Chapter 374: Mo Wujis Methods

    Chapter 374: Mo Wuji's Methods

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    "Since he's such a vicious person, all the more he should be wiped out by our Star King Mountain," Yan Ze said immediately.

    It wasn't just Yan Ze, the others also wanted to wipe out the Broken Sect and get rid of Zhu Qu. So what if Zhu Qu was from the great Reincarnation Dao Sect? Since he dared to offend the Star King Mountain, he will still be killed.

    Chi Huo'Er shook his head and muttered, "That assassins guild was originally like a plate of loose sand, anyone could go over and accept a mission. After Zhu Qu entered this assassins guild, he merely spent a year before he took control of the guild. As for what methods he used, no one really knows. I can only tell everyone some facts..."

    When Chi Huo'Er got here, he specially took a pause. He waited till the crowd's attention was focused back on him, before he continued, "Those years ago, Zhen Mo Continent's Old Shrewd Yellow Sand was killed by him."

    These words of Chi Huo'Er were like a bomb thrown into a calm river, splashing up a mist of water capable of covering the sky.

    There were few here who didn't know Old Shrewd Yellow Sand; he actually had another nickname called Old Queer Yellow Sand [1]. He was a person who did everything based on his instincts, an expert who didn't even consider the consequences. As long as he liked it, he would do it. He didn't need any other reason.

    Moreover, his Yellow Sand Technique was comparable to a sacred art. There were few in Zhen Xing who could be an opponent for him. At the same time, he was a true Earthly Immortal expert. It could be said that his cultivation was exceedingly high.

    Since Zhu Qu could kill an Earthly Immortal expert, did that mean that he was an Earthly Immortal too?

    "Manager Chi, could this information be wrong? Old Shrewd Yellow Sand had vanished 100 years ago. If Zhu Qu could kill Old Shrewd Yellow Sand, did that mean that Zhu Qu was already an Earthly Immortal 100 years ago?" Su Xuan asked doubtfully.

    Chi Huo'Er sighed, "I also wish for this information to be wrong; I even wish that Zhu Qu was already an Earthly Immortal 100 years ago. In reality, this is an indisputable truth. And when Zhu Qu killed Old Shrewd Yellow Sand, he was only in the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage..."

    Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air; they understood what Chi Huo'Er was implying. If 100 years ago, Zhu Qu killed Old Shrewd Yellow Sand with a cultivation of an Earthly Immortal, albeit terrifying, it was still within their control. After all, killing a person in the same stage wasn't anything amazing.

    However, 100 years ago, Zhu Qu was merely in the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage, yet he could kill the Earthly Immortal Old Shrewd Yellow Sand. Now that 100 years had passed, then wouldn't Zhu Qu's cultivation be much higher? If Zhu Qu advanced into the Earthly Immortal Stage, and he had enough power to transcend stages, then who in Zhen Xing could be his opponent? Unless they could find an expert that had already broken through the void to deal with Zhu Qu?

    Chi Huo'Er continued in a solemn tone, "The scene where Zhu Qu killed Old Shrewd Yellow Sand was personally witnessed by Star Lord Chi Tong. It was also then did Star Lord Chi Tong know that he possessed an immortal equipment. When Star Lord Chi Tong advanced into the Earthly Immortal Stage, he tried to find Zhu Qu, but during that encounter, he almost lost his life under Zhu Qu's hands..."

    Who didn't know Zhu Qu's power? Even though there were various factions within Star King Mountain, Chi Tong was undoubtedly the person with the highest cultivation in Star King Mountain.

    At this instant, everyone understood the situation; why Chi Huo'Er did not permit everyone to deal with Zhu Qu; why Chi Tong was willing to let Broken Sect continue to exist; why Broken Sect could be so arrogant...

    They could understand the helplessness and grievances in Star Lord Chi Tong's heart when he made that decision. It wasn't because he didn't want to wipe out the Broken Sect, but because he didn't have the ability to.

    "In reality, Star Lord Chi Tong had always been trying to instigate a battle between the Broken Sect Head and the Space Wolf King. Unfortunately, all his efforts were to no avail. Not only was the Broken Sect Head Zhu Qu vicious and emotionless, he was also extremely cunning. In his eyes, there was nothing that should or should not be done; only things that were needed or weren't needed. Eventually, Star Lord Chi understood that he was unable to meet his goal, and he was even clearer that he would not be able to eradicate Zhu Qu himself. Thus, he started his quest to find the next generation's Star Lord..."

    When Chi Huo'Er got to this point, realisation dawned onto the crowd. No wonder why... Chi Tong was not considered old, in fact, he should be at his prime. However, he always talked about finding the next Star Lord. No wonder why Chi Tong wouldn't be stingy with any genius in Zhen Xing.

    Unfortunately, Lei Hongji was cold and emotionless; after he obtained some benefits, he no longer cared about Chi Tong. Before Chi Tong died, he chose Mo Wuji to be his successor; it wasn't simply because of Mo Wuji's outstanding talent, but because he hoped that Mo Wuji could lead Star King Mountain to contain Zhu Qu and the enliven Zhen Xing.

    "Then we should just allow Broken Sect to issue a wanted order for our Star King Mountain's Star Lord?" A defender furrowed his brows and said.

    Chi Huo'Er knew that when Mo Wuji was not present, the one in charge was Su Xuan. He looked at Su Xuan and said, "We should leave the matter of the wanted notice aside for now. Hall Master Su, I believe that the most important thing we need to do is to find the Star Lord. Even though the Star Lord is young, he does things wisely and with an experienced hand. After we find the Star Lord, we will listen to the Star Lord's instructions."

