Chapter 375: The Arrogant Broken Sect

    Chapter 375: The Arrogant Broken Sect

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    Tens of meters away from Mo Wuji and Nong Shuyi was Zhu Qu with an indifferent expression on his face. There was an array in front of him and within this array was the faint condensation of a fog. This fog was not only coming together gradually, it was also slowly turning into an essence which looked like a guided arrow.

    This was also the reason why Zhu Qu was never worried about Nong Shuyi escaping because as long as he wanted to do so, no one person from the Broken Sect would be able to escape his pursuit. To think a mere Nong Shuyi would believe that she could escape his clutches? She was simply overestimating herself. So what if that Mo Wuji knew how to teleport? If it was not for the slight delay in setting up his tracking array earlier on, he wouldn't have spent half a day chasing after Mo Wuji.

    His tracking array made use of the spiritual energy between heaven and earth so it was capable of locking onto any cultivators who had cultivated using the Broken Sect's cultivation technique before. So as long as the other party cultivated using the Broken Sect's cultivation technique and the tracking array could sense spiritual energy in the air, he would be capable of using this to find Nong Shuyi. The moment he caught up with the person he was chasing, the person would be immolated to death instantly.

    Even though the Broken Sect's cultivation technique was the same as any other cultivation technique, every time a cultivator was cultivating, he would put in place a unique technique imprint.

    After many days of absorbing the spiritual energy, Zhu Qu could finally sense Nong Shuyi. After the fog within the array condensed to form a guided arrow, it would point towards the location of Nong Shuyi. By then, he would have followed the arrow and witnessed the death of Nong Shuyi.

    As for that Mo Wuji, he would make sure that he personally understood how terrifying it was to offend the Broken Sect.

    As the guided arrow fog was about to form up in front of his eyes, the indifferent and arrogant Zhu Qu's face suddenly turned extremely ugly. The fog that was supposed to form the faint arrow suddenly scattered and the scattering process was getting increasingly fast.

    This was not possible because even if Nong Shuyi was dead, the arrow would still be formed up within a short period of time. The only possibility would be that someone managed to remove the imprint placed within his techniques and even blot out Nong Shuyi's cultivation technique.

    In the shortest time possible, Zhu Qu understood that this had to be because of Mo Wuji. Even if this seemed a little too bizarre to be true, he knew what kind of bizarre person Mo Wuji was. This person didn't only recapture the Universal Hall single-handedly, he even got rid of the Xia and Yan Clans on his own and ended up as the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain.

    Additionally, this person was ranked number 1 on the Mortal and Earth Board and ranked number 2 on the Universal Board. If he didn't have some skills, it would simply be impossible for him to achieve what he had achieved thus far.

    Zhu Qu didn't care who stayed in Zhen Xing because even if everyone in Zhen Xing died, he wouldn't furrow his eyebrows at all. Now that someone had erased his technique imprint and prevented him from tracking them, he would never forgive that person. What if every member of the Broken Sect were to have their imprints erased by Mo Wuji? There would no longer be any purpose in the existence of the Broken Sect.

    He definitely had to kill Mo Wuji.

    To Mo Wuji, unless he was crazy, he would never spend so much time and effort to manipulate the techniques for every single members of the Broken Sect.


    "Boom!" After Mo Wuji guided Nong Shuyi in circulating all of her spirit channels, his whole body was drenched in sweat too. This was not because he had insufficient elemental energy or exhausted too much of it but simply because this was too tiring.

    This was equivalent to using Nong Shuyi's spirit channels to test and helping her to modify her technique. If he made the slightest of mistakes, Nong Shuyi's spirit channels would have been destroyed and she would be suffering so much so that she would rather die.

    Seeing how Nong Shuyin knew how to circulate her spiritual roots by herself, Mo Wuji could finally relax and use his spiritual will to scan the surrounding. The sect head of the Broken Sect, Zhu Qu, was an odd man so Mo Wuji had to be extra careful because at least for now, Mo Wuji was still far from being Zhu Qu's match. It seemed like he needed to source for a new land to continue his cultivation.

    After half a day had passed, the spiritual energy ripples around Nong Shuyi's body had finally calmed down as she opened her eyes. There was an intense sense of suspicion in her eyes but there were also relief within the suspicion which Mo Wuji found extremely strange.

    "How is it? Nothing went wrong right?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Nong Shuyi's shook her head, "Nothing's wrong but my cultivation level dropped from Worldly Immortal Stage Level 3 to level 1..."

    "Ah..." Mo Wuji's face turned awkward because he really didn't know that after helping her modify her technique, Nong Shuyi's cultivation level would take a hit.

    However, Nong Shuyi looked gratefully at Mo Wuji, "However, I am stronger than before and I finally understood how you are able to beat me while being only at the True God Stage. This spiritual circulation technique is simply..."

    Nong Shuyi couldn't find any more suitable words to describe Mo Wuji's modified technique. Spiritual circulation led to compression of spiritual energy which led to a decrease in cultivation level as well as increasing her strength simultaneously. This was as if she was being told that her future potential would be even greater.

    Mo Wuji heard this and heaved a big sigh of relief.

    "The pity is that Wan'Er..." Nong Shuyi couldn't help but to feel disheartened when she thought of Nong Shuwan's suicide.

    "Dao Friend Nong, this is my own cultivation technique so I hope you won't spread it outside," Mo Wuji said seriously.

    Even though the cultivation technique that he modified for Nong Shuyi was not the same as his own one, the idea of spiritual circulation was the same.

    Nong Shuyi nodded her head, "I will not tell anyone about it because I have no one to talk to. Since you are the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain, I wish to join the Star King Mountain."

