Chapter 382: Massacred City

    Chapter 382: Massacred City

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    Nine Mo City.

    Su Xuan's entire body was trembling. By her side, Sang Caihe and Yan Ze were clenching their fists tightly; their eyes were red and they were surrounded by killing intent.

    No one spoke. The miserable plight in front of them, caused them to be unable to utter a single word.

    Nine Mo City could be said to be the number one cultivator city in the entire Zhen Mo Continent. But now, it was like a ghost town. Besides the three of them, there was no other hint of life.

    The entire city seemed to have been engulfed in fire; it was completely charred black.

    The first city past Piercing Wind City was Nine Mo City. This wasn't only the most important city in Zhen Mo, it was also the most highly populated one. In the entire Nine Mo City, the number of cultivators, mortals, passing merchants and soldiers numbered close to a billion.

    This billion of people were now slaughtered into nothingness; not a single one survived. Even the city was burnt beyond recognition.

    "Who did this..." After some time, Yan Ze roared out furiously. His fists were clenched so tightly that even blood flowed out.

    Nine Mo City was Zhen Mo's wellspring of prosperity and life. It was also the true origins of Zhen Mo Continent's strength. Now that Nine Mo City was obliterated, it was akin to eliminating 20% of all life on Zhen Mo Continent. Even if they could recover from it, it was still a devastating wound.

    And the castellan of Nine Mo City, was Mo Wuji's newly appointed hall master of Wu Xiang Hall, Fei Chao. As for the previous Monk Wu Xiang, he was already expelled from Star King Mountain by Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji had also let Chi Huo'Er strip Monk Wu Xiang of his Wu Xiang Army.

    At this instant, a faint wave of life could be felt. Su Xuan and co. instantly brought their attention towards it.

    Yan Ze raised his hand and swept across the rubble and debri. A fracture appeared within the rubble, and an emaciated man climbed out from the rubble.

    "Hall Master Fei? You're still alive?" Su Xuan emotionally took a step forward.

    Fei Chao was indeed still alive, but he was barely so. His entire body was stained in blood and his spiritual energy was in shambles. He was clearly heavily injured.

    "Don't care about me, hurry inform the Star Lord..." Before Fei Chao could finish his sentence, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and became even more spiritless.

    Yan Ze placed a pill into Fei Chao's mouth, and lowered his voice and said, "Things have already happened. Speak slowly. I believe that no matter who did it, the Star Lord definitely wouldn't let him go. Our Star King Mountain and the entire Zhen Xing would not let him go.

    Yan Ze had slowly calmed down from his initial extreme frustration. He knew, that anger was not a solution to this problem; revenge was. Only blood can repay the debt of blood.

    However, the person who could destroy Nine Mo City was no simple person. Facing such an expert, they needed to be calm.

    Fei Chao also calmed down, and said in a choking voice, "There were three people who destroyed Nine Mo City. Out of the three, I know two of them. One of them was the Broken Sect's Sect Head Zhu Qu. The other is the Space Wolf King's eldest son, Cang Jue. The third person looked a little familiar. A faint outline of a ear could be seen in between his eyebrows, making him look extremely weird..."

    Listening to Fei Chao's words, Su Xuan and co. inhaled a breath of cold air. Zhu Qu had indeed revealed himself, and the moment he did, he instantly razed Nine Mo City to the ground. Even if Fei Chao didn't continue to say anything, everyone knew that this was definitely not the end. Su Xuan and co. were even more familiar with Cang Jue. This was the Space Wolf King's eldest son. When the Space Wolf King is not present, he would be the master of the Wolf King Mountain. Moreover, Cang Jue's cultivation was also incredibly strong; he was a space beast at the beginning of Class 9. This was an existence akin to an elementary Earthly Immortal Stage cultivator. He also had a nickname: Single-Horned Wolf King.

    "I know the third person, he should be Gu Nuo Star Tribe's Hoover. Even though he is in the Worldly Immortal Stage and is very strong, he is more adept with the art of bewitching," Yan Ze said.

    Feu Chao contined, "After Zhu Qu was struck in the back of his skull by the Star Lord, he did not seem to have fully recovered. But that Cang Jue was extremely powerful. If I did not have a Grade 9 concealment talisman, I would have already lost my life."

    When Su Xuan heard this, she immediately said, "Hall Master Fei, you'll immediately return back to Star King Mountain. Tell the Star Lord of this matter. Even if the Star Lord is behind closed doors, you will need to let the Star Lord know at the earliest time possible. Sister Sang and I will head over to Universal Hall. Since Cang Jue could only have come from space, that means that Universal Hall is in danger. Hall Master Yan, immediately head to Piercing Wind City, it must not end up like Nine Mo City."


    Star Lord Mountain.

    "Bang!" Violent elemental energy drained out of Mo Wuji, directly tearing Mo Wuji's clothes into shreds.

    Mo Wuji suddenly stood up; the spiritual energy around him constantly made roars of explosions. At this instantly, the spiritual energy on Star Lord Mountain had already been condensed into a physical manifestation, enveloping Mo Wuji within.

    Mo Wuji could feel his power rising and swelling rapidly by multiple folds. He even had this slight impulse to lift his hand and tear the void in front of him.

    He knew that this was just an illusion, but his violent elemental energy and his rapidly growing violet elemental lake signified that his power was truly increasing crazily.

    "Boom!" A bolt of lightning descended from the clouds. Mo Wuji did not hesitate to rush out of where he had his closed doors cultivation, landing at the top of Star Lord Mountain.

