Chapter 387: Tian Chi Manor

    Chapter 387: Tian Chi Manor

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    Mo Tiancheng?

    Hearing this name immediately reminded Mo Wuji of the Northern Qin Prefecture? Why did he come from Earth to Zhen Xing? It was actually because of Mo Tiancheng.

    Mo Tiancheng, Northern Qin Prefecture Lord. He disappeared after he went from Northern Qin Prefecture to Rao Zhou, causing Mo Guangyuan to travel to Rao Zhou. Thereafter, Mo Guangyuan and his family were not able to leave Rao Zhou alive, resulting in him Mo Wuji, a Rebirther.

    Since he had never seen Mo Tiancheng, and he was also a Rebirther, Mo Wuji did not have any affection towards Mo Tiancheng. Even after he helped the Mo Clan reclaim their Northern Qin, he did not spend too much time investigating on Mo Tiancheng's disappearance. To Mo Wuji, his relationship with Mo Tiancheng was far from his with Yan'Er.

    He could never have imagined that he would hear news of Mo Tiancheng here.

    This was his grandfather in name. It sounds very absurd, but he did indeed have blood ties with Mo Tiancheng.

    "What else did the Tian Chi Manor Lord say?" If he didn't know of Mo Tiancheng's news, then he would have just continued to ignore it. But now that he heard of it, he naturally couldn't stay oblivious.

    "She said, after you've emerged, she may visit if she's free. I'm guessing that she said those words as a statement, she's implying for you to personally make a trip down to Tian Chi Manor," Chi Huo'Er replied.

    Mo Wuji nodded and did not continue to think about it. That Yan Huimeng, after all, was still a Manor Lord, and Tian Chi Manor could be considered to be quite prestigious. In her previous visits, he couldn't be bothered to meet with her. it was perfectly normal that she decided to show a little temper.

    If it was anything else, Mo Wuji would have just let things be. But now that it involved his grandfather Mo Tiancheng, he had to make a trip even if he didn't want to.

    "Hall Master Su, when I'm not around, you'll temporarily take the role of the Star Lord." Mo Wuji had already prepared to directly head off to space after visiting Tian Chi Manor. The resources in Star King Mountain was no longer able to help him advance in his cultivation. After he entered space, he wouldn't know when he would return.

    "Yes, Star Lord." Su Xuan could be considered to understand Mo Wuji to a certain degree. This Star Lord was good in everything, just that he didn't want to be tied down by random things.


    The provenance of Tian Chi Manor's name was its unique location.

    Tian Chi Manor was built on a mountain. Outside this mountain, it wasn't a mountain range, but an incomparably large lake. Not only was this lake huge, it was also rich in spiritual energy. It would be covered in mist year long, giving the mountain a hazy but enigmatic look.

    Because this place was relatively high and rich in spiritual energy, this lake has been named Tian Chi [1]. The mountain manor established at the center of this lake was thus called Tian Chi Manor.

    A series of bridges led from outside Tian Chi across Tian Chi; another Tian Chi Manor was erected at the top of the the mountain.

    At this instant, Manor Lord Yan Huimeng and a few Tian Chi Manor experts were gathered in the Manor Lord Hall. This was because they had just received the news that Nine Mo City had actually been razed to the ground. It was said that this atrocity was done by the Broken Sect Head Zhu Qu, Space Wolf King's eldest son Cang Jue and another peak Worldly Immortal expert from Gu Nuo.

    "Manor Lord, Broken Sect Zhu Qu, Cang Jue and that Gu Nuo expert have already formed a coalition to destroy Nine Mo City. Clearly, they would not just stop at this. So, we need to make plans early. The one speaking was Tian Chi Manor's Grand Elder Chen Yuping, Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1.

    The reason for Tian Chi Manor's strength was not its personal combat power. But because of their connections who would respond to their call. Thus, a cultivation of Worldly Immortal Stage Level 1 was already the peak existence at Tian Chi Manor. Out of all of them, there were only two who reached this cultivation. One was Elder Chen Yuping, the other was Yan Huimeng.

    Chen Yuping didn't say anything special but everyone hear understood what she implied. The foreign Earthly Immortal experts have arrived at Zhen Mo Continent, and the moment they arrived, they destroyed Nine Mo City. Clearly, they plan on destroying all of Zhen Xing. If Tian Chi Manor continues to stay in Zhen Xing, they might meet with the same disaster.

    "What are everyone's intentions?" Yan Huimeng's gaze swept across the other elders and deacons.

    Tian Chi Manor was different from other sects. The moment that left Zhen Mo Continent, they will lose their foundations and roots. All the human relations that they assiduously created behind the scenes would be destroyed. Thus, even though Yan Huimeng understood that Chen Yuping implied that they should leave Zhen Xing, she didn't feel that it was a good idea.

    Another elder stood forward, "If Cang Jue really came to Zhen Xing, then we don't have any other option. I'm only worried that we might not even be able to leave."

    The crowd turned silent again; no one thought that this was a ridiculous thought. Since the foreign Earthly Immortals had prepared to act against Zhen Xing, then wouldn't they try to control Universal Hall and Piercing Wind City? It was only a matter of time. Perhaps by that time, Star King Mountain would have already fallen under the Earthly Immortals.

    Very few Earthly Immortals appear on Zhen Xing. No one even knew that the previous Star Lord, Chi Tong, had already advanced to the Earthly Immortal Stage. Unfortunately, he had just advanced into the Earthly Immortal Stage but he was ambushed and killed by the Gu Nuo Earthly Immortal.

    For a long time, no one was able to come out with a detailed solution.

