Chapter 376: Let Me Blast Them

    Chapter 376: Let Me Blast Them

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    Su Xuan was not the only excited one as everyone in the Universal Hall stood up in excitement. This was the moment when they realised how big of an impact the Star Lord was to the Star King Mountain.

    Previously when the big names in the Star King Mountain were having their internal conflict, nobody cared about the thoughts of the Star Lord. After all, Zhen Xing had always been very stable with no devastating tragedy. The period when the Star Lord died and when the foreign invaders took over the Universal Hall was when everyone remembered the importance of a Star Lord. However, they were not as desperate during that period of time as they were now for a Star Lord because wasn't the foreign invaders chased away eventually even without a Star Lord?

    Now that the Broken Sect sprung up with the intention to take control and even killed some Star King Mountain Worldly Immortal Stage experts in public, people were starting to feel helpless.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fist and said, "I've heard what Hall Master Su said earlier on and since nobody is willing to bow our heads in front of the Broken Sect, we shall stand in a line against them."

    Just before Mo Wuji entered the Star Lord Hall, he did use his spiritual will to scan the Star Lord Hall. If he heard anyone asking for him to go out there and negotiate for peace with the Broken Sect, he would have brought Nong Shuyi and left this place immediately. However, it seemed like even though there were still some borers in the Star King Mountain, the majority of them still had some guts in them.

    "Star Lord, no matter what you order us to do, I, Luo Yuchen, will always fully support you. I will have no regrets even if I have to fight till my death against the Broken Sect," A golden hair youth stood up and said. Under such pressure from the Broken Sect, his heart was already raging with anger.

    Su Xuan knew that Mo Wuji was not very familiar with the Star King Mountain so she hurried to introduce, "Star Lord, this is Hall Master Luo Yuchen of the Star King Mountain's 9th hall, the Star Gazing Hall."

    "I, Yan Ze, will give you my fullest support too!" Yan Ze shouted without any shreds of hesitation.

    Following which, many elders and defenders started to sound out their support for Mo Wuji, regardless the decisions that he made.

    Su Xuan heaved a sigh of relief because initially, she was worried that people might not be agreeable with Mo Wuji being the new Star Lord. Because even though Mo Wuji becoming the Star Lord was an inevitable event, if there were people who couldn't accept their new Star Lord, the Star King Mountain might just return to square one. It seemed like the arrogance of the Broken Sect was not exactly a bad thing.

    "Great," Mo Wuji clasped his fist and said, "Everyone please rest assure that even though I admit Zhu Qu is strong, he is definitely not strong enough to exterminate the Star King Mountain," After finishing what he had to say, Mo Wuji took the initiative to sit on the Star Lord's seat.

    At this moment, he didn't have to stand on any ceremony because against the Broken Sect, someone needed to step up.

    Nong Shuyi walked over to the seat beside Mo Wuji because she initially thought that because Mo Wuji was too young with a slightly lower cultivation level, he might not be able to win the hearts of the many experts in the Star King Mountain. However, as she saw the attitude of the many hall masters and elders towards Mo Wuji, she knew that she was overthinking.

    "Star Lord, shall we announce across the entire Zhen Mo Continent to exterminate the Broken Sect immediately?" Su Xuan asked.

    Mo Wuji was still lamenting because from the onstart, he was the one on the wanted poster but now it was finally his turn to put others on the wanted list.

    However, there was no need to list the Broken Sect on the wanted list for now because now that he had helpers with him, he would simply be too timid if he was still scared of a mere Zhu Qu.

    "No need, I need 6 Worldly Immortal Stage experts to leave with me to settle some things and after I am back, we will immediately announce the notice to exterminate the Broken Sect throughout the entire Zhen Xing. Those who are willing to leave with me, please step out and report your cultivation level," Mo Wuji said calmly.