    Su Xuan completely agreed with Chi Huo'Er's words; she had seen Mo Wuji's experienced hands before. From the words of Solitary Red Knot and co., she had a better understanding of Mo Wuji's methods. From Mo Wuji's recapture of Universal hall, to the killing of Xia Dandao, to the eradication of the Xia Clan and Yan Clan...

    Each step was carefully planned, and no mistakes occurred in the middle.

    Even the fact that Mo Wuji was being pursued by Broken Sect Head Zhu Qu was a cause of admiration.

    After they heard of Zhu Qu's impressiveness, who wouldn't admire Mo Wuji? Here, no one could dare say that they would turn out safe after a pursuit from Zhu Qu. Clearly, Mo Wuji had escaped safely, otherwise, Broken Sect wouldn't publicly issue a wanted order.

    "Alright, we will pull in all our efforts to find the Star Lord. After the Star Lord returns, we will unconditionally follow the Star Lord's instructions."

    Su Xuan resolutely decided on the only measure in this discussion.

    No one else objected to Su Xuan's decision. Zhu Qu was terrifyingly strong, without the Star Lord, no one dared to make a proper decision. Everyone here was a Worldly Immortal, but was a Worldly Immortal strong? 100 years ago, Zhu Qu could already kill an Earthly Immortal, so how much was a Worldly Immortal worth?


    Nong Shuyi stared blankly at Mo Wuji. It had been six consecutive days. After Mo Wuji examined her spirit channels and listened to her description of her cultivation technique, he started to sit here in a daze, seemingly seriously considering of helping her solve the problem with her cultivation technique.

    Even though there were many instances where she wanted to talk to Mo Wuji, she was afraid that she would interrupt with his thoughts. As a cultivator, Nong Shuyu was very clear, when one was deeply absorbed into complex thoughts, a sudden interruption would be extremely harmful to one's soul.

    With Mo Wuji's current appearance, he seemed to have sunk into a deep layer of contemplation.

    Nong Shuyi sighed; she did not think that Mo Wuji could help her. There was no need to talk about Mo Wuji, even the strongest cultivator of Zhen Xing were to come here, as long as he was not the creator of Broken Sect's cultivation technique, he would never be able to solve this problem. Modifying a cultivation technique wasn't possible just because one had a high cultivation. There were too many elements and factors involved; it required one to have a deep understanding towards the fundamentals and origins of cultivation.

    Another two days passed. Nong Shuyi was no longer thinking about whether Mo Wuji could solve her problem with her cultivation technique, but worrying about whether Broken Sect's Zhu Qu would find them.

    At this time, Nong Shuyi suddenly felt the elemental energy in her spirit channels go into disorder. Thereafter, the temperature of this disordered elemental energy got higher and higher, and it even seemed like it was on fire.

    Once the spirit channels burnt up, that excruciating pain was not something that could be simply endured with willpower.

    Nong Shuyi's entire body started trembling, her face flushed red; she knew that she had reached her limit. Without the Spirit Channel Formation Pill, her cultivation would automatically combust. There was no way to stop it. She had experienced this once before. That time, Wan'Er was out doing a mission and hadn't been able to return in time. She didn't have any contribution points so she wasn't able to exchange for a Spirit Channel Formation Pill.

    This time, Wan'Er was already gone, and like the last time, she didn't have any Spirit Channel Formation Pills. She could only helplessly feel her spirit channels tear and burn.

    She really wanted to awake Mo Wuji, to bid her farewells to Mo Wuji. But when she saw Mo Wuji's look of contemplation, she endured it. Since she was going to die, what's the need for farewells?

    Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes, seemingly shocked awake by the waves of heat. Immediately, he saw Nong Shuyi burning up; Nong Shuyi's face were flushed deep red, and her hair was a little charred.

    Mo Wuji didn't need to ask anything to know that Nong Shuyi was experiencing the self-combustion of Broken Sect's cultivation technique. He immediately grabbed Nong Shuyi's wrist and said solemnly, "You don't need to worry. Forcefully circulate your spiritual energy and follow my induced circulation path. Remember to follow my circulation mantra and methods..."

    Nong Shuyi wasn't even able to speak and could only nod her head. Instantly, she felt a trace of Mo Wuji's spiritual energy enter into her spirit channels. She did not hesitate to circulate her spiritual energy under the lead of Mo Wuji's spiritual energy into a circulation path. At the same time, she started memorising the circulation mantra that Mo Wuji was chanting.

    In merely one complete circulation, Nong Shuyi stared at Mo Wuji in shock, "This is a reverse circulation path?"

    Mo Wuji's face blushed; he only knew this method. His own Immortal Mortal Technique was modified using this reverse circulation path into a reverse circulation technique. Now, he could only use this reverse circulation path to modify Broken Sect's technique.

    Fortunately, Nong Shuyi didn't notice Mo Wuji's embarrassed expression, but cried out in joy, "After one reverse circulation, the heat in my body seems to have weakened."

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief, and with a self-confident tone, "You don't need to worry. There are a total of 95 spirit channels in your body. I only need to help you adjust the circulation of your 95 spirit channels to follow this reverse circulation path and you would be completely free from this spiritual energy combustion."

    Nong Shuyi's hope was boosted. At the same time, an intense desire to live surged in her heart. Following the consecutive success of each spirit channel going into reverse circulation, and as she memorised the circulation mantra, that burning sensation completely disappeared.

    However, Nong Shuyi was increasingly saddened. How good would it be if Wan'Er could still be alive? If she knew that there was a solution to Broken Sect's cultivation technique, she would be so happy...

    [1] Queer and Shrewd have the same pronunciation in Mandarin.
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