Chapter 378: Losses On Both Sides

    Chapter 378: Losses On Both Sides

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    Mo Wuji was used to battles. How could he not know what his opponent was thinking; his opponent wanted to take control of him. His eyes immediately turned foggy, as though his primordial spirit had been captured.

    Zhu Qu was lost in confusion; he did not seem to have felt Mo Wuji's primordial spirit. But Mo Wuji seemed to have transformed into a wooden puppet.

    However, he did not think much about it. Mo Wuji was merely an ant of the True God Stage; his soul will was naturally much stronger than Mo Wuji's. Moreover, he cultivated in soul technique, causing his soul will to be strong, his primordial spirit to be solidified which eventually made him much stronger than anyone else. Even an expert in the Great Circle of the Earthly Immortal Stage would be helpless once he entered their sea of consciousness.

    The censer started pouring down as it was headed directly at Mo Wuji's skull. No matter what technique Mo Wuji used to find and completely destroyed his Broken Sect's lair, Zhu Qu would never underestimate this ant in the True God Stage.

    Therefore, even after infiltrating Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness, Zhu Qu didn't rest on his laurels just like that.

    To him, as long as Mo Wuji was restrained, the remaining people were like even smaller ants to him. So what if it was the Star King Mountain? Anyone who dared to provoke him, including the Star King Mountain, would be obliterated by him.

    As if it was unintentional, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole was aimed at another direction as it coincidentally clashed against the incoming censer.

    "Boom!" The incoming elemental energy clashed heavily against the Tian Ji Pole. Following that tremendous amount of energy that was crashing down was an aura that made others want to worship and shortly after, cracking sounds could be heard from both of Mo Wuji's legs.

    When the others saw that Mo Wuji's life was being restrained, they simply couldn't care about anything else as they charged angrily at Zhu Qu.

    Everyone witnessed Zhu Qu's strength and knew that he was much stronger than they ever expected. Mo Wuji was the future of the Star King Mountain so if Mo Wuji was killed here, they would definitely perish together with the Star King Mountain. No matter what happened, they must not let Mo Wuji die here.

    Both of Mo Wuji's limbs were broken and when Zhu Qu saw Mo Wuji's pale face, he knew that Mo Wuji was a dead man. He would never let Mo Wuji die so easily so after he finished killing the remaining of them, Zhu Qu would slowly torture him by extracting his primordial spirit.

    At the moment when everyone attacked him simultaneously, Zhu Qu was so furious he took out his copper seal.

    When Zhu Qu's attention shifted away from Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji's eyes immediately turned clear as he only needed very little time to regain his senses.

    The terrifying elemental energy surging out from Zhu Qu's censer merely broke Mo Wuji's legs. Without Zhu Qu's attention, the elemental energy was directed away by Mo Wuji and at this moment, it was directed towards the ground. Mo Wuji didn't directly dissipate the elemental energy but used his skill to change its direction.

    Mo Wuji had no capabilities to directly control Zhu Qu's immense strength but was able to use his sacred art to change the direction of this force.

    The ground started trembling vigorously, and before Sang Caihe and co. knew what was going on, an array flag suddenly appeared in space.

    Without the guidance of Mo Wuji's array flag, those who came with Mo Wuji started to fight on their own. When the array flag suddenly appeared, everyone realised that Mo Wuji threw this and that Mo Wuji didn't have his primordial spirit restrained.

    Zhu Qu was also shocked because he didn't expect Mo Wuji to be able to free himself from his attack on his primordial spirit. It seemed like he still underestimated Mo Wuji but it didn't matter because even if Mo Wuji was still able to have a go at him, Zhu Qu could restrain him once again.

    Presently, the remaining seven of them had already combined their attacks towards the position of the array flag. An extreme pain and oppression could be felt and it was only then that Zhu Qu realised that this was the weak point of his elemental energy.

    Get out of here before anything else! Just as Zhu Qu thought of this, "Boom boom boom!" An intense muffled sound was heard from beneath and following which, elemental energy surged out from the ground like earth dragon and concurrently, another array flag appeared on the other side of the space.

    Everyone here was at least a Worldly Immortal Stage expert and even though their combined attacks might not be a match for Zhu Qu, their ability to grasp combat opportunities were certainly not much weaker than Zhu Qu.

    After this array flag appeared, the seven attacks instantaneously shifted direction and concentrated all their forces on where the new array flag was located at.

    Even the elemental energy 'earth dragon' that came from beneath the ground charged towards where the array flag was.

    Zhu Qu grunted coldly because this position was exactly where he was about to land. The calculations of the array flag was actually so accurate that he even predicted his next move.

    So what?

    The copper seal transformed into a massive copper wall and Zhu Qu was once again readied to defend against the attack of seven experts. Even if all seven of them were to combine their efforts, it still wouldn't mean much to him.

    "Boom!" The space splitting elemental energy exploded towards him and as the elemental energy from both side clashed against each other, Zhu Qu's expression changed drastically.