    Initially, Mo Wuji wanted to go behind closed doors to cultivate till he reached the Worldly Immortal Stage before doing anything else. However, with the help of the many experts in the Star King Mountain, why would he let this opportunity to destroy the Broken Sect slip away? Who did Zhu Qu think he was? And did he really think he could capture Mo Wuji? Chi Tong might be fearful of Zhu Qu but Mo Wuji was everything but fearful of him.

    He wasn't very familiar with the Star King Mountain hence, there was another reason why he asked people to step out and that was to aid his intention to revamp the 10 halls after wiping out the Broken Sect. As for the 10 new hall masters, he decided to choose from these people who took the initiative to step out.

    As Mo Wuji noticed that Su Xuan was about to step out, Mo Wuji hurried to shake his hand and said, "Hall Master Su and Hall Master Yan must safeguard the Star King Mountain so the both of you need not follow me."

    "Old Slave Chi Huo'Er, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5, is willing to follow the Star Lord," Chi Huo'Er was the first to step out because to him, the Star Lord's order was his priority.

    "Star Gazing Hall's Luo Yuchen, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4, is willing to follow the Star Lord," The golden hair youth stood out too.

    "Star Trace Hall's 11th elder Wan Huashang, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 3, is willing to follow the Star Lord too," After Luo Yuchen was a slightly fatter middle-aged man.

    "Star King Mountain's 7th defender Fei Chao, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 3, is willing to follow the Star Lord," The next person who stood up was a thin and lean man.

    "There is also me, Gu Qiao, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 5..." Morning Star Hall's Hall Master Gu Qiao was previously a member of the Mou Clan but the Mou Clan no longer dared to fight for the throne of the Star King Mountain anymore.

    Xia Clan and the Yan Clan were examples and lessons for the Mou Clan to note that if they dared to use their clan's power to control the Star King Mountain, they would end up like the Yan Clan. Therefore, ever since the return of Mo Wuji, Gu Qiao decided to step out and work hard for the Star Lord.

    "Star King Mountain's 3rd elder Sang Caihe, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7, is willing to work for the Star Lord," The last to step out was a young woman who wasn't eye-catching but the moment she stepped out, everyone could feel the pressure of her spirituality.

    Mo Wuji's eyes lit up as he didn't expect to see another expert in the advanced stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage. The Star King Mountain was indeed hiding its talented individuals as more and more experts stepped out.

    Su Xuan asked surprisingly, "Sister Caihe, you broke through to the advanced stage?"

    The young woman laughed, "Yes, I've only broke through to the advanced stage recently."

    "Congratulations, the strength of my Star King Mountain has increased yet again," Su Xuan said with a lot of joy.

    Hearing Sang Caihe's words, the crowd revealed their admiration for her. The intermediate stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage was a world apart from the advanced stage and most people would never be able to break through to the advanced stage in their entire life. This was also the reason why there were so many elementary and intermediate stage Worldly Immortal Stage experts and only a few advanced stage experts in the Star King Mountain.

    "Great, since there are 6 of you already, we shall leave now," Mo Wuji stood up after saying this.

    The six who stood out followed Mo Wuji without any hesitation and even though Mo Wuji didn't say where or what they were going to do, nobody questioned him.

    Everyone could feel that their new Star Lord was the most direct and straightforward Star Lord that they had. He was the type of person that if a fight was what he wanted, he would definitely fight without wasting time.

    Nong Shuyi naturally had her eyes fixed on Mo Wuji as she was in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 with decent fighting capabilities and was even Mo Wuji's direct disciple.


    After two minutes, Mo Wuji's flying ship charged out of the Star King Mountain.

    "Everyone, we will now go and obliterate the Broken Sect's old lair and the reason why I invited everyone here was because I am afraid we might meet Zhu Qu. Zhu Qu should be in the Earthly Immortal Stage and was definitely not an ordinary Earthly Immortal Stage expert. If it was a head to head fight, there wouldn't be anyone in my Star King Mountain who would be his match. However, I have a set of eight elemental killing array and the moment we meet Zhu Qu, everyone just have to follow my array flags to attack. Even if we couldn't capture him, we wouldn't need to be fearful of him."

