Chapter 377: Combined Attacks Against Zhu Qu

    Chapter 377: Combined Attacks Against Zhu Qu

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    Mo Wuji's resentment towards the Broken Sect was simply too huge so he took out the biggest laser cannon.

    Everyone stared cautiously at Mo Wuji as he took out a laser cannon ammunition, which they had never seen before, before putting into the huge cannon and firing.

    "Boom!" An intense explosion was heard clearly by everybody and because of the dazzling radiance, everyone subconsciously took a few steps backwards.

    Following which, everyone saw a sky piercing light radiance that exploded at the faraway river. Immediately after that, everyone could see the next explosion very clearly.

    This was probably the reason why Mo Wuji asked everyone to make way. The laser cannon and the extreme ice cannon were two different types of cannon. The range of a laser cannon would definitely not be further than the extreme ice cannon but a laser cannon specialised on one spot and the power was much stronger than the extreme ice cannon.

    Nong Shuyi saw the power of this space splitting laser cannon and her heart was trembling. She saw Mo Wuji's extreme ice cannon before and definitely didn't expect Mo Wuji to have a another laser cannon like this.

    "Boom..." Following the intense explosions, everyone stared shockingly at the massive island that popped out on top of the great river. Everyone could faintly see a cluster of different buildings on the island and it looked just like a sect.

    Everyone from the Star King Mountain took in a breath of cold air because they couldn't believe there was actually an island which their spiritual will failed to detect. Moreover, it wasn't any random island but the old lair of the Broken Sect.

    Just how strong must the defensive and concealment arrays be to be able to stand firm here without being detected by spiritual will?

    The way everyone viewed Mo Wuji changed dramatically because even though they all agreed for Mo Wuji to be the Star Lord, their impression of Mo Wuji was only based on hearsays that he was very capable. Furthermore, he was a person pointed out by Chi Tong coupled with the fact that there were no other suitable candidates to be the Star Lord. Today, they finally witnessed this new Star Lord's capability. Even without taking the laser cannon into consideration, just his eyesight and judgement alone was already extremely admirable.

    Who would have found out about the Broken Sect's base if Mo Wuji didn't fire his cannon at this place? Even if someone were to search for a hundred years, he probably wouldn't be able to find the Broken Sect right?

    While everyone was still in shock, the massive island started to split apart as there were still explosions from the laser cannon. Buildings after buildings were starting to collapse and the shadows of people were disappearing following the explosions.

    Because of the terrifying explosion, a crater of 10 metres radius was formed within the great river. There was nothing inside the great river and even the river water didn't seep through at that moment in time.

    After a few seconds, the river water finally rushed to fill the crater and eventually forming a massive whirlpool.

    The whirlpool disappeared very quickly and the crashing waves were back at the river face. If they didn't personally witnessed it, they would never believe that there was a hidden island here and it was blown into pieces by Mo Wuji. No, blown into nothingness.

    Since the island was blown into nothingness, one could imagine that there wouldn't even be ashes of the people left behind on the island. At this point, everyone was in awe.

    A few people finally understood where the Yan Clan went and Gu Qiao's back was full of cold sweat as he could even feel shivers in his body. He was actually an offshoot disciple of the Mou Clan but because he followed his mother's surname, his surname wasn't Mou. However, what he was fearful of now was that if Mo Wuji were to be unhappy with the Mou Clan someday and used such attack on the Mou Clan, the Mou Clan might...

    Gu Qiao didn't dare to think about it for any longer as he swore to never go against this Star Lord even if he had to give up on the cultivator army. The Mou Clan would simply be courting death if they dared to offend him. Mo Wuji had too many reasons to deal with the Mou Clan because even the Mou Clan participated in the pursuit to capture him many years ago.

    Mo Wuji sighed too because it was indeed true that the bigger the laser cannon's ammunition was, the greater its destructive power. The destructive power of this large artillery shell was so many folds greater than a small artillery shell.

    The pity was that Zhu Qu should not be here because it would be too idealistic to think that Zhu Qu would be blasted to death so easily by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji kept his massive cannon and said, "Announce to the entire Star King Mountain to kill every member of the Broken Sect at sight. For every Broken Sect member killed, the person could enter the Star King Mountain and also..."

    Before Mo Wuji could finish his sentence, he suddenly kept quiet and shot out lightning swords before grabbing the Tian Ji Pole with his hand.

    It was only after Mo Wuji acted then the remaining 7 people felt the movement in space. Everyone here was experienced so they had already drew out their magic treasure and separated from each other.

    "Kaka!" As the lightning exploded, Mo Wuji's extremely powerful lightning sword was blown away like a candlelight.

    Tremendous amount of elemental energy blew him off and even though it was only elemental energy, Mo Wuji felt as though he was struck in the chest by a massive steel hammer making it difficult for him to breathe momentarily.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about his own injury as he immediately threw out array flags and shouted, "Everyone attack together."

    Just as Mo Wuji shouted his instructions after throwing the array flags, a gigantic censer was flying towards Mo Wuji and a blurry shadow appeared in the space.