    Mo Wuji hesitated for a while before saying, "I was never interested in being the Star Lord of the Star King Mountain and in fact, I am the sect head of a sect. If you are willing, join my sect. Even though I managed to help you modify your cultivation technique, you should only be able to cultivate within the three stages of the Heaven Realm. Once you advanced past the Earthly Immortal Stage, I am afraid you won't be able to carry on cultivating. I am limited by my cultivation level so I am afraid I don't have another cultivation technique for you."

    Mo Wuji made it very clear that if you wanted to join his sect and become a disciple of the sect, he, as the sect head, would naturally had to take care of his disciples' cultivation techniques .

    "Which sect?" Nong Shuyi knew a bit about Mo Wuji's origins but had no idea which sect he was leading. As for the technique after the Earthly Immortal Stage, she didn't mind at all because how many people in Zhen Xing could go past the Earthly Immortal Stage?

    "Tian Ji Sect," Mo Wuji replied promptly.

    Nong Shuyi thought for a long time but still couldn't recall hearing any Tian Ji Sect before. However, she didn't mind what sect it was because she didn't have anywhere to go to in the first place. Even if Mo Wuji didn't allow her to join the Star King Mountain, she would leave Zhen Xing and head into the Star Wars Battlefield.

    Even if Mo Wuji managed to erase the hidden danger of the Broken Sect's technique, she was not confident she could hide from the pursuit of the Broken Sect as long as she remained in Zhen Xing.

    "Nong Shuyi is willing to join the Tian Ji Sect, greetings Sect Head," Nong Shuyi stood up to pay her respects to Mo Wuji without any hesitation after making her decision. Mo Wuji returned the Seven Dazzling Mirrors to Nong Shuyi and said, "The Tian Ji Sect is located in the Lost Continent so before we head back to the Lost Continent, you shall follow me."

    "Where are we going now? I am fearful that if we stay too long in this place, Zhu Qu mighty be able to find us," Nong Shuyi said worryingly. She had heard too many stories about the Broken Sect but she had never heard of someone staying safe after escaping from the Broken Sect.

    Mo Wuji revealed a slight smile, "If he couldn't catch up to us here, he wouldn't be capable enough to be the Broken Sect's Sect Head. Let's leave now, towards the Star King Mountain."

    Mo Wuji pondered for a while and still felt that the Star King Mountain would be the safest place for him to focus on his cultivation. Being the biggest sect in Zhen Xing, the Star King Mountain must have its holy land for cultivation. Additionally, there were as many experts in the Star King Mountain as there were clouds so no matter how strong Zhu Qu was, Mo Wuji wouldn't need to be fearful of him as long as the experts were willing to help.


    Star King Mountain's Star Lord Hall.

    The four hall masters, many other elders and defenders were gathered together once again. However, the expression of the crowd wasn't very pleasant.

    Yan Ze was the first to step up, "Fellow hall masters, elders of the Star King Mountain, defenders... Over the past few days, the Broken Sect actually killed 10 of our cultivation cities' castellans and even announced that they want to take over our Piercing Wind City and the Nine Mo City. This is no longer the case of being arrogant and if we still do not say anything, I believe there is no longer any point in the existence of our Star King Mountain."

    Everyone had their fists clenched but there was still one sentence that Yan Ze didn't say out loud. That was the restraining order given by the sect head of the Broken Sect to force the Star King Mountain to hand out the whereabouts of Star Lord Mo Wuji within three days. Otherwise, the Broken Sect would start to take over the Star King Mountain.

    It was simply unbearable, even for a small sect, to accept the fact that an assassin guild was acting this arrogant so how could the number one defending sect of the Zhen Xing, Star King Mountain accept this humiliation?

    Since when was the Star King Mountain reduced to such a pathetic state?

    Su Xuan stood up gradually, "Fellow hall masters and elders. The Broken Sect didn't only kill 10 cities' castellans but also three Worldly Immortal Stage defenders of the Star King Mountain. I agree with Hall Master Yan that if we continue to bear with their acts, they might calm down eventually but there wouldn't be any more purpose in our existence. I suggest that we immediately inform the entire Zhen Mo Continent to kill every member of the Broken Sect. Even if our Star King Mountain would be completely destroyed because of this, we had to do it."

    To be able to reach the Worldly Immortal Stage, which of the hall masters or elders would be able to swallow their pride like that? Even if Su Xuan didn't say all these, someone else would definitely mention about this.

    "Hall Master Su, Star Lord is back," Just as everyone was trying to express their opinions, a deacon hurried in to report this.

    Su Xuan was slightly startled before rushing down from her seat excitedly, "Hurry to welcome the Star Lord."

    In Mo Wuji's absence, she was the one leading the Star King Mountain. In fact, if there wasn't the problem with the Broken Sect, she was confident she could bring the Star King Mountain back to its glory days.

    With the appearance of the Broken Sect, she realised that she was still too far off from being capable to lead the Star King Mountain. In the face of the Broken Sect killing the castellans, elders as well as publicly announcing their intention to take over the Nine Mo City and the Piercing Wind City, she was completely clueless as to how to deal with them.

    It was not that she didn't know what to do but mainly because she knew that they would be of no match with the terrifying power of the Broken Sect.

    Mo Wuji managed to recapture the Universal Hall and the fact that he defeated Bao Lie and the Earthly Immortal Stage expert from Gu Nuo Star Tribe proved that he must be even stronger than them. In the entire Star King Mountain, Mo Wuji might just be the only person who was capable of dealing with the Broken Sect.
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