    This eight elemental killing array was something Mo Wuji developed on his own after analysing Chu Xingzi's array dao. This killing array required eight people with different spiritual roots and all of eight of them must throw out the eight flags every time for each of them to attack a different part of the opponent.

    Mo Wuji was clear that it was impossible for him to find eight people with different spiritual roots so he simply got eight people because eventually, he need not necessarily attack eight different parts and it would be good enough even if they were to all attack one spot.

    Even though the power of the attack would be weakened by a few levels, Mo Wuji believed that it would be sufficient to deal with a person like Zhu Qu. Zhu Qu might be very strong but he was still not that ridiculously strong.

    "Star Lord, you know where is the old lair of the Broken Sect?" Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Luo Yuchen said shockingly.

    Everyone else looked shockingly at Mo Wuji and completely neglected his eight

    elemental killing array. Even the members of the Broken Sect had no idea where the old lair was so how and where did Mo Wuji find this out from?

    Mo Wuji revealed a slight smile, "I don't know it yet but I will know very soon."

    After he said this, Mo Wuji took out a bunch of array flags as he started to install arrays on the bow of his ship. After half an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji stopped his installation and guided the flying ship through a turn and then charged forward in the fastest possible speed.

    The spiritual will imprint that he placed on the member of the Broken Sect was still there and he realised that the person he needed to find was that cultivator with his spiritual will imprint.

    Mo Wuji's conjecture was that the cultivator who could retrieve Number 731's storage ring would definitely return to the Broken Sect to return the storage ring. To be able to return to the Broken Sect, he must be of quite a notable status or at least a status much higher than Nong Shuyi.

    He knew that the status of a member of the Broken Sect was not dependent on the cultivation level but the contributions to the Broken Sect. For example even though Nong Shuyi's cultivation level was far more superior than her younger sister, Nong Shuwan's, Nong Shuwan was of a much higher status than Nong Shuyi in the Broken Sect.

    Currently, all he needed to do was to find where the spiritual will imprint was.

    The arrays that Mo Wuji set up earlier on was much simpler than Zhu Qu's tracking array because all he needed to do was locate someone's position only and not to control him.

    After flying for two days, Mo Wuji could even sense clearly where the spiritual will imprint was without the array.

    After another half a day, Mo Wuji kept his flying ship and said to everyone else, "Everyone follow me."

    Everyone else followed Mo Wuji into a mountain and since Chi Huo'Er was the oldest there, he could recognise the place the moment they reached, "Star Lord, this is the Chu Jiang Mountain which nobody normally visit."

    Mo Wuji suddenly thought of a verse of a poem which mentioned 'Heaven Gate broke when the mountain was opened. '

    Was the Broken Sect really named by others? Why was their base at the Chu Jiang Mountain then? Such coincidence.

    Mo Wuji stopped and he also understood Chi Huo'Er's meaning as there was nothing and nobody here.

    This place simply looked like a deserted low mountain valley with a great roaring river flowing through it. Perhaps this mountain was named Chu Jiang Mountain also because of the physical features of this place. [1]

    Mo Wuji was sure there was something here as he could clearly feel the spiritual will imprint in front of the roaring river.

    However, even after Mo Wuji scanned the area using his spiritual will again, he didn't find any clue. Following which, he used his spiritual eye and what he saw was still a roaring great river.

    "The Broken Sect shouldn't be here," Gu Qiao expressed his opinion as he was confident in the strength of his spiritual will when he didn't sense any trace of members of the Broken Sect.

    "No, the Broken Sect is here. Everyone spread out and let me blast them away," Mo Wuji retrieved his huge cannon after saying that.

    It didn't matter if he couldn't see the opponent because it would work as long as he fired one shot in the direction of his spiritual will.

    [1]: Chu Jiang Mountain is the direct translation of the hanyupinyin and the meanings are Chu: Neat and Jiang: River
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