Chapter 371: Broken Sects Sect Head

    Chapter 371: Broken Sect's Sect Head

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    "The reason why she desperately wanted to live, was because she had two wishes. One was to pass you her cultivation technique. The other was, she was very lonely..."

    Mo Wuji looked at Nong Shuyi in confusion; what did these two wishes mean?

    Nong Shuyi continued, "Even though I'm her older sister, it's always been her who took care of me. Deep in her heart, she was always very lonely, because she didn't have any true friends. She thought since you were a Rebirther like her, the two of you should be the same breed of people, and that the two of you could be friends. Secondly, in her previous life, she possessed the most powerful cultivation technique, and this technique was meant for Rebirthers. She didn't have a chance to cultivate it, so she wanted to leave it for you.

    When I was very young, she was taken away by Zhu Qu. Thereafter, she cultivated Broken Sect's cultivation technique. Once one started with Broken Sect's cultivation technique, one couldn't stop. Otherwise, one's soul and body would be burnt from the inside. Similarly, once one started on Broken Sect's technique, one wouldn't be able to cultivate any other techniques."

    "What a coincidence?" Mo Wuji was increasingly filled with doubts. It was already amazing that Nong Shuwan could be rebirthed, but she actually possessed a cultivation technique specifically for Rebirthers.

    Nong Shuyi shook her head, "It's not a coincidence. It's because Wan'Er obtained that technique, that she decided to rebirth."

    "You say that she could choose to rebirth?" Mo Wuji suddenly stood up, and he even grabbed

    Nong Shuyi's shoulders. His heart was too agitated.

    Nong Shuyi sighed, "I know what you're asking for. But this could not be done by a second person. In her previous life, Wan'Er possessed the Reincarnation Meridian. For someone who possessed the Reincarnation Meridian, and also held the Reincarnation Fruit, one would have a 60% chance of rebirthing. And after one rebirthed, there is still a 50% chance of recovering one's memories."

    "Reincarnation Meridian and Reincarnation Fruit?" Mo Wuji instantly furrowed his brows; he had never heard of them before. He had opened 106 meridians, but he didn't have that Reincarnation Meridian. As for the Reincarnation Fruit, he was a Tier 6 Earth Pill Refiner but he hadn't heard of it.

    "You don't need to think about it. Even Wan'Er herself didn't know what the Reincarnation Meridian and the Reincarnation Fruit are. She didn't recover her complete set of her memories but she guessed that they aren't things of this world," Nong Shuyi said.

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. After some time, he asked, so did your sister Wan'Er have a chance to rebirth again?"

    Nong Shuyi shook her head, "If I'm not wrong, she shouldn't have. In this world, there should also be reincarnation, but even if Wan'Er reincarnated, she wouldn't be the same Wan'Er in this life. Because, her memories would have completely disappeared. She would be a complete stranger."

    Mo Wuji went silent; Shuyin would not have a chance to rebirth. After settling things here, he must send Shuyin to her mother before heading into space.

    "Then what is Zhu Qu's cultivation level?" A burst of killing intent suddenly erupted in Mo Wuji's heart as the strong urge to kill Broken Sect's Sect Head Zhu Qu appeared in his mind. It seemed like he wanted to do it for himself, but it also seemed like it wanted to do it for his fellow Rebirther, Poison Fairy.

    "I guess that if he is still not an Earthly Immortal but he should be close to one. But his abilities are definitely that of an Earthly Immortal expert, he could even rival those in the intermediate Earthly Immortal Stage. Also..."

    Nong Shuyi paused with a bit of uncertainty, then she continued, "Even though your ice cannon is strong, but if he's in Broken Gate, then I'm afraid that you wouldn't be able to do much damage to him. I heard that he uses an immortal equipment. Under normal circumstances, he would confine himself in his immortal equipment and no one would be able to do a thing to him."

    "Immortal equipment?" This was Mo Wuji's first time hearing that someone possessed an immortal equipment. Then he recalled Cen Shuyin's Typhoon Formula; it was an Immortal Grade cultivation technique.

    Mo Wuji extended his hand and said, "Why don't you let me take a look at your wrist. Exactly what technique are you cultivating..."

    Mo Wuji did not finish his sentence before he suddenly took a step forward. Embracing Nong Shuyi, the two of them transformed into a gentle breeze and disappeared.

    Nong Shuyi was startled and she even wanted to immediately resist. However, before she couldn't resist, she felt ripples of energy in the surroundings.

    She immediately calmed down. Only now, did she feel the dense murderous aura permeating through the air.

    "Boom!" A horrifying explosions resounded. As she was carried by Mo Wuji into mid air, Nong Shuyi saw the house that she used to stay in disintegrate into ash. That explosion did not stop there as it continued to extend endlessly.

    All the people that were living in this town were immediately devoured within that endlessly extending explosion. Cries of agony could be heard, but that violent explosion continued to expand.

    Two trails of tears flowed out the corners of Nong Shuyi's eyes. She was different from other Worldly Immortals. This was the place where she and her younger sister, Wan'Er, stayed. It was a place filled with ordinary mortals. To her, when comparing these mortals with cultivators, these mortals were much purer and kinder.

    And now, all of these people were suddenly killed because of her. This quiet abode had now transformed into a barren wasteland.

    From the vestiges of the destruction, she saw the friendly Sister Lu get blasted into two pieces, she saw the Aunt Feng, who helped her fend off rogues, got sent flying by a meteoric debri...

    However, she was helpless. Even though she was a Worldly Immortal, she was still helpless. If Mo Wuji did not help her escape, she would have been among them. The only difference was, she would have been injured and not killed.

