Chapter 383: You Are Hoover

    Chapter 383: You Are Hoover

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    "Ka!" The last bolt of lightning landed on Mo Wuji. Not even a scar was formed on Mo Wuji's skin.

    The thunderous Star Lord Mountain had calmed down; Mo Wuji lamented slightly in his heart. These blasts of lightning was not only able to help him advance into the Worldly Immortal Stage, it had also helped him reach the pinnacle of Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1. However, if only there was one more round of lightning, then perhaps he might have broken into Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2. It was truly a pity.

    Perhaps among all cultivators experiencing tribulation, Mo Wuji was the only who would bemoan the lack of lightning.

    Just as Mo Wuji started to clean himself up, he noticed that his 106th meridian, the Dao Revelation Meridian, started to condense some energy. This energy instantly merged into his sea of consciousness. Faint insights appeared within Mo Wuji's mind. As that energy started to merge more completely, his insights started to get clearer.

    Mo Wuji did not even form any hand seals, he just grabbed out with his bare hands. In an extremely short period of time, the space in from of him solidified.

    Even though it disappeared in an instant, Mo Wuji was still at loss in excitement.

    When his cultivation was very low, he already started fighting many experts. He had met with various kinds of spatial restraints, and he deeply knew how impressive they were.

    Whether they were spatial restraints of the five elements, or from elemental energy, they were all considered skills. Thus, before they could be displayed they had high requirements of one's cultivation, and they also needed an accompanying set of hand seals.

    However, he had just used an instant solidification of space; it was based on his insights of space. Mo Wuji was already in the Worldly Immortal Stage, Hoe could he not know that this was no longer in the level of skills, but the echelon of sacred arts.

    After he gained insight on the Lightning Web skill, he actually managed to gain insight on a sacred art when he advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage. This sacred art did not require any hand seals, it was completely based on his understanding of space.

    Even when he advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage, Mo Wuji wasn't as excited as he was now. At this instant, he was truly emotional. Spatial solidification, this was something that could change the entire course of a battle on the briefest of moments.

    When he ambushed Zhu Qu, what did he use? He used various schemes, and seven Worldly Immortals to attack the breaking point of Zhu Qu's cultivation technique. This gave him that slight chance to succeed in his ambush. Of course, all this was based on the premise of his skill with arrays and his understanding of Broken Sect's cultivation technique.

    If he controlled this spatial solidification, even if he only managed to catch a single instant, he could have another chance to succeed in his ambush.

    "Haha..." Mo Wuji could not hold back the wild glee in his heart.

    Before this happened, he was very clear that even when he advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage, it would be very difficult for to get rid of Zhu Qu. He might not even be Zhu Qu's match. But now that he controlled this spatial solidification, he really wanted to try his hand with Zhu Qu.

    Zhu Qu, I hope that the injury from that pole I gave you had recovered. Otherwise, it would soon be your funeral.

    In all his celebration, Mo Wuji no longer felt any worries. That carefree feeling allowed him to be at ease.

    "Boom!" At the very next instant, Mo Wuji suddenly felt a burst in power, pushing him from the pinnacle of Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 to Level 2.

    Indeed, cultivating your heart was as important as cultivation. Sometimes, a worry in the heart could adversely affect one's cultivation. Even though he merely broke through in one level, Mo Wuji's rewards were far more than that

    After using clear water to wash his body and changing his attire right down to his underwear, Mo Wuji scanned outwards with his spiritual will.

    When he saw the emotional Chi Huo'Er standing outside of Star Lord Mountain, a sense of warmth emerged in his heart.

    Chi Huo'Er was truly loyal to the Star Lord. Perhaps he would display the same loyalty to a different Star Lord, but it was truly rare to find a person like him.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to leave Star Lord Mountain and ask Chi Huo'Er of the happenings over the past year, a weary figure rushed in.

    "Manager Chi, hurry, I need to see the Star Lord..." The person spoke with extreme urgency; he had not even reached the ground but he had already said those words in a single breath.

    Chi Huo'Er hurriedly supported the incoming person and asked, "Hall Master Fei, what exactly happened? Why are you so heavily injured?"

    "I need to see the Star Lord." The person who came was Fei Chao. He did not answer Chi Huo'Er's words and he continued to speak anxiously.

    In a single step, Mo Wuji landed by the two's side, "Hall Master Fei, I remembered that you're at Nine Mo City. What happened? You don't need to rush, slowly tell me what happened. I could even erase millions of foreign invaders, and even Zhu Qu was heavily injured by me, what's there to worry about? Moreover, you're a hall master. If you're already so anxious, then how would the men of Wu Xiang Hall react?"

    Mo Wuji's first thought was that Zhu Qu had returned, but his spiritual will had already swept through the entire Star King Mountain. He did not find any peculiarities.

    Perhaps it was because he saw Mo Wuji, or perhaps Mo Wuji's words had taken their effect. Fei Chao bowed, caught his breath and said, "Broken Sect's Zhu Qu, Gu Juo Star Tribe's Hoover and the Space Wolf King's eldest son, Cang Jue, have joined hands to massacre Nine Mo City. Besides me, there are no other survivors in Nine Mo City..."

