Chapter 384: Mo Wuji, Star Lord of The Star King Mountain

    Chapter 384: Mo Wuji, Star Lord of The Star King Mountain

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    "You are Mo Wuji, Star Lord of the Star King Mountain?" Hoover finally responded and realised that the person in front of him must be Mo Wuji because who else could be so young yet so powerful? After confirming that the other party was Mo Wuji, Hoover started to calm himself down instead because even though Mo Wuji was strong, he had his own cultivation limits too.

    Mo Wuji answered calmly, "That's right but why are you the only here? Where is that Cang Jue and Zhu Qu?"

    One Hoover alone wouldn't mean much in Mo Wuji's eyes as he was more worried about Cang Jue and Zhu Qu. In fact, Mo Wuji wouldn't mind if he was with Cang Jue too because he believed that the strongest one should be Zhu Qu.

    Cang Jue was a Class 9 space beast and was equivalent to an Earthly Immortal Stage expert. However, it was not like Mo Wuji had never met an Earthly Immortal Stage expert before as Gansius from the Gu Nuo Star Tribe was one fine example. If he were to let Gansius fight with Zhu Qu, Mo Wuji was confident Zhu Qu would be able to finish Gansius off in a few minutes. Even though both of them were in the Earthly Immortal Stage, there was really a vast difference in strength between the two of them.

    Hoover had heard rumours about Mo Wuji's terrifying combat achievements and he also knew how Zhu Qu was severely injured by him and had not fully recovered. However, Hoover was not afraid because the use of space cannon was meant for long range attack so in a close combat battle against him, Mo Wuji would not be able to use his space cannon at all. As for the attempt to assassinate Zhu Qu, it was because he brought along seven Worldly Immortal Stage experts. In his opinions, even if a pig were to bring seven Worldly Immortal Stage experts along with him to attack Zhu Qu, they would have been successful too. Regarding the rumours about Mo Wuji killing Bao Lie, haha, only an idiot would believe such things.

    He had just advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 8 so even if this Star Lord Mo had a supernatural technique, it wouldn't be enough to defeat him.

    Hoover would only think this way because he was in an alliance with Zhu Qu and also because he had never seen how powerful Zhu Qu was, he treated Zhu Qu as the same type of Earthly Immortal Stage expert like Gansius.

    "Brother Cang is in charge of Piercing Wind City while Brother Zhu is in charge of the Universal Hall. Star Lord Mo, you should have guessed my purpose of coming here right? Actually, there is no need for you to guess. I am in charge of the Star King Mountain. So what if you managed to use a space cannon to wipe out my Gu Nuo Star Tribe's cavalry army? I..."

    Before Hoover could even finish his sentence, Mo Wuji's Tian Ji Pole was already flying towards him.

    In Mo Wuji's eyes, even if Hoover was in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 8, he had no rights to spar with him as he was the only worried about the Piercing Wind City and the Universal Hall now.

    Even though Sang Caihe was in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7 and Su Xuan, who had just advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 7, they were definitely not strong enough to deal with Zhu Qu.

    Hoover saw Mo Wuji making his move and laughed coldly as he raised his hand to take his magic treasure but in the next moment, he was dazed.

    It was as if at this moment, the space around him were sealed up and so did his movement. However, even in this momentary pause in space, he could feel an incoming death threat.

    "Puff!" After that momentary pause in space and before Hoover could even do anything, he saw with his own eyes how Mo Wuji's steel pole struck against his forehead. Fresh blood were spat out and even Hoover's primordial spirit were destroyed into shreds by Mo Wuji.

    I can't even execute one move? This was Hoover's final thoughts before his death.


    "Boom!" Continuous explosions could be heard outside the Piercing Wind City and every time an explosion was heard, the cracking sound of the defensive array protecting the Piercing Wind City could be heard. The person attacking the Piercing Wind City's defensive array was a tall man with long hair. This man was extremely ugly and had a black face with a slanted black horn on top of his head.

    Yan Ze brought along another two Worldly Immortal Stage experts as they stood on top of the defensive array while he continuously order the array masters to not stop repairing the defensive array. Even so, the crack on the defensive array was getting increasingly large.

    As the crack on the defensive array grew bigger, the expression of Yan Ze and co. grew uglier.

    Everyone knew who this tall ugly man with long hair was and that he was the Space Wolf King's eldest son, Cang Jue who could also been known as Single-Horned Wolf King.

    According to Fei Chao, the Nine Mo City was massacred because of the fire produced by this wolf king. Also, this Single Horn Wolf King had a fondness to swallow young female cultivator's heart. What he needed was the hearts of those female cultivators who hadn't experience much of the world, had a high cultivation level and beautiful features.

    "Castellan Su, are there still any working transfer arrays in the Piercing Wind City?" As he watched the defensive array was about to be destroyed, Yan Ze asked as he clenched his fist so tightly that veins were starting to pop out in his hand. He was very clear what the outcome would be if the defensive array was destroyed.

    It would be another Nine Mo City.

    If the Piercing Wind CIty were to follow the footsteps of the Nine Mo City, half of the entire Zhen Mo Continent would have fallen. If they lost half of the Zhen Mo Continent, what would they have left on Zhen Xing?

    The person standing beside Yan Ze was the castellan of the Piercing Wind City, Castellan Su Yu, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 4.

    After hearing Yan Ze's words, Su Yu shook her head, "No, before Cang Jue started his rampage on the defensive array, he had already destroyed the space transfer array around him. Cang Jue was not that smart so such things should have been done with the help of Zhu Qu."

