on him was because no one was more knowledgeable than Mo Wuji in the understanding of meridians. Even an expert in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage might not be able to detect his spiritual will imprint.

    It seemed as though this Nong Shuyi really didn't have any special ability. The only peculiar thing about her would be her slightly higher cultivation level but for something like cultivation level, as long as one had sufficient time and resources, one would be able to reach a high level eventually.

    "...For example while we are talking now, there could perhaps be someone from the Broken Sect beside us who we couldn't see. The moment we leave this place, the news of my betrayal would have reached the Broken Sect but ever since Wan'Er left me, I have no intentions to live anymore. This was also why I want to advice you not to find trouble with the Broken Sect, even though you are indeed very capable..."

    Before Nong Shuyi could finish speaking, Mo Wuji's heart jumped. His spiritual will scanned the surroundings a few times and it even extended to areas over 10metres away from them. If there was any slight movement from anyone, he would be the first to find out.

    However, the Broken Sect was simply too odd and mysterious so he couldn't not believe Nong Shuyi's words. At the thought of this, a spiritual eye appeared on top of his forehead because nothing in this world could escape his spiritual eye.

    A light radiance which could see through space scanned the surrounding and within a few breaths, Mo Wuji's face turned ugly.

    About 10 metres away from where he and Nong Shuyi was, one of the stones looked just like any other ordinary stones under the scan of his spiritual will. Unless he specifically used his spiritual will to focus on this particular stone, he would never have known there were problems with this stone.

    However, this stone was actually a hidden cultivator. Mo Wuji had no idea what technique this was to turn himself into a stone.

    Just as Nong Shuyi was still explaining, Mo Wuji shot out a lightning sword.

    "Kacha!" The stone broke and blood poured out. Mo Wuji's lightning sword pierced through the centre of the stone. The lightnings from the lightning sword were still flickering even after the stone was broken apart.

    The hidden cultivator was revealed as a young man and Mo Wuji had no idea what material the broken pieces of stone beside him were made of to actually look like all the other stones around.

    "Ah..." Nong Shuyi saw the man that Mo Wuji attacked and was shocked. Even though she did mentioned the possibility of being watched, she was still dumbfounded when she found out that someone was really watching them.

    "Who is this? To think he could actually turn into a stone which even spiritual will can't detect?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Nong Shuyi shaked her head, "I don't recognise him but I know the Broken Sect had members capable of acts like hiding within space or turning into objects to spy on people. My status isn't high in the Broken Sect as I am only a runner and a cleaner. To survive, I had to run errands for the Broken Sect. It would be logical for someone to follow me when I run errands but I would have never expected someone to follow me even as I came out to clean up."

    Her heart was still in shock as she wondered how did Mo Wuji find him as she didn't notice Mo Wuji's opening of his spiritual eye earlier on.

    "Is the reason why you're cleaning up because there were members of the Broken Sect in the Yan Clan discussing matters?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Nong Shuyi answered, "Yes, even though I don't know the details of it, it seemed like the Yan Clan wants to join the Broken Sect and the someone important from the Broken Sect is here to discuss matters. Oh yes, I saw a Gu Nuo Star Tribe cultivator in the Yan Clan, his name is Hoover..."

    Yan Clan wanted to join the Broken Sect? And the Yan Clan actually formed an alliance with the foreign invaders?

    "Do you know where the Broken Sect is located at?" Since Mo Wuji had already made his decision to destroy the Yan Clan into pieces, he was confident Nong Shuyi would bring him there as long as she knew.

    Nong Shuyi shook her head, "I have no idea and it was only when I had to collect my Spirit Channel Formation Pill that someone would come and find me. Previously, Wan'Er was the one who would pass me the Spirit Channel Formation Pills but recently, I had to wait for others to bring it to me."

    "What is the Spirit Channel Formation Pills?" Mo Wuji asked curiously as he had heard of Spirit Channel Pills as well as the Channel Solidifying Pill but not this Spirit Channel Formation Pill as he couldn't believe there were still pills he hadn't heard of despite being a Tier 6 Earth grade pill refiner.

    "Every disciple of the Broken Sect had to go cultivate the Broken Sect technique. And to cultivate the Broken Sect technique, one had to take the Spirit Channel Formation Pill to increase the speed of cultivation as well as to remove the immolation," Nong Shuyi explained.

    Mo Wuji sent two healing pills into Nong Shuyi's mouth and asked, "You mean as long as you practice the Broken Sect's technique, it would mean death the moment you betray the sect right?"

    "Yes, as long as you stop using the Spirit Channel Formation Pills, even if you stop cultivating the Broken Sect's technique, the spirit channels in your body would still burn and you would eventually immolate to death,"

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart at the extent of this method of controlling someone.

    Mo Wuji turned silent and made him even more resolute to obliterate the Broken Sect. Just as he was thinking of ways to ask Nong Shuyi to get the fella with his spiritual will imprint on him out, Mo Wuji felt the a movement of his spiritual will imprint.

    After half an incense worth of time, his spiritual will imprint had left the periphery of the Yan Clan as he hurried to a certain place.

    Time to act.

    Mo Wuji waited for that fella to leave before taking out his extreme ice cannon as well as a massive ammunition.

    Mo Wuji's healing pills were extremely effective and after a short while, Nong Shuyi could feel her knees recovering fast even though she didn't wish to continue living. After learning that Wan'Er was dead, she had lost her purpose in life.

    Furthermore, even if she wanted to live, by revealing what she revealed to Mo Wuji meant that she would stop receiving any more Spirit Channel Formation Pills from the Broken Sect and without this pill, it really didn't matter much whether her knees were to recover or not.

    Just as she saw Mo Wuji took out the massive cannon, Nong Shuyi knew why Mo Wuji was stationed here. To think he could exterminate the Yan Clan using a space cannon, wasn't he a little too naive?

    The space cannon could indeed kill a few weaker cultivators in the Yan Clan but it would be completely useless against the Worldly Immortal Stage experts from the Yan Clan.

    Moreover, there were still experts from the Broken Sect in the Yan Clan so even before the space cannon could land, it would be blown away by the Worldly Immortal Stage experts from the Broken Sect.

    Mo Wuji didn't know and didn't care about what Nong Shuyi was thinking. If the extreme ice cannon could exterminate millions of foreign invaders, how could a small Yan Clan hold out against this shot?

    After setting up the ice cannon and putting in the ammunition of the cannon, Mo Wuji aimed at the Yan Clan's territory and ignited the extreme ice cannon.

    A biting white radiance flashed past Nong Shuyi and she could immediately feel the intense tremor.

    "Boom!" An explosion was heard and a bone biting cold was felt as Nong Shuyi stood there shockingly as she had completely forgotten about the wounds on her knees which were almost fully healed. She stared blankly at the Yan Clan's base turning into a space of white fog and nothing else.
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