    At almost the same instant Mo Wuji rushed out, 7 to 8 thick bolts of lightning whistled down.

    Mo Wuji forcefully calmed himself down, all 106 of his meridians formed a giant circulation web. He was like a whale swallowing water as he absorbed copious amounts of spiritual energy. Both his fists had already been punched out; he knew that his Worldly Immortal Tribulation had arrived.

    After passing this tribulation, he would become a true Worldly Immortal expert.

    Perhaps his reverse circulation technique required far more cultivation resources than other people. But it was not all bad and no good. At least, he wasn't stuck in bottlenecks like other people. To put it in other words, as long as he accumulated the required spiritual energy, he would naturally reach the next stage.

    If it was some other cultivator, they would need to find some spiritual object to help them advance.

    This time, he had used 20 over spirit stone slags and the Star Lord Mountain's spiritual energy. After cultivating for four months, he was already welcoming the Worldly Immortal Tribulation.


    Outside of Star Lord Mountain, Chi Huo'Er saw the gigantic lightning clouds above Star lord Mountain and he immediately clenched his fists. His eyes were filled with emotions, he knew, the Star Lord was facing his tribulation.

    The Star Lord said that he would be in closed doors for one year. However, he thought that the Star Lord would require three to four years before he welcome the Worldly Immortal Tribulation. Unexpectedly, it really took the Star Lord one year to face the tribulation.

    He had followed many Star Lords; he had even served Star Lord Han Li before. However, if he must decide which Star Lord he was most contented with, it would be this Star Lord Mo in front of him.

    Star Lord Mo had a decisive personality, and his talent was something the previous Star Lords could never compare with. More importantly, Star Lord Mo was powerful enough to cause people to choke. If Chi Huo'Er went back in time and told himself of the battle between Star Lord Mo and Zhu Qu 10,000 times, he still wouldn't believe that a True God could ambush Zhu Qu and even cause Zhu Qu to be heavily injured.

    But the reality was like so. Not only did the Star Lord ambush Zhu Qu, he even forced Zhu Qu to flee with heavy injuries.

    Chi Huo'Er's excitement merely lasted half an incense of time, before his face changed. The lightning clouds above the summit of Star Lord Mountain became increasingly terrifying. That earthshaking roar, seemed capable of uprooting the entire Star King Mountain. He had been in Star King Mountain for so many years, and he had seen quite a number of people face their Worldly Immortal Tribulation. However, he had never seen a Worldly Immortal Tribulation as terrifying as Mo Wuji's.

    That huge and boundless lightning bolt came descending. How was this a Worldly Immortal Tribulation? It was clearly at the Earthly Immortal level, it was even more terrifying than an Earthly Immortal Tribulation.


    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Thick lightning bolts landed on Mo Wuji in continuous succession. Mo Wuji felt like every single cell in his body was on fire. He was extremely excited, yes, excited. He was not worried. Instead, he was looking forward to the tribulation.

    After cultivation in the Universal Lightning Provenance, one of the Extreme Realms, for countless of years, Mo Wuji was already used to all sorts of lightning bolts. However, compared to the fierce lightning from the Universal Lightning Provenance, the lightning bolts from the tribulation seemed to bring boundless otherworldly energy. Mo Wuji felt like he could feel enigmatic mysteries within the lightning.

    The lightning bolts became increasingly concentrated, increasingly thick. Mo Wuji, himself, did not know how many rounds of calamities he had passed. However, his entire body was still trembling in excitement.

    Lightning bolts endlessly struck against Mo Wuji's body. Besides crushing his bones apart, the lightning bolts transformed into inexhaustible lightning essense which entered into Mo Wuji's meridians. Under the reverse circulation of his 106 meridians, these lightning essense and spiritual energy was instantly converted into real power, causing his cultivation to rise continuously.

    Facing this sort of mad swelling of his power, the pain of his bones fracturing seemed nothing more than a tickle. In the past, he had experienced even worse pains than this.

    "Boom!" Another thick bolt of lightning descended. After Mo Wuji swept in the violent spiritual energy and lightning senses, the shackles in his body was exploded apart.

    A new world appeared in front of him. A dense turbidity rushed into his throat. Mo Wuji opened his mouth and roared, expelling that dense turbidity outwards. A new lease of life seemed to surge into his body.

    So this was the Worldly Immortal Stage. The lightning bolts continued to descend like a waterfall, but Mo Wuji's gaze was already on a distant cloud. His heart pumped with hot blood. He wanted to immediately find that Zhu Qu and battle him.

    Only now did Mo Wuji know the true difference between the True God Stage and the Worldly Immortal Stage. Perhaps to other people, they were both stages in the Heaven Realm. The difference between the two wouldn't be bigger than the difference between the Nihility God Stage and the True God Stage.

    However, now that he had ascended to become a Worldly Immortal, he understood that this difference could not be described with words. At this instant, he also understood why Zhu Qu, when he was in the intermediate Worldly Immortal Stage, was able to kill someone at the elementary Earthly Immortal Stage.

    Zhu Qu and him were the same kind of people, or more accurately, Zhu Qu's cultivation technique was similar to his. They were both supreme techniques. Cultivating this sort of technique would cause their powers to swell by multiple folds every time they reached a higher stage.

    Rolling clouds of lightning were still above Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji did not care as he swept in all the energy from the lightning bolts. He took it all in, be it the unique spiritual energy or the lightning essence. This sort of opportunity did not happen frequently.

    He liked the feeling of his cultivation and power rising rapidly.
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