    Yan Ze let out a long sigh as the main transfer array to the Piercing Wind City was from the Nine Mo City. Now that the Nine Mo City was destroyed, the transfer array should have been destroyed long ago.

    However, the Piercing Wind City still had some hidden transfer array for emergency. Now that even these transfer arrays were destroyed, the Star Lord wouldn't be able to get here in the shortest possible amount of time even if he found out about the incident.

    Seeing how the Piercing Wind City was bound to fall, this would signify the ultimate fall of Zhen Xing too. Yan Ze finally understood the actions of the former Star Lord Chi Tong because it wasn't because Star Lord Chi Tong didn't dare to offend the Space Wolf King but because he didn't dare to let the Space Wolf King enter Zhen Xing.

    Even though the one who came was not the Space Wolf King himself but his eldest son, the Single Horn Wolf King, they were already extremely helpless against him. It was clear that the moment the Space Wolf King arrived, Zhen Xing would have been wiped out easily.

    "Hall Master Yan, there are so many hot blooded men in my Piercing Wind City, how could we be fearful of a single brute? So what if Cang Jue is a Class 9 demonic beast, we are all more than willing to fight to our death to protect what we have here on Zhen Xing," A Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 shouted out."

    Yan Xe shook his head, "You have no idea how horrifying Cang Jue could be and if there was a chance to win if we fight till our death, does it look like I, Yan Ze, would be someone who is afraid? I am just fearful that there might not even be a tiny hope of victory against him."

    Yan Ze was not speaking blindly as he clearly knew the strength of Cang Jue. Yan Ze knew that he wouldn't even be able to have a word with him before dying if he were to go against a Class 9 space beast. As for the rest of them, given Cang Jue's vicious character, he would immediately burn them to death mercilessly.

    "Boom!" Yet another intense explosion was heard.

    "Kacha!" The final piece of defensive array was finally broken and a path was carved out into the Piercing Wind City as Cang Jue glanced at it.

    "Hahahaha..." Cang Jue let out a wild laughter which the entire Piercing Wind City could hear.

    An immense killing intent and hostility followed Cang Jue's aura into the Piercing Wind City and Yan Ze's heart turned cold. Even the face of the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 expert who said he was willing to fight to his death with Cang Jue turned pale. He finally realised that not everyone had the qualifications to even fight to their death with Cang Jue and after feeling Cang Jue's imposing aura, he knew that he was definitely not qualified to fight Cang Jue.

    "You are only a brute and you dare to be arrogant here in the Piercing Wind CIty?" Before Cang Jue could step into the broken defensive array of the Piercing Wind City, a disdainful voice could be heard.

    "Star King Mountain's Star Lord, Mo Wuji," Following that voice, a person step down from space and landed in front of Cang Jue, blocking the gap of the broken defensive array of the Piercing Wind City.

    "Star Lord is here!" Yan Ze, who was originally pale, suddenly punched his fist that he had held so tightly in the air as he simply couldn't contain his excitement for any longer.

    "Boom!" The initially gloomy and dejected Piercing Wind City looked like it was revived and countless of cheers could be heard celebrating the arrival of the Star Lord. One would only realise the value of life when facing death. After learning about the massacre of the Nine Mo City, everyone knew that the moment Cang Jue entered the Piercing Wind City, it would definitely not end up any better than Nine Mo City.

    Now that the Star Lord had arrived, to the cultivators of the Piercing Wind City, it was like catching a log when stranded out at sea.

    Even though many of them had not personally seen the Star Lord, they had this indescribable trust in him because of the things they heard he had done. Single-handedly snatching the Universal Hall back, killing Bao Lie, killing the Earthly Immortal Stage expert of Gu Nuo Star Tribe, demolishing the Broken Sect and even injuring the Broken Sect's Sect Head...

    It no longer mattered whether or not Mo Wuji had help from others to injure Zhu Qu.

    These incidents reassured them that as long as the Star Lord was here, the Piercing Wind City would definitely be fine.

    "Castellan Su, come with me to fight alongside the Star Lord," Yan Ze regained his composure very quickly and realised that even though he was only in the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 6, Su Yu and himself were already the strongest ones here. He was clearer than anyone else that even Mo Wuji was not invincible.

    Whether it was snatching back the Universal Hall or killing Bao Lie, Mo Wuji made use of his huge cannon and sneak attack respectively instead of a head to head battle. In fact, that Cang Jue in front of him was not someone Bao Lie could offend too. No matter how strong Bao Lie was, he was only a Class 8 demonic beast while Cang Jue was actually a Class 9 beast. In the Wolf King Mountain, he was only second to the Space Wolf King.

    "Mo Wuji? Star King Mountain's Star Lord? How are you still alive?" Cang Jue didn't attack immediately as he asked inquisitively.

    Hoover was an Worldly Immortal Stage Level 8 expert and in front of the Star King Mountain's three strongest men, his aura could still oppress the entire Star King Mountain. He simply didn't regard this ant, Mo Wuji, as a worthy opponent.

    "You want to ask him?" Mo Wuji raised his hand and took out Hoover's corpse as he threw it in front of Cang Jue.

    "You killed him?" The anger in Cang Jue's eyes grew massively as he would never have imagined Hoover to be killed and had his corpse lying right in front of him.

    "Mighty Star Lord! All hail the Star King Mountain!" Just as Mo Wuji threw out Hoover's corpse, the Piercing Wind City was filled with cheers and the initial depression because of the broken defensive array was turned drastically into extreme delight among the cultivators.

    "Die!" A circular magic treasure was drawn out by Cang Jue and before the magic treasure could lock onto Mo Wuji, crackling explosions could be heard in the space surrounding them as the temperature in space was suddenly on the rise.
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