    Those who came out on this trip with Mo Wuji were experts of the Star King Mountain. They were either hall masters, elders or defenders at the Worldly Immortal Stage. Other than Nong Shuyi, everyone here was baptised by countless of battles in the past and had vast combat experiences. At the instant Mo Wuji stopped talking and attacked, they had already drawn out their magic treasures.

    "Boom boom boom boom!" Before the massive censer could land on Mo Wuji's body, all 8 magic treasures including Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole struck against it.

    A turbulent elemental energy could be felt and all eight of them were blown away. Mo Wuji, who was leading the charge, swallowed back a mouthful of fresh blood that he almost spat out.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was shocked because after just one exchange of blows, Mo Wuji realised how fortunate he was to have managed to escape from Zhu Qu a few days ago. Luckily, he made his preparations this time round by bringing six Worldly Immortal Stage experts and even got the help of Nong Shuyi.

    An extremely handsome man stepped down from space while dragging his censer as his eyes shifted from Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole to Nong Shuyi's body before saying coldly, "You are indeed slightly capable to be able to remove my Broken Sect's technique."

    He thought Mo Wuji erased Nong Shuyi's technique as he couldn't tell that Mo Wuji altered the technique instead.

    Mo Wuji kept quiet and he was confident Zhu Qu had a Spatial Positioning Transfer Talisman because otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get here so quickly. Seconds after Mo Wuji obliterated the Broken Sect's lair, Zhu Qu arrived. This speed was simply too unbelievable.

    "Zhu Qu, my Star King Mountain had always been very lenient with your Broken Sect so how dare you list my Star Lord in your wanted list and even killed 10 of Zhen Mo Continent's castellans," Luo Yuchen was young and arrogant as he said this in a serious tone.

    Zhu Qu's eyes swept across Luo Yuchen and said in a disdainful tone, "What are you? Do you think you're qualified to talk to me?"

    He was too lazy to explain to a lowly fella like Luo Yuchen. Star King Mountain was being lenient to his Broken Sect? Haha, the truth was that the Star King Mountain dared not offend him, Zhu Qu.

    "Since you've destroyed the foundations of my Broken Sect, why don't you sacrifice your small lives as an offering to my Broken Sect?" Zhu Qu raised his hand and that censer kept on expanding.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate before throwing out a few array flags as he shouted, "Everyone attack!"

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole was charging in another direction.

    "Boom boom boom boom!" The elementary energies continued to clash with each other and in this battle between eight Worldly Immortal Stage experts and one Earthly Immortal Stage expert, all the surrounding low mountains turned into ravines because of the incredible explosions of elemental energy. Even though Mo Wuji was only in the True God Stage, he was actually slightly stronger than Sang Caihe, who was in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7.

    All sorts of magic skills' radiance split on the spot as endless explosions could be heard together with the radiance emitted from everyone's magic treasure.

    Zhu Qu was simply too strong which was why during this head to head battle, Mo Wuji and the rest could feel an extremely intense oppression from Zhu Qu's attacks.

    Fei Chao and Wan Huashang were the weakest there and before Zhu Qu's main attack from his magic treasure was executed, the both of them spat out fresh blood and the strength of the alliance became weaker instantly.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji had done his research on the Broken Sect's technique so he knew that Nong Shuyi's cultivation technique had been tampered with because the fundamentals of a technique shouldn't have too big an alteration. Therefore, when he threw out his array flags, the combined attacks were aimed at the gaps where Zhu Qu condensed his energy. Additionally, they attacked at different parts of Zhu Qu concurrently hence it was able to gradually slow down the charge of his insane elemental energy.

    After feeling that his attack was being cut off by their combined attack, Zhu Qu sneered because he couldn't believe a few Worldly Immortal Stage experts actually thought they could contend against him.

    After his censer flipped in space for a few rounds, Zhu Qu didn't fall but said in a stern tone, "Go and die..."

    A light radiance, which couldn't be seen by the naked eye or spiritual will, was charging towards the forehead of Mo Wuji.

    At this moment, even if Mo Wuji wanted to escape, his body became much slower than usual. Zhu Qu's restraining force was too terrifying and because he aimed to defeat Mo Wuji first, Mo Wuji had nowhere to run or hide.

    Besides Mo Wuji, Sang Caihe was the strongest here and she was the first to sense that Mo Wuji was in danger. The Star Atlas in her hand suddenly skyrocketed as it shot out tens of star radiance directed at Zhu Qu.

    Zhu Qu grunted but didn't even bother to stop what he was doing. That censer flipped a little and a massive censer shadow blocked off Sang Caihe's tens of star radiance.

    The star radiance exploded and the elemental energy turned into actual essence as it charged towards Sang Caihe. Sang Caihe instantly spat out blood and her entire body flew tens of metres away.

    Mo Wuji panicked because he knew in a solo battle with him, it would simply be impossible for him to rely on his elemental energy to defeat Zhu Qu. Sang Caihe made this mistake earlier on because she was too anxious to try and save him.

    "Puff!" The light radiance shot through Mo Wuji's forehead and it instantly turned into a smoky shadow. This smoky shadow entered Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness as it charged forward wanting to find and trap Mo Wuji's primordial spirit.

    The pity was that Mo Wuji didn't have any primordial spirit but a massive lake of violet energy.
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