    This combined attack was actually so much stronger than his energy. In fact, what made him surprised was that he could feel traces of his own elemental energy within the attack against him.

    "Puff!" Zhu Qu spat out a mouthful of blood as the immense elemental energy hit him back and broke a few bones in his rib cage.

    Zhu Qu was infuriated and raised his hand as he shot out a sharp radiance through the forehead of the nearest person, Wan Huashang and killed him on the spot.

    Just as Wan Huashang was killed, "Bang!" An invisible steel pole broke Zhu Qu's elemental wall and struck against the back of Zhu Qu's head. Zhu Qu spat out blood yet again and with one wave of his hand, the censer followed his body and disappeared without a trace.

    A pale faced Mo Wuji sat on the ground, and immediately swallowed a few medicinal pills.

    "Star Lord..." Chi Huo'Er rushed to Mo Wuji at the first instance.

    Mo Wuji only broke his legs because of the insane elemental energy that charged towards him but after swallowing a couple of pills, Mo Wuji was just barely able to stand.

    "Star Lord, Wan Huashang's primordial spirit was dispersed and fell under the hands of Zhu Qu. Zhu Qu should be severely injured so should we chase after him to finish him off so we could avenge Elder Wan?" Sang Caihe walked over with a slightly pale face and a robe fully stained with blood.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, and underwent spiritual circulation again before saying, "It was my fault this time round as I underestimated Zhu Qu's strength which eventually led to Elder Wan's death. Even if he was severely wounded, we can't do much even if we chased after him because this fella treasured and was too cautious with his dear life. If he was like any other ordinary person and fought with us forcefully today, none of us would have made it out today. Regardless, Zhu Qu wouldn't dare to be arrogant for the time being, let's hurry back to the Star King Mountain."

    "Roger that!" Someone was already holding Wan Huashang and everyone quickly got onto the flying ship towards the Star King Mountain.

    Mo Wuji was dejected because if he didn't combine the second level of the Xing word, Earthly Star Shift, with the first level, Dragon Rising Star Shift, as well as making use of Zhu Qu's own elemental energy to strike against him and then executing a sneak attack using his Tian Ji Pole, it would be very hard to tell the winner. However, even though Zhu Qu left, it couldn't be considered that the Star King Mountain was victorious.

    He had to undergo closed door cultivation because it would simply be impossible for him to depend on his current strength to fight Zhu Qu. This time round, he managed to make use of his knowledge of the Broken Sect's cultivation technique to ambush Zhu Qu. Mo Wuji might not have such a chance the next time round because an expert like Zhu Qu would definitely find the reason how he was being ambushed and the same thing would surely not happen again.


    Just as the Broken Sect was making everyone in the Zhen Mo Continent fearful, the Star King Mountain stood out by announcing the wanted order to capture any cultivator who belonged to the Broken Sect.

    However, even at the same time the Star King Mountain announced the wanted list to capture them, the Broken Sect didn't complete what they said they were going to do. Nine Mo City and the Piercing Wind City were still under the control of the Star King Mountain and the Broken Sect's issuing of the wanted order to capture the Star Lord ended up with nothing definite.

    Zhen Mo Continent's cultivators heaved a sigh of relief as many of them initially believed that the Broken Sect was about to take over control of the entire Zhen Xing.

    The fact proved that they were simply overthinking. Zhen Xing was still under the control of the Star King Mountain and the Broken Sect was still a lowly assassin guild.

    Nobody was aware that if Mo Wuji wasn't in charge and did what he did, what they imagined might just turned into reality.

    Eight of them went to block Zhu Qu and seven returned with heavy wounds.

    Even though the Star King Mountain announced the wanted list to kill every member of the Broken Sect, all the experts in the Star King Mountain were clear that as long as Zhu Qu recovered and even advanced to yet another level, that would truly be the doomsday of Zhen Xing.


    The moment Mo Wuji returned to the Star King Mountain, he chose to undergo closed doors cultivation.

    Until this moment, Mo Wuji finally understood the deep heritage or the Star King Mountain. As long as he wanted it, other than the some extremely rare Tier 8 and 9 spiritual herbs, the Star King Mountain would be able to get it in large quantities for him. Additionally, as the Star Lord, he was able to cultivate in the Star Lord Mountain which had the densest spiritual energy in the Star King Mountain.

    Only after cultivating here, Mo Wuji realised how formidable this Star Lord Mountain was.

    This was literally a mountain created from the condensation of spiritual veins. No, it wasn't just spiritual veins because other than the dense spiritual energy here, this place contained endless amount of dao spirituality too.

    To be able to cultivate here, even if all 106 meridians of his were to undergo spiritual circulation simultaneously to absorb the spiritual energy, he wouldn't feel that there would be a lack of spiritual energy.

    For the Star King Mountain to be the number one sect in Zhen Xing for so many years and to produce so many experts, it was certainly not illogical.
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