    "What?" When Mo Wuji heard this, his killing intent seems to have formed a physical manifestation and exploded outwards. Just now, he advised Fei Chao to not be so anxious, but now, rage had filled every drop of blood in his body.

    Even though he killed millions of foreign invaders, he had never had the thought of going to Wolf King Mountain to massacre the space beasts, nor to Gu Nuo Star and slaughter all their cultivators. They were warring. Since it was war, then life and death was something that has to be fought for.

    But now, Mo Wuji suddenly had a crazed killing intent in his heart; he wanted to slaughter the entire Wolf King Mountain and Gu Nuo Star.

    Under Mo Wuji's violent killing intent, even Chi Huo'Er could not help but take a few steps back. He was unable to defend Mo Wuji's raw, concentrated killing intent. His heart was filled with shock, and at the same time, happiness. An expert had finally emerged in Star King Mountain; a true expert.

    After a while, Mo Wuji finally calmed down. If you're not of my race, then you must die.

    Taking in a deep breath, Mo Wuji retracted his rage and killing intent. He tried his best to speak slowly, "Hall Master Fei, can you explain everything in detail. I know of Hoover and Zhu Qu, but who's this Cang Jue?"

    He was not a pure cultivator; he had his hot-bloodedness and his emotions. He couldn't face an entire massacred city and still remain calm. Even though he wasn't from Zhen Xing, after staying in Zhen Xing for so long, he had some feelings for this planet.

    "Yes," Fei Chao responded. "Cang Jue is the Space Wolf King's eldest son, he's a Class 9 space beast. He's endlessly brutal, and he possesses a sort of terrifying fire. When him, Hoover and Zhu Qu arrived in Nine Mo City, Zhu Qu was in charge of sealing off the exits, Hoover was in charge of killing the experts in Nine Mo City, while he was in charge of destroying the city. He used that fire to raze the entire Nine Mo City to the ground. I had to depend on a Grade 9 talisman to escape with my life."

    How could Mo Wuji remain calm after hearing this? He resolutely made the decision to slaughter the entire Wolf King Mountain. Those in Wolf King Mountain were merely animals; those animals actually dared encroach into human territory, so why were they still alive?

    As for Gu Nuo Star, it could be a colony for Zhen Xing. Didn't you want to occupy Zhen Xing, how about I go over there and take a look at how strong your Gu Nuo Star is.

    Seeing Mo Wuji remain silent without a word, Fei Chao continued, "Hall Master Su and Hall Master Sang have gone to Universal Hall, Hall Master Yan is in Piercing Wind City, and I have come here to deliver the message. I believe, those three definitely wouldn't stop at Nine Mo City. Their next target, if it isn't Universal Hall, it would be Piercing Wind City, and it could even be Star King Mountain."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I understand. Manager Chi, you and Hall Master Fei will remain here. Immediately father all the hall masters and elders, pass them my order: Defend Star King Mountain. I will take a look at Universal Hall..."

    "Yes! Star Lord." Just as Chi Huo'Er and Fei Chao answered, Mo Wuji had already disappeared from Star Lord Mountain.

    "The Star Lord is much stronger than before." Fei Chao stared at where Mo Wuji just stood, his heart was reverberating in shock.

    One year ago, Mo Wuji was just in the True God Stage. Now, he did not even know what level the Star Lord was. He only knew that if he compared himself to Mo Wuji, it was similar to comparing a drop of water with a river.

    Chi Huo'Er nodded, but he didn't reply Fei Chao's words. He faintly felt that the Star Lord didn't merely advance into the Worldly Immortal Stage, but had even reached Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2. This sort of outrageous thing, he definitely wouldn't reveal to anyone else.


    The moment Mo Wuji left Star King Mountain, he scanned outwards with his spiritual will. He was already in Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2, his spiritual will was extremely strong. A radius of 10,000 miles was within the scope of his spiritual will. Even if it was outside 10,000 miles, he could still feel it with his spiritual will.

    Soon, a man in coarse robes was locked in by Mo Wuji's spiritual will. What shocked Mo Wuji was, this fella's cultivation was roughly at Worldly Immortal Level 8.

    Worldly Immortal Level 8, Star King Mountain didn't even have an expert at this level.

    The coarse robed man seemed to be heading in the direction of Star King Mountain, and he seemed like he would arrive in the blink of an eye.

    Mo Wuji took a step in midair, directly blocking this person.

    This was a middle-aged man who didn't gave a tall figure. Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept across this fella, and he immediately felt that this fella's elemental energy ripples were different from ordinary cultivators. It was similar to his servant Chanse.

    And on the forehead of this middle-aged man, there was a faint outline of an ear; that eat seemed to exude a hard-to-detect spiritual ripple.

    "You are Hoover?" Mo Wuji immediately verified this person's identity; he was undoubtedly Hoover.

    The rushing Hoover was filed with shock. Now that Mo Wuji had asked a question, he subconsciously took a few steps back before stopping and staring at Mo Wuji.

    His heart was pounding rapidly. How did Mo Wuji appear in front of him? He didn't even manage to detect it.
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