    "So you truly have some ability, to actually detect my arrival. No wonder why you could kill more than ten people from my Broken Sect, exterminate the Yan Clan, and even eliminate Xia Dandao." A man with a gentle and warm voice appeared in front of Mo Wuji and Nong Shuyi.

    Even though this person wasn't specially releasing his aura, his strong natural aura was still able to cause Mo Wuji to feel unbearable. Mo Wuji let go of Nong Shuyi, opened his hand, and Tian Ji Pole appeared in his palms. He did not say anything as he simply stared coldly at this person.

    This was an extremely handsome man. He even caused Mo Wuji to think of He Jianting from Lost Continent; they were both first-rate Adonis.

    The man stood a few meters away from Mo Wuji with his hands behind his back. He did not exude any violent elemental energy ripples but Mo Wuji knew that this person's power was terrifying. Mo Wuji estimated, he should not be an opponent for this man.

    "He is Broken Sect's Sect Head Zhu Qu..." Even though Nong Shuyi's cultivation was higher than Mo Wuji, she subconsciously took a few steps back and stood behind Mo Wuji.

    "If you stayed quietly as the Star Lord and didn't come and offend me, then perhaps you might have lived a little longer. But of course it would have only been a little longer. By the time I found out that Poison Fairy was killed by you, I would have still killed you. As for the Star King Mountain, I will raze it to the ground. Since it dared to offend my Broken Sect, then it doesn't need to exist," The man who Nong Shuyi called Zhu Qu had a calm tone, with no hint of anger.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly. This fella surely knew how to brag, to actually say that he would destroy Star King Mountain. Even though Star King Mountain had deteriorated, it was still the number one power in Zhen Xing. A mere Broken Sect actually had quite big ambitions ah.

    "If I'm not wrong, you should know the fundamentals of space, right? I give you two options. One, hand over your space fundamentals manual, then commit suicide in front of me. Two, I kill you, extract your soul, then take your storage ring."

    Hearing Zhu Qu's words, Mo Wuji looked at Nong Shuyi doubtfully. Didn't Nong Shuyi say that Zhu Qu could detect the existence of Rebirthers? Mo Wuji was a Rebirther, but this fella did not seem to know it.

    Nong Shuyi did not wipe away her tears as she shouted harshly, "Zhu Qu, it's enough that you kill me. Why must you kill so many innocent people? They are all ordinary mortals, you animal..."

    Zhu Qu laughed emotionlessly, "Looks like you no longer fear Broken Sect. Did you think that just because you found the Star Lord to be your backer, you're very amazing? To actually mix around with a group of ants, how disgraceful. Now that Poison Fairy is dead, there's no longer any point in you. Die then..."

    Zhu Qu didn't finish his words before he already took a step forward and swatted towards Nong Shuyi.

    How could Mo Wuji let Nong Shuyi get killed in front of him, his Tian Ji Pole transformed into boundless pole shadows and swung forward.

    "Boom!" Elemental energy clashed. Mo Wuji felt an unfathomable pressure bounding towards him. His chest tightened and he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

    "Hurry and go!" Mo Wuji shouted towards Nong Shuyi, his entire body retreating backwards. Nong Shuyi knew that she wasn't of help to Mo Wuji, so she followed him and retreated. However, she didn't retreat far.

    "Eh!" Zhu Qu did not chase after them. In reality, he had only used half of his power in that previous strike, so he wasn't afraid that Mo Wuji would escape from him.

    "You're not only in the Extreme Mortal Stage, you're also in the Extreme Earth Stage, and you even cultivated past True God Stage Level 9?" As Zhu Qu spoke, he gazed towards Mo Wuji with greater fervour.

    He could not tell that Mo Wuji was a Rebirther, but in that previous exchange, he could detect the Extreme spirit halos in Mo Wuji's body.

    When she heard that Mo Wuji was only in the True God Stage, Nong Shuyi was dumbfounded. A True God actually managed to wreck her in seconds. Even if she wasn't very strong, she was still an expert at Worldly Immortal Stage Level 3 ah.

    She then turned towards Zhu Qu and a sense of loss brewed in her heart. Even though she wanted to train and cultivate to higher levels, so that she could help Wan'Er, in reality, no matter how high she climbed, she wasn't even stronger than a True God.

    Whether it was Mo Wuji, or Zhu Qu, they were both much stronger than her. Moreover, this Mo Wuji was in the Extreme Mortal Stage and Extreme Earth Stage, a realm that countless cultivators could only dream for. Anyone that could reach an Extreme Stage was already a peerless genius. However, Mo Wuji actually attained the Extreme Stage in both the Mortal and Earth Realms.

    Nong Shuyi did not like talking to and interacting with other cultivators, so she did not know that when compared to a majority of Worldly Immortals, she was already very strong. However, she had to compare herself with Mo Wuji and Zhu Qu. Naturally, she would suffer a huge setback.

    Mo Wuji stared at Zhu Qu, then whispered towards Nong Shuyi, "Dao Friend Nong, this person definitely isn't in the Worldly Immortal Stage; he is definitely an Earthly Immortal expert. However, he is still a bit lacking if he hopes to trap the two of us here today. Listen to me, later I will engage him. You will escape immediately; head west and run. I will catch up to you shortly, then bring you along with me. Remember, do not resist, and do not think of helping me..."

    After Mo Wuji finished these words, his Tian Ji Pole, once again, transformed into waves of pole shadows which flooded towards Zhu Qu.So what if he was an Earthly Immortal? He should forget about trying to trap Mo Wuji.
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