    A red flying messenger sword broke the silence. Yan Huimeng lifted her hand and catched the flying sword, extending her spiritual will inwards. Thereafter, she trembled with joy and said, "There's news. Because Nine Mo City was slaughtered, Star King Mountain's Star Lord Mo Wuji was triggered. In his rage, Star Lord Mo killed Hoover and Cang Jue, and he should currently be pursuing Broken Sect's Zhu Qu..."

    "Is this news true?" Almost all the elders stood up, staring excitedly at the flying sword in Yan Huimeng's hand.

    Yan Huimeng forcefully suppressed the ecstatic emotions in her heart, nodding solemnly, "That's right. This news had just arrived from our Tian Chi Manor's disciple who was at Piercing Wind City. It's definitely reliable. Star Lord Mo threw out Hoover's corpse. And his battle with Cang Jue was observed by almost everyone in Piercing Wind City. It definitely can't be false."

    "So strong!" Everyone in the hall muttered in shock. Cang Jue, as a Class 9 space beast, was equivalent to an Earthly Immortal Expert. If Mo Wuji could actually kill it, exactly how strong was he?

    After that initial rush of emotions, Yan Huimeng had already calmed down. She slowed down her speech and continued, "Piercing Wind City was in grave peril. Cang Jue had already destroyed Piercing Wind City's defensive array. Piercing Wind City's Castellan  and Star King Mountain's Hall Master Yan Ze had already prepared themselves to fight to the death. That's when Star Lord Mo arrived. Thereafter, in front of everyone, Star Lord Mo engaged in a huge battle with the Single-Horned Wolf King. Finally, he used a lightning sword to kill the Single-Horned Wolf King, Cang Jue..."

    Because of the reverberating shock and glee, the entire hall turned quiet. Almost everyone was celebrating, celebrating the fact what Zhen Xing's Star King Mountain had such a strong Star Lord. Otherwise, not just their Tian Chi Manor, but the entire Zhen Xing would be unable to escape this calamity.

    Chen Yuping was the first to regain her countenance, speaking emotionally, "Manor Lord, in your previous visits, did you manage to meet this Star Lord Mo?"

    Everyone understood the meaning behind Elder Chen Yuping's words: Tian Chi Manor must definitely form good relations with Star King Mountain's Star Lord Mo.

    Yan Huimeng shifted her gaze to Zhuang Xiyue and after taking in a deep breath, she suddenly stood up and said, "I want to make a trip to Star King Mountain."

    Previously, she had already said that she did not intend to make any more visits to Star King Mountain. After all, Tian Chi Manor still had its face. If they weren't granted an audience with the Star Lord during their visits, how could Tian Chi Manor retain its face? However, Mo Wuji was brutally strong. He was even able to kill a Class 9 space beast. He was terrifyingly strong. Facing this sort of expert, what good would they get from maintaining other pride?

    "I agree that Manor Lord continues to visit Star King Mountain, till we meet Star Lord Mo." Chen Yuping was the first to agree.

    At this instant, a maidservant hurriedly entered the grand hall. As all eyes turned towards this maidservant, she bowed and said, "Star King Mountain's Star Lord Mo has come to visit."




    Everyone was still ruminating over how they could pull their ties with Star Lord Mo Wuji closer; they were even contemplating whether the marriage between the Star Lord and Tian Chi Manor would even be successful. And then, the Star Lord suddenly pays a visit, what kind of coincidence was this? Would this be the start to Tian Chi Manor's rise to power?

    "Hurry, hurry, invite the Star Lord..."

    Just when Yan Huimeng finished, she continued, "Wait, I will welcome him personally."

    No one thought that there was any problem with Yan Huimeng's words. Now that Star Lord Mo, the slayer of Cang Jue, had paid a visit, they had to treat it with utmost importance. Naturally, Tian Chi Manor's Manor Lord Zhuang had to personally welcome him. Not only the Manor Lord, even they as elders and protectors all had to welcome Star Lord Mo.

    "Xiyue, follow beside me." After Yan Huimeng walked two steps, she suddenly remembered of her disciple Zhuang Xiyue. She cried out urgently.

    Zhuang Xiyue's face was blushed, her heart was also racing. Even though she always listened to her master, she had only heard of Star Lord Mo's illustrious name and had never met him before.

    Mortal Board Rank 1, Earth Board Rank 1, Universal Board Rank 2. Offended the Yan Clan and Xia Clan; Offended Star King Mountain's Hall Master Wu Xiang; He even incurred the pursuit of all Zhen Xing cultivaotrs. But now, he was perfectly fine. He was even the Star Lord of Star King Mountain.

    If he viewed her with favour, this Star Lord Mo was very likely to be the man she would spend her life with.

    Even though she didn't have a choice, Zhuang Xiyue still hoped that her man could be a little handsome, and a little capable. Mo Wuji was able to become the Star Lord at such a young age, and was even at the front of all the grand boards. He was definitely a capable man. It was just that she didn't know what he looked like. As she thought of this, Zhuang Xiyue's face steamed, her heartbeat also started to become a little erratic. No young girl would wish to sleep every night with some ugly dude, much less Zhen Mo Continent's number one beauty, Zhuang Xiyue.


    Mo Wuji stood outside Tian Chi Manor with his hands behind his back, admiring the Tian Chi River which was shrouded in mist. He secretly praised Tian Chi Manor for picking such a great place. This place was simply a utopia, not only was it suitable for living, it was also suitable for cultivation.

    [1] Tian Chi, in literal translations, means Heavenly Pool. This pool is probably referring to this huge lake.
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