Chapter 386: Flattening Wolf King Mountain

    Chapter 386: Flattening Wolf King Mountain

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    After the massive battle between Mo Wuji and Cang Jue, the Piercing Wind City remained extremely quiet as everyone saw clearly how Mo Wuji was enveloped by Cang Jue's flaming futon. Even though nobody said anything, every cultivator in the Piercing Wind City were worried because they knew that the moment the Star Lord was killed, they would be following him to his grave shortly after.

    If not for Yan Ze and Su Yu who were standing outside the defensive array, some might have even tried to escape the Piercing Wind City.

    Who would have imagined that shortly after the clouds were blown away by the wind, the Star Lord emerged out of the space within the flaming futon. When everyone noticed Mo Wuji, Cang Jue was already sent flying by Mo Wuji.

    After a while, the entire Piercing Wind City burst into wild cheers of joy.

    Cang Jue was in a hurry to leave but when he was punched in the back of his heart by Mo Wuji, he knew that it was the end for him. He was certain that Mo Wuji had learnt the art of spatial teleportation and Cang Jue couldn't help but laughed at himself to think he could actually escape with such heavy injuries.

    If he was up against any other expert, Cang Jue might still be able to escape but now he was facing Mo Wuji, who was definitely not any weaker than himself. Moreover, he was carrying several injuries and with the flaming futon being restraint by Mo Wuji, why did he think he could survive today?

    After realising that he would not live past today, Cang Jue was on his knees and didn't make any attempt to escape but stared at Mo Wuji intensely instead, "The one with the surname, Mo, you can kill me today but my father will chop you into a thousand pieces tomorrow before burning the entire Zhen Xing into ashes."

    Even though he knew he had to die, Cang Jue was still harping onto that one hope by announcing his father's reputable name.

    Mo Wuji said faintly, "I will not kill you now..."

    Cang Jue was elated and hurried to say, "If you let me go, I promise that there will no longer be any grudges between you and my Wolf King Mountain. My father, Space Wolf King, will definitely not find you again..."

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "You are wrong, my grudges with the Wolf King Mountain will not end today. After I've settled the things that needed to be settled here, I will raze your Wolf King Mountain to the ground. Since you slaughtered the people of my Nine Mo City, I will flatten your Wolf King Mountain without any doubts. As for your father, I, Mo Wuji, was never fearful of him."

    Cang Jue was dumbfounded for a moment before realising that Mo Wuji was not like Chi Tong who was always giving in to them. Mo Wuji was only in the Worldly Immortal Stage and could easily defeat himself so when he reached the Earthly Immortal Stage, Mo Wuji would definitely not fear his father...

    "Puff!" While Cang Jue was still in a daze, Mo Wuji shot out yet another lightning sword. The lightning sword pierced through Cang Jue's chest and after taking a few steps backwards, Cang Jue sat on the ground.

    Without waiting for Cang Jue to moan in pain, Mo Wuji raised his hand and the Scholar's Heart turned into a blue flame, surrounding Cang Jue. As he started to feel the temperature of the Scholar's Heart, there were traces of fear in Cang Jue's eyes. He predicted that Mo Wuji was about to do what he wanted to do on Mo Wuji, which was to slowly burn him to death using his flame.

    "Since you like to play with fire, you can slowly enjoy burning to death," After finishing what he had to say, Mo Wuji picked up the flaming futon which was left on the floor. This futon was extremely powerful and he was so close to being defeated by it. He wondered about the flame in this futon which was would eventually be able to up the strength of his Scholar's Heart by one more level. In fact, the flame in this futon was only slightly exhausted so when he had more time in the future, he would definitely take his time to analyse this.

    "The Space Wolf King would never let you go," Cang Jue shouted devastatingly in pain just before his entire body turned into a blood mist.

    "Star Lord, are you going to the Universal Hall now?" The anxious Yan Ze was the first to rush over.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head as his eyes fell on the space far away. There was a transfer array here that would bring him to the Universal Hall directly and it should have been built by Gu Nuo Star Tribe's Earthly Immortal Stage expert, Gansius. After he left the Piercing Wind City, he must have forgotten about the transfer array. Now that Mo Wuji noticed that the transfer array was still there, he also noticed that there was another hidden monitor array installed beside it.

    To be able to install a hidden monitor array, Zhu Qu should be the only capable one to do so. Mo Wuji threw out a few array flags and even though these flags didn't destroy that hidden monitor array, it would at least stop it from monitoring the movements or incidents outside of the Piercing Wind City.

    "I will make a trip to the Universal Hall now while you immediately repair this transfer array..." After covering the monitor array, Mo Wuji grabbed Hoover's corpse and stepped into the transfer array in space.

    Previously, he ambushed Gansius on other side of this transfer array so now that it was his turn to go over, he had to be cautious of Zhu Qu's possible ambush.

    Once the transfer array was ignited by Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji sent Hoover's corpse over first.

    "Puff!" A blood mist was seen and Mo Wuji followed into the Universal Hall.

    Hoover's skull had already been flattened by Mo Wuji, but now, it was directly crushed into pieces. However, other than a few dead bodies in the Universal Hall, there was no one at all.

    The space surrounding the transfer array still had some spiritual ripples and these spiritual ripples were very familiar and Mo Wuji was certain that it was Zhu Qu's. In other words, it meant that his prediction wasn't wrong and Zhu Qu was really waiting for him on the other side of the transfer array. Fortunately, he had used this method on Gansius before so it didn't work for Zhu Qu.

    Logically speaking, even if Zhu Qu's ambush wasn't successful, he wouldn't just run away right? Mo Wuji was fully aware of Zhu Qu's strength and he knew that it would be difficult to kill Zhu Qu even though he had advanced into the Worldly Immortal Stage Level 2.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan and even his spiritual eye was condensed to be used. After a split moment, he concluded that Zhu Qu really fled the scene after he failed to ambush Mo Wuji.

    There were only two places one could go when he left the Universal Hall and the two places were the Star Wars Battlefield or the Piercing Wind City.

    "Star Lord..." Sang Caihe shouted as she rushed out of the Universal Hall at the sight of Mo Wuji.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to ask about Zhu Qu, she hurried to say, "Earlier on, the Broken Sect's Zhu Qu charged into the Universal Pier, killed tens of people before entering the Star Wars Battlefield. Hall Master Su had already brought people to protect the Universal Pier and I was about to head towards the Piercing Wind City..."

    "Hall Master Sang, are you saying that Zhu Qu had entered the Star Wars Battlefield?" Mo Wuji asked inquisitively.

    If Zhu Qu was not in the Universal Hall's plaza, he had to be in the Universal Hall. To Zhu Qu, perhaps Mo Wuji was his only worthy opponent so by entering the Universal Hall first, Zhu Qu was equivalent to having the ground advantage.

    Now that Sang Caihe said that Zhu Qu had escaped into the Star Wars Battlefield? What was going on? Mo Wuji didn't believe that Zhu Qu would be afraid of him as he was aware that even if his cultivation level were to increase tremendously, he definitely wouldn't be a match for Zhu Qu.

    "When Zhu Qu acted, I exchanged a single blow with him and I realised that his strength decreased a lot because of his injuries. He must have left early after realising that Star Lord was coming over," Sang Caihe understood why Zhu Qu didn't stay any longer in the Universal Hall and Mo Wuji nodded because he believed Sang Caihe's words. Sang Caihe had once fought together with him against Zhu Qu so she had a deep impression of Zhu Qu's strength back then as compared to now. Moreover, the fact that she managed to come back unharmed even after exchanging a blow with Zhu Qu proved that Zhu Qu had not fully recovered from his injuries. It seemed as though Cang Jue and Hoover were being made used of by Zhu Qu. He used Cang Jue to destroy the Piercing Wind City and Hoover to exterminate the Star King Mountain while he had yet to act in the Universal Hall. All he did was to use the hidden monitor array to observe Cang Jue's situation in the Piercing Wind City.

    Eventually when Zhu Qu witnessed that Mo Wuji killed Cang Jue, he knew that he was not a match for Mo Wuji with the injuries that he had on him so decided to simply ambush him.

    After realised that his ambush was a failure too, he immediately left the Universal Hall for the vast Star Wars Battlefield.

    Mo Wuji was regretful because even though he didn't do much damage to the Universal Hall, that fella was simply too strong and after entering the Star Wars Battlefield, he was bound to be an even stronger scourge in the near future.

    "Star Lord..." Su Xuan and co. had heard the news and walked over.

    "Young Master," Chanse, who was tasked to stay and take care of the Universal Hall, was the first to bow to pay his respects for Mo Wuji.

    "Where is Red Knot and co.?" Mo Wuji didn't see the Solitary Red Knot around so he asked curiously.

    Chanse hurried to answer, "The Solitary Red Knot had already had his revenge so he felt that the Universal Hall was too dry and boring. He had left for the Star Wars Battlefield long ago.

    Mo Wuji knew how the Solitary Red Knot was like as a person. The reason why he forced himself to stay at the Universal Hall was because he wanted to avenge his brother. Now that he had completed his revenge, he naturally wouldn't want to stay here for any longer.

    At the thought of the fact that he didn't see the few friends he made in the Zhen Mo Continent namely, Pang Qi, Chu Qianlou, Rong He and the Solitary Red Knot as well as the familiar friends from the Lost Continent like Yan'Er and Ren Tianxing around, Mo Wuji couldn't help but sighed.

    "Star Lord, even though Zhu Qu escaped, that Cang Jue and Hoover were still..."

    Mo Wuji didn't let Su Xuan complete her sentence as he raised his hand to interrupt Su Xuan, "Hoover and Cang Jue have been killed by myself so do not worry. Now I need you all to work a little harder to rebuild the Nine Mo City as well as to guard the Universal Pier seriously. I will make a trip into the Star Wars Battlefield and we must not let such an incident happen ever again..."

    Mo Wuji was planning to pay a visit to the Wolf King Mountain because since Cang Jue massacre his Nine Mo City, it wouldn't be fair if he didn't flatten his Wolf King Mountain.

    Cang Jue was killed? Su Xuan and co. stared at Mo Wuji with their mouth wide opened because Cang Jue was a Class 9 demonic beast, the second strongest expert in the Wolf King Mountain. The Star Lord actually managed to kill an expert who just slaughtered the entire Nine Mo City?

    The transfer array on the Universal Hall's plaza lit up yet again and Chi Huo'Er appeared from the transfer array.

    Seeing that Chi Huo'Er had appeared from the transfer array, Mo Wuji knew that Yan Ze was extremely efficient to have managed to repair the transfer array from the Star King Mountain to the Piecing Wind City in such a short period of time.

    "Old servant greets Star Lord," Chi Huo'Er was feeling ecstatic because he heard from Yan Ze that Mo Wuji had already killed Cang Jue in the Piercing Wind City. The fact was that until now, the entire Piercing Wind City was still buzzing with excitement because everyone was still discussing about the battle between their Star Lord and Cang Jue.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "I have to make a trip to the Star Wars Battlefield and it is just nice that you came. Bring Chanse back to the Star King Mountain."

    "Yes, Star Lord, there is one more matter regarding Tian Chi Manor's Lord Yan Huimeng. A few days ago while you were still behind closed door cultivation, she came back to ask if you know anyone called Mo Tiancheng," Chi Huo